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  1. StevenL757

    TailBeacon ADS-B vs. Anticollision Light

    Wouldn’t you be spending just as much by finding a new light to act as a rearward-facing beacon, paying an A&P to drill the hole and mount it, and then also installing the tailbeacon ADS/B? What other options do you have for 2020 compliance? Steve
  2. Seth - PMA450B without a doubt. DO IT ! ! ! ! :-)
  3. Drop me a PM. If you're located at KSWF, I can fly up and meet with you and take you for a hop in my Ovation, and then chat about flight planning and trips. Some good info here, so we can start with that. Steve
  4. StevenL757

    Mooney Ovation Voltage Regulator

    Checking back in...I wasn't aware of a 150-amp alternator PMA available for the IO550G platform, unless it's from Hartzell Engine Technologies, but I can't recall seeing one made by them. The original IO550G alternators are made by Continental Motors, and they only type-certified a 100-amp option for that engine. Either way...did a bit more research and you have a few options. Not sure if you've had a chance to diagnose yet and if you're proficient with wiring (not just familiar...proficient), but before you are convinced you have a failed regulator, start with making sure there are no shorted wires between the alternator and the firewall, as the field wire can overheat and short. During the troubleshooting, make sure you have full voltage from the regulator...a few volts less than 24V is normal. Tracing the path E2E, the field wiring goes from the CB --> switch --> voltage regulator --> firewall --> alternator. If you aren't comfortable with troubleshooting (it gets tricky, as the wiring takes awhile to trace back), get ahold of LASAR or the folks at Top Gun, as they're fairly close to your location. My IA can also take you through the detailed process over the phone. If you have the Zeftronics A25 AEM voltage regulator installed, assuming worst-case, they are about $1200 new from an MSC and Paul @Pmaxwell has offered repair on your existing one if needed. Either way, happy to help out and let us know what you decide. I hope it's an inexpensive fix. Steve
  5. StevenL757

    How Reliable is JPI EDM900?

    545 hours on mine, and no issues. The high mark of success the 900 and 930 units have enjoyed seems to far outweigh the negative remarks. If you’re considering the 900 or the 930, find a way to pull the trigger...don’t waste your time or money with anything else.
  6. StevenL757

    Mooney Ovation Voltage Regulator

    Yea, Lance @LANCECASPER beat me to it. I also came up with the 270 part to fit your SN (0010). Let me make a couple of calls in the morning to ask about sourcing and OH options and will check back in. Steve
  7. StevenL757

    Exxon Elite 20W-50 Oil - PENDING OBSOLETE

    Yea, I'm getting the same thing on the phone w/them now. This is crap. The guy I'm talking to is giving me to a manager who will apparently help me understand what's going on. Sounds like another business decision...
  8. StevenL757

    Exxon Elite 20W-50 Oil - PENDING OBSOLETE

    Is Exxon planning to release (or HAS released) anything similar to it? This is all I've used, and has worked extremely well.
  9. StevenL757

    Whelen 650E and 500 install

    Very nice!
  10. StevenL757

    Fine wires for the Rocket?

    Yea, I hear you. I have a fair amount of time in the 310R, and they're really great airplanes. I used to fly N98869 (a T-310R) when it was based in the Seattle area many years ago, but lost track of it since moving out here. Wouldn't mind owning one, but really can't justify the cost, as the speeds are really close to my Ovation.
  11. StevenL757

    Fine wires for the Rocket? up and buy those 24 plugs. Do it!! :-)
  12. StevenL757

    Fine wires for the Rocket?

    I agree. Tempest fine wires...hands down. Combined with Bendix (CMI) mags and a gold seal ignition harness is the best ignition system you can have for the Ovation’s IO550 platform.
  13. StevenL757

    Low Oil Temp

    Anthony and Dave make good points. Sometimes I see similar temps in cold weather. I would also have the thermostatic bypass valve checked to ensure it’s opening and closing at the proper temperature ranges, but as Dave indicated, do keep in mind that the temp reading you’re getting is cooled oil and will read a bit lower than the effective temp needed to cook off water and prevent corrosion and rust forming. Steve
  14. StevenL757

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    +1 for the EDM 900 or even 930. Ditch the’re taking up panel space with extra engine instrumentation you don’t need, as the 900 and 930 are Primary. Also, why not consider the G500TXi over the Aspen? Far more real estate and an exceptionally-performing piece of kit. Congrats on the purchase. Steve
  15. I agree. My avionics shop is staunchly against (as am I) removing my L-3 ESI-500 (installed with every option) which backs up my G500, in lieu of a G5 simply to run an autopilot. This is a major step backwards in technology in my cockpit and something that - as you indicate - makes no sense. What also doesn't make sense is that some C182 variants made the GFC600 list where the GFC500 is probably a better choice for those aircraft, yet they won't include the long-body, higher-flying, faster, longer-range Mooneys? The TBM models are also on the list; and although the 600 is a great AP for that aircraft, I can't imagine how that STC came about with how few TBMs exists to support the STC development cost for that model either. Unless I'm missing something, the numbers just don't make sense to me.