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  1. Why not doing it VERY early in the morning (for cool air) and being a mountain instructor (say from Denver) and send him/her home in a rental car?
  2. Today's flight for 2018

    YES!!! So I am due to go to UNC Chapel Hill in about a week (its a business trip but flexing the exact date around weather). I bet the flight home could swing over the Eastern Shore of MD or VA. Shoe me some Jimmies with Old Bay on em'!
  3. Mooney spar design

    That is generally how flutter onsets in any aerofoil / the onset can be sudden and dramatic - the key is to stay below futter limits rather than to try and engineer a mild flutter.
  4. Holy moly! What’s going on there? Was that airplane flying recently like that?!!
  5. Sort of a shame to drive that thing around empty. To bad I couldn’t go - I bet it would still make w&b if I were on board.
  6. Actually - I don't think so. I pay for the fuel and airplane and you pay for the lovely vacation house in the Bahamas....doesn't work.
  7. Ugh - that comes under that category of "no good deed goes unpunished".
  8. Mooney spar design

    It needs to be two - one on each wing, otherwise the Mooney won't balance.
  9. I can't point to any website without doing a good bit of work, but I once saw a documentary about the flying business in the Amazon. Where they would always have a mechanic on board to trouble shoot a breaking airplane during flight since something was always going wrong. And they would fly around with barrels of fuel inside the airplane and the mechanic had a ferry-like system of levers and so forth to switch the fuel flow between the various barrels. It looked pretty precarious. Anyway in that documentary I am pretty sure they mentioned 250,000 hrs. Those things fly continuously some of them, for like 70 years now. So I believe it. Also they said that a lot of the equipment they had a different standard of servicing - instead of replace on hours, or replace on inspection - they would replace on failure. Including critical items - like engines! Fly them til they fail and then fix it! Heck you got two engines so whats the problem? And they showed several DC3 carcasses they would over fly on their route...old crashes.
  10. One of the planes in the Cape Air fleet actually was THE airplane used in the tv show - and they have a special sticker on the side that says so. I have been in that very plane several times. I remember when I was Mooney shopping maybe 10 years ago, I think there was an ex Embry Riddle M20J and It had something 10 or 11 thousand hours on it. Before this Mooney, I owned N805ER, a 2003 Diamond DA40 that was a former Embry Riddle plane, and it had about 4000 hrs on it despite being so young. But it was in fine shape. Other than the seats looked like they had 4000 hours with of pilot butts sitting in them fidgeting for 4000 hrs.
  11. That's a lot of hours per year but many working planes do like that. A local airline, Cape Air flies a fleet of C402's. I was talking to the mechanics and if I remember correctly they are overhauling the engines on those things every 2 or 3 years with 2600hrs on them by then. (Remember the TV show Wings? That was them...) And they have been in service for years - I would guess they have somewhere like 25,000 to 50,000 hrs on them. I have heard of DC3's with upwards of 250,000 hrs on them. A wing should not be falling off a piper at 7000 hrs unless something went terribly awry.
  12. Right - if one depends on not getting caught - you don't need a license at all! Just ask the barefoot bandit.
  13. Prop strike to a dog....

    Nice - I had some of the panels repainted last summer and its looking fantastic. Plus I work 1.5 miles from home - and a good bit of my long distance "driving" I do by Mooney (or if with the family - by minivan) so it still has "only" 85k miles on it. I got studded snow tires and it rocks up here in snow country upstate ny.
  14. You can do banner towing, crop dusting, .... No "common carriage." You can fly for compensation in someone elses airplane that THEY own personally. But don't think you can setup something goofy where you really own it and they pretend to own it since the FAA is wise to all sorts of tricks. But if they truly own it you can fly their plane, and them and get paid for it. P.S. I am not a lawyer so don't listen to anything I say regarding law.
  15. Prop strike to a dog....

    ...nice car. I also drive a WRX-STI - 2004. The "light" hit I described was in our old Toyota Sienna. Yes that was a burning rubber stop.