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  1. Everything I see so far suggests a very good thing of these GI275's is they may well take a minimal amount of install time vs almost anything else, even vs the G5's and certainly less than a panel rework like an Tix, g3x, aspen etc so that would also be for a big savings. I would like to see them promise GFC500 forward compatibility before I would dig in too deep. But if I get to my May annual and that is not clear, I might just get one, for the KI256 replace and leave the Swiss watch HSI in place and wait and see a bit longer - a well working KFC200 is a lovely thing at least while its working. so a single gi275 might be just the thing to do in an incremental step indecision kinda decision.
  2. Welcome Eli! Turns out you got the best GA airplane available! Erik
  3. It is quite a different thing between two parallel threads going here - one being that hey why not go to the gas station and buy some cheap gas, in a tank and go to the airport and put it in your plane. That is illegal, and for a good reason, many airplanes will suffer a sudden stoppage incident and crash and then the feds will post Mortem discover traces of that fuel in your lines and write your fatal report accordingly. :-( Then there is this one, that suggests that man kind has the technology skill to draw from our car technology to build a better airplane engine that can oh by the way, run car fuel. Sure thing! I bet we can! But that's expensive and current market place is small and I doubt it will happen. But it ... might! BTW - I used to have a Diamond DA40 that runs a Lyncoming IO360MIA which is very similar to what is in a Mooney 201. And the engine itself supposedly is capable of running mogas. And someone was looking into trying to get a mogas STC. But there was push back from the diamond factory since the fuel lines and the internal gaskets in the pumps etc, were not friendly for mogas so they said. I dunno... Now let's talk about that car. How much is that car?
  4. The TIO-541J2BD may be especially detonation critical as Byron pointed out, but I would assert that ANY of our turbo engines are risky business if anyone is considering going renegade with mogas or even worse with car gas.
  5. That is why I pointed it out - it is not the same stuff. A mogas STC gives the right to burn mogas which is not the same stuff as car gas from any corner gas station. For one, ethanol content.
  6. I agree - it is true - there are many STC's for mogas for these aviation engines, and many not covered by STC's that in principle could be. But I was adding to this thread the caveat so that someone who might not know the difference, that no that not all aviations can burn mogas in case someone might be wanting to go renegade and burn the stuff without an stc. The high octane 100LL (with the lead for the high octane) is there for a good reason, and it is for the strung out turbo engines like mine. While this might not be the larger fraction of the engine fleet, it turns out to be a large fraction of the fuel burned since often the turbos - mostly in larger twin work horse airplanes, do burn a large fraction of the fuel based on the higher fuel flow, but also the fact that those work horse airplanes (mail carriers, corporate and also passenger carrier businesses) end up putting on a lot of hours. (E.g. Cape air around here runs the Cessna 402 and they have a lot of TSIO520VB engines in those, and they get 2600 hours on those engines in about 3 years time making many flights every day). Also I wanted to point out that mogas is not the same stuff as auto fuel from the corner car gas station. So anyway, take it not that I was trying to contradict you but putting a warning out to any stray people who might otherwise get an impression that one could run mogas in any of our aviation engines. In many of our engines, mogas as well as car gas WILL cause abrupt and sudden engine failures.
  7. Well everyone knows the Earth is flat and gravity is just a government conspiracy to keep we the people down.
  8. I am not describing a chronic problem of a slowly deteriorating engine if using cheap fuel. I am describing an acute and fast problem. The wrong fuel can cause the engine to cease. If it does kill it - it can happen in as little as 60 seconds if a runaway detonation event occurs. Low octane fuel can do such a thing to an airplane engine that is designed for and needs high octane fuel. Detonation margins decrease as the manifold pressure increases while at high altitude, so turbo charged high fliers. Putting mogas (or even worse actual car fuel) into your airplane engine is a recipe for causing a catastrophic failure, in the style where it actually ceases and stops cold (hot) - depending on which engine model.
  9. My airplane engine will not run on car gasoline. if I spend 100k on a new engine of some kind I might be able to run cheap gas. but I agree 100 percent our airplane engines are archaic technology. i want the eps engine.
  10. What ever happened to delta hawk diesel - it seemed perfect. Your car doesn't operate at 20,000 ft at 340hp and for that matter it doesn't put out 340hp for more than a few seconds. And it doesn't expect to sit for a month with ethanol in the fuel. 87 octane would make my tsio520nb explode - literally.
  11. Hmmm... I wish they had just announced the GI275 works with GFC500 then I would know what I want. Maybe I might just get one GI275 and leave my Swiss watch HSI for now.
  12. Well....lets not exaggerate that Mr. Let's just say I could understand some of what you said and leave it at that.
  13. So would the G5 acting as an HSI be the device running the GFC500? Would the GI275 acting as AI interact with the GFC500 in any way? Receive Command bars? Anything? Anyway seems like a plausible way to go here. To go electric and still flexible to possibly go GFC500 down the road, while still driving my current KFC200.
  14. I agree - I had thought myself that perhaps they were the same last night and was asking if you had the same idea. I agree with you this is not the same at all. Other than it fills the same hole - literally in the panel - and figuratively in terms of market place.