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  1. So Phil has some more headsets available on his website as of now. Both black and yellow. Not sure how long they will last. Steve
  2. Might be water under the bridge, but for what you paid for the 345, did you give any thought to the NGT-9000+ ? A little more money, but gives you ADSB in and out, Mode-S ES, weather, and active traffic that scans out 35 miles. Use it with ForeFlight, and beats equipping with a separate active traffic/TCAS option at easily over $10k. Steve
  3. I've worked with the folks at Aircraft Security on new and replacement keys in the recent past. Call and speak with Jim at the number listed. The company that cuts keys for Mooney is located next door to him. If you arrange to send him your keys, he will walk them over, work with the company next door, and get you the correct ones much faster than Mooney can work it through your MSC...unless you're Tamara (who I hear has excellent customer service as well). So Tamara may be the exception to the rule. :-) Jim and his team are excellent folks to work with, and very responsive. Steve
  4. The Sidewinder will easily do 500' on a well-charged battery...speaking from experience.
  5. +1 for the Sidewinder. It collapses and goes anywhere at 21 pounds.
  6. Agree. He's done a couple of small repairs for me a few years ago and the work was of the highest quality.
  7. This is exactly what every owner should expect from their shop - particularly an MSC. Working every day side-by-side with your mechanic during annual is something not every one of us can - or is able - to do, but when I have a problem, having a background with working on my airplane for several years allows me to make better problem statements and report findings more accurately. My shop helps me to help myself. This not only keeps my long-term maintenance costs down, but fosters a wonderful relationship between my mechanic. After 7 annuals, we're able to read each other extremely well, and he sees my skills and capabilities growing.
  8. Was thinking the same thing. I can't even imagine the damage it could have caused...
  9. Appreciate your comment about not slapping MSCs around, but this is is certainly not the first I've heard of an MSC performing shoddy work or failing to control quality properly. Like you and others, I'm shocked this didn't cause serious damage to not only wiring, but had that battery broken loose, this may have caused severe airframe and structural damage. Probably to the tune of tens and tens of thousands of dollars. I had two separate - although minor - incidents with an MSC very early in the first year of ownership, and never went back to that shop. I won't mention the shop or go into detail, but had the issues not been caught and addressed, each individually would have caused a much larger issue. Glad you were able to catch it when you did. Steve
  10. @cliff, In addition, can you talk a bit about your mission and ultimate aviation goals (besides getting back into flying again)? Welcome aboard. Steve
  11. As @carusoam would say... ”the power of MS”. :-)
  12. Really like the upper and lower pocket idea...
  13. Wayne, I’ve used Aero Comfort in the past and they’re terms of fair pricing, customer service, turnaround time, and overall quality, fit and finish. You can either fly to KSAT and see them, or send your whole seats and/or cushions to them. Steve
  14. @mooniac58 Calling Admin to move this to the correct area.