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  1. Remind me again where in the airplane the fuel pump is located. I may have time later today to go to the hangar and put my eyes on my fuel pump. I don't remember if the fuel pump became part of the rocket conversion or if it is an oem pump. If it is part of the conversion, they should be plentiful as they tsio520nb stuff is in Cessna 340s, and 414's.
  2. Good eye Anthony. It is reading 100 deg lower - but I am convinced it is a red herring for the hiccup problem. Looking historically it egt1 has been 100 degree or so lower for about 1.5 years and about 50 degree cooler for about 2.5 years - before that it was middle of the group. I think the sensor is wearing out. But still showing good trends since it is trending in monotone fashion with all the others. So I think Ill get another sensor egt probe but only install it at next oil change
  3. Yup - they can fall off! Had one fall off in flight and fall right into Lake Michigan from 17k! If anyone finds it please let me know and I will send my address. In that case, one was not obtainable/available for like 4 months! Best to add check the stall strips to your preflight - just touch them and make sure they are secure - no need to yank them - and perhaps re-glue them in any case at least every decade?
  4. Ugh - from the picture with the fuselage entirely intact and flat on its belly at first glance I was hoping it was a success. How sad.
  5. Do you meant it shows a lower number? I am told - and I take - that to be that either it is placed not the same way relative to the hot gases - since absolute EGT has no meaning for that reason, or perhaps the sensor is a bit more aged? In any case, notice that it is in lockstep with the other EGTs when they rise and fall for very close sync, which is the main thing, isn't it?
  6. WOW! How beautiful! My wife and son are in France right now (Metz) and your photos make me wish I were there - and with my airplane - because surely I would have to go to Pantelleria!
  7. I am running surefly. I didn't notice what you are describing, but I wasn't looking for it. I presume the ignition is running mostly off the hotter surefly, as you say, but when off, that the classic mag is enough to mostly run the ignition just fine. The Tit being the biggest tell as it rises a lot.
  8. Hello all. I did the inflight LOP - it is really freaky doing it knowing that if you do have a bad mag you might be shutting off the engine in flight - so I did it at 6k directly over a nice two runway airport, KMSS not far from here. At 55%. You can see the file here https://apps.savvyaviation.com/flights/6098917/abe74cdd-9dea-4c04-a005-935a7e71fbc2 I did on left mag twice since I know the first time I probably didn't dwell on one mag long enough. Everything was fine. it passed just fun. Engine was a bit rougher with just one mag, as expected - but not terribly rough, just a bit rough. Tit tends to soar on one mag, but I only let it for a few seconds. So that's that - the hiccup event of last week is officially a mystery event - likely related to perhaps some kind of fuel contaminant. It was a gorgeous evening.
  9. WOW - that's cool. I'll stick with the LOP mag check and call it a day. If it passes. I haven't had time the last few days - it will likely be mid week before I can. Stay tuned!
  10. Hmmm....I don't think I want to fly around with an oscilloscope! That makes sense. Equipment - well all the usual stuff - instruments. Radio? Electric motor - the gear swing - happened 1 or 2 minutes before.
  11. Thanks - but that experience has only made me respect that concept that it doesn't just happen to other guys and to realize that there was a good dose of both skill and luck involved in the good outcome. So I am trying to use superior planning rather than superior skill, and not rely on luck.
  12. Huh! No kidding. Mine is about 2 years old. But I have a 14 volt system. Also about 3 months ago I replaced my voltage regulator with a solid state voltage regulator and also a new alternator, while chasing some radio noise. Still! Interesting lead. Thanks! How would I confirm if that was it? Inspecting my savvy file shows voltage at 13.8 absolutely flat! But if there is a spike it is shorter than the sampling rate I have the edm830.
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