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  1. Ditto. Agree with this and others’ remarks. Price it accordingly with a near run-out engine, and it will certainly sell quickly. Agree with Niko, though, that you may want to reconsider a turbo. I have absolutely nothing against them, and have considered an Acclaim more than a couple of times, but keep coming back to the rock-solid abilities and peace-of-mind my Ovation gives me...especially after I’ve configured it exactly as I want, as you appear to have done. You’ve got some excellent equipment in that ship, and you wrote it all up nicely. I’m convinced it will sell quickly, should you decide to list it. Best of luck in your decision. Steve
  2. Sounds like you’ve really put some thought and preparation into this. You’re prepared with your backup plans and sound like you’re ready to execute them if things don’t appear the way you envision them. I wish more people showed this type of planning and common sense. Fly safe, enjoy, and give us a full report...with pictures, if possible. Steve
  3. StevenL757

    Ovation engine instruments for sale

    All I have left is the Sigma-Tek 6-pack. Let me know if interested. Steve
  4. StevenL757

    ovation propler upgrade question

    Greg, agree with Mike. Removing your MacCauley for the F7498 will actually add ~4-5 knots right out of the box (given you have TKS) without touching the 310 conversion. Without TKS, it's closer to a 7-8knot gain. I'd stake my last dollar that you'll be more than impressed. There's no sense in spending the same amount for the F7693 DF-2. The performance just isn't there versus the F7498. Steve
  5. StevenL757

    Oil dipstick gasket for IO-550

    Mark, you need CMI part# 642892. You can order directly from Air Power, Inc. $10.37. I keep a few on hand. Steve
  6. StevenL757

    IPad in the flight levels?

    I’ve had three different models of iPads going back about 3 years in both an Ovation up to FL180 and FL190, and in an Acclaim up to FL230, with all flights at least a couple of hours in duration minimum, and experienced no issues.
  7. StevenL757

    New Bose Headset

    I've only used Telex options with larger AC flown. They're comfortable, but a bit clunky at times and the tech is outdated versus later offerings from others. I have Bose A20s in the Ovation, which I love, but could do with a lighter model for my longer trips and to replace my Telex. Not willing (yet) to drop $1k on the new Bose option, and went out to QT's website to look at the Halo, but they're out of stock with no ETA. Anyone have experience with the Clarity Aloft products? Pricing differences aside, can anyone speak to how they compare to the Halo in terms of longevity, quality, serviceability,. and overall sound quality and noise cancelling/microphone quality?
  8. StevenL757

    IO-360 misfires at idle and low MP

    Spend the extra money on Tempest Iridium Fine Wire plugs. No exceptions. Steve
  9. StevenL757

    Acclaim Tempest Fine Wires

    I did speak with Brian about an unrelated issue after my last post, and mentioned this. Your fuel flow divider ("the spider") may be the culprit when cold. Either way, call him.
  10. StevenL757

    Acclaim Tempest Fine Wires

    Give Brian a ring regardless (phone number on his website). Please. I can't emphasize that enough. The Acclaim is a unique machine in many ways. Brian is an expert in flying and maintaining both the Acclaim and Ovation platforms, and will guide you through investigating and making sure you're not throwing money away on the wrong things or operating the aircraft in a way that isn't suggested or advised. Other Ovation and Acclaim owners here will vouch accordingly. PM me if you want to chat or if I can help but you both together. Steve
  11. StevenL757

    Acclaim Tempest Fine Wires

    Welcome to the forum. I'm not sure your idling issue is related to your plugs exclusively, but again, I don't know the history of your engine and your operating habits. I strongly suggest you reach out to Brian Kendrick in San Marcos, TX (, introduce yourself, and tell him Steve told you to write. He will know to whom you're referring. His website is As far as Tempest fine wire plugs - the short answer is Yes...they are worth every penny. When it comes to the IO550/TSIO550 platform, the best ignition system you can have today for those engines is a Gold Seal ignition harness from CMI, a set of Iridium fine wire plugs, and Bendix mags. Some will argue against fine wire plugs, but after running both types in two different engines and seeing dramatic differences in the way of better performance across all the parameters you describe, I'd spend the money again in a minute. Do not skimp here...spend the extra money. Your engine will thank you. PS - just returned yesterday from visiting family in WA State. I grew up there and flew extensively around the NW for 15+ years before moving East.
  12. StevenL757

    Need advice : M20S 310hp STC

    To go from 280 to 310HP, you need the STC from Mooney ($4995). This allows you to either convert your existing G-engine to the -AP variant via the prop governor T20 modification, or install an IO550N flavor. As mentioned, you also need a qualifying prop, as the MacCauley options cannot be used with the 310 upgrade. I’d suggest the Hartzell F7498 (Acclaim TypeS variant). Same price as the F7693 DF-2, but 7 pounds lighter and gives about 4 to 7 knots additional speed. The F7498 STC is also approved for the Ovation and Eagle. Shoot me a PM if you want to discuss further. I’m on the “left coast” until Sunday, but happy to chat. Steve
  13. It honestly shouldn’t matter who did the last annual. Any mechanic can find anything wrong with any airplane at any time...whether they came out of DM’s shop or not. The Ovation and Acclaim are very different animals than their predecessors, and have unique little Easter eggs and such that need to be gone over. Some shops are better-suited to work on those more advanced aircraft than others, so in the OP’s case, he should have a proper prebuy done no matter what. Steve
  14. StevenL757

    Marina airport crash / fatality

    Thanks Kevin. Agree unfortunately the foundation is at work again...