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  1. And it does have a different kind of engine too - so there's that. And I could paint it yellow because I had a hard time choosing between yellow and blue when I was choosing how to paint my rocket.
  2. well then I had a bunch of dead mice to get ride of. but yeah. in the words of bugsy Malone - I iced them!
  3. I had an over flow incident when I first got this plane - about a dozen years ago with a tiny tiny puddle in the hangar that I was going to clean up the next day because it was cold - I came back the next day and there were several dead must lying in the puddle.
  4. Thats a really pretty paint job!
  5. Wow - they did it! I was pretty excited about the idea of this engine around 2007 when I had a Diamond DA40. It is a great concept in principle - less moving parts than a converted Mercedes diesel - purpose built - highly efficient - and dont forget - avgas is less available and more expensive in many parts of the world. If not here eventually.
  6. There's Mt Hood near Portland, OR right at the end of the flight. I turned toward it just for a moment to get it into the windscreen and you can see the SVT on the GI275 is fun. My first coast to coast.
  7. Thank YOU Tom! You and your wife were so inviting and welcoming. You really made an exciting trip even better. And ... I had a flat tire in your hangar which you helped me with (code for Tom rounded up a tube on a Sat am, and then fixed it himself since I am mechanically useless with such things), and when you said what bad luck I got a flat I said, it was great luck - what a great place to have a flat with such wonderful help! And got me on my way to complete my long flight the same day. I took some gorgeous pictures I will try to post later today.
  8. Such a beautiful Missile - if my wife weren't my sane second opinion - I would buy it and keep it in a hangar adjacent to my rocket. I mean what's better than one moony? two!
  9. I lost one in Lake Michigan once... I bet its still there.
  10. There is something missed on this thread so far regarding diagnosing a turbo charger failure in flight. I learned this the scary way - I had a turbo charger failure in flight! If you are at altitude where the turbo charger is making pressure well above ambient pressure - which is usually - then your engine will likely be too rich if the charger fails and this will cause the engine to turn off. I.e., I was in cruise at 16.5k running 30'' 2200 which is 18gph. Without the turbo - the pressure is so low inside the cylinders that 18gph is waaaaay too rich and it causes the engine to flood and shut off. So then it was very obvious something was wrong. I didn't figure out what until I had landed. There was also smoke because the turbo had started burning oil in the last minutes. So I assumed I had a fire and didn't correctly diagnose a turbo failure - a restart would have required a much leaner mixture to match the percent power of running without turbo MP at 16.5k. I think there is also a danger of a fuel fire with that much fuel pumping into a dead but hot engine? In any case, in my case I made a successful on airport landing, dead stick as there is plenty of glide range at that altitude. So I learned a lot that day....
  11. 25-2200 is too fast for the pattern. But those book numbers the lowest being 26-2200 is a cruise setting of 55%. But Continental much more recently than put out an AD not to cruise at cruise settings with prop slower than 2300 for counter weight issues and some incidents I believe that happened in the Cape Air fleet - so I dont either. I generally substitute for example 25-2300 for book 26-2200 (its a little higher) and 29-2300 for 30-2200 (again its a little higher). But in pattern and even in approach, its fun to use much lower settings - e.g. 23-2400 is a common setting I use while working an approach plate and 21-23 -2400 is a fine setting for in the pattern vfr. And of course lower when you turn base then final - dial it down to 17- or 18 and full forward prop as appropriate. If you are cruising at settings lower than 55% you do need to pay attention to oil temps and cylinder temp to keep an eye if they are too cold.
  12. Bingo! Good! So I am on the "ad hoc artificial intelligence committee" at my university - in part stirred to action by chatgpt and cheating - which is sometimes humorously silly when a student thinks they can ask chatgpt to write a complete essay for them, or even large snippets, and no one will notice. But its not just about cheating - this stuff is here to stay and its only going to get better - and it will be in the work place in all sorts of ways and we need to decide what to teach and how to teach it. Just like when graphing calculators transitioned from cheating - to required - and gram marly, etc. I use it now for example to write snippets of code, in Matlab, in python and in C++ - in this way it is a work accelerator.
  13. Chatgpt for president.
  14. Sadly it’s true / just look at the most popular tv “news” outlets. Look at our politicians. Who voted for the liars? The people.
  15. That’s what chatgpt does in general - makes false statements with complete authority.
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