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  1. Congratulations! I think you are going to be just fine with this one. You have already started from a good place by going with GMax. Follow the advice of Mike Busch on operating on condition and I think the engine overhaul could still be years away. I’m jealous you are buying some one else’s panel upgrade...much cheaper way to go than paying for it yourself. I speak from recent experience. Have fun!
  2. Update on some knowledge gained after speaking with an engineer from Uavionix. I’ve got two of the AV30C’s in my Ranger and have had the DG precession issues as well as the AI acting like a vacuum system on its way out. The firmware update has been released for the Experimental version and is awaiting approval by the, surprise surprise, FAA. It will involve either wiring into the RS232 interface with a connected laptop or the more ideal way of removing the individual units and installing the AVLink in each one. The -Link is essentially a tiny WiFi receiver and once installed will only
  3. No, I didn’t think to do that on the local flight. Couple steep turns but no 360. Next chance to fly is in 2 weeks. Hope to have new AV30 then to try.
  4. Early experience PIREP on dual AV30’s recently installed in my Ranger. 7 hours flight time including two cross countries and a short local flight. The pitot driven data points on the displays are spot on. VSI, altitude, airspeed, all great. The digitally driven stuff, not so good. The -30 used as a DG is just barely usable because of precession as others have noted. I have done the Uavionix “procedure” which is mildly ridiculous and did not help. The DG is usable but no where near as stable as the vacuum driven one it replaced. My real disappointment is with the attitude indicator AV30. It beh
  5. I vote for keeping the B hub. I had the three blade, balanced out great but still had an annoying vibration. I now own the Hartzell scimitar two blade. Looks cool but still has not been nearly as smooth as that original Hartzell of the early C’s.
  6. Between the dismal weather and Covid, odds are low for a Midwest get together, but first chance we get, I would enjoy a Mooney meet up. I’m at Bolton Field, SW corner of Columbus Ohio. Just had two of the new AV30C’s installed, always use an excuse to gain flying familiarity with them.
  7. P.S. on the flip side I will have a working KI214 as well as some other older but working gear coming up available in the next month or so...
  8. Appreciate all the advice/opinions put out there, I wanted to make sure I had plenty of considerations covered. Ended up ordering the VAL from Chief. What finally allowed me to rationalize the purchase was its ability to accept external sources and I caught a look at a Grumman that had two recently installed, it looks better in person. My history also includes consistent misfortune whenever I had gone the used route on electronic gear. Now I just gotta work a little more OT. Hoping by end of December to be able to leave a PIREP on the two AV30C’s. Out of the box they seem to be well buil
  9. Need a little wisdom of the crowds. My Ranger’s panel is currently opened up getting a new gps/comm, txp, audio panel, and two AV30’s. My #2 nav/comm is a -214 with a very recent MX170C driving it. My avionics guy said he would swap out the 214 for a VAL 429 while the airplane is open for 500 labor. The labor would NOT include any splitters so if I did it, I would essentially have a standalone VHF NAV w/ILS and the MX170 would become purely a #2 Comm. I do not plan on adding any more boxes to the panel after this work save a Hail Mary pass in case the AeroCruze ever gets certified. B
  10. Appreciate the upload! That is going to help...
  11. The headrests look great. I have a ‘76 Ranger I’d like to upgrade the seats and add headrests on as next year’s project. Would appreciate your offer of additional detail on the process you went though. Maybe post in the document section of the website. This summer, I had the spatial interior done by Bruce. One thing pretty makes everything else look old...
  12. Also if coming in from West, try to wait to let down well East of the mountains from cruise. I had a great tailwind last time I flew in there but let down too early, caught the rotors off the lee side of the mountains. Worse turbulence I have ever experienced in a small plane. AGL made it all worth it though.
  13. I would add 50k to the price. That covers a glass panel, both tanks reseal, new rubber bumpers all the way around. Whatever figure that amounts to should give you an idea of the relative value. If it is less the 120-130k with that 50, I would think you have a winner.
  14. I appreciate the info on the ALCO switch, that looks about the best option so far. My PTT buttons are internal on both yokes. Earlier today I saw what I REALLY wanted at MicroCenter. They had multi colored buttons for use in building an arcade cabinet, remember those big ones you could smash on all day long, day after day, quarter after quarter? Unfortunately the mounting hole is bigger than the whole side of my yoke but so cool...
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