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  1. StevenL757

    A Surprise with the G500 TXi

    Don, does this upgrade apply to the G500 also or just the G500txi? I’ll go in next week to get the SW updated and get some pointers and practice with the new features. The arc VSI is really slick, and looks a lot like some of the Honeywell Primus displays. Steve
  2. StevenL757

    I flew in this yesterday

    Ask them about the annual inspection cost each year...
  3. StevenL757

    Soft Field Procedure in a Long Body

    Chris, you may want to check out @donkaye's site regarding Mooney transition training. He discusses the importance of shorts/softs as part of his training syllabus. See "Checkout procedure...", specifically, Item #5. Steve
  4. I still have my MD41-528 annunciator available from my panel upgrade in mid-2016. Identical to the above, mine is also in pristine condition in a static-free bag, and I will offer it for the same price @LANCECASPER is offering, but only if he no longer has his available. He gets right of first refusal, pls. Steve
  5. StevenL757

    Acclaim Air-to-Air Photo Shoot

    How old were your engine mounts prior to the change?
  6. StevenL757

    Acclaim Air-to-Air Photo Shoot

    Yea, was thinking the same thing. And to think Joe actually had this airplane listed for sale not too long ago!! :-) Seriously, I've always loved this airplane's paint scheme, and the equipment on board is exactly what I would choose if I ever went to an Acclaim. Joe, if you ever get the urge to sell again....we may need to talk. Steve
  7. StevenL757

    LED Beacon- Red or White

    I went with the Whelen model 90724. Specifically, the 9072411 (lower, 5-hole mount, 28V) using qty. 5 100-degree countersunk screws. We enlarged the hole left by the 90033 by making a template, cutting carefully, and dry-fitting the 90724 until we machined away just enough for a smooth fit. We fabricated a support plate, given the new light is much larger by comparison, but the fit turned out to be very solid, and with the support backplate, is as solid a fit - if not more so - than its predecessor. Overall, extremely happy with it. I believe @Txbyker has the same light on his Ovation as well...will let him weigh in with his experiences, as the same mechanic did both our installs. Steve
  8. StevenL757

    How to install LED Strobes?

    Correct. The pigtails on the lights themselves use 20ga, so that's a good call.
  9. StevenL757

    How to install LED Strobes?

  10. StevenL757

    How to install LED Strobes?

    Apparently, some people missed that I said you "cannot mix and match LED lights on a strobe power supply". Let me clarify - This actually came from Whelen's tech support guys via a couple of phone calls I had with them during the installation on my aircraft (I found my original notes), not from the Orion install sheet as I mentioned, so my earlier statement was incorrect. I do understand how one can mix "flash-tube" strobes with LEDs (and reading here about others who have done it), but the LED ACL and POS lights cannot be connected to a Whelen power supply. Whelen did mention that several people who have called in for support tried to install their Orion-series LEDs by connecting them to their Whelen power supply and ruined their LEDs, so they wanted to ensure I understood this before starting the project. Just trying to help others avoid that predicament who may not be aware. Besides cost, I'd still like to understand (for those who have done it) why you would install an Orion on one side and not another. Steve
  11. StevenL757

    How to install LED Strobes?

    Absolutely. You cannot mix and match LED lights on a strobe power supply. Particularly the Whelen HDACF power supply Niko has. This is called out specifically in the install docs.
  12. StevenL757

    How to install LED Strobes?

    Then you cannot remove any of your two strobe power supplies yet. You’ll also be costing yourself more time and work, as well as have a completely dissimilar look about the aircraft with two completely different light technologies. Not saying you can’t do it, but I’d reconsider that approach. As far as eventually having them signed off, all you need is a logbook entry for the new LED lights, and a sign off on the eventual power supply removal and W&B change, as @MIm20c and @RobertGary1 pointed out. PM me and we can chat about it on a call if you want real quick. Steve
  13. StevenL757

    How to install LED Strobes?

    Nik, not sure I follow...are you saying you’re only replacing the left side with an OR650E and leaving the right side and tail as traditional strobes? Not sure I’d recommend that...can I ask the reasons for considering that approach and not changing both sides? I know many people who went with the OR650 lights who left their tail strobe in place, and they had to make sure they isolated the LED lights from the strobe power supply completely. Are you intending to replace the tail strobe with an OR500 Orion light as well as your wingtips? I’ve done a couple of these installs so am happy to help anyway I can. Steve
  14. Honestly, if I wanted my Mooney to land like a 172, I'd have bought a 172....I like to land my Ovation like, well, an Ovation. With respect to your mechanic, I'm not sure why he recommended what he did, nor would I ever feel compelled to try. As far as landing with them deployed, it's a non-event, and depends on conditions. I've used them in all flap configurations and various power settings, and like @gsengle noted, they are less-effective the slower the touchdown speed. I have, however, noticed that the stronger the headwind/quartering headwinds I encounter, the more effective they are in the flare and touchdown phase. I typically see little effect from using them in winds less than ~5-7 knots, or in direct crosswinds. Agree that if you need to attempt a go-around, it's one more thing to remember. Steve
  15. StevenL757

    KLGA. LaGuardia arrival question

    Agree. And remember the aforementioned mandatory slot reservation system for all GA matter the size.