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  1. You can always reach out to them and find out which of their instructors live near you.
  2. Actually... There is a big difference in size in the scheme of mounts. The Air3 is 10.5" and the Air4 is 10.9" My old mount was for the Air3 and there was no way to make it work for the Air4.
  3. Are you talking about on the Mooney site? And are you part of the Mooney website? Yes, filled in all the fields MORE THAN ONCE. And went to the Contact Us for the entire website and asked what was up a couple of times. Zero response.
  4. I've tried going through the regular "sign up" process a couple of times and have sent a couple of separate emails. ZERO response. So much for wanting to get in good with their existing users that could have been a great marketing force...
  5. Hmm.... Interesting concept to permanently add the ball to the center of the yoke. Still need to experiment with the various other cases. Also starting to look at if I can heat and fix the existing RAM cradle.
  6. @bluehighwayflyer Thanks for the link, but I didn't see any yoke mounts. If they've got them, they're hidden pretty well. @RLCarter The X-Grips I saw only went up to the 10" tablets. The Air4 is 10.9"
  7. Yes, I used my RAM mount for years with my old iPad. The one for the Air4 iPad is really poorly made/molded. Not really sure what they used to create the mold, but it wasn't an Air4 or Pro (the two are really the same size). You really have push hard... really hard to get the iPad to go into the bottom corners. And the "pen holder" on the side does not hold my Apple Pencil or any of my low tech styli.
  8. My original RAM yoke mount worked great. But I bought a new cradle for my new Air4 and it's just not cutting it so I'm looking for an alternative yoke mount. Any recommendations? Issue with the new cradle is that you literally have FORCE the iPad into the TOO SMALL lower corners. And it just doesn't line up right with the yoke so it's just in the wrong place.
  9. Horizon has closed. There's another thread on this. They make reference to "designated repair facility" in the manual, but I don't know of any. Maybe somebody like Mid-Continent has the bulb.
  10. Sad sign of flying commercial too much.... It's a habit that I put my pocket knife in with my shirts when I pack.
  11. Well... At least they HAVE an Android version!!
  12. They're hoping to be big in the Canadian and other markets that require Diversity ADS-B units. It will be interesting to see if they really can do it in that small of a package.
  13. We used to fly a fair amount from NY to Spokane. But always when connected to a vacation and we'd pick places to stop for a day or two along the way.
  14. For IFR, ALL of the sources are external. The differences are which source OR sources you are looking at. So, in your case everything comes from your 750. But some people may have a GPS source AND a separate ILS source. The differences in the display confirm that what guidance the 275 is showing you is really what you want to be seeing. In theory I could have the ILS dialed in on my 650 and a GPS approach on my 355. I should be seeing the Green ILS indicator, but if I mess up and didn't confirm that when I THOUGHT I changed radios I really didn't, I may be seeing a Magenta indic
  15. @tuccio The 275 has a LOT more functionality than the G5. A lot of people compare them when just looking for an FD/HSI and if that is all you're looking for, then you can say they are similar. But there's a lot more the 275 can do and Garmin themselves have said that the 275 was created to greatly improve over the G5. G5 is a great device and costs less, so it is a perfect fit for some installations. But if you're really looking at the mission of the plane and all the various options out there, the 275 can really check a lot of the lists in one device. And a LOT more items off that
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