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  1. Find out how far left and/or right (from the picture) it goes...does it go to the firewall and into the cockpit, or elsewhere? If you can see/trace both ends of it in the engine compartment - meaning, neither end is connected to anything - it's probably ok to remove it. Depending on what work you had done recently, may want to cross check with your avionics and A&P folks whether they know anything about it. Steve
  2. Exactly right. Brian Kendrick and I had this discussion a few weeks back in reference to another Ovation belonging to someone located not far from me. Steve
  3. Replace it with an MD93 from MidContinent. With a couple of 3A USB chargers, it’s well worth the $465.
  4. Exactly. The airplane will tell you when she wants to fly. In the flare, she will also tell you clearly when she doesn't want to fly any more. Listen to her.
  5. I avoid them unless needed for x-wind landings under those conditions. According to Bob Kromer (former Mooney test pilot), crosswind determination steps were tested in the TLS/Bravo using these steps... - Crab into the wind - Transition to forward slip over the fence - Touch down wing low to remain over RW CL No brakes or power were used in order to maintain straight tracking down RW CL during rollout. Steve
  6. Editing the pricing above...still looking to get rid of these. Steve
  7. Thanks for posting that @MB65E Matt. My father flew the military version of this "back in the day"...the EC-121 Warning Star. Had the large domes on the top and bottom. He later transferred to the E-3A AWACS, and then retired in 1976. I'll have to show him this post, as I can imagine he has a few really cool stories as part of both of those assignments... Steve
  8. Congratulations Derek. My short list... - GTN750 - EDM900 or 930 depending on panel real estate Fly safe... Steve
  9. Agree. Tom should have Bendix mags in his Ovation unless they were changed out. @Cruiser Tom, I would seriously consider switching to iridium fine-wire plugs...specifically, the Tempest URHB-32S. Not cheap, but so much better. With fine-wires, a CMI Gold Seal ignition harness, and Bendix mags, you’ll have the best ignition system available for the IO550 platform. How recently did you notice the mag drop? Did you have any other work done on the engine recently...and if so, what type of work? Steve
  10. I agree. @marooneypilot, any chance you can post a bulleted list of what your mechanic did at annual before he/she signed the airplane back into service? Would likely help identify a culprit. Steve
  11. @CoinDealer, Amelia has a good point. There are a few S models out there that are good candidates for upgrade. They are identical in every way to the Ovation, except the native S models have their engines derated. They can be upgraded just like an Ovation to the 310 STC, and broadly, have gross weights and capabilities nearly identical to the Ovation. Definitely worth adding to the search list.
  12. The GRS77 AHRS is the primary driver, with the GAD43E providing ALT and VS selection through the G500 related softkeys.
  13. Yea...upset recovery stuff. Among other things.
  14. As @carusoam Anthony says...”the power of MooneySpace”. :-) Dan, thanks, I’ll give you a buzz tomorrow. Steve
  15. Dan, PM me if you want and we can meet up and chat about all this. Happy to share what I know and take you up in the O3. Steve