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  1. My Acclaim's right fuel tank is leaking. Sigh.

    Joe, from experience, try some mineral spirits on a paper towel. This tends to pull out color and odor so it can help you rule something in or out a bit easier, especially fuel. I've had plenty of TKS fluid around that area of the wing, and it looked nothing like your picture. Keep us posted? Steve
  2. WX500 System Complete $2950 shipped

    Jeez...can't believe I missed that. I think I need a vacation. Thanks again. :-)
  3. WX500 System Complete $2950 shipped

    What are you asking for the unit?
  4. Starter for Large Bore Continentals (550)

    For a "J", maybe. The IO550 is a completely different beast, and the only truly reliable starter for it by a wide margin is the Energizer.
  5. Hot weather battery maintenance

    Mark - all things being equal, and assuming you're doing the right things with BAT maintenance and upkeep (which appears you are), I agree with others that the Concorde solution is the best way to go. I've owned several of each brand in a few airplanes, and the Concordes have clearly been the better performer in all cases. You shouldn't need the BatterMinder if you fly once ever 7-10 days, as any flight over 45 mins will charge the battery sufficiently. My present pair of Concordes in the Ovation are on their 5th year of use (installed 2/2013), and both passed capacity testing with 89% (BAT1) and 97% (BAT2) at annual in June. I don't own a BatteryMinder, fly at least once per week, but occasionally have gone as much as 10 days (gasp) without flying. Never had an issue. Good luck. Let us know what you find out; and please give a PIREP, should you choose the Concorde. :-) Steve
  6. Starter for Large Bore Continentals (550)

    Lee - to follow up, order CMI part# 646275-1. As Clarence noted, you'll pay a slightly higher weight penalty, but the benefits of this thing FAR outweigh any of the alternatives you listed. Give Brian K. a call in TX if need be, as this is what he is also recommending to his Acclaim clients. Steve
  7. Starter for Large Bore Continentals (550)

    Trot - the Energizer without a doubt. With the others, you'll blow through starter adapters like crazy, so go with the only really recommended starter out there designed to crank the IO/TSIO550 engine properly. I can get you a part number in the next couple of hours when I get next to my parts catalog. Steve
  8. Engine mounts

    Right in there with Andy and Byron. My IA allows (actually supports and encourages) me to research, shop for, and buy my own matter the part, or where they come from...Aviall, Spruce, AirPower...doesn't matter. He knows he will always be paid a fair price for labor, so he allows me to get involved in the process as long as I order the correct thing under his guidance. It actually saves him time, which he's thankful for. I learn in the process, so it's a nice win-win. To the OP - I do agree your shop has every right to make money on parts; but as others stated, it's a rediculous amount, and you should raise it with them before agreeing your scope of work. Steve
  9. Pete...are you using Gill or Concorde batteries? In either case, I would do a capacity test on both. Anything below 75% is an indication the battery needs replacing. Also, how often do you fly the airplane? Steve
  10. South Texas Pre-Purchase Inspectors...

    If you're looking for a Bravo, Ovation, or Acclaim, call Brian Kendrick at San Marcos (KHYI). Eight Three Zero-370-One One Niner Zero. Without a doubt...the best for an unvarnished, honest assessment.
  11. Wow - I coulda had a V8.

    Yep. Bob Minnis (Minnis Aviation). 678, Three Six One, Five Six Niner Six.
  12. Ovation book speeds

    So, all customizations aside, there is no performance difference between any model of Ovation from S/N 29-0001 to present. All have either an IO550G5, G6, or G7 Platinum engine, all have a 3368# GW, and all have the same speeds by the book. As LittleDipper pointed out, the IO550N is one engine option (2700RPM) for those ready to replace their 280HP IO550G (2500RPM) who have purchased the 310HP STC...which I did back in 2014. I mated the Acclaim Type-S prop (F7498 Hartzell) to my factory reman IO550N at the same time, and saw speeds about 3 to 4 knots higher than before my cockpit upgrade last year (slowed a tad when I wound up with 5 new antennas hanging off the thing). Without all that drag created and with a non-TKS airframe, expect to see ~5-6 knots faster. So in short, yes, your Hartzell prop will match that of any version Ovation with a similar engine and prop - all other things being equal. And remember - there is a difference between the F7693 DF-2 Hartzell and the F7498. The former is a 74-inch prop weighing 80 pounds, and is what 90% of Ovations carrying the Hartzell have installed today. The latter 7498 goes on the Acclaim Type-S conversions, is a 76-inch diameter prop, and weighs 73 pounds. It not only shortens the takeoff ground roll like the 7693, but because of its overall thinner construction, is designed to give better cruise performance at altitude than the 7693. You'll certainly notice the difference after flying with the older MacCauley, the 7693, and the 7498. Both Hartzell options are the same price, so for the extra 5 knots "right out of the box", the choice was obvious. Hope all this makes sense...let me know how the search goes and if you need any additional guidance. Steve
  13. Ovation book speeds

    Although the book speeds with that specific configuration are realistic, I plan for 170-175, and do so LOP. With TKS, I usually subtract about 4-5 knots, and still regularly see between 170-174 true between 7k and 12k, again, LOP. It would help if you could post some details about where you're located and a bit about your mission profile. Depending on your location, someone living nearby would probably volunteer to take you for a ride for a coffee or burger. Welcome aboard. Steve
  14. Definitely go for a JPI EDM-900 engine monitor. Ditch the idea of anything panel dock-mounted. They are not approved for IFR-specific operations. Above all else, focus on completing your certificate first, get used to the airplane as-is with a Mooney-specific instructor, ensure you have a healthy engine, and the rest of your upgrades will fall into place. Fly safe and a pre-emptive congrats on your purchase. Steve
  15. KLN-89B

    Hawk - if you still need this, send me a PM. I have a KLN89B unit that I can part with...will be at the hangar later this afternoon and will snap a pic and you can see if it's something you still want. The display is a solid 8/10, IIRC. Steve