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  1. Rest In Peace and my condolences to the pilots family.
  2. Second that, Sheetmetal work is sheetmetal work as long as the tech fallows the procedures set by the manufacturer. But the name of who did it does matter in resale but I for one would not pass on it as long as everything check out.
  3. Skates I think that in ideal world We could talk and share all our believes when it comes to politics, religion and sexuality but the reality is as you well stated that you run the risk of being taken to far by some individuals and maybe that’s what happen with Piloto ( I don’t know I don’t think I was here or saw what he posted ). I rather be here and be informed and entertained by all of you and share in the love you guys have for aviation than run the risk of ruining what we have, I have seen it turn down right toxic and hateful and don’t wish to see that here. Don't open Pandora’s box we have more to lose than to gain.
  4. I saw second this, well said.
  5. Dated 2010 and updated 2016. ”Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM) has been a major pioneer of FADEC technology, and the TCM system brings a level of simplicity to the cockpit that many pilots have never experienced. The mixture and prop controls go away, and the engine is managed by an electronic control unit (ECU). The pilot commands power with a single lever, similar to most turbine engines. TCM’s FADEC system is one of the first to be brought to a modern production aircraft. TCM has designed and adapted a FADEC for engines from the bottom to the top of the company’s piston product line, the IO-240, IO-360 and IO-550 powerplants. (The recently introduced Cessna Skycatcher’s O-200D is excluded because it’s carbureted.) The computerized system controls every engine parameter to optimize performance and efficiency.” ”Continental estimates the cost for retrofitting a FADEC system will be between $2,500 and $7,500, depending on engine and aircraft type.” I bet you that if Continental was thinking about doing this lycoming is not far behind or maybe ahead. I think I am going to be cooking hat in the next 4-5 years if continental still at it.
  6. Do you agree that is the last year or two speciallly you have seen a lot of movement in the avionics field since the change in certification requirements? when did garmin put out the G3x for experimental aircraft? the earliest article I see referring to it was 2014 by avweb. And G3x comes with engine monitoring as an option, just saying that continental or lycoming or a 3rd party might be not to far from coming up with a ga fadec first. the sensors already exist all that is missing is the computer and servos for it. who knows is all I am saying, I have seen what commercial avaition has available and to me many of those systems and technology in avaiton is moving faster than I can remember. I went from working 737-300 to 757 for some 20 years and then 777s in the last 10 years and was like wow that different and now if you could only see what they have done with the 787s and Airbus neo. Boeing and Airbus keep pushing for new technologies for aircrafts and I think ga might see the win fault eventually specially now with the way certification seems to be moving things faster from the experimental aviation to cerification. I might be asking you in 4 to 5 years how do you like your hat? well done with bbq or rare.
  7. That technology is not that far off, the new experimental sling uses a fadec system and seeing all this garmin , beindix and true track all the shift in Avionics’s to more affordable to upgrades and installs it hopefully won’t be long before we see a certify version. I am in aviation as a career in the commercial side and the difference that a property working fadec system provides is mind blowing, can you imagen not running the risk to cook any cylinders like ever under almost any condition, having turbos last maybe twice as long as they do now because they are not over work or work more efficiently, engines last even longer with less wear and tear. You as the pilot fly the plane and engines computer will protect the engine and help alert of anything you might miss, the amount of money a system like this would safe in the long run out weight almost any charge it would cost to instal. For one I can’t wait to see a certify fadec system in not just a Mooney but in general aviation, it would become the new first upgrade before anything else, because having a nice avionics package means nothing if you unwillingly kill or damage the engine and most importantly there would no more guessing of what’s the right way or wrong way, it would all be preset by the people who know and design the engines but that is just my 2 cents. here is the link to the sling and how it performed over at big bear.
  8. Wow, that’s something very good for the avionics market I would hope.
  9. I wish I could do the same but we are happily expecting our first child and although financially everything says I could do it I rather wait and do my ppl and see what comes because life has a way changing your plans. Besides the baby I have yet to really defined my mission that’s why I came to this site to be more informed, but Kermit the frog (the first thing out the wifes mouth after she saw that m20F) would have being cheap enough to jump into and I do have my A/P so I could have done some of the routine maintenance on it until I learn more about the Mooney and it’s systems and quirks, do a few owner assisted annuals to really get in there and see.
  10. Hey if you do the research and that’s what you want, God bless and enjoy but do the research.
  11. Maybe a dumb question but I am new to Mooney’s but just wondering if this is very common on the 231? Or Mooney in general?
  12. Same boat, first baby on the way but I will try to finish it.
  13. I saw that plane and was wishing I had already finish my ppl, hope everything goes well and you get it. It looks good to me for the price Just safe to get a new paint job and interior
  14. This discussion reminded me of this video and I just had to post it, I am still learning but one thing I learn from this video is that giving wiggle room to the numbers might be a good idea.