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  1. StevenL757

    Moritz gauges

    Suggest moving this to "Avionics / Parts Classifieds" section.
  2. Good point, but the 900 always came with the light, and the 930...the RAD. Mine didn’t require the light either back in June 2016, so it depends on how long ago you installed it, as they may have changed the requirement. The current manual online definitely says it is required for a 7, Sec. 6...
  3. I stand corrected from my earlier post...edited jus now to prevent confusion. According to Page 7 of the the 900/930 installation manual, both the RAD and the Engine Alert Light are required for the 930 and 900 respectively if the instrument will be used as Primary. The 900’s alert light changes color depending on engine condition. The RAD displays MAP and RPM...even when the primary display becomes INOP.
  4. StevenL757

    Mooney buying advice

    I think Paul was trying to convey his experiences commensurate with his - and others' - similar aircraft values and related maintenance/long-term ownership costs. Not sure if there was a question in the original post, but I think you'll find the numbers generally scale well across all aircraft models - including Mooneys. Steve
  5. A few thoughts...some also highlighted in Paul's @gsxrpilot comments. 1. I guess I'm curious, but given the costs being near-equal, why wouldn't you consider a G500Txi? Whether you go the Aspen or Garmin route, you should lose your ASI and altimeter 2. Lose the Gizmo panel dock. Plan to mount your EDM900 in landscape mode in that space. The angle of sight to the instrument in that position is more than sufficient. Save the space below your gear handle for a backup attitude indicator 3. Lose the "OAT" indicator on the left, and the "three-pack" column of engine gauges on the right next to the breakers. Your EDM-900 will display all this. No need to keep those instruments 4. Suggest not putting the TKS control panel in the center stack, but on the right side above or below the XPDR 5. Additionally, the RAD is a feature only on the EDM-930. You get an engine alert light in the -900 kit. (EDIT) Both are required for their respective instruments for a legal installation if the instrument is intended to be Primary 6. Put your StormScope below the Imaginary Standby Attitude Indicator See if this pic strikes a chord. This was taken before the side panels, etc. went back in. Try laying out your panel with some (or all) of these suggestions, and see if you don't wind up with more real estate. Steve
  6. StevenL757

    Engine hoses

    Yes, unfortunately it is true...that's a fair cost for that caliber of hose. In addition to rubber hose (which is much cheaper), it's a perfect time to do it, as all of them get brittle over time. Steve
  7. StevenL757

    Long Body Market?

    Couldn't agree more... :-)
  8. StevenL757

    Long Body Market?

    Yea, agree. You'll probably see larger discounts as more "U" and "V" models hit the streets, and naturally, as the G1000 Opt. 3 birds age more. So, Scott - are you thinking about drinking the Ovation KoolAid ? :-)
  9. StevenL757

    Long Body Market?

    Yea, I noticed that on Controller. Just looking at their current listings, there's quite a few out there vs. several months ago. Specifically of note - all but one of the 2005 - 2007 O2 GX models have the STEC-55X AP...which the large majority of folks looking to buy in this category don't want...they'd rather have the GFC-700 (and for good reason), and yet the WAAS upgrade from the 1040 to the 1042 or 1044 display is tens upon tens of thousands of $$ - IF it's even available to do anymore. The "sweet spot" in the Ovation market today for those looking to customize the aircraft to the highest level - whether it be glass with all the bells and whistles or anything in between - is a 1995 through 2004 model year Ovation. Assuming you find one that has been well-maintained and corrosion-free, it's a very reasonable buy. Most of their panels are typically unmolested and have a ton of potential for a lot of nice upgrades at decent cost, versus their younger cousins that may have slightly lower airframe and engine times, but whose upgrade costs could be many times higher, hence, financially putting it out of reach. Steve
  10. StevenL757

    Too many questions to give a proper title.

    Yes - good point. The only caveat being they must match his current certification this case, ~75 USG.
  11. StevenL757

    Too many questions to give a proper title.

    Answers, based on my experiences... 1. Although you can reuse your EGT, CHT, and voltage, JPI will recommend against it, as your CHT and EGT probes get brittle over time due to heat. They may work for weeks, months, years, or not at all. I recommend spend a few extra $$ and replace them at the time you change out the Moritz cluster to the EDM-900. As part of the 900 kit, you'll receive a new voltage harness anyway. 2. There's no need to purchase and install an EI or any other tach. Once you or your shop purchases the instrument, JPI will set 2700RPM as the redline (along with other data from your AFM) from the factory data sheet you or your shop will provide before JPI ships it. 3. Yes 4. Your tanks will physically hold either 108 gallons (102 usable), OR 106 gallons (100 usable). You'll have to fully-fill your tanks to determine what they hold. Mooney certified Ovations (and Eagles) with different usable amounts for various reasons throughout its lifecycle. There is a filer neck kit available from Mooney that allows you to legally placard your tanks to indicate the higher usable fuel level and set your EDM-900 to the same value. What you cannot do legally is set your JPI to indicate 100 or 102 usable with your certification level and placarding indicating need the kit installed that properly converts the levels. JPI will only configure the instrument to what the airplane legally indicates. I had this done on my airplane before the 900 went in. Get ahold of me if you want the part number of the filler neck kit. 5. Per Bob Minnis, the original STC holder and developer of the 310HP conversion, the best/optimal setting to get the most life out of your cylinders while providing the best engine performance under given settings is 2550RPM. Although the engine is rated for 2700 max continuous thrust, 2550 is the absolute sweet spot if you want to maintain proper cylinder health. Proper operating regimen on the Eagle should be full power takeoff and climbout, then pull back to LOP at 23MP (generally below ~7000-8000) and 2550RPM, and full-throttle at 2550RPM at higher altitudes (generally above ~7000-8000). There's no tangible benefit to, or evidence of reduced cylinder life by running less than 2550RPM in cruise on a 310HP-converted Eagle or Ovation. 6. The GTX335 and GTX345 are nearly the same cost, so with respect to your budget, I wouldn't be penny-wise and pound-foolish at this juncture by doing the 335. The added features of the 345 (and even the L-3 Lynx NGT9000) are certainly worth the added cost. Steve
  12. StevenL757

    advice on when to change mags

    Replace the harness now. Have the mags inspected again in 350-400 hours unless they give you grief between now and then. Curious as to why your IA would ask about the mags. Wouldn't he see that the last inspection date on them in your engine log was 100-150 hours ago? Steve
  13. StevenL757

    New or Overhauled Vacuum Pump?

    Think yourself lucky you didn't get the light in the air...especially in IMC. Also consider yourself fortunate that you were able to get about twice the amount of time out of a dry vac pump than you probably should have. Unless you're planning to go all electric in the near future as part of a cockpit upgrade, I'd look at the Airwolf 3P-194 wet vacuum pump. A bit of a steep cost, it's a solid aluminum billet pump that has over a 2000-hour lifespan...and has been proven to go much longer. It will probably be the last one you'll ever buy if you plan on keeping your vacuum system. I had one in my Ovation several years ago before the cockpit upgrade. Here's the Airwolf link... Steve
  14. StevenL757

    Panel upgrade

    I would suggest changing that to the EDM-900, which can serve as the primary engine display and allow you to free up panel space and clean up the overall look significantly. With the 830, you’re required to keep your original engine instrumentation. Steve
  15. A topic discussed many times really depends on the engine. For the IO550 platform...Exxon Elite 20W50 year-round. Tempest AA48109 filter (the tall one). Every 25-30 hours.