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  1. Hmmmm...this looks useful. I can think of some fun things to do with this. https://gethuddy.io/offer-01/?utm_source=1148&utm_medium=huddy&utm_term=22570&utm_content=1174&utm_campaign=GU&aff_id=1148&camp_id=22570&sub_id=huddy&req_id=132879928&contract_id=778&oid=506
  2. Bendix/King news on AvWeb about KI-300

    Totally different - can’t you see? One says 100ias and one says 130ias.... totally different products.
  3. Bendix/King news on AvWeb about KI-300

    I'll hang a turbo enhanced nuclear powered unobtainium engine on my plane before that.
  4. Bendix/King news on AvWeb about KI-300

    Seems like they are already planning on low sales volume with a high price to try and make up for the stc cost.
  5. Cost of ownership "budget"

    I'm waiting for my boys to graduate, open up a fantastic static .dot come, make their first billion then buy me a TBM 930. Ever wonder what Mark Zuckerberg's dad is flying?
  6. tks fluid buying

    Well there are the boys at fed ex driving those TKS caravan's that say they use a drum or two. And the Canadian mounties air patrol. But Mooneyspace - I think you win the tks prize. I'm good for 15gal a year - maybe 20 incl the summer time purging. I should be buying 30 gal drums eh?
  7. Cost of ownership "budget"

    I look at it this way - maybe this is the home stretch? Maybe they will be out in the world soon earning their own way, and making their own name - and THEN my panel gets a massive upgrade! Meanwhile my airplane has a new critical mission - going to Ithaca to pick up the boys and their laundry.
  8. Alan's Hangar

    Ah maybe I’ll come in December! FYI me please.
  9. Alan's Hangar

    You guys still doing those nj fly ins?
  10. Alan's Hangar

    Oh no! Last week you said the kids were sick... this week you. Sorry to hear.
  11. tks fluid buying

    Huh - it never occurred to me that for large purchases like a 55gal drum you could negotiate to skip the shipping cost. Otherwise there is not a big savings on the big drum because the hazmat shipping is huge. I don't use enough tks to merit a 55gal drum. A 30 gal drum maybe likely yes, but I never considered it much beyond because of the hazmat shipping making it not competitive. Those 6 x 1 gal purchases do seem cheaper (but not bulk) because of the lower shipping rate - not hazmat. A fellow hangar neighbor had a sr22 and he bought a 55gal drum - but didn't use much more than half and then he moved and rather than move the fluid which at that point was in risk of getting old.... he gave me like 10 gal free! That rate is hard to beat... Now if I could just find more cirrus driving surgeons like him to give away the stuff, then we would be talking... Now on my little rural airfield, I am the only tks airplane - mostly beat up ol' junkers, but otherwise there is a nice P210 but with boots, and a Cessna citation - with boots. So any purchase I make its all me. I suppose I could look at the neighbor rural airports to see if I can find a tks-barrel partner.
  12. tks fluid buying

    Aha! Bingo! Thanks. Yeah that is much better than anything I have been finding so far this year.
  13. tks fluid buying

    Hi All, TKS fluid is just sky rocketing - memory is I was buying it at $12/gal in 5 gal jugs about 7 or 8 years ago. I think that was the total shipped to my door price. And it keeps going up quickly. Now today I am finding about $30/gal in the 5 gal jugs shipped to my door price (hazmat shipping). What is the secret sauce - how can I find a more efficient way? Plus I hate the 5 gal jugs as they are too heavy to use.
  14. What is the aggravated for? What is the aggravated versus just the regular variety of this offense? Hmmmm.... I can't remember what my FAR says on this particular issue. Will he be able to continue with his certificated flying even if not paid?
  15. Cost of ownership "budget"

    OMG - spot on. Right now I have two of my 3 boys in college at the same time...and one to go...