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LED Replacement for Whelen Model #70303 Light

Whelen 70303 Halogen Wingtip Forward Recognition Lights - LED replacement  

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  1. 1. Would you be interested in purchasing an LED replacement set (qty. 2) for your existing 70303 forward wingtip recognition lights?

    • Yes - 14 volt
    • Yes - 28 volt
    • No, not interested
    • Undecided right now

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15 hours ago, Fly Boomer said:

Not seeing info on what Mooney models/years/serial numbers?

If you go back to Page 3 in this thread and look for a post on March 31,2021 from PilotX you'll see the wingtip.

PilotX is showing a mod, not the new  bulb from Whelen, but you'll see what the wingtip and installation looks like.

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Whelen folks at Oshkosh said "very soon" on recognition lights and that the fastest way to get was from Gallagher since he is getting the first lights.... they are bright...IMG_4771.jpg.282b40bc28f6a470e327473e37da0ccd.jpgIMG_4770.jpg.241c65ffa1d54dc4ce9398fa1162a26f.jpg

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Feedback from WAT is that they will be much brighter than what was on display at Oshkosh. I am taking 10% deposits for the initial lights that will be coming out with delivery in Q4 of this year. When you order you will be added to my distribution communication email list with regular updates on its progress.

https://www.gallagheraviationllc.com/whelen-aircraft-lighting.html <-- order here 

Scroll down until you see this.


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