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  1. Paul and Art nailed it. I can confirm from Mooney that upgrading a non-G1000 cockpit to one with any variant of the G1000 is not an option. The G1000 airplanes are type-certified from the factory. If you're looking for a G1000-equipped airplane - especially one with WAAS, VNAV, Synthetic Vision (typically, the GDU1044 displays) - you're better off getting a 2007'ish model or later with these features already onboard. I can't see how you'd think a panel in this configuration, sans a G1000 Nxi, would be considered long in the tooth. I'm a technology guy and understand how quickly things become obsolete in the tech world, but the tech you'll find in an '08 or later Ovation or Acclaim is still very current - more so than the large majority of GA airplanes today, and will serve you for many years...should you decide to keep it as your "forever" airplane. You'd be better off looking at a non-G1000 airplane altogether, and upgrading to a G500 TXi or other suitable PFD/MFD combo. You'll have more upgrade choices, and will experience just as robust - if not better - performance than many of the best G1000-equipped airplanes. I've found this to be true, especially after spending quite a bit of time behind Acclaim and Ovation G1000 panels, and owning a G500-equipped Ovation. Just an opinion... Steve
  2. Very nice...thanks so much for this. Gives me something to do this weekend.
  3. I really might go with is idea. I could probably do research and piece this together, but any chance you could share a parts list...either here or PM me? Steve
  4. I’ve read that article also. To your first question, I see climb rates of 200-300 ft/min through FL180. I generally take off with the full 2700rpm available, and through 1000ft AGL, pull back to 2550rpm. This keeps your CHTs nicely below 410, even in hot weather. As the air gets colder as you climb, you can always increase back to 2700 to help you get up there easier. There’s a noticeable difference between the 2500 and 2700rpm-equipped airplanes. The 310hp/2700rpm bump on my Ovation is one of the best moves I’ve ever made. Second’re unlikely to see 180KTAS at 13000 unless you’re ROP, which I don’t recommend doing unless you’re flying in extremely cold weather. I won’t get into the LOP/ROP debate here...speak to me offline via PM for background on why I recommend what I do. Lastly, the only propeller that will gain you any speed advantage over the McCauley or the “standard” Hartzell F7693/ Df-2 is the Hartzell F7498...the same prop used on the Acclaim Type-S conversions. Although the MT 4-blade looks great and saves a bunch of weight, it sets your CG back to the point where your shock disks suffer premature wear. It also doesn’t provide any cruise speed increase over the F7498. Another member on this forum @Txbyker, can chime in here as to the validity of my MT observations. Rgds, Steve
  5. Thanks @LANCECASPER. @Robert Hicks, Robert, PM me the details. I’m available most of the specific plans for the holiday, so am happy to help. Steve
  6. Working now. Apparently, you have to type the e-mail won't accept it when I cut and paste. The "Next" button stays "greyed" out. Thanks guys...donation sent.
  7. Hi Mike, I'm trying to donate, but that e-mail address is not resolving in PayPal for me. Has it been removed, or is it still valid? Thanks, Steve
  8. Where are located and where will the plane be based, assuming you close a deal? Steve
  9. Yep, did the same thing here, and couldn’t be happier. Excellent product...I would install them again in a heartbeat.
  10. Welcome back Ryan. Agree with others that if you don’t need the turbo features and added maintenance costs, my completely biased opinion is an Ovation. Sink around $200k into a nice one, circa 1998-2004 model year with TKS, and hold back some in your budget for engine, prop, and cockpit as needed. Steve
  11. Yep...agree. The landing fee is a little steep, but worth it if you’re looking to relax and enjoy some beach time and a good meal. Helen at the airport can help with anything you need. She’s been there forever. Wonderful lady.
  12. What does your POH say? JPI will set the tach and other values on your config worksheet to whatever is stated in your POH/AFM...Mooney shouldn’t need to verify anything unless there’s a discrepancy in the POH. Also not clear what you mean by the tach time needing to be set before the EDM hits 10 hours. When JPI configures a unit, they set that value at their location before shipping it to you or your installer. The only reason it would need to be changed is if you have, say, an engine modification that warrants it (a 280hp to 310hp as on the Ovation, for example, which warrants an RPM change from 2500 to 2700), or another problem(s) requiring the unit to be reprogrammed. Unless JPI have changed something in their core code or their key programming process recently, they can change any or all of their factory settings anytime...the only obvious issue is having to send the unit back to CA.
  13. Completely agree. It baffles me why people opt for an 830 when you can spend only slightly more, invest in a EDM-900 or the EDM-930, use it as your primary engine monitor, get rid of the factory indicators, and free up panel space. To @Heybluez, whilst I can understand an argument for redundancy, the two different instrument sets are - in some cases - pulling data from different places in the engine, so you're never getting an accurate reading. Save yourself the confusion and don't be penny-wise/pound-foolish. Get an EDM900 or 930 and lose the 830.