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  1. aviatoreb

    The Missile gets a facelift

    Nothing wrong with Blue and Gold...
  2. aviatoreb

    The Missile gets a facelift

  3. aviatoreb

    The Missile gets a facelift

    And me too. My iPhone case on my 7 wore out. SO I too bought a new case... But then on my laptop I spilled coffee and it died a horrible wet, short circuited death, so I bought a new laptop. But the case cleaned up just fine...so now I have a new laptop in the old case. There must be some wisdom in this story but its above me so please let me know. E
  4. aviatoreb

    The Missile gets a facelift

    Nice Job! As you know I recently went through the same after having owned this airplane in its old paint job for quite a number of years. Somehow getting her painted is like moving in and deciding you are going to stay for a while - to keep her for a while longer, eh? Which is a lovely feeling. I was just in the hangar today doing a grounds op inspection of my tks running to make sure all panels are working. And admire the paint....
  5. aviatoreb

    Wrong Way Pattern

    Yeah.... yikes! My best go-around at my rural airport. Snow plow on the runway. They are supposed to be on the radio while doing plowing operations on the airport. But...sometimes they aren't. I just know that because I'm a local. Now that would bend some metal hitting a big snow plow truck.
  6. aviatoreb

    Today's flight for 2018

    Autumn flying with my little girl Strava - I’m not sure she’s enjoying the view.
  7. aviatoreb

    Mooney Round-up Conference and Workshop

    ...on this topic of the cost of ambulance rides. Being in a rural area where there is a region hospital but not as well equipped as a real big city medical center, there is a need for a medical lift service that transfers severe cases to the city, whether they are a surgery gone bad in the local hospital or a several critical case of some accident locally. And so forth. I am not fully up to speed with what goes into making that call as to when an airlift is needed. But I know the airlift folks since they are also at my airport, KPTD, and they operate a pilatus configured as an air ambulance and they fly with 2 pilots and 2 air nurses and they staff 24-7 at the airport ready to go in minutes. So they need those personal in multiples to keep the staffing at that level as they are like fireman on shift living at the airport for a couple of days on shift. Right across from my airport. That is one airplane I never want a ride on. Knock on wood, In any case there is a lot in the local press lately about how that airplane ride costs $50k and it is bankrupting people. Not making a political statement but just saying that this is a difficult situation when life saving transportation is leaving families bankrupt. Seems like they are flying on average about 100-150 missions a year. $2900 for a seatbelt system is small fry compared to the costs of medical anything.
  8. aviatoreb

    Mooney Round-up Conference and Workshop

    It is! I have been waiting for YEARS for this. In fact I already ordered this AMSAFE gear as of 1 month ago and I sent a "do you have a tracking number" email on Friday since I was hoping to see it already by now.... So hopefully to be installed this month!
  9. aviatoreb

    Flying a J at 2,900 lbs

    The wing and landing gear difference have a role also.
  10. aviatoreb

    Best Headset?

    When I used those yellow foam inserts I would wrap a bit of scotch tape that helped the tubes from separating. it was lots of fun if it was a cold night say -15F stock Cold War inserts in your ears. Almost like sticking your tongue on a -15 metal pole.
  11. I never heard of a Duke's motor. What is that?
  12. If you need to ask the. You just don’t get IT!
  13. What’s he building next?!!! That’s what I want to know!