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  1. StevenL757

    Mooney Pre Buy Recommendation in the San Antonio area

    Agree absolutely. He will offer an unbiased, honest assessment. Not to impune the work of others mentioned here, I think your goal should get someone who can give a fresh perspective. Brian was a former factory test pilot, FAA liaison, maintenance director, and wore several other hats while at the factory. Over 7,000 hours in all models, but as nfonville said, he will only work on the TLS/Bravo, Ovation, and Acclaim platforms. You won’t regret the decision. Good luck. Steve
  2. StevenL757

    Mooney Pre Buy Recommendation in the San Antonio area

    What model(s) are you looking to purchase? Depending on the answer, I can recommend someone close by. Steve
  3. Yea, wait until you get your prop governor tweaked to allow 2700RPM/310HP. It will improve again significantly...not just on climb but will shave around 500 feet off your takeoff run. Trust’ll love it even more so. :-)
  4. Hey Russ, I forgot you had this done several months ago...hope all is well and that Brian took good care of you! Steve
  5. Niko, your points for each are largely-accurate. I’ve done this homework several times throughout the last few years on my own aircraft before making a decision, and based on discussions I’ve had with leadership and engineering folks at both MT and Hartzell. Here’s the summary... - The MT will dramatically outperform the MacCauley 2 and 3-blade options for takeoff and cruise performance - The MT will outperform the Hartzell “7693” model (the “standard” Hartzell scimitar prop), but only by a few knots - The Acclaim Type-S prop (“7498” model) will perform similarly to the MT, and on some airplanes, possibly outperform it in cruise - Last cost I had quoted on the MT (about 3 weeks ago) for the Ovation is $20,127 without TKS parts, and around $21,700 with TKS. A price increase was likely in the short-term - The 7498 was between $15k and $17k list cost, but can be had for (realistically) $14.7k (no TKS) to $16’ish (with TKS) - If your goal is more useful load and a bit quieter operation, then the MT is for you. Otherwise, you should go with the 7498 My IA in San Marcos, TX is in the process of pulling a 7693 and installing an MT on an Ovation right now. I can put the two of you together for a quick call if you want a first-hand account of the process and observations, so let me know if you want his contact info. He is happy to share his experiences to help you make a decision. Steve
  6. StevenL757

    G500 TXi Upgrade

    Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I looked at the engine monitoring options also, and determined I'll keep my EDM Primary. I'm still pushing hard for the Ovation to be added to the list and hopefully bumped up in the conga line. See you next week...looking forward to meeting you and seeing your ship in person. Steve
  7. StevenL757

    G500 TXi Upgrade

    Awesome Don. One of the more “affordable” TXi upgrades I’m guessing - meaning, you were able to leave your AHRS + ADC computers, and your engine monitor. You beat me to it. My plans are to get the GFC600 done when the Ovation is added to the list of approved aircraft, and do the TXi at the same time. So probably a year or more away. Again, congrats and please do post some additional shots when you get her in the air once ready. Steve
  8. StevenL757

    2006 ovation WAAS Adsb cost?

    I have to agree. The best value in the Ovation market today is the niche filled by the 1995 through 2004 Ovation platforms. The large majority of these models have low to moderate time on them, have been well-maintained, and many of their panels are stock, or close to stock. They really are blank canvasses in a lot of ways, and although many will require panel and engine work, they really are great values if you're in the market for such an aircraft. And once converted, they look really cool at night... :-)
  9. StevenL757

    Garmin TXI

    Here is his link... Steve
  10. StevenL757

    Speed Brakes

    Frank, if you really want to have speed brakes retrofitted, PreciseFlight is indeed the only way to go. Steve
  11. StevenL757

    Breakfast at the airport

    That’s a priceless shot. Thanks for sharing that. :-)
  12. StevenL757

    front windscreens

    Correct. Plan for between 30 and 40 hours. Plan to help if you want, but do not rush the job. It's a chore to get the thing out of the frame without bending aircraft skin around it...especially around the upper portion. I know on the Ovation, there's the lower piece that wraps around from left to right that gets removed. It needs painting after it gets riveted back to the airframe, so plan for some paint and airbrushing. Not a fun job overall...
  13. Hello Steve , if you have the 6 pack I am interested, please email me at

    1. StevenL757


      Par, if you read the threads on my panel upgrade, these were sold nearly 2 years ago.  The cockpit upgrade was done between May and July 2016.


  14. StevenL757

    Vacuum Pump replacement

    Jerry - with 2 GTNs installed, the ESI can switch between VOR/LOC and GPS, but requires an external switch to toggle which GTN you wish the ESI to use. I believe Don K. has a switch like this in his cockpit already for his 750/650 installation interfacing with his ESI. Steve
  15. StevenL757

    New Avionics Wiring

    Absolutely. I wouldn’t deploy tens of thousands of dollars in new avionics with existing (and/or even remotely-questionable) wiring. The cost for running new is nominal in the grand scheme, and as long as the airplane is apart, it’s the best time to do it. Don’t skip this this important piece of work. Marauder’s picture is worth a thousand words. You have no idea what’s going on in there, so build in the work, make it nice, and sleep better at night. Steve