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  1. @INA201, please mark your original subject line with something like "SOLD" so you aren't queried on this going forward. Thanks, Steve
  2. Yes. Including the new KFC-230, should you be so-inclined. The G500/500Txi's GRS77 and GDC74 are approved interfaces for each of those BK autopilots. Should you decide to use the GI275, the BK autopilot will still need an AHRS source which the GI275 doesn't provide. A gent on the Socata forum was faced with that decision after he decided on GI275s and exploring the KFC-230 option. After hearing he'd need to spend an additional $4k or so, he's now opting to wait for the GFC500. With a "classic" G500 or the Txi, your upgrade cost to the KFC-230 is significantly lower than the GFC500...with
  3. Ditto. Haven't been in awhile tho. I owe them another visit, however, they're seasonal. Stop by KISP on the east side (Halstead) airpark area next to 33R approach area for a free TKS fill-up if you want. Easy-in, easy-out. Steve
  4. Christopher, Certainly not trying to have a go at you, but curious to know why you would title this, in part, "how fast can a Mooney get through the pattern" and why you would rush pattern work...particularly after you encountered multiple flight school and other aircraft in and around the airport. Hurrying through anything (especially a checklist) in any phase of flight has nothing to do with "staying ahead of the aircraft". Double-checking things (not just gear) and repeating segments of your checklist when you find yourself getting task-saturated require additional time and spacing i
  5. Very, very rarely. When I do, I use a little AeroCosmetics Wash-Wax Leather Soap. Biodegradable stuff that takes off any dirt and hand oils without damaging the leather.
  6. @Lfreebird, check out Hector’s work. Exceptional quality and value. I wouldn’t waste time painting control columns...unless you really want paint. https://customizer.aerocomfort.com/wheel/choose
  7. @N201MKTurbo Rich nailed it. My buddy pointed me toward the same thing. Inspecting today.
  8. Hi Anthony, First I’ve seen of this, but will run it by my FAA air carrier inspector buddy who is close to stuff like this. He’s out until Sunday but will see him then. Will report back unless anyone else discovers more before then. Steve
  9. It depends on your budget and mission. If you live in Chandler and are considering flights in, around, or over mountains, you'd be wise to consider a TLS or Bravo. If you don't want the added expense of a turbo, you'd probably want to consider an Ovation...in which I've done many Angel Flights; however, either aircraft would fit your purpose given your "want" list. Unless I misunderstood the first part of your second sentence, engine management is a necessity no matter what you own, so I wouldn't suggest using it as a cornerstone in deciding what you want. If the airplane you pick fits
  10. The “Screaming Eagle” name specifically applies to the conversion to 310hp from either the 240 or 280hp variant.
  11. Not exactly true. I track Garmin's certification efforts closely. They haven't demonstrated this kind of "straggling" behavior when it comes to bringing this product to market like other vendors. This is especially true with the GFC600 and GFC500 products.
  12. Great advice overall, nothing much to add here. Welcome to the site. I'll comment on the two Ovation choices, and will say generally that the "K" maintenance will be more expensive than the Ovations...mainly due to maintaining a turbo and an older fuselage overall. I'll leave the rest of the "K" input to those owners/experts. :-) The 1999 Ovation - Pros Prop OH last year Some avionics are good - EDM900, Sandel, GNS430 (although doesn't appear to be a "W") Exterior and interior largely look good Appears to have been hangared, but double-check with owner/b
  13. The real payoff from the 310 upgrade is the takeoff and climb performance. When Bob Minnis and I were discussing this upgrade back in 2014, he emphasized that the upgrade would be a dramatic increase in performance over the 280-equipped Ovations and Eagles. He was right. :-)
  14. Generally-speaking, that is a true statement.
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