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  1. In a word…No. This after 10+ years, with 4 different Garmin displays. Not even so much as a glitch.
  2. Thanks Ben. Brian mentioned your airplane and wasn’t sure if you were selling or not, so am glad you showed up to “defend its honor”. :-)
  3. To start, no one to my knowledge is doing this conversion. ModWorks in FL were the last folks I recall doing this. Unless you’re planning to spend gobs of money on this, it is very invasive…involving a new cowling, multiple cuts in the firewall, and other modifications. If you’re serious about owning an “L” with this conversion, N136MP *might* be available. My IA is willing to talk to you about this airplane. PM me if you want his contact information and I can put the two of you together. Steve
  4. @timpercarpio, with great respect, and assuming no other channels are available, is there a reason (besides financial) that you wouldn’t be able to obtain a Class 3 and go the Avemco route? You might pay a bit more through them, but you’d be able to stay flying that beautiful “J”. I sincerely hope all works out well for you. Steve
  5. +1 for Wash/Wax All. Degreaser for the belly, Belly Soap for the exhaust stains, pink stuff for the windscreen and windows, blue stuff for the rest of the airplane.
  6. It’s legal. I used to carry a spare before I sold the airplane. Mooney procured their relays from Peerless, and then charged over $1200 for them at one point. Also, you should be using the Energizer starter on the TSIO550. Although the Skytec starters will work in the airplane, they have known to be trouble on the big-bore Continentals, specifically with slipping starter adapters.
  7. Aviall also has them, if you're authorized to purchase from them. They usually have stock. ~$55 or so + shipping & tax.
  8. I thought I was doing great when I got a 95% on my ATP written…but 98%?? Damn, that’s impressive.
  9. Garmin may have added more functionality to the G3X then...
  10. This has been posted here before, so am re-adding below. It is not my work...just passing it on. Things present on the G500TXi that are NOT on the G3X Touch • Twin engine support • Pilot/Copilot PFD installations • HSI map • More modern hardware and a nicer screen. Display technology is rapidly evolving, and the G3X Touch is already 5 years old. • Additional third-party I/O. They showed only the GAD29B as an option here, not the GAD43e, so the interfacing options of the G3X Touch are similar to the G5 rather than similar to the TXi. • Database Concierge • Remote audio panel support • Non-Garmin attitude-based autopilot support • 3rd-party Nav radio support on the on-screen HSI • Airborne weather radar support (not datalink, but actual radar like the BendixKing RDR-2000 and Garmin GWX series) • Support for the GDL69A, GDL88, and GSR56 datalinks • Many more display configurations - Only four are certified on the G3X Touch, while something like 28 are certified on the TXi. • Realtime EIS data streaming through FS510 to an iPad Things present on the G3X Touch but not the G500TXi • Direct support of the GFC500. In a G3X + G5 + GFC500 installation, losing the G5 will not take down the autopilot. In a TXi + G5 + GFC500 install, losing the G5 takes down the autopilot • More numeric values displayed on the EIS
  11. Wanted to let everyone know that this deal closed yesterday evening, and the aircraft was successfully delivered to its new (and very happy) owner in Maryland. As is customary, I’ll leave it to them to post their experiences and/or additional thoughts if they choose. Over the last several months, I’ve looked at - and turned down - several other airplanes for my next endeavor, so my search continues. Hopefully in the next few weeks, something will materialize. In the meantime, I wanted to thank everyone for looking at this, communicating with me about it, and sharing your observations. They are all very much appreciated. I’ll pass on more about the next new ship when I get closer to a candidate.
  12. Yes. The pitch servo is on the left in the photo. The yaw damper (as opposed to “dampener”) servo is on the right.
  13. Highly suggest you forget the cannula and get masks. At the higher altitudes you’ll likely be utilizing your new turbo Mooney, cannulas don’t quite cut it. Also forget about any additions to your O2 system and run natively. Your O2 system likely has an altitude compensating regulator, which meters out oxygen just fine without any additional products.
  14. Crap…thanks. I guess I had a long day… For @krb5137, with what you indicated it had installed (without TKS), I’d expect $360k - $370k would be what I’d expect to pay for a clean example. This assumes GFC700, WAAS with VNAV (GDU1044 displays), and Synthetic Vision. Without SynVis, deduct $10k. Without the 1044 displays/VNAV option, deduct another $25k roughly. Check with Jimmy at GMax Aviation, tho, who could fine-tune these estimates a bit.
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