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  1. N231BN

    Oh, the pattern entry!

  2. N231BN

    Donaldson air filter for 231k

    Those are for 252's only.
  3. There really should be a service kit to remove the prime solenoid. You could keep the prime switch just to save the cylces on the boost pump switch.
  4. N231BN

    LOP MP at high altitude

    That's good you are getting it all fixed. I would love to see a Savvy link for that flight if you have the capability.
  5. N231BN

    LOP MP at high altitude

    Your FF went up after fixing the exhaust leak because the upper deck(pressure before the throttle body) is higher now that the turbo is working. The fuel pump senses that UDP, not manifold pressure, and regulates accordingly. It's possible that you have had exhaust leaks for a while and the fuel pump was adjusted to compensate. Something is still very wrong though, have you verified the accuracy of your MP gauge? You may need to leak check the line going to the gauge as well.
  6. Stop picking on "old radials," normal cruise power is 30" and 2000 RPM.[emoji6]
  7. N231BN

    LOP MP at high altitude

    That makes sense, the HP function on the JPI is driven by FF. The fuel pump uses upper deck pressure for regulating FF so your turbo is working. You probably have an induction leak, a big one. Does the MP on your JPI agree with the gauge?
  8. N231BN

    LOP MP at high altitude

    Can you clarify this, are you only able to maintain 30" in the climb?
  9. N231BN

    201 Schematic / Bad Avionics Relay?

    The relay should be behind the circuit breaker panel, it is a plastic enclosure with 3 sets of spade connectors. You should be able to find it by removing the glareshield.
  10. N231BN

    Engine quit on takeoff roll

    There is no throttle switch to activate the fuel pump on a M20K. That is very specific to the Ovation, many other aircraft with the same engine don't have that feature either. I'm not sure why Mooney did that, perhaps they were having vapor problems with that installation. If you used high boost in a K on takeoff you wouldn't get very far.
  11. N231BN

    Continental Fuel System Issues

    I replied to the other thread which is now gone. My 231 behaved in the same manner when I bought it, it had sat for nearly 11 years. Replacing the flow divider with an OH unit fixed the problem immediately, it also ran much smoother. This was all before I installed an engine monitor and GAMIs. To the OP, unless your annual is due soon I wouldn't wait to replace the flow divider. If that is the culprit, that means the diaphragm is hard and could start to leak at any time. The actual replacement takes very little time, the shop would have to do another fuel setup which would add some labor.
  12. That place is certainly a rare find, I'm glad it worked out for you.
  13. N231BN

    Low oil temp

    On the IO-550-G the vernatherm is in the bottom of the cooler itself. Item 15 in the attached dwg. On the OP's aircraft, it depends on the engine but it is usually in the oil filter housing. No matter where it's located the function is the same. Oil is allowed to bypass the cooler core and as it warms up the vernatherm expands to block the bypass forcing oil through the core. It has a pressure relief spring on the end which allows oil to pass in the event of a plugged or congealed oil cooler so it doesn't explode! It is 1930's technology in a smaller package, pretty ingenious.
  14. N231BN

    LOP MP at high altitude

    I'm sorry if I sounded like a jerk, it wasn't my intent. Glad you are back on the ground safe. If you were only getting 28" on takeoff there is no way the FF would have been normal on a Turbo Continental. Perhaps if an induction hose blew off down stream of the throttle body, the upper deck pressure would have still been there to drive the FF up. I just think this is a good example of why it is so important to verify takeoff power on a turbocharged engine. That exhaust leak was very close to the fuel pump and associated hoses.
  15. N231BN

    Low oil temp

    A common misconception here but a vernatherm actually works backwards from a thermostat in a car. When it expands it plugs off the cooler bypass and forces the oil to go through the cooler. If it was stuck open you would have high temps. There shouldn't be a failure mode of the vernatherm that results in low temps.