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  1. @OSUAV8TER should be able to help with this. Scroll down about a third of the way. https://www.gallagheraviationllc.com/products.html
  2. Randy, I respectfully suggest you change your title as @carusoam indicated. Try something like “Mooney AOG with engine trouble....”, else, this could wind up in the Accident/Incident thread and be misconstrued. Thanks in advance. Steve
  3. I believe that. In June of 2014, my IO550N8B factory reman was $39,960 + $450'ish for shipping to San Marcos where it was replaced. Can't believe how much they've gone up.
  4. I can't speak for the TLS or Bravo, but an Ovation factory reman is currently listed at $53,214 (Factory New is $63,541). An Acclaim factory reman is currently listed at $99,297 (Factory New is $114,110). AirPower, Inc. (the premier Continental engine reseller) can go a bit lower...typically $1000 - $1500 on the Ovation engine, and maybe double that on the Acclaim engine, but not a large margin on either, unfortunately. Continental had a price increase just before the beginning of 2021, which was much larger than previous increases.
  5. The NXi upgrade is roughly equivalent to going from a legacy G500 to a 500TXi, and replacing your 750/650 to 750Xi/650Xi. This combination is superior in performance to a legacy G1000-equipped cockpit. I struggle with brokers and dealers who price G1000 non-GFC700-equipped Ovations higher in many cases than airplanes with the aforementioned combination. I've seen 1994 through 2004 airframes in better condition (mine included) than many 2005, 2006, and some 2007 airframes; yet the latter seem to fetch more money due to the apparent allure of the G1000 despite its inferiority.
  6. Correct. Although the upgrade isn't available for Mooney aircraft (yet), the Garmin pricing in @Hilbilly's link assumes one already has a GFC700 autopilot installed, which is a requirement to upgrade to the NXi. For G1000-equipped Ovations and Acclaims with the STEC-55X autopilot, the upgrade path would likely be substantially more...between $90k - $100k USD, as the GFC700 autopilot would reflect the majority of that cost. I say "likely" because past upgrades of STEC-equipped G1000 airplanes to GFC700 + WAAS and Synthetic Vision have exceeded that range. Given past precedent, I can't s
  7. I know what you mean, and I sincerely hope you find a way to get the rating soon. It was a fun rating to get. Challenging and rewarding.
  8. Having a turbocharged airplane has no effect on oil usage. 25 hours or 3 months, whichever comes first if you’ve flown mainly short trips in that period. 30 hours or 3 months, whichever comes first if you’ve flown mainly longer trips in that period. In both cases, the oil and filter are changed. I say this because some people will skimp and re-use a filter...sadly-enough.
  9. Buy me a beer when we eventually meet. :-) I'll work on this between now and the weekend, and ping you when done.
  10. Looks like I may need to shift the "START POWER ACTIVE" light a little to the right... :-) Let me know if you want another one and I can send up there.
  11. Either get the airplane to Trenton/Robbinsville airport, or arrange for Dave to come to you. Excellent Mooney mechanic. He replaced my windscreen (which is, as many know, one of the most cumbersome and least-desired tasks for a mechanic and owner alike), and is doing major structural work on another Ovation for a member on here. You might find people closer to you, but likely not as experienced. https://www.airmodsflightcenter.com/about-us
  12. I would hope you'd be interested in an Ovation for more than just climb rate. :-) As far as areas for which to pay particular attention? Everything really, but for starters, here are some critical things that would be on my short list of red flags regarding a purchase... Corrosion (other than surface/filiform-type) that would be difficult, expensive, and/or impossible to mitigate Damage history of a major nature Aircraft stored outdoors, unprotected, in harsh weather Missing logbooks, or inconsistent logbooks An aircraft that has been operated less than 75-
  13. To rule out any potential problem, regardless of how often you use it, I’d suggest testing again to see if it actually powers down when it’s supposed to. If it does, you can relax knowing its working normally, hence one less thing to worry about. Then upgrade when you’re ready.
  14. Good call. As you may know, it will cost you just north of $70k to equip an Ovation with a known-ice TKS system. Let's say - hypothetically - you decide to do this, and then within a year, you decide to sell the plane. You'll be lucky if the value-add for the TKS installation tops anything over $25-30k. You immediately lose over half the money you'll put into it. No joke. So...I'd personally look for one with TKS installed. Just my $0.02
  15. Just that your upgrade options are extremely limited...and expensive...should you eventually choose to step away from a rate-based autopilot to the GFC700 (which would pretty much be your only upgrade choice). You don't want to know what the upgrade costs...trust me. The G1000 hardware in these models is already well into aging, and is inferior to the G500TXi. You'd be better-off looking at something vanilla and upgrading to the TXi and a couple of GTN navigators/FMSs with a GFC500.
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