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  1. for something like this I would go to either maxwell’s, topgun and one other place whose name escapes me. Maxwell has most likely dealt with this issue more than anyone still around and as mentioned topgun knows what they are doing.
  2. I rather ask questions as much as possible and learned from others mistakes, is cheaper that way.
  3. Sorry to be that guy but is for your own good. As an a/p let me tell you that engine is a time bomb ready to drain your bank, is not going to last long once you start running it regular bases. Even if and that’s a BIG IF, the internals haven’t taken a beating by corrosion for not being lubricated Father Time did a number on the engine seals and gaskets, best case scenario the engine will leak from everywhere after a week or so of use worse case scenario the engine will failed at the worse time. A barn find car fails you pull over you don’t have the same luxury with a plane, ask the poor s
  4. Wow.. that sucks. I am glad for you guys sharing this stories, I have learned a lot from your experiences.
  5. Looks like a keeper, fingers crossed that the ppi goes well with no major issues and you can fly her home..
  6. Congratulations of the purchase and enjoy the ride
  7. I found this article to be very helpful and wanted to share it and hope that others find it useful as well. https://www.avweb.com/flight-safety/risk-management/the-emergency-mindset/
  8. We have that system at my job and they are impressive, having a plane just hanging there a few feet above your head with the gears stowed gets your heart pumping. I second clearance, seen to many things go wrong with an airplane on jacks and the more security you can have the better.
  9. Glad they landed safe. Weather the engine was off or not is not the point, they landed safely with no lost of life and that’s the best outcome possible after an engine fails. The engine weather it was because it was shut off and it refused to start or not producing power when it should have it still didn’t do what it was supposed to do, that’s an engine failure. In my experience the faa has sometimes jump to conclusions they are human so let’s wait and see how the investigation will develop before we start putting Darwin as a title to any pilot.
  10. For some reason this article and the situation doesn’t seat well with me, it felt more like Theo was not property advice by savvy (just my opinion). Every aircraft you run into will have issues the question is as previously mention by Paul and carusoam is what’s 1-airworthy must fixed now, 2-have to be address in the future and 3-you can live with it. And also as Paul has mention in other post, you get what you paid for. The “DOM” did as he was paid to do he got business from savvy to performed this inspection per what ever guide lines the inspection had but some of this stuff is BS. Did
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