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  1. aviatoreb

    Nice opportunity for a Bravo owner!

  2. aviatoreb


    That's the one. If you buy a copy, I think I get something like four bucks which will either buy almost a gallon of avgas for me, or maybe help support my sons in college which is the major expense these days... (and of course I am kidding around because these sorts of graduate monographs are good for reputation building in academic circles, but they are by no means money makers if you consider selling like one or two thousand copies following four years of writing work a good investment of time if dollars per hour is a consideration). In any case, yes its about methods for analyzing flows, but more so I was thinking in terms of oceanic scale flows. But yes also flows around bluff bodies too.
  3. aviatoreb


    Hi Immelman, you say "at work" which makes me think you are either a professional pilot, or maybe an air traffic controller? Just west of Montreal? That's pretty darned close to here - darned I missed the chance I was looking for in my quest for 400kts of ground speed. How low altitude did that bit of jet stream go?
  4. aviatoreb

    GFC500 Update

    TX Instruments?
  5. aviatoreb

    GFC500 Update

    So does that mean that the X in TXI is for Xperimental? Total Experimental Instrument.
  6. aviatoreb


    Well, I do very much worshipping the God's of Expresso every morning, but no, I must admit this is just me, and I usually avoid coffee after morning has past. I did write a book with a beautiful cappuccino on the cover. Its a best seller (well ok not a best seller) that you can find on Amazon.
  7. aviatoreb


    That's not good enough Scott! I can't get that high. Are there ever 201kt jet stream winds at 25,000 ft? Serious question. Well semi-serious. Less serious and in a related question: since releasing a single butterfly in South America can cause a tornado in Texas, do you think that you and I could train a flock of butterflies so as that if we release them in a carefully chosen place, and time, to perform carefully designed maneuvers, that we might cause a good jet stream event over my house at 25,000ft to push me to Boston with 201kts for a 401kt tail wind?
  8. aviatoreb

    Darned Swiss Watch

    :-) I know - its kind of a funny logical funny (to me at least) mumbo jumbo I do sometimes. I can do that mumbo jumbo in quite longer runs too. Think of it as nutty poetry for mathematician sorts. It plays well at wine tasting parties for academics. Like intellectual rapping. Put it to a beat.
  9. aviatoreb


    I am a foreflight user - and thanks for pointing me at that - I did find a very useful chart - attached here - so looking at the red winds at 24000 southwest of chicago, I guessed airport start and target of KLBO to KPNT and came up with 142kts of tail wind - but not directly on the tail for this flight plan. See planning charts attached. Still not fast enough...I think there is 200kts of tail wind out there somewhere to be had. Keep looking Mooneyspace brain trust.
  10. aviatoreb

    GFC500 Update

    The closest estimate I can find on the internet for the system installed costs comes from this website. As I read it, they are suggesting 19k installed for the complete GFC500 system, incl 2 G5, trim, etc, for a Bonanza, if I am reading this correctly. I would expect an M20 to be in roughly the same ballpark cost. https://avionics-laf.com/products/garmin-gfc500-autopilot-9-995-00-installed
  11. aviatoreb


    That is an interesting tool I was not aware of. On a perfect day, in the perfect location, I have a feeling that a Mooney turbo up high could go 400+kts of ground speed. The goal would be to find it. My top record ground speed is 327knots. Through no specific planning - just a magic day I was going to Boston. And I only went to 17k to do it, since on that short trip I essentially went up, and very shortly thereafter it was time to descend again.
  12. aviatoreb

    GFC500 Update

    Yeah - that is just stupid. But no one is buying a new King autopilot. We are just considering if it is cost effective to keep that we already own and is installed, running in good order, by considering the cost of overhauls at secondary shops many of which are not only much much cheaper than the king factory but of significantly higher quality.
  13. aviatoreb


    But such an optimization requires access to the actual data, or if flawed, the best forecast data. So I see area forecasts for winds aloft, but I do not know - I bet you do - if that includes specifically where to find the jet stream at its strongest. And how strong the jet stream effect is even if not squarely in that jet stream.
  14. aviatoreb

    GFC500 Update

    I have researched the price - installed - for complete GFC500, incl dual G5, incl 2 servos plus a pitch servo so it is competitive in performance with my KFC200, installed, including removing the current AP and that will cost greater than 20k, possibly closer to 25k - it is a very labor intensive thing installing and removing an complete AP. I think it is roughly 12 or 13k total in hardware from Garmin btw.
  15. aviatoreb

    GFC500 Update

    That is not ESP. GFC500 ESP will nudge you back toward the controlled flight envelope whether you are flying with the AP engaged, or just noodling around hand flying. It is always watching over you. It is a significant safety enhancement. If it were to even one time save you and prevent you from being dead, then on that one occasion it has justified the extra expense. Yes other times perhaps it is a frivolous expense.