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  1. I agree. I’d have the GEA71 looked at, as well as the other connections on the back of that GDU1042. Steve
  2. Agree. Loved the video, and especially Steven’s face when he’s looking at the bird while you’re scratching his belly. Priceless. :-)
  3. Did you learn this just over the last day or so, and/or have you worked on a Moritz cluster recently? If so, I'd be interested to hear about your experiences since your first post on Monday. Might help others in similar situations. Hard to tell what your background is without any info in your avatar, etc. to give any more meaningful guidance.
  4. You'll need the 3rd wire to connect the NAV portion of the lighthead. Although you could wire both the ACL and NAV together, Whelen does not recommend, nor will they likely support, this configuration. I've helped other J owners with these same lights, and they were able to run wire without having to tear apart the interior.
  5. The OR500 is most certainly worth every penny. I wouldn't bother with the 71554 unless you really don't want to spend the extra $. You have ACL (strobe) now + Ground. You'll run an additional (third) wire for POS (nav), and if you want Sync (optional), you'll run a fourth wire. From WAT's install page... The light head allows you to run with ACL and/or POS lights for flexibility. You'll be extremely happy with its performance.
  6. Ok. So, Moritz gauges are considered instruments, not avionics. The lights can't be changed without major disassembly to the cluster(s). Also, unless the bulb is a common part, Moritz has been out of business for some time, so unless someone has a spare laying around, you'd be better-off looking at replacing the Moritz cluster(s) with a JPI900 or a 930 as your primary, and free up what I'm guessing will be a significant amount of panel space.
  7. Yeah, the description is misleading. If these are made by Falcon Gauges, they're only for use on experimentals...not for type-certified airplanes. Spruce shows this for all Falcon offerings...add to that, they're made in China. I was shopping for a new tube last year, and was nearly caught off-guard by this dramatically cheaper price as well. The one I bought recently was unfortunately $1940, but is an Aerosonic product, approved for certified AC, and made in the US.
  8. Yeah, the prices are unreal for either voltage, but the 12V is almost unbelievable.
  9. You won’t like the cost of the result... https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/inpages/heatedptubes1.php
  10. You stated it fine. Acclaims starting with S/N 31-0090 (may have been 31-0100) were built with Type-S modifications by default. There were no non Type-S Acclaims produced after that. Other than a weight reduction, appearance, and repairability, there is no takeoff performance or cruise speed advantage between this prop and the aluminum 72.5-pound F7498 prop. For the privilege, you get to fork out around $23k - $25k at last look, including TKS overshoes and parts. It may have gone up since then. Steve
  11. According to 14CFR Appendix A to Part 43 (c) covering Preventive Maintenance, the answer would appear to be "no". The only thing that comes close in this section (but doesn't appear to match your question) would be (c) Item 31... "Removing and replacing self-contained, front instrument panel-mounted navigation and communication devices that employ tray-mounted connectors that connect the unit when the unit is installed into the instrument panel, (excluding automatic flight control systems, transponders, and microwave frequency distance measuring equipment (DME)). The approved unit must b
  12. How attached are you to the GMA35c? I *believe* the PMA450B has this capability, but would need to confirm. My shop talked me out of a GMA35c and 350 when we were planning my initial upgrade in 2016 but am not recalling specifics from the “audio” pieces of those conversations. Inviting @Mscheuer to clarify the 450B capabilities.
  13. I agree. For @Perluc99, I highly suggest putting your money toward a 650Xi and getting something that you know will be supported for a long time.
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