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  1. Acclaim Type S market value.

    Exactly Andy. I don't think he needs enabling any more than we've seen. (evil grin at Mike) :-)
  2. Acclaim Type S market value.

    Yeah. Gosh, what an awful picture. Who on earth would honestly want to wind down their day seeing THAT every evening.
  3. I believe for insurance purposes, they require 2 inches. :-)
  4. Acclaim Type S market value.

    Sure, PM me to discuss. I’ll be out until early-afternoon, but happy to chat when I get back.
  5. Acclaim Type S market value.

    If you’re referring to N79333, the price seems commensurate with the equipment on board and the lack of damage history. I looked through the logbooks. There are a few things I’d question, and a few things I would change as far as maintenance practices, but overall, it looks like a solid airplane. Keep in mind it doesn’t appear ADS-B compliant (the transponder appears to be a GTX33, not a GTX33-ES), but that’s easily changed. Personally, I’d consider adding an L3 NGT9000+ mounted under the MFD to give you that capability, as well as active traffic, but your thoughts and goals may vary. Steve
  6. Mooney and TBM History

    Correct. The full, correct acronym is Tarbes-Built-Mooney (as LT alluded to).
  7. Strobe lens part number

    Good news David...sorry about the misdirection. Was hoping it would've been a Whelen, but glad you got these at a really good price. :-) Steve
  8. LED intterior light dimmer

    Exactly what I did recently to replace some off-the-shelf lights done in blue that didn't hold up well at all. The quality on these is great and the price reasonable. The lowest intensity is just high enough at night to see everything you need to see, but not drown out your night vision capabilities. I showed the high, medium and low settings as examples. The max-dim knobs were replaced into the original positions as the previous non-LED knobs.
  9. VFR Teterboro @ NYC

    Agree. Although I've been in there several times for simulator/recurrent, I avoid it wherever possible due to expense and congestion. Steve
  10. Strobe lens part number

    David, unless anyone else here has that part number, give Bryan Bochinski at Whelen a call. 860-526-9504 Ext. 2214. Eastern time zone. If it's indeed a Whelen light (which it appears), he can give you guidance on the part# and cost. He may even sell to you directly if you ask nicely. I've worked with them on and off for nearly 10 years, and they are exceptional when it comes to product support and customer service. Steve
  11. Buying an Airplane

    I understand. Sounds like this fits the bill perfectly, and yes, that A/C is amazing, and will pay for itself in spades. Would love to see some pics on delivery day...if you think about it. Steve
  12. Buying an Airplane

    So, is this #43 Ken? I lost track after reading many of your past threads... :-) Just kidding...seriously, congratulations. I've been giving a "bit" of thought to a twin for those very reasons, as there are missions I would like to pick up that the Ovation - due to weight restrictions - can't do with much range capability. Have also looked at a TBM850, but unlike you, I'm still in the "very, very preliminary" stage and have a ways to go. Again, congrats. Steve
  13. Ditto here, and couldn't agree more. Peter, you may still be misunderstanding what TAS/TCAS and ADS-B offer, and differentiating those capabilities from TargetTrend and what it offers. TAS/TCAS and ADS-B both have different ways of interrogating targets, and the fact is that TAS/TCAS is the most reliable of the two. TargetTrend is simply one vendor's enhancement spread on top of those capabilities. It simply gives alerts in a separate/additional way, but the raw data is still only as reliable as its source(s)...whether that be a TAS/TCAS system or an ADS-B/TIS broadcast. Making a comment that "the Lynx isn't bad", and that it isn't up to the capabilities or level of TargetTrend is literally comparing apples to oranges...the two technologies are completely different and separate. I'm not saying TT isn't valuable; just that it needs to be understood for what it is, and not be interpreted and confused with the capabilities of TAS/TCAS or ADS-B/TIS technologies - no matter who the vendor. Steve
  14. So the correct statement here should be that you CAN receive rebroadcast traffic...which again is subject to coverage areas. Be careful not to misinterpret the FAA's statement of "covering the entire country" as being able to receive "all of the traffic all of the time"...which is an incorrect assumption. Second, I'm not suggesting ADS-B won't be valuable...just that it has and will continue to experience teething pains long after the magical 2020 date passes. To your last sentence...more valuable than what exactly? The best and only chance I have to see all targets having an operating transponder is via a TAS/TCAS solution - which again, is not subject to coverage gaps, nor reliant upon a rebroadcast of anything. Period. Steve
  15. You're talking about 2 different technologies and feature sets. TargetTrend is a proprietary technology to Garmin that is generated by a GDL88 (and GDL84). You can receive ADS-B through any GTS-8xx active traffic display, but the GTS units don't have the software or capability to display targets using ADSB symbology...they use standard TCAS symbols. The Lynx - whilst able to display both ADS-B and TCAS symbology on their unit - cannot display ADS-B symbology on a Garmin PFD,/MFD (G500), or navigator (GTN), but CAN display both types of targets using TCAS symbology. So...for example, if you see 5 targets on your Lynx and two of them show up as ADS-B targets, all five would show up on your Garmin PFD/MFD and/or GTN using standard TCAS symbology. Steve