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  1. It's okay, everyone knows Spruce, not many know me and that is something I have to work on. ~ James
  2. An Orion 650 is a direct replacement for this legacy unit. You dump this, the old strobe power packs, and keep your existing wiring. Installation time is probably a few hours maximum for a competent mechanic. LEDs are brighter, last longer, weigh less, and look way better! Many Mooney 20C aircraft take the OR6501G and the OR6501R. Don't forget the OR5001V for the tail! http://www.gallagheraviationllc.com/whelen-aircraft-lighting.html Email me with any questions - gallagheraviationllc@gmail.com
  3. I have plenty of these PAR-36 and PAR-46 Parmetheus Pro LED landing lights in stock. They are fantastic as you can see below! Email me at gallagheraviationllc@gmail.com or order from http://www.gallagheraviationllc.com/whelen-aircraft-lighting.html
  4. I have 28V and 14V Whelen Aerospace Technologies Orion 500 series LED tail lights available for sale. These are direct replacements for many Beechcraft tail lights and come with a white LED position light embedded with a white LED strobe light. These are phenomenal units and I had this installed on my Bonanza before I became a WAT dealer. Orders over $500 ship free and there is no sales tax outside of the state of Ohio. You can use your existing wiring and installation time for most aircraft is about a half hour. They are FAA PMA/STC/TSO approved. Advertised price is $481 but if you add it to your shopping cart it will provide an updated price.Order at http://www.gallagheraviationllc.com/whelen-aircraft-lighting.htmlNeed a custom quote? Email me at gallagheraviationllc@gmail.com and I can help you out with wingtip lights, beacon lights, landing and taxi lights too!http://youtu.be/xY6Ts4mUi-I
  5. Did you know that your Whelen PAR-36 or PAR-46 Parmetheus LED landing or taxi light has replaceable lenses? These lenses are easily replaceable because they do wear over time. I have new PAR-36 lenses available for $30 and PAR-46 lenses for $36 plus shipping. You can buy them off my website and they are toward the bottom of the web page. I have a limited stock at the moment but I am working on getting more. The PAR-36 lenses work for both the landing light and the taxi light. These lenses also work for the first generation Parmetheus and the second generation Parmetheus Plus lights.http://www.gallagheraviationllc.com/whelen-aircraft-lighting.html <--- Order here!
  6. Folks, I owe you an update. The LED version of this light is in preliminary design work and there is no established time frame. Covid has delayed the project but your inputs have helped this get onto their radar. When you all go to purchase these, don't forget me!
  7. Thank you! She's getting new windows soon too. I'm always restoring her!
  8. Greetings MoonerySpacers! I am proud to announce that Gallagher Aviation is now a Precise Flight dealer of their popular PulseLite 1210 model. I installed this module in N11GG to allow me to pulse my Whelen LED landing and recognition lights as shown in the video below. The module was installed behind my instrument panel and a two way switch was installed (Off and Pulse) allowing me to keep my piano keys intact for the left and right, steady on. What's great about this module is that it allows you maximum flexibilty with setting it up to your desire. It comes with a three way switch (Off, Steady-On, and Pulse) or you can take a different route if you wish. Cost is $499 per unit plus shipping. Bundle it with Whelen LED lights I sell and they will ship for free with no sales tax outside the state of Ohio.Precise Flight's patented Pulselite® technology is the only onboard solution to reduce costly birdstrikes to aircraft. Available and certified for a wide variety of aircraft, large and small, fixed wing and rotor, the Pulselite switch is designed to pulse your aircraft's existing lights.Bird Strike PreventionThe Pulselite® System has been installed on more than 25,000 aircraft of all categories, including airline jets, business jets, general fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. The Pulselite® System serves two purposes - to reduce bird strikes and to increase aircraft recognition for collision avoidance with other aircraft. The Pulselite® System features patented TCAS integration to enhance the margin of safety. Precise Flight's Pulselite switches are installed on some of the world's safest airlines, including Qantas and Alaska Airlines. Research has shown that the planes equipped with the pulselite technology experience up to 60% fewer bird strikes, saving airlines millions of dollars annually, while increasing passenger safety.Make Your Aircraft More VisibleThe greatest benefit of the Pulselite system is found on commercial aircraft. In the air everyday, in all weather and conditions visibility is key to safety. Airlines that pulse their lights exhibit a lower occurrence of near miss events. Air Traffic Controllers and other pilots alike know that pulsing lights make an aircraft much more visible throughout all phases of taxiing and flight.Cost Savings on Existing Aircraft LightingBecause the Pulselite switch modulates your existing lights, it allows the filament and bulb to run at a lower temperature. The bulb retains full rated candle power; less heat, less stress, more visibility. It's a win-win situation. When using landing lights for visibility, you'll experience the highest visual benefit and save on bulb replacements and maintenance.
  9. If you're thinking upgrading your stock incandescent landing light or an older generation LED landing light consider the Whelen Aerospace Technologies (WAT) Parmetheus Pro LED landing light. It comes in a PAR-36 or PAR-46 with dual voltage so any particular light can support your 14V or 28V electrical system. It is nearly twice as bright as the WAT Parmetheus Plus brand and is one of the best bang-for-the buck lights out there. These lights were originally designed for turbine aircraft such as Kingairs, Citations, Challengers, Hawkers, etc. so the quality in design is much higher. That is exemplified with a heat sink on the front of the LED so it does not frost over in icing conditions (assuming it is exposed and not behind a lens). They carry an STC for all piston aircraft and come with a 5 year warranty.The PAR-36 light has been one of my best selling lights. I often sell fellow BTers with nose bowl mounted lights and one on the nose gear a PAR-36 Parmetheus Pro landing light and a PAR-36 Parmetheus Plus taxi light (P36P2T for 28V and P36P1T for 14V).You can order them off my website at http://www.gallagheraviationllc.com/whelen-aircraft-lighting.htmlPlease email me any questions or concerns you have at gallagheraviationllc@gmail.com.
  10. I have new Whelen Orion 650 LED wingtip position and strobe lights available for sale. They come in 14V and 28V with model numbers OR6501G and OR6501R for 14V lights (G = Green, R = Red), and OR6502G and OR6502R for 28V lamps. These are great for replacing old A650 incandescent position lights with a xenon strobe light. With the installation of the Orion 650 using your existing wiring, you remove old strobe power packs, which will save you weight and increase reliability with each unit. The LED light is much brighter and draws a lesser load on your electrical system. These are sealed lights so they can weather harsh conditions while sitting outside and they come with a 5 year warranty. All orders over $500 ship for free and if you do not live in the great state of Ohio, they are sales tax free. Consider upgrading your LED lights to these http://www.gallagheraviationllc.com/whelen-aircraft-lighting.html <--- Order here gallagheraviationllc@gmail.com <--- Don't know what to get? Email me and I will help you out.
  11. I have a nice Orion 360 beacon on the way to a fellow Mooneyspacer!
  12. I just got some feeedback from a customer who installed a pair of these Orion 360 beacons and they love them! IMG_4219.mov
  13. I just received more Orion 360 beacons in stock. If you have a fuselage mounted beacon and you have a 14V light you will need either model OR36R1W or OR36S1W. The OR36R1W is an all red LED beacon and the OR36S1W is a split red/white LED beacon. If you have a 28V light you will need either model OR36R2W or OR36S2W. The "W" is for the wide 3.75" base, which is found on many fuselage mounted beacon lights. https://www.gallagheraviationllc.com/whelen-aircraft-lighting.html <--- Order here! https://youtu.be/gRpZgKYbxms <-- Link to video of the Orion 360 beacon light.
  14. I am no technical expert but I can connect with the right people if this issue persists.