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  1. I fly and hike with an inReach. Besides texting (what they call Messaging), if something were to happen, once on the ground you are in immediate contact with their rescue center. You can immediately tell them your condition and needs. As for the Messaging, you have a limited number of free messages pending which plan you have. But the Preset Messages are free. NOTE: If someone replies to your Preset Msg, that counts towards your plan. So just tell family/friends that when you send an update message, they should not reply "K"...
  2. Have you reached out to Merlyn? Maybe sending your wastegate in to them as part of your Annual might me a consideration. I was actually in Spokane years ago and actually had them take a look at mine while I was there.
  3. @jetdriven As others have said, check your bottle of Simple Green and DO NOT use what is probably the ORIGINAL Simple Green on your plane, aluminum car wheels, etc., etc. Read the label. SG does make other products that are okay for aircraft and other metals and surfaces.
  4. Ah... Not seeing the "For Sale" in the Topic or at the top of the post. I thought you were looking for a replacement. Missed the price at the end... Probably was looking at the pics by then.
  5. Since there are no specific measurements (antennae, windshield angle, side lengths, etc.), I'd just check with a boat cover/sail shop if you have one near by. If not, an outdoor awning shop should also be able to get the material. To create a cover like that you just need the material and the machine to put the pieces together and seams on all the edges. If you drew it out first with the over all measurements and the measurements for where you want the attach points (prob. rings of some sort) then they should be able to whip up a replacement pretty quickly.
  6. Congratz on getting some mileage in your logbook! So where are you planning your next XC to? Maybe up to the NW (it's not always smokey like it is now.)
  7. You mean like the one Aircraft Spruce has online? https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/pdf/GI275-MAINT.pdf
  8. Not all items that are shipped go in containers. Did a video once on a container ship. The back under the bridge & crew section was full of various non container odd shaped items and a lot of cars. Don't remember if the ramp opening was wide enough, but you might get a Mooney in sideways. Actually a more realistic way might be to wrap it to protect it from the salt water, put it on a custom pallet and have them tie it down on top of everything. You'd really need to talk to a SHIPPING person that know about this stuff. Side Note: The Captain of the ship is a glider pilot that lives in Sweden. Went there a few years ago, but never had a chance to connect with him to go flying.
  9. Hauling it off by truck is my bet on what is going to happen. Actually surprised it hasn't already - unless the insurance company won't release it for some reason. There are no hangars or really any kind of "facilities" to do the work there. Guess you could put up a tent to keep the Wx out while you were doing the work. But I would think there would be way too many return trips to get that *extra* part that was just discovered they needed to make it economical. And Block does have a service ferry for the all the supplies that come in. So it would not take a private ferry for the truck. Not sure of the size limit, but guessing it would just take the space of two of the box trucks that prob. always come to the island.
  10. Not sure that I agree that "GA owners"are seen as any great threat. Lead in any form has been on the list for YEARS (lead pipes/water, paint, auto gas, any number of other substances). And with good reason. You (we) hear about it all the time because we read the articles related to GA. But there is no question that lead will be gone from our fuel in the not so distant future. I'm going to assume it will be G100LL formula that people start producing. But maybe someone else will come out of the woodwork in the next few years with even a better option.
  11. Since 100LL is on borrowed time... I'm guessing it will be "boutique" for a little while and as it proves itself it will start to slowly expand. Then we'll here about a 100LL cutoff date for the environment and 100LL production will drop and the cost will go up. Then you'll see the expansion take off through all FBOs as 100LL becomes harder to get. And since those FBOs won't have to invest in any new equipment, it will be a no-brainer for them to just start filling their 100LL tanks with GAMI's no lead. How quickly will this change take place, that's the million dollar question. I'm pretty sure George will keep pushing their fuel and get more and more larger groups to buy in. And looking at that half full glass of no-lead.... One can only hope that the cost will drop at least a little bit once it's productions level has increased to replace 100LL. (I'm going to win the lottery today too!!)
  12. Sorry, didn't realize the file type had changed from .jpg. I edited my original post and just put the image (now a .jpg) in the post. (Thanks for pointing it out!!)
  13. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.... And the reason for my original post is that a number of Mooney owners have this older Non LED light and Whelen keeps saying they are interested in supplying a replacement. Air Venture is a good place to nail down the Execs when you want real answers. And I think they will do it eventually, just need to push them to get it into the pipeline.
  14. I think @Airways is referring to the FAA's approval of GAMI's unleaded fuel at OSH.
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