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  1. Oh my gosh. I am so sorry to hear this. I have been thinking about many times last week and weekend and afraid to ask. I was worrying its been awhile since an update. Oh my sincerest best wishes to Jenny and the rest of Mark's family. Sincerely, Erik
  2. Ah - I know KITH well. I had one son graduate from Cornell and another son currently at Cornell. Next time you are at KITH - head north and pop by! Its not far by Mooney.
  3. Leaf peeping - Autumn here in the North Country - Adirondacks region. Our house is just off the wing tip in that town river shot. Gorgeous day just flying around.
  4. Wow - this looks from the video at least as if the pilots had done a good job of getting that crippled airplane back on the ground at the airfield but very bad luck that the roll out (slide out) had very hard objects in front of it before the energy had dissipated. On a good luck day that might well have been just grassy field in front until the airplane came to a rest.
  5. Exactly - you are "flying in the environment" even when taking instructions from ground control on the ground moving through the taxiway system. Hold short - at the runway threshold - is a critical command for safety! And you are complying! Log that.
  6. Right that is within 2 min of what I just said. I didn't mean tach time. I meant engine on time, which is easy for me to track through my EDM engine recorder that records all parameters in minutes digitally, rather than a tach that reads according to rpm setting. It is easier for me to do it this way since I just download my data and I have it on my home computer next to where I keep my log book.
  7. Just a little detail. I log flight hours from my engine time. From the time I fire up until the time I shut down. I don't log pre-flight, fueling time, pulling the airplane in and out of the hangar. Driving to the airport. Planning time at home on the computer etc, although that is clearly fatigue time relevant to this discussion. but for flight hours in my pilot log book, I put the time in hours that the prop is spinning.
  8. I know! That's what happened to us! Who wrote that song... time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin'....into the future....
  9. Yah - I hear you there. I used to just marvel at how much stuff we would take with us to transport little people, even to the store. We had a minivan, for our three little people, and we would utterly fill it up for a simple over night to grandma's. I don't think anything less than a pilatus would have been big enough to transport the 5 of us and all the stuff! Now on the other side, 2 boys in college and one shopping for colleges (going around shopping by mooney) the mooney is a fine machine...to go visit them. I love the young men my boys are now, but I miss the little people they used to be. Enjoy every minute!!!
  10. No problem with leg room back there! Love it!
  11. ...oh yeah...shelter. I was hoping we could get away with a tarp and a few sharpened sticks.
  12. Oh you had to do it - price the kids. We have three beautiful boys. I won’t say expensive because.... well you’ve seen me coming through your town college shopping so you know that 250k price tag is a gross low ball estimate. and well worth it!