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  1. ovation engine monitor ideals

    I honestly wouldn't have a problem putting the EDM930 on the right side, given the mounting angle meets requirements to be placed there, but opted to go with the 900, as I couldn't pass up on the SnF deal back a couple of years ago...nearly half the cost of the 930 at that time, if memory serves... Steve
  2. Abandoned Mooneys

    Totally agree, and as steingar noted earlier, it probably would cost a ton to bring it back to life; but wouldn't the journey be less about the money and more about the experience?
  3. Nav/Com Advice

    Totally agree on the EDM-900 or even EDM-930 if budget permits...
  4. New GPS Signal

    Thanks for passing this on Jose. Did the article mention any timeframe for the initial implementation? Steve
  5. Tom, to your original question, 7 to 8 hours - give or take an hour either way - is a reasonable number to replace all 11 discs, barring any issues along the way. 15 hours is outrageous, and 25 is so unbelievably high I have trouble even saying it. Steve
  6. 530w to 750gtn ( w)

    If your Mode-S is “ES”, and/or you’re already 2020-compliant, then money well-spent. If not, I’d get ADS-B compliant and then do the 750. Or do both if budget permits. Steve
  7. Acclaim 310 hp STC issues

    Andrew, The GDU1040/42/44 display will indeed display 2700RPM, as long as the proper software version on that display is talking to the GEA71. Give me a PM and I can point you in the right direction. Wish I was back in my old stomping ground (KPLU). Not sure if you're located in W. Wash. Steve
  8. Actually, they are $860, but still a bit of sticker shock. I had to replace mine last year when we did the rest of the cockpit. I can pull the specifics of where I procured mine for others interested, but Aaron’s purposes, he’d be wise to take you up on this offer. Steve
  9. Garmin GTN650/ Lynx L3 upgrade

    Larry, brilliant upgrade...congratulations. Money well-spent in my opinion. You will not be disappointed. Did you opt for the NGT9000+ version (active traffic), or just the straight NGT9000? Steve
  10. G1000 in Type Certificate

    For Dan - the Master and ALT Field switches go below the PFD to the right of the TKS control panel. The EMERG Bus switch goes further right of the control column and the gear. For Jeff - I don't believe there is a preference as to where the SAM has to be located. Looking at it from a scan perspective, if you're used to looking that far right to fly by your backup 3-pack, then it makes sense for you to put the SAM there, else, you could opt for the location in the photo. I've flown behind the SAM in a couple of different aircraft, and although I wound up buying the L-3 ESI-500 for my Ovation, I agree with you again that the SAM was impressive to sit behind, and after a few hours on it as part of partial-panel drills, wouldn't hesitate to install one if I couldn't have the ESI for any reason. Steve
  11. Help Need Annunciator faceplate

    Cris, give Brian Kendrick a call. Phone 830-three seven zero-1190. He can give guidance on this. Steve
  12. G1000 in Type Certificate

    Following to Controller
  13. G1000 in Type Certificate

    Jeff, I think you'll find the MD-302 SAM is about the only approved backup instrument that will actually fit in your panel within proper proximity of your scan. I've seen a couple of newer Ovation and Acclaim owners put it on the left side of their PFD, remove the vertical 3-pack on the far right, and patch the rectangle. And you're right - it does look slick when done, and I'm told isn't a really invasive install. Unless you already have one, I'll see if I can dig up a pic... Steve
  14. Wasn't trying to act like an authority or undermine your maintenance habits, Hank. There are many on here with tons more experience than my 32+ years' flying, so was merely passing on my own experiences, and asking about yours in an attempt to learn more about how you and others manage their airplanes. Back to Peter's original post - Peter, what oil do you use to get that level of performance? To answer your question, I see between 10 and 12 hours to a quart, and for longer trips, closer to 14 hours to a quart using Exxon Elite 20W50. Steve
  15. Have you thought of moving your interval from 50 to 25-30 hours to see if the behavior changes? Based on experience with several 4 and 6-cylinder engines, I find 50 hours - even with long trips in between intervals - is far too long between changes.