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  1. N231BN

    Tempest oil filters

    Must be tolerance stacking, I have never had a problem.
  2. N231BN

    Air Conditioner Question

    You need to have a set of gauges connected while it's running to see if it's tripping the high or low pressure switches. My guess is it's going high after a while which probably means the receiver/dryer is partially plugged.
  3. 1. Mixture full rich, throttle at idle. 2. Run the boost pump momentarily (no more than 1 second) 3. Full throttle (leave your hand on it) 4. Crank, as engine fires smoothly pull throttle to idle keeping RPM from exceeding 1000 5. "Tickle" primer or boost pump if engine wants to die 6. This honestly works on every single fuel injected Continental engine(except B58P).
  4. N231BN

    EDM 830 OAT error

    The probe location in the fresh air vent is not a problem. If you are getting engine heat there, you have bigger issues than the OAT probe. Under the wing is better but not necessary.
  5. Yeah, it's up to the installer to determine if it's major or minor. I don't know if there's any language requiring a product for which a STC exists to be installed as a major alteration.
  6. Sorry, an A&P certificate is not "other"... check 65.85 "(a) Except as provided in paragraph ( of this section, a certificated mechanic with an airframe rating may approve and return to service an airframe, or any related part or appliance, after he has performed, supervised, or inspected its maintenance or alteration (excluding major repairs and major alterations). In addition, he may perform the 100-hour inspection required by part 91 of this chapter on an airframe, or any related part or appliance, and approve and return it to service."
  7. I wish it were true but an STC is a major alteration and there is no option for an A&P to complete block 7 of the 337. I agree with the above comments that a STC should not have been granted for the visors. On the other hand, Whelen Orion lights have a STC but it appears mechanics are installing them as a minor alteration. I would do the same for the visors. If you are going to fill out a 337 you had better find the right person to fill out block 7.
  8. N231BN

    Airplane Not Level on flat ground

    It would take a 7.5" difference at the wingtips to make 1 degree. Your instrument panel shock mounts may need to be replaced. Try to put a level on the panel and compare that to the indicator.
  9. N231BN

    CB panel on M20J

    Why would you not want the 830 on the avionics buss? It's not primary right?
  10. N231BN

    CB panel on M20J

    Hmm, maybe the nutplates were stripped and someone got lazy? I don't know if Mooney changed the design on that. If you have someone drill those out, take a razor blade around them first to cut the paint. Some shops have cutter sets that are made to cut the paint around inspection panel screws that were painted over.
  11. N231BN

    Braking After Landing

    Back up a little bit, GA aircraft brakes use mineral based hydraulic oil which is not hygroscopic but hydrophobic. Long story short, it will not absorb water like older automotive brake fluid. Second, if your brake oil is thick/gooey, you also need new o-rings. Cleveland brakes don't have return springs and they rely on "o-ring roll" to return the piston. Get your hangar fairy to hang the calipers over a small bucket with the pads removed. Depress each brake pedal and the pistons will come out with a gush(or blob) of oil. Aeroshell 41(mil-5606) is cheap, let it run out and start fresh. You can then take them to your local mechanic to get them flushed and replaced with new seals. After reassembly, fill up from the bottom and enjoy good brakes that also release properly.
  12. N231BN

    CB panel on M20J

    Look for two screws about a foot ahead of the door hinge. If anyone changed them out for rivets it would be a huge mistake.
  13. Normally you would be correct, however the lastest version of the TSIO-360 fuel pump has a different mixture control assembly that does let fuel pass from the electric pump when in ICO. I had my pump rebuilt(exchange) a couple years ago and talked to the fuel shop about it. If you send in an older pump you won't get full core credit because the mixture assembly is obsolete.
  14. N231BN

    Oh, the pattern entry!

  15. N231BN

    Donaldson air filter for 231k

    Those are for 252's only.