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  1. N231BN

    Mooney Aerodynamic Curves (Nerd Alert)

    I wonder if that curve was calculated with the stall strips in place. The wing doesn't let go until 18º but Mooney wants you to do something about it at 16º.
  2. N231BN

    Mooney with TSIO 360 GB

    It is a differential controller. It just tries to keep a constant pressure drop across the throttle body.
  3. N231BN

    Weird gear retraction issue

    If your pucks don't extend the gear all the way the lower gear doors will not line up with the fairing on the bottom of the wing. When the rubber is cold(and aged) it will take a while to fully expand. After your third or fourth cycle the pucks have expanded enough for the doors to line up.
  4. N231BN

    Mooney with TSIO 360 GB

    One thing to check when buying an older 231(1979-81) is whether it has a VAR crankshaft or not. If the engine hasn't been overhauled since 1997 it may still have an airmelt crank. There is no danger to running these crankshafts, they are just unserviceable when you next overhaul the engine. A new crank is about $6600.
  5. N231BN

    Mooney with TSIO 360 GB

    A Merlyn certainly helps, having GAMI injectors and proper fuel flow are a must. I have a -GB with a Merlyn and I also fly a 231 with a stock -LB. There isn't much difference other than critical altitude.
  6. I may have used the wrong term but a fixed wastegate engine, when run LOP, behaves very similar to a variable-absolute pressure wastegate engine when above critical altitude. Once you are LOP, any change in MP(or mass airflow) results in a change in FF and vice versa. My 231 behaves the same as ziggysanchez's, I believe the cause is the mixture control slowly increases due to vibration and after I set my LOP cruise power, any increase in FF creates a chain reaction which results in the engine running about 85% power at near peak TIT if you let it get there. It has behaved this way ever since I replaced the fuel pump, I think the old pump had a stiff diaphragm in the Android which made it less sensitive to changes in UDP.
  7. What you are experiencing is normal for a fixed or differential wastegate(merlyn) turbocharged engine when operating LOP. It is referred to as bootstrapping. It is a completely different issue than what the OP is experiencing, at least the cause is different. Any excessive bootstrapping when ROP is a cause for concern.
  8. Cold, damp hangar for 28 years I guess. I wonder what the rest of the airplane looked like before someone started repainting it?
  9. Look at the rust on the co-pilot's yoke shaft. It needs an engine anyway so rust there doesn't matter. 1979 model is going to need a new crank so you're better off with a new or rebuilt exchange. If the painted parts are ok it might be a good airframe. Engine, tanks, paint, radios...a good way to put $120k into an $80k airplane. Isn't aviation great?
  10. The limitations of FIS-B weather becomes more apparent the faster you go. A Citation can outrun the regional weather update so you are stuck with the horrid resolution of national nexrad. Also, FIS-B doesn't load metars across the whole country. Sometimes you could be within 100 miles of your destination before it's weather report loads.
  11. N231BN

    JPI Oil Temperature Probe Question

    Any chance it's hooked up backwards? Not just at the splice but in the plug at the unit. Was the oil temp option ordered with the unit or added on later?
  12. N231BN

    JPI Oil Temperature Probe Question

    What was the outside air temp?
  13. Out our small airport, we only had LNAV (+V) but they recently changed one approach to LP due to a tower off to the side of the approach. It lowered the minimums from 700 to 500.
  14. Localizer performance, basically the needle becomes more sensitive the closer you get to the runway. A regular LNAV approach has the same sensitivity for the entire final leg.
  15. N231BN

    GDL-82 Install Time

    I'll be putting one in a Cessna 207 soon so I'll let you know.