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  1. I update them both at the same time, so I probably selected both and did them back-to-back. But it wasn't until a day or more later that I put the cards back in the plane and discovered the problem, so I didn't take close note of what procedure I used for the update.
  2. I also started seeing terrain DB integrity errors with my 530W after the April update. I've tried each method of writing to the card with no change.
  3. The rubber was replaced last July with the legit part from Mooney and has about 100 hours on it. We replaced the metal piece today and re-positioned the clamp to hopefully put less side load on the whole setup. Thanks for the input!
  4. This metal tab broke between the clamp and the rubber "shock mount". But the diagram in the parts catalog doesn't look much like these parts. Can anyone confirm or corroborate that this clamp and metal tab are correct for a 1990 J? Should I just have a new metal tab fabricated like the one that broke, since it doesn't seem to be in the catalog? Or should there be different hardware here? Thanks!
  5. I sold mine, but you're right that there are probably plenty of extras from folks who have installed new primary engine monitors.
  6. In February I had similar stuff installed in my J. I had already installed a JPI EDM 900 and removed an ADF and strikefinder myself, meticulously removing old wiring (including some archaeology of wiring and other stuff left behind from equipment long-gone). That probably reduced some of their work. 150 hours for: "Labor to remove existing systems and install new G3X with G5 backup. Remove GNS 430W and Install GNC 255. Remove intercom and audio panel and install GMA 345. Remove autopilot system and install new GFC 500." That includes removing the whole vacuum system and creating a ne
  7. I have two of them pulled from my 1990 J when I installed LEDs. Send me a PM.
  8. @bmcconnaha did you ever find any data or detailed pireps? Just thinking ahead here, it would be interesting to know how the io-390 compares with operating temps, fuel burn, running LOP, ...
  9. Following up, I just noticed that a nice Craftsman 3/8" socket set is on clearance at Ace and includes a 1" socket plus 8 others. They have 12 points and appear to be low-profile, so it should work well on the oil filter. Made in the USA. $9.99 on clearance, normally $28.99. https://www.acehardware.com/departments/tools/hand-tools/sockets/2299352
  10. I have one that I recently removed from my 1990 MSE while installing a JPI engine monitor. P/N 8800053-501 S/N A01163. Airplane had ~2160 hobbs hours, and as far as I know this is the original part. It has a manufacture date printed on it of 6-20-89. I haven't looked into what it's worth, but I'm sure we can figure it out. Send me a PM.
  11. Another possibility; there's a reasonable chance you could find one with a GNS 430W or 530W. If you're willing to use that prior generation navigator (I trained with a 650 but now own a plane with a 530W and am very happy with it), that could free up a lot of budget to allocate elsewhere. Just adding a Flightstream 210 to a GNS navigator can enable you to do all your planning on a tablet and transfer it into the GPS.
  12. As noted, the G5 will not provide the necessary attitude source for your autopilot, but a GI 275 will. When I went through this recently, the GI 275s were significantly more expensive to buy and install. Once you upgrade your budget from G5s to GI 275s, you're not far off from this instead: stick with dual G5s and replace the autopilot with the GFC500 (which people rave about). You can recoup significant money selling your KFC 150. Then you'll be in a good position in the future to install a G3X touch; at that point you'd sell one of your G5s, keep the other as the backup to the G3X touch, and
  13. Mid-Continent can do this. They recently quoted me about $300-$350 to repaint my ASI and make it look brand new (with minor changes in where the arcs end due to a MGW increase), and another ~$200 if it was out of spec and needed overhaul. Give them a call, and they'll give you an idea of what it would cost for your instruments. I'm sure there are other outfits that do it also.
  14. I had this one on my Christmas wish list: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B007TMEBLQ/ The one I've borrowed in the past I think is a craftsman. It works great with a normal torque wrench to tighten the filter on my A3B6D.
  15. I just went through this with an owner-assist install in my 1990 M20J. I used the factory senders, which are resistive. We leveled the airplane, drained the tanks, and then carefully re-filled. At least twice, one of the arms was stuck enough that the value didn't rise hardly at all after adding 8 gallons, but just giving the wing a nice shake got it to free up and read correctly. It's possible that if something like that happened and he didn't catch it, your 3/4 and full readings might have actually been taken with the arms stuck closer to the 1/2 reading mark. I agree with the sugg
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