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  1. If that is disconnected and your factory gauge still works, you should figure out where the sender is that is feeding your factory gauge. If they are using the front location (by the governor) it won't give you an accurate indication of oil pressure to the turbo which is important.
  2. I'll be more detailed this time. That is the factory oil pressure sender. It is supposed to be clamped to the engine mount tube above the co-pilot's foot well. The reason it is attached to the turbo is the location normally used on the crankcase for oil pressure is used to supply oil to the turbocharger.
  3. That is the factory oil pressure sender.
  4. An earlier 231 or a 252 Encore will have a 1000lb useful load or better. For your requirement, that leaves 400lbs or 66gal of fuel. My average fuel burn is 12.5 and block speed is about 150kts(mostly below O2 altitudes). That gives you 648nm with a 1 hour reserve, further the higher you go. I love my 231, it's a good airplane and it was cheap! However, if I was going to spend more than 200k with your mission it would be B36TC all the way. A good model will have 1200lbs useful.
  5. @Matt_AZ In the upper right corner of the HSI is the slaving indicator. Place your compass switch in either the up or down position and turn the compass card in either direction through your actual heading and see if the indicator moves at all. The OP has the earlier version of the slaving amp which has two outputs and a center off position on the switch. The later models with the bootstrap synchro only have the two position slave/free switch.
  6. I think everyone can spend less time on Twitter.
  7. You have a Century NSD-360 HSI with a non-bootstrap slaving amplifier which has two outputs. If the HSI stops slaving on one channel you can select the other or turn it off with the middle position.
  8. If there has already been a thread on this I apologize. I'm hoping everyone with a Garmin 430/530 could post the numbers from the "Trip Statistics" page in the AUX menu.The average ground speed number is a really good indicator of total aircraft performance. Also, list your aircraft as well as any modifications. Non-Mooney owners feel free to share as well. 1979 M20K TSIO-360-GB GAMI's & Merlyn Wastegate I fly a number of shorter trips and unless I'm solo I stay below O2 altitudes on the longer trips. I generally run 65-68% LOP which is 10-10.5 GPH. Doing the math this is about 184 hrs which is all I have flown since doing the WAAS upgrade. Odometer: 27474 NM AVG GS 149.1 KT MAX GS 223.5 KT
  9. Did you buy yourself a beer yet? Nice work! Now just imagine what this would have cost at a MSC.
  10. I would love to hear someone's explanation for this diagnosis. When you say high oil pressure, do you mean the gauge is pegged high or it just reads 20-30 psi higher than normal?
  11. The procedure for removing the CB panel is in the manual. Basically, in addition to the screws on the face of the panel there are two screws underneath the panel and there are two screws ahead of the door hinge on the side of the fuselage that need to be removed.
  12. Try pushing on the middle of the door, it will relieve the tension on the top latch and let it release.
  13. The diaphragm in your 1980's pressure sender isn't very soft anymore. I bought a new sender for my '79 231 and it made a huge difference in OP indication.
  14. That sounds right. A customer of mine allowed his to expire(moved several times). Since OKC was backed up a couple months he called the FSDO to see what he could do. They suggested he sell the airplane to his wife and fly on the pink slip. He ended up calling someone in OKC and got it sorted out in a couple weeks.
  15. I didn't catch the five months part, since the registration has been expired for more than 90 days the n number is unavailable for 5 years.