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  1. Rapco Service Letter Rapco Service Letter RASL-004_Rev-.pdf
  2. If the linings are new have they been burnished? Are the discs grooved? If the pedals are solid it's not air.
  3. The rod attachment in question is not part of the jackscrew. It is the spring feedback to the elevator push rod.
  4. Do the pedals get solid? Are the linings glazed?
  5. Quick math, your engine produces 13.7hp for every gph when run at peak or leaner. 6lbs/13.7=0.434 lbs/hp
  6. Towards the bottom of the specs, at best it is 0.847 lb/hp which is terrible. A standard PT6 gets down to 0.64 at max ITT(700c) and the newer high temp models can get to 0.6 or lower. Your Rocket run LOP is about 0.44(if you don't already know).
  7. There are some multi-spool turbine engines that would be considered turbocharged. The PW100 series is one example. Terminology aside, my point was it would take a large turbine engine to exceed the Acclaim's 270hp at FL250.
  8. So does a piston in a cylinder, same principal. Suck squeeze bang blow
  9. The issue here is turbine engines are normally aspirated. The PT6A-11 in a Cheyenne I is rated at 500hp but is capable of producing about 700hp max. At 25,000ft it can only make a little over 300hp. An additional 30hp at max cruise isn't going to make enough of a difference to justify the cost and increased fuel burn, especially if you have to reduce VNE to VNO. The climb rate would be phenomenal however. The PT6A-42 in a Meridian is really a ~1000hp engine, flat rated to 500. That's how they can get the performance out of it at altitude. It would take a very interesting-looking propeller to
  10. Don't overlook the Sierra, it is a great headset for the money.
  11. Rich, They certainly do, the cooling fin design is slightly different on a 985 as well. The biggest tell on that picture is the push rod tubes. On a 985 they attach to the nose case where on a 1340 they attach to the power section. Sorry for going all geek mode...
  12. It's harder to tell the difference without the nose case but it sure looks like a R-1340 sump. Beautiful table.
  13. Good points, when he said increasing the voltage to 14.4 extinguished the light I assumed it was a low voltage indication.
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