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  1. Oye - that was painful to read. Especially since I personally am a 67' model human. Erik
  2. I have been in there but a dozen years ago in my then Diamond DA40. I got a pretty good bounce while taxing in a bump in the terrain a couple of times to the point that I was worried I would prop strike. I would not go back with my DA40 which I think is a bit better than a Mooney as it sits a bit higher. A shame that its not on my list of places to go since it is not far from here and there is a terrific restaurant right there off the grass runway and right on the beautiful lake looking west across to the Adirondacks. Pretty idealic.
  3. FYI there is a rather newer STC for AC if you end up wanting to buy an airplane that does not already have AC. Kelley has an AC system that seems even nicer in some ways since you can run it on the ground by ground power before you ever brave getting into the engine to turn on the engine - pre-cool!
  4. Climb rate too if 17.5 is to be a useful altitude. I once timed a climb to 17 in under 13 min.
  5. I have read and also some sense of trial and error that if those cowl flaps are closed too much - more than that 1” - that not only does cooling become poor but I feel it gets slower perhaps because of back pressure? btw cooling is generally excellent in that in the heart of winter I climb with cowl flaps closed.
  6. I have been watching them at Jewell. They seem to be the excellent shop with the excellent prices! I have a TSIO520NB. So that would be my price I guess. Its hard for me to tell what that price really includes. I am guessing it means re-use your cylinders? So new cylinders add on to the cost. And if you want accessories overhauled. And exhaust. And new engine mounts. Hoping the cam is in good shape and doesn't need to be replaced. Plus r&r? As close as I guess, I would guess it a little over 40k fly out the door with a complete firewall forward overhaul? Maybe 42-45?
  7. Yeah - that's my experience that always also factors into my planning - flying the eastern corridor region can be pretty busy but nonetheless as you say in the 12-18 range it is usually very quiet and peaceful. Also I tend to get much more direct routing as a consequence.
  8. The Cessna337 is a really cool airplane. I wish they still made them or at least made them for longer so that they would have continued to evolve. Another neat concept in twins is a pusher where the props are so close that there is almost no adverse yaw if there is an engine out. Like the twin cozy. http://v2.ez.org/roughriver2002.htm
  9. hah - I could see doing that some day! I have a conflict this year, but I am dreaming of Oshkosh next year. Actually if I wanted to fly out of Madison, I would...fly to Madison.
  10. I definitely see the value in that. Some day I might do caravan. :-). Not likely soon. I am not going this year but I bet I go next year! I will most definitely come to the tent. Thanks for suggesting. E
  11. I tend to agree - as I said scarcity drives prices up. Competition drives it back down but at least in airplanes, I don't see a lot of competition. At best, I could see it staying flat for a long time until general inflation catches up so lowering the price relative to the then current value of currency.
  12. Yikes! Prices are climbing fast on airplane parts. I know the supply chain is pretty messed up in the world right now. I wonder if the prices will come back a bit after the supply chain rights itself in a year or two? Or is there only one way prices go - up? As more evidence of the messed up supply chain - I wanted to get a bike wheel built this week around a high quality hub I have - calling all the shops in the region no one has a bike rim and they cannot find one from the normal suppliers - the bike industry supply chain is also topsy turvy. Shops can't even buy bikes to sell.
  13. For the stress of this reason - the one time I went to Oshkosh I didn't fly to KOSH - I flew to Fond du Lac nearby. A much more sane experience in all ways and 100% tarmac experience. My prop and my engine thanked me.
  14. Sunset flight. That's the St Lawrence Seaway, looking toward the Thousand Islands. Gone practice missed on ILS5 KMSS. There's NY State on my left and Canada on my right and ahead.
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