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  1. I dont do trade ins but here is what I think they are worth resale used. Parmetheus PAR-36 gen 1 - $50-$100 Parmetheus Plus PAR-36 gen 2 - $150-$175 Parmetheus PAR-46 gen 1 - $100-$150 Parmetheus PAR-46 gen 2 - $200-$225
  2. Thanks! Like many others, I'm very proud of my V tail! It's a project plane though I'm always doing something with it.
  3. No, not this year unfortunately. The virtual stuff last year was because of Covid and because they cancelled both SnF and Oshkosh. I plan to be at Oshkosh this year but I do not know what kind, if any, promotions they will be running. Thanks! I enjoy doing photography and I am very handy with a camera. So when I go out to compare these lights I want everything setup the same. Same shutter, ISO, white balance, aperture, focus, etc. It really shows the difference.
  4. I have a great inventory of these Orion 650 LED wingtip lights with more on the way!
  5. I have them on order but not here yet. Your LED option is the WAT Orion 650E, which has an LED strobe and a red or green LED position light. I have them for $479.99 a side. gallagheraviationllc@gmail.com <-- Email me https://www.gallagheraviationllc.com/whelen-aircraft-lighting.html <-- My WAT website
  6. Here are photos of a PAR-36 WAT Parmetheus Pro versus an Aerolite. These were taken with the exact same camera settings with a little post editing to correct the color balance because the Pro has a more blue-ish color to it versus the Aerolite so it through the white balance off a little bit. A PAR-46 Parmetheus Plus is $300 and a PAR-46 Parmetheus Pro is $599.99. I have the Pro in both wings of my Bonanza and it is a phenomenal light.
  7. I have a couple of the PAR-36 Pros shipping out tomorrow to a fellow Mooneyspacer! https://www.gallagheraviationllc.com/whelen-aircraft-lighting.html <-- Website gallagheraviationllc@gmail.com <-- Email me 1-833-425-5288 <-- Call or text me
  8. Just for some comparison. Here is the WAT Parmetheus Pro versus the Aerolite landing light, I think their mid-range light. It's a big difference in the amount of light and the lenses that are on these high end LED landing lights. If you're interested in a quote for the WAT Parmetheus Pro, email me at gallagheraviationllc@gmail.com or you can visit my website at https://www.gallagheraviationllc.com/whelen-aircraft-lighting.html. Mooneys with mid-wing lights need the PAR-36 size. I took these photos with the exact same camera settings on my DSLR and did some minor color touch up in Photoshop.
  9. I have a great inventory of the Orion 650 LED wingtip lights available for immediate shipment! Email me at gallagheraviationllc@gmail.com Call me at 1-833-425-5288 Website - https://www.gallagheraviationllc.com/whelen-aircraft-lighting.html
  10. I received more of these Orion 650E in stock and they are ready to ship. I have both the 14V and 28V versions available. Model numbers are OR6502GE and OR6502RE for 28V and OR6501GE and OR6501RE for the 14V. Email me at: Gallagheraviationllc@gmail.com Call me at: 1-833-425-5288 Website: https://www.gallagheraviationllc.com/whelen-aircraft-lighting.html
  11. I can special order this. Email me at gallagheraviationllc@gmail.com
  12. I think it is a Coleman brand test bench
  13. I wanted to get the drone up into the air but it was gusting to 25 with temps in the mid thirties and raining so I elected not to fly it :). Also, the ambient light around the airport didn't help. I need to find a less bright spot to do this test again. With darker places comes its own challenges. I edited the photos in photoshop to balance the color a little bit because both lights have different color temperature, which threw off my DSLR sitting on a tripod while taking the photos. As you can see, the camera never moved for perspective.
  14. Aerolite vs WAT Parmetheus Pro. If you fly at night, I don't recommend the Aerolite. If you're a daytime VFR flyer that just wants to reduce the amperage on your electrical system then that is about all it is good for. You should just stick with you incandescent light bulb versus the Aerolite IMO if you're considering it for night flying. You get what you pay for. These are PAR-36 size.
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