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  1. Nose hose day for me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysler_Turbine_Car ...with that baby - you could have a license plate that says, "my airplane is ALSO turbine powered".
  2. I have opposite tastes. I am a convert from the QT in ear system to my A20. I just fell out of love with the in the ear thing - I used it for like 2 years and then less and less and more and more my A20 until a few years ago I sold the QT. I found them annoying in my ears in a way that never really went away. A pain to put on - especially in the cold. I mean - have you ever tried sticking a piece of frozen -10F HARD foam in your ear? Yikes! And on those days it takes forever for your ear to warm the foam sufficiently to shape it. And I use an oxyarm which has a button that is nice on a traditional headset. And I do feel very relaxed after a few hours of A20 flying. In principle I would think anti noise actually does cancel out all the energy of the sound trying to come into your ear. But in practice, I am sure that yes, some sound frequencies may sneak through so I am not eschewing what you all are reporting.
  3. WOW - I am awe struck by that fellow who pulled him out. Yes me too this is a good renewal for the faith in humanity. And how emotionally pulled he was just talking about the health and struggle of the pilot.
  4. ...I think you may well pass right over my head on your way to Quebec City from Alabama. Stop by and say hi! No kidding - yesterday I was walking between buildings with the chair of chemical engineering and he was wearing a suit and then he started complaining it was too hot - and then I started making fun of him because it was 78F. Sunny, light breeze and moderate low humidity. I was wearing shorts and a polo, and sunglasses of course.
  5. We loooove Quebec City! Enjoy!!! we have one boy still at home - 18 years old - or we would have taken a full week instead of just 3 nights.
  6. I thought the northumberland straightbis considered part of the bay of fundy.
  7. Im not knocking you. You were in the situation and had all the instruments. I just went off a single word you used and may have misinterpreted. But Monday morning quarterback here - I think the wise path may have been to divert. As I said, just over a year ago I had a complete engine failure due to a turbo failure in flight. Luckily I found a runway and landed safely. And a bit more triggered to divert at any such sign I might see. So forgive me I am sharing that experience born hair trigger to divert.
  8. If you had a sudden drop in pressure like that in flight - that might be grounds to divert immediately and get on the ground asap, and be possibly ready to declare an emergency. Take it from a guy who had an exciting flight almost a year and a half ago. Ending with a dead stick landing on a runway. If you are flying and a major system like your power plant is showing signs of failure, don't just plow on and don't wait for complete failure before getting yourself on the ground. Thankfully all is well. And I don't mean to be knocking you. Just talking out loud for the community.
  9. Last week my wife and I had our 25th wedding anniversary and we went to Prince Edward Island. Beautiful. Most interesting thing we did was rent kayaks and go clamming on the Bay of Fundi. They gave us directions - line up a light house and a place on land - which took like 30 min of kayaking to get to the starting point - then head straight out to see along that line for another 30 min and at low tide a sand bar emerges from the water. And there were tons of clams in that sand to rack out. And 2 bald eagles were there clamming with us. Biggest clams I ever saw. I told my wife - well 25 years - half way there.
  10. Best first post ever! WELCOME Pasturepilot and CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  11. For pilots, Christmas in July, and Santa lives in Wisconsin.