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  1. TN550 with TKS?

  2. TN550 with TKS?

    Yeah - I figure. But even if it worked for you - in your for-fun experiment - and thank you for doing that - it is still just for fun and beside the point if rain-x or any other stuff should be used as a renegade de-ice fluid- still it would be really stupid for someone to use the stuff in pretense that it is a de-ice for aviation substance meaning to fly into ice expecting that they are somehow better off. It would need to be tested, in ice wind tunnel, in certification tests, for de-ice capability, and tenaciousness/how well and long it sticks.
  3. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    I agree completely. I am just expressing it is kind of creepy to think about such an event - and as I said, I too when pushing maximum range have used the well accepted practice of running one tank dry so all remaining fuel is well know and in one place.
  4. TN550 with TKS?

    I would not use this product whether or not it turns out to work, unless it is PROVED to work. Period. Yes I would use as a preflight fluid the actual de-ice fluid that you get from the fbo - that pink stuff they spray on - onto airplanes with boots before you fly into known ice. IF I ALSO HAD BOOTS. I would NOT fly into ice with any of the following fluids on my wings: rain-x, or tri-flo or butter, or margarine, ant-jemima pancake fluid, or maple syrup, or preparation-h, or oragel, or talcum powder, or dessenex antifungel, or motion lotion, or hair styling gel, or gasoline, or avgas, or EVEN not tks fluid spritz onto my wings - and expect that it would stay and do the job (we had a local guy who used to do that). Now just because any one or several of the above fluids might actually end up doing the job, does not make it a good idea because it needs to actually be tested instead of blissfully flying into ice thinking you are good to go until that day that you actually find yourself in ice and turns out you were not. Or SOMEONE ELSE who actually listened to you. You have continually suggested that your idea is a good idea, and I will not say I have any right to suggest that you can't jump off a bridge if you want to, but please stop posting here dangerous information that might get someone else killed, someone who might actually take you seriously. Luckily I think most people here have an appropriate level of general skepticism. You are doing this community a terrible disservice by spreading this false narrative. It is false whether true or not, until PROVEN to be true. You of all people know the STC process - so set up some test pilots, file the paper work, and design some icing test flights and get an STC to use the product as you wish. Prove it is sufficient. Until then at the very least please include with your suggestion something that sounds like the warning label on a box of cigarettes: "WARNING: THE SURGEON GENERAL HAS DETERMINED THAT CIGARETTE SMOKING IS DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH."
  5. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    Right - but that's not the point if you gallons or time. The point is, what if it gets stuck when you want to switch just at the moment your engine is coughing having used the last droplet on the first tank. I am just asking as it is a creepy thought, and yes I have done the same. Mine is also well maintained and smooth.
  6. TN550 with TKS?

    There is a massive cost to Rain-X relative to TKS. TKS cost is high in terms of dollars cost for acquisition and dollars cost to operate. But the opportunity cost regarding acquired risk is relatively low since you are operating a product that works. Rain-X is very low cost in terms of acquisition and operations. But the opportunity cost is very high in terms of probability of death is dramatically higher if flying near ice and you think you have a product that works but does not. Just think of the lost income if you are dead. Or think of the cost of carrying insurance as cheaper than not carrying cost if you think of the cost of risk and think like an actuary. If this does not make sense to you then I have a very cheap bullet proof vest for you made out of silk, and it looks good and it is comfortable too.
  7. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    There are four colleges in a small corner of upstate way upstate ny. Therefore we are an upstate rural melting pot of the north.
  8. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    I did not - but I am sort of a fuddy-duddy. I will ask my wife - I think my wife must know every single person in town and I am barely exaggerating. I just looked up the Haq's and I do see their names all over in the local newspaper. So small world indeed! Have you ever been to town here to visit them?
  9. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    Probably is comparable to that AL over all, but the details are quite different. State taxes are high which is a big hit in expensive areas like NYC area and suburbs, but that is 7 hours drive south of here and a whole different world. Up here, yes taxes are high, but in the big picture a large tax percentage on a small cost is still not terribly difficult. Shorts 11 months off the year - only if you are crazy. Remember I teach - every now and then there is a kid who walks around all winter in shorts. Even in the negative fahrenheit's. Not recommended by grown ups. Energy costs - sure you don't pay for heat, but I bet my yearly AC costs match your one week costs in August. We have a very rare house with AC and I am glad for it in the very occasional time when we need it. Otherwise....energy costs are largely that 10 cords of wood. Waterfront ...not 1.7M but I will say roughly a 2005 or 6 Ovation will run you about the price of my house. But we are in town and on the water. Here's a few pictures - last summer, and last week. Last week the river is frozen. Today the ice is breaking up - which is early by about 3 weeks compared to years past.
  10. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    I fly with mine in the far back hole, and in fact I had an extra hole added for more leg length. Too bad for the fictional guy behind me.
  11. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    Of course not - That would ruin my sunshine narrative. We were talking housing costs.
  12. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    I live in a gorgeous 2700 sq ft house, on the water, on an acre, with big big BIG windows looking out on the view. There is a bald eagle that lives on the island behind my house, and sometimes when I got out sea kayaking in the morning the eagle circles right above my head. And I live 1.5 miles from work, and 1.5 miles from the airport. All for less than the price of your parking spot. Not 206k but not much more - not much more at all. In fact, this is part of the reason I can afford an airplane is that my housing costs are pittance. And because I live so close to work, my 15 year old car has only 90k on it and still going strong. And I use it less than I might for longer range trips...because of airplane. The hangar is cheap. Hair cuts are cheap. The 10 cord pile of wood to heat the house is cheap. The half a cow worth of meat we buy each year from the local guy is cheap. Clean air. The virtues of rural living. North of half of the Canadians, up here in up up upstate ny.
  13. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    Right - that gasket was not being changed early on in my ownership as I was using the local guy....I have corrected that. That and many other mooney-specific issues can be either costly, dangerous, or both if overlooked. Oh - I read about the pvc pipe thing and I assumed it was a height of pilot thing.
  14. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    Im late to the party - but two thoughts. -I check gascolator before engine run-up - drip for 3 seconds on one tank selector position. Then drip on the other tank position for 3 seconds. I always figured it was part of helping to chase contaminants, bubbles, and a partial check on continuity of the lines that you can draw from tanks. BUT - one time I did this check a number of years ago, the gascilator did not close all the way as was apparent during proceeding with the rest of the pre-flight - it was just continuous dropping fluid as a stream out the bottom of the gascilator on the bottom of the airplane! It was easy to stop I went back in and pulled the gascilator up and let it drop down again - which stopped it. But think if that happened before a flight - I would have been draining my tank from the bottom of the airplane in flight. Turns out I needed a new rubber gasket installed in the gsscilator assembly. Anyway now the procedure I do for gascilator is check it early in my preflight so that some of my walk around allows me to sight see that I am not streaming fluid from the bottom of the plane but instead I see just a few drops below that spot on the tarmac. -folks who run their tanks bone dry before switching, to the point that the engine coughs wanting to be starved, using every last droplet of available fuel in a tank, as a regular procedure - do you have any concern that one day the fuel selector may prevent you from making a tank switch just as the engine is starved? One advantage of being tall, is I can reach the fuel selector without the pvc pipe-tool.
  15. Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    I thought the deal with factory auto paint was that it was painted on in booths and then baked on. Making it not reasonable for aircraft repainting shops.