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  1. I have pairs of the Whelen Led wing tip lights. I have for both 14 and 28 V aircraft. These were removed from new aircraft for upgrade to position / strobe LED. The 14 V units have been modified (dropping resistor pack) to run on the lower voltage. Super bright and very low current draw. I have a tailbeacon for ADS-B out and run it along with these tip lights all the time. $175 for a pair (red and green) and buyer pays shipping. Send IM if your interested
  2. There has to be more to this story. What other areas were found to be badly corroded?
  3. All, I purchased the electric trim from Kevin and the items were as advertised and were received well packaged and intact. Would not hesitate to buy from him again. Warren
  4. $375 Garmin 496 with power cord, XM antenna, yoke mount, bean bag with mount, cover and manual (not shown). Very good shape with no marks or scratches on display screen.
  5. Jacknik, Sorry I was reading the post in order and did not see the post dates. My misunderstanding. Warren
  6. I have installed the mod a couple of times using the sandwich method and I also use PRC-Pro seal (mil-s-8802) between the fiberglass and outer skins. Makes it nice and secure and sealed when finished. Warren A&P IA DAR
  7. Sorry I have to reply here about a comment from Jacknik. "Brand new noob, same old question…" as his response to Jerry Pressley. There are not that many people that know parts and the mooney product line like Jerry or his son so to call him a "noob" is a real insult I personally know both Jerry and his son and find their knowledge of mooney models and configurations very informative as I call on Jerry's son often for information Regards, Warren A&P, IA, DAR
  8. Be sure and tape off everywhere you don't want the sealant. Let slightly set before dipping your finger in dishwashing liquid to smooth our the joint. Pull tapes prior to full set so you can clean up any misses. After full cure wash with water to remove all remaining dishwashing liquid. This makes a very nice looking smooth sealed joint.
  9. King KN64 removed during upgrade. Working when removed two weeks ago. Has tray, edge card connector and BNC male pig tail on antenna. $400 shipping included. Warren
  10. I had what M20Doc described as all different sizes of sheet metal screws installed in the nose gear door hinges. From sheet metal screw sizes ranging from 6 to 10 I elected to go the machine screw route with nut plates. Yes it was a pain to do all of the positions in nut plates (with countersunk rivets) but I now have number 8 machine screws in all positions and as you know the nut plates are self locking so they are now very secure. Prior I was finding loose sheet metal screws almost every post flight. And yes I found no Tinnerman nuts on the back side of my sheet metal screws holding the nose gear door hinges to airframe. A&P, IA, DAR
  11. Skip, You got my point exactly. The FAA only views the current aircraft record as mandatory. Past that there is no regulation showing that this history is required. Warren FAA A&P, IA, DAR
  12. by quoting ragedracer 1977 "I wonder what the point of a 337 is at this point then. If they're defacto approving them by adding them to an aircrafts records, and they're saying an IA is authorized to make his own determinations without asking anybody, at what point does it even matter anymore." FAA is not approving the 337 by adding it to the aircraft records. This is done by the individual or individuals (maybe including a FSDO inspector with Field Approval) signing the document and not when accepted by OKC for scan. The FAA considers the aircraft records housed in OKC as permanent records. As silly as this sounds they don't consider your log book the same way. Under their interpretation they have no method of mandating what major alteration or major repair was done to your aircraft past the next inspection cycle (AD compliance and records are a different subject) other than documenting with Form 337 which then is considered part of the aircraft permanent records. The IA that signs the bottom of the FAA Form 337 is a delegated authority from the FAA. This is why the IA has to accomplish training or show use of this delegation to keep it active. I always add the aircraft TT and sometimes engine and propeller TTSO (or TTSN if applicable) to my Form 337s. It may not sound important (or may sound excessive) but lets say the aircraft looses all of its records in a fire; this will at least be something to try to recreate what time was on the aircraft at a certain point in time. FAA A&P, AI, DAR