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  1. Just some ballpark numbers for planning purposes...these props go for about $18k these days...over $20k with the TKS slinger rings and blade overshoes for the FiKi installations.
  2. I’ll echo Mike’s Ovation comment and take it a bit further. Certainly one of the best cross-country performers in the fleet. For the same money you’d spend on an expensive K, you could look for a FiKi-equipped Ovation for the same or slightly higher price point. Your maintenance would likely be less, given the newer airframe of the Ovation. Obviously other factors to consider, and I’m generalizing, but something to seriously consider. Steve
  3. Russ, so glad this is under contract, but sorry you’ll be leaving the Ovation ranks. My advice to anyone looking to buy this airplane...given the maintenance history we both enjoy...would be “pay the owner what he wants, it’s worth every penny”. :-) Let me know if you need anything. Don’t be a stranger. Steve
  4. Alex, are you a member on the Socata forum? If not, I suggest you contact Andrew Knott. His contact info is under “About Us” —> “Contact Us” I used to own a TB-9, and went to Andrew with many of my issues. He runs the forum, has many years of piloting, ownership, and maintenance experience with all models of Socatas, and will be happy to help you. Not that you won’t get excellent guidance here, but Andrew is the Socata none. Steve
  5. Did you connect the Orion 650 to the existing strobe power supply? Although it is possible to have a combination of strobes and LED lights working on the aircraft together (many people do it), you cannot connect the Orions to the strobe power supply...they need to be on their own power...separate from the strobe power supply. What aircraft type are we talking about? Some details and background will help us to help you troubleshoot. Steve
  6. Greg, the smooth leather-like material is from the "IZIT" product line from Willowtex. They have several leather and faux-leather materials available for aircraft, and have supplied materials for the Ovation and Acclaim, as well as many bizjet interiors. It is generally held in place by 3M 1300L neoprene adhesive. Willowtex is in Mt Airy, NC. They can be reached at (336) 719-6694. Many of their materials from this line can be bought directly from them, and unless they've changed their policies, they can sell to you in 1-yd2 increments. Hope this helps. Steve
  7. I'm wondering if this can pave the way for the GFC-600 to eventually be added to the list... Still pushing this with Garmin....hard.
  8. I have a therapeutic word for that...8 letters and starts with "B".
  9. Great write up @L. Trotter. I also did this same exercise about a year ago. Using this same procedure, my new lenses fit perfectly, with no cracking around the holes or perimeter of the lens. It takes awhile as you said, but gives the best results. To @Greg_D, patience is the key. Steve
  10. Bob Kromer talked about this. For every 1 knot over touchdown speed, add 100 feet to your landing distance. So 10 knots fast on touchdown? You better have extra runway or really good braking action.
  11. David, probably a bad connection to/from the GEA71, but give Brian a call to be sure.
  12. Yep. Exactly the same here. Great line of products.
  13. Hi Steven,

    Debbie was mentioning you for getting some good priced Whelen LED's.  I have a M20K in CT prntly that needs to fly back teo Germany early June. So Oshkosh is maybe a little late.

    Thanks Hendrik

  14. According to CAV Aerospace, the best combination of things to clean your TKS panels is the fluid itself. Use a blue ScotchBrite pad. Don’t use the green ones...they’re too abrasive. Run the system, and use the fluid coming from the panels as your cleaning solution. It also allows you to see what panels are bleeding fluid and any that aren’t. Work the pad along the chord line. You’re guaranteed good results. For the other parts of the aircraft...I’ve found the AeroCosmetics Products work very well. All biodegradable and they have a solution for just about all parts of the aircraft...internally and externally.
  15. Agree. As far as the Odyssey? Caveat emptor. There’s a reason the Concordes cost - and last - as long as they do.