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  1. Don't forget the knob can be used to enter waypoints just like a 430/530. Also, to quickly center up course just press Direct-to then push the knob once. Love my 750/345 combo. Telligence is amazing as well.
  2. You absolutely can, if you have a permission letter from the STC holder. B&C will gladly supply one if you buy one of their systems. In 2020 I got a field approval for a R182 using B&C's STC for a PA-32 (engine commonality) and a previous 337 for a 182Q. The FA for the 182Q used the Bonanza STC for the engine modification. I could make a comment about a FSDO inspector refusing to consider a safety improvement, but "mama said..."
  3. It doesn't change the critical altitude because the instructions for adjusting the wastegate are the same. The Merlyn wastegate will increase the critical altitude because it is variable.
  4. A couple of things, do you have a Merlyn? If not the critical altitude should be around 14k, depending on setup. Also, that is not enough FF at those power settings. It should be closer to 19 GPH if you want to keep climbing and keep everything cool.
  5. Same here with my 231. Same speed 65% ROP or LOP, 11.7 GPH vs 10. It's great having the flexibility of a turbo, especially since I don't have to pay anyone to work on it:)
  6. If your MP is constant then the UDP is not changing. Does the -MB have a fuel pressure regulator? I haven't worked on a 252 but the TSIO-520s in twin Cessna's have a separate device called that and it changes the setup procedure. Also, make sure the UDP sense line to the fuel pump is secure and not leaking. If it is a stainless line the alignment needs to be perfect on the flare.
  7. The major parts are the same. The exhaust system/turbo arrangement is part of the engine specs, that's why there are so many different models. Put a -LB induction and exhaust on an -EB and you have the same engine. The fuel injection system may have a different suffix but that is just in the adjustments which will be done at overhaul. Continental has a service letter for converting one model to another.
  8. Clarence, I think he was referring to the length of a video showing Mooney-specific items to look at on a PPI.
  9. I agree with Paul regarding cowl flap rigging. The 231's cowl was poorly designed. It has too much inlet area and not enough outlet. I do adjust mine seasonally to keep oil temps up but a better solution would be a blocking plate for the oil cooler. The 252 has a factory option for that.
  10. Just this morning I ordered parts direct from Textron, via their website.
  11. There is really no reason to overthink this, just use the safety switch and then shut off the master when done. When I'm doing an annual by myself I'll just gently squeeze some air in the pitot tube so I can watch them move.
  12. It was @201Mooniac that offered the 337. The -LB has a more simple accessory pad arrangement than the -MB4 in the 337 so there shouldn't be any issues there. I don't know what the status of the FSDO is in your area but I was able to get the field approval for the 182 during the first year of covid. That particular owner received three field approvals on his airplane that spring.
  13. Just a heads up, the 337 references two STCs. The FAA will want to see a permission letter from B&C to utilize that data before issuing the field approval. It's worth a call to B&C, they are good to work with, but the OP will likely have to purchase the unit to receive the letter.
  14. Have you talked to B&C about it? They can give you a copy of a previously issued field approval which your IA of choice can use on your airplane. I know it has been done before on a 231. I got a field approval for a 182RG using data from a previous 337 on a 182Q and their STC for a PA-32-300.
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