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  1. I recently installed these (OR6502GE, OR6502RE) on my 1990 MSE in addition to the tail fixture (OR5002V). Mounting: for me, all the holes lined up. The only challenge was finding longer screws to attach the tail light. I found that both wings had shielding for all the original wiring to both wing tips, which is great because I'm planning to add a magnetometer soon in the right wing. The Strobe and Position circuits each had their own ground wire that ran all the way to the panel. So I re-purposed the strobe ground wires as my sync wires and did not have to run any new wires through t
  2. Good thinking with the switch idea. I found one on the cabin door frame.
  3. I've owned a 1990 MSE for three months. I was looking around under the panel recently and noticed this box, not connected as you can see. Searching the immediate vicinity, there was no obvious cable and connector waiting to be plugged in. Any idea what the story is on this thing? Looking at the wiring diagram, it appears to be related to controlling overhead lights. That corroborates the text printed on the box. But what exactly does it do, and why might someone have left it disconnected? Note that the picture is upside-down for ease of reading the text.
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