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  1. No kidding - I found that remark very interesting. Having flown a rocket for 10+ years but never a G650, it sort of surprised me since knee jerk I would assumed a jet would be more of a saturation handful. (Of course saturation means head full).
  2. What will you use for the starter switch? I am sure it can be built, cheaper and with a smaller footprint as desired - but is it legal? Electro air is certified with STC.
  3. Here here. And a monogrammed space suit. And I'm keeping the space suit too.
  4. I have read of such stories when I was researching the topic about 10 years ago when I decided to add IPA to my winter operations. I am not confident to rely on a restart as a backup plan but I would certainly hope for a restart if I were in such a situation. We don't always fly with above freezing temps on the ground, or anyway if the conditions are significantly below zero on the ground defrosting my not occur even if it would if only slightly below freezing. Plus I worry about ice crystal blockage at intake in the wings - not knowing what I am talking about on this topic fully admitted - can we rely on a blockage occurring just inside the cowl where there may be engine heat?
  5. Its glorious flying on a crisp winter's day especially when its white and bright and bluebird. And the airplane performance is amazing. Its also lovely to go XC skiing, skating on the lake, and...then yes sit by the wood stove and drink an IPA when its all done. But seriously - the worry is yes if its -30F at night in the hangar then even if its say 10F during the day when I want to fly that if there are ice crystals in the fuel then they will still be there fully frozen. Not to mention - if you fly when its 40F but you go up to 20,000 ft... it can be pretty cold up there. I have heard stories of people getting ice crystals and then fuel flow blockage in high altitude flying even in warmer months.
  6. OWT - I know of no specific data that it is bad for the system, the seals or the sealant. Its just folklore. I don't know either way but that would be a chronic problem and I use it regularly as I said due to my northerly climate as a matter of safety of flight which is an acute issue that takes precedent over a possible chronic problem that is not even for sure a problem.
  7. I agree it is not good for seals. But I use it in the heat of the winter even for when the airplane is on the ground for a week or two - so prophylactically, since when it is -30F at night in the hangar - I do worry that when I sump that freezing water will prevent me from removing the water. Anyway yes I use it generally for about 5 or 6 months of the year. Its not just for flight level flying in the North Country.
  8. Hi V1VRV2 - North Country, NY? Where are you? I am at KPTD. For those that don't know - "North Country" is a phrase used in NY state for those few counties that are mostly the northern tier, rural, Adrondacks and north of the Adirondacks. Here in KPTD to give an idea it is about 7 hrs drive to NY city and 1:20 to Ottawa Canada - or 25 min to the border. Yes - I use isopropyl - about 1%. I buy it in small containers so that it won't sit for a long time since even if you buy the 99.9% stuff you should buy, if it sits - even with the cap closed in its container - for too long it gradually picks up water from the air.
  9. Ooops! It does fly well rigged and centered when in level flight. Thanks for pointing out that I need to improve my aerobatics.
  10. I don’t know about you but for that price I’m bringing a big suitcase to keep the bath robe towels and soaps.
  11. Most of the avgas burnt however is burnt in a small fraction of work horse airplanes that largely are running large bore engines that must have the high octane. I forgot the actual numbers but I want to say by poor memory it is something like 80% of fuel is burnt in must have high octane engines. Mail, freight, some scheduled carriers, and us few odd ball real GA folk. I strongly doubt that they will end access to 100LL without a suitable replacement, otherwise stranding a large fraction of the us are infrastructure. I wonder if it would be cheaper to just buy everyone who has a high octane must engined airplane a new airplane that burns with a modern fadac engine than retool a massive fuel industry even if it is a boutique corner.
  12. It was right in the first place - I took the picture in the middle of a snap roll.
  13. Me too - I am close to putting in GI275 to drive my KFC200 for now - and I would also appreciate specific feedback of what was not working for you please. Erik
  14. They do - but it still fits nicely where the old one was. Still - you are right - they should have made one with a slightly smaller footprint.