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  1. Very nicely done. One of the best “J” model panels I’ve seen yet.
  2. I have several of these bulbs available new from an earlier project when I replaced mine. @bmcconnaha, let me know where you’d like them shipped and if you cover shipping, I can send you a few. Steve
  3. According to Garmin, any of their autopilots are required to display an FD queue on any ADI.
  4. How bad is the need to do a reseal? In the MM, there is a pictorial guide as to the severity of a seep/drip/leak, etc. to help determine how quickly the problem needs to be addressed. If you can wait for several months, Paul Beck (the best in the business) at Weep No More in Willmar, MN charges ~$11,000 for a complete strip and reseal. He would need your airplane for about 2 to 3 weeks to do the job. I wouldn’t muck about with anyone else. If you have an immediate need and can get any significant patches done to where you’re airworthy until Paul can fit you in, I suggest doing that.
  5. https://donkaye.com/g500txi-upgrade-%26-beyond Couple of pics from my install as well recently for comparison. Steve
  6. The Whelens are top-shelf equipment. Wouldn’t trade mine for anything.
  7. Flown an airplane that has a GI275 with SVT, and won't spend the nearly ~$1000 for mine for these same reasons. SVT came over from my legacy G500TXi to my G500TXi install, and I love it.
  8. Nearly 75 hours into my install, and not a single glitch. A few questions… Is your YD engaged when you’ve experienced the anomaly? Which roll mode are you typically in when it disconnects…NAV or HDG SEL? Are there any messages on the FMA (Flight Mode Annunciator, or “scoreboard”…either on the G3X and/or the G5) when you experience a disconnect? Is the problem happening at every waypoint/fix/intersection/navaid change, or just some? Steve
  9. I’d tend to agree. Temp and DP spread aren’t conducive to fog formation to create those sporadic low levels of visibility.
  10. …until their annual inspections are due.
  11. My pleasure to have had you aboard. Really appreciate the time you took to come out for the ride. Keep after your certificate, and you’ll be in the ranks of ownership here before you know it. :-) Steve
  12. Where are you located? Have you checked with your mechanic? What issue(s) are you experiencing? Aircraft Spruce sells them, but as I said, check with your mechanic/IA first.
  13. +2 https://aerocomfort.com/mooney/ 1202 Triplett St San Antonio, Texas 78216 210-340-0177 main
  14. SVT, or Synthetic Vision Technology. Available on the G1000 and G500 platforms, as well as the GI275.
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