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  1. N231BN

    TSIO-360 T/O (Turboplus) Fuel Flows

    After installing the intercooler the fuel injection system is adjusted so you get the same fuel flow at a lower manifold pressure. That TIT is way too high for takeoff power. Your mechanic needs to setup the fuel system while running 36" instead of 40" like the continental manual says.
  2. N231BN

    CDT-Gauge dead ...

    Can you further describe the situation where you experienced detonation? Power settings, temps, fuel flow...
  3. I wouldn't say it's common. I believe some of the creditors thought the M22 was responsible for the Bankruptcy, it probably was.
  4. There's no data either, Mooney had to destroy everything related to the M22 as part of one of the many Bankruptcy settlements.
  5. If you are really serious, PM me and I'll give you some contact info.
  6. N231BN

    Icing conditions climb and descent

    As mentioned previously, it is important to know your minimum icing speed and stay above it in icing conditions. On the other hand, if the weather is bad enough where that matters you shouldn't be flying in a Mooney.
  7. Both Mooney and Continental address this issue with service letters.
  8. N231BN

    Acclaim Type S Cruise Power Settings

    Also, if you run deep LOP you can do so at higher power settings and stay out of the red box.
  9. N231BN

    Acclaim Type S Cruise Power Settings

    The acclaim has a low compression engine due to being turbocharged so the numbers won't match your ovation.
  10. N231BN

    Cut out at idle

    That is also the cheapest item to replace in the system and should be done first if having any problems.
  11. N231BN

    Cut out at idle

    I agree with others that this is common in Continentals. I disagree that it is acceptable however and it usually can be remedied.
  12. N231BN

    Cut out at idle

    That's the obvious answer but it doesn't make sense in this context. "I kept increasing throttle until FF..." Just trying to understand.
  13. N231BN

    Cut out at idle

    When you say "FF" what are you referring to? Firewall forward?
  14. N231BN

    Cut out at idle

    If increasing the idle mixture didn't help then the unmetered pressure is too low. They either didn't set it correctly or their gauge isn't accurate. They need to get the engine good and hot for setting this. Running your boost pump on low during landing roll out will help.
  15. N231BN

    CDT-Gauge dead ...

    That is correct.