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  1. Jakes Simmons

    Going It Alone

    Yup, I travel for a living but will be back up Columbus way at the end of the month. Big Time Central Ohio Mooney Pilot Lunch would be cool with me. Appreciate earlier info posts. I’ll stay lurking on the Vintage threads, especially when I get closer to moving the plane.
  2. Jakes Simmons

    Going It Alone

    Good morning, I am soon to be a new vintage Mooney owner! 1976 Ranger currently in its annual/pre buy. Although this is not the first aircraft I have owned, it is my first Mooney. I am coming from a ‘46 Swift. My questions have to do with what is going to be really new to me, based at an airport with no maintenance on the field. For many of you that is a fact of life but for me...I got spoiled. For the past six aircraft I have owned, I have always been at the same airport down South with an excellent shop only a two minute walk away. Whenever I had even a minor issue, the shop owner, who is a friend, always set aside time to get me on my way. Service! If the annual goes well, it looks like I will be based at Bolton airfield south side of Columbus Ohio. Super friendly folks, bbq on the airport, but no mx. Especially for you owners in the Columbus area, what has been your experience with local mechanics, anybody willing to travel if the airplane is stuck? Any special advice for a new owner in this situation? I’ve done owner assisted annuals in the past to keep the cost down, but not sure how that would work if having to fly to another shop. Appreciate any info and thank you for all the great posts about keeping Mooney’s going on this site. It has been an ongoing help and pleasure to peruse as I get closer to the big day.