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  1. Bill, good guidance here from many so far, so can't add much more. If you want or need to replace your standby vac pump, I will offer you mine from my cockpit upgrade last year. It was tested successfully, and had been bagged up since, and is in pristine condition. Same model as yours. Let me know if interested and we can work it out. Steve
  2. If you're looking for a reliable source for pre-owned avionics, I'd reach out to Alan Fox on this forum (someone may have already suggested it). I've never worked with him personally, but given reputation here, will take good care of you.
  3. John, the 10-900-60-1 wick I sent you is the best (and only) option available for the Ovation, Bravo/TLS, Eagle, and Acclaim platforms. They do have some good flexibility to them, so I'm a bit surprised at the ease which you mention these have broken. Although line crews should be paying more attention to these and using a bit more care when moving around them, I personally have never had one break due to a "slight" bump or nudge to them...and I've brushed against mine more than a few times and have been surprised they haven't broken, given the force I've seen to have hit them with. Aviall sells these brand new for ~$54, so anyone with an account there should be able to order them easily. Steve
  4. I ran into this during my early stage of searching for avionics upgrades...and nearly fell for it. These units easily go for north of $6000. I can guarantee this is a scam. Caveat Emptor. Steve
  5. What does the AFM state? With respect to the previous owner, this should be your main source of guidance.
  6. Absolutely. A large number of pilots miss the point of this step by deep-cycling their props. The purpose of the step is to allow a bit of hot oil into the governor, which shouldn't take more than a hundred RPM drop or so. Multiple cycles, and/or multiple deep cycles will task the engine unnecessarily, especially if any counter weights were installed during balancing.
  7. So this is something I've been after with Whelen for several years now. I can confirm there has been a project in the works to get an LED replacement for the Model 90033 built, but it took a back seat to other projects. When they finally moved the project forward, produced a prototype, and were pursuing certification, they ran into challenges with the design from the FAA perspective, so after some redesigning/re-engineering, they put it on the back burner again, but have not cancelled it. Other Whelen LED fuselage lights are PMAd and can go in that lower aft location, but none are currently available that fit in the footprint of the 90033 without some fuselage surgery. Not sure if other manufacturers have an offering, but haven't seen anything either. I'll be following up again with Whelen at their request around mid-July to see if they've been able to clear hurdles and move it forward again. Steve
  8. By "anti-collision lights", are you talking about your wingtip strobes, or the anti-collision beacon on the aft belly? Some people interpret "anti-collision" differently, so wanted to clarify.
  9. Correct.
  10. Agree with RLC. From a blind perspective, it sounds like the battery is working fine, but you may have a spark plug issue. Do you know how old the plugs are, and what type they are (massive or fine wire)? Sounds like they need a good cleaning or replacement. Very happy you're on the forum...a lot of collective wisdom and experience here. Regards, Steve
  11. Follow the removal and install procedure Clarence referenced above, and get an RG24-15M Concorde. Spend the extra few Lance mentioned...very well worth it. PM me if I can be of any assistance. Steve
  12. Was your landing CG within limit? With your overall weight being under landing limit, and all other things being equal as you mentioned, an excessive aft CG / out of limit CG sounds like the most plausible explanation. Im not understanding how GPS speed plays into the discussion. IAS on final should be your point of reference for airspeed.
  13. John, PM me your contact info. I have a few spares I brought home from the hangar, and will get a couple out to you in tomorrow's mail. Steve
  14. Most-likely a "go" here.
  15. It goes in the airframe log. Steve