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  1. aviatoreb

    N943RW at Hawk Aircraft Paint

    Beauty! Congratulations! Another Mooney looking new again.
  2. aviatoreb


    PhD in mathematics here - actually I am a math professor. But taking a peak, while that paper is written in the language of mathematics, nothing so it seems more advanced than vector calculus, that does not make it mathematics. It is mechanical/aero engineering meaning it is using the language of math to discuss the topic of aero and so without some topical aero knowledge a math phd would have a hard time with that paper.
  3. aviatoreb

    Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award

    Congratulations Don!!! Well deserved!!!
  4. I tried my iPad Pro 9.7 and it almost fits but it’s just uncomfortably too big. My mini 4 is just right. So what’s the intel on mini 5? Pro mini?
  5. aviatoreb

    Wife’s pic

    Here is our flight yesterday evening from Kptd to kbgr and some beautiful sunset looking back toward my Washington area up toward Canada. today we are at Charlottetown pei.
  6. aviatoreb

    Accelerated commercial courses?

    I did my commercial a few years ago in my rocket over 4 or 5 months.
  7. aviatoreb

    Angel flight accident

    I’m very sort ptk.
  8. Wow that looks like it takes a tremendous amount of skill to stay ahead of the flight and keep it under control!
  9. Yeah but once the window pass s the airframe looses a lot of value as it can never be was in the future despite being relatively a young airplane.
  10. That is really sad and disturbing. just goes to show that avionics that is so closely certified to the airframe certification is not a good model for future evolution.
  11. aviatoreb

    Still a Mooniac...

    Co-pilot bear here.
  12. aviatoreb

    Small GFC 500 Update

    I heard the same - that the Gfc600 servos are more robust. But I also have done a good bit of reading and the G500 servos are supposedly a step above anything analog currently installed in any of our legacy Mooneys, but also robust and brushless motors. So if the Gfc600 has servos setup capable of a king air for instance I do not necessarily want that extra for a little mooney if a G500 is sufficient and already better than the KFC200 servos I have. As far as what I read the Gfc500 feature list is fantastic and extensive beyond any pre-digital system in a Money (gfc700 not included). I am especially impressed by the esp feature which seems like a major safety enhancement.
  13. aviatoreb


    My son the mechanical engineer undergrad came home from college this weekend wearing this doozy. I think he was taunting me. What do you think? How can he say such a thing?!!!