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  1. I am 6'4'' 222 - I chose Mooney in part for the excellent leg room. By the way - I had a shop make an extra hole for me in the seat rails of the pilot seat so my seat goes back a little further.
  2. I see you are in Arizona - I believe its the fluid is too thin at warmer temps. When I run it on the ground in the summer- I get low pressure flashing. So if I want to exercise the system in the summer I only do so in the air at a sufficiently high altitude that its quite cool. In the winter you can run it on the ground if its like near freezing. So in the summer Im running it at least every month just to keep it in good shape, and in the winter Im running it on the ground while taxiing to fly to pre prime the system in case I might run into ice while punching through a layer.
  3. Thanks - I didnt know about the website.
  4. I tried that email and got a bounce message.
  5. I've always figured my airplane is really a dumb investment and its essentially a complete loss for all the money I put into it. I keep fixing it up and it looks shiny, beautiful inside and out, great paint, great upholstery and great panel. Cool prop. TKS, rocket. Its cool! And I always figured damned Im one dumb so of a &*^% for spending all that money on it if I think its an investment. But I like having nice things and its really really nice! When I need to overhaul my engine - soon - that will be another pile of money that I wont recoup when I spend it - I mean a lot of money. My airplane is in such tip top shape it probably already is at the max of what a rocket will go for even with a high hour engine. But I will spend the money to overhaul it anyway because its my long time keeper. And if I got in the mood to do a diesel if one were available - meh - I would do that too - but not because I think its an investment. PS - there's other money I actually invest - but my airplane is my mooney money hole.
  6. As far as I am concerned - the big market for diesel and the big reason for diesel is one thing you just said - its already at the airports as JetA - and I mean on the world market in many parts of the world where there maybe jetA but no avgas. So not so much for the North America market. Or for me.
  7. I have not made measurements - but my impression is that deploying speed brakes after touch down does just about zero. So why bother and complicated the landing roll out. Retracting flaps to put weight on the wheels does do a lot though.
  8. No! We are still at $6.75/gal for like a year and a half now. :-(
  9. Are you using a built in bottle or a removable bottle in the back seat? I use a removable bottle in the back seat so I put my o2d2 on the ceiling attached to the cabin light screw strapped in with a velcro strap. Its a nice place for it because its always at hand ready to go and it keeps the tubes nicely untangled. The tubes go up from the back seat bottle, then down to our heads in the front. No fuss.
  10. Well - even worse - they are being pushed as for medical devices. So think of eating (implanting) a tiny chinese nuclear battery. Ill wait a few years and wait to see how it goes for everyone else first.... https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/chinese-company-creates-nuclear-battery/
  11. Now you are being just silly Skates97. And sort of picky. By the way did anyone notice a technology announcement of sorts in avweb yesterday of a chineese company that has claimed to have produced a nuclear battery that is in some sense all things good - it emits no notable radiation externally, its decay products are eventually normal copper, and the current product is very small only suitable for medical device implants - they run for 50 years in that setting, and they claim upscaling it slightly it would keep a drone aloft for years. I am not confirming or denying how much this is vaporware but a fun article on topic with the hidden actual EV message of this not about insurance thread.
  12. Wonderful! I might likely go to my first one!!!! Burlington is so close - how can I refuse - normally they are at a very inconvenient time being at the beginning of my semesters but Burlington is super close so I bet I can pull it off.
  13. -12C is cold but not crazy cold - I have flown many many times at that and colder temps. I use -20C as my dont fly temp limit most because its too cold for the poor pilot (me) to be nuisancing with prepping the plane but also for considerations of what it would be like an off field landing exposure considerations - knock on wood. Anyway - I wonder if your flaps issue is unrelated to the cold.
  14. Did you just tell me how to put a square peg in a round hole?
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