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  1. I like the way you think.
  2. Ummmm.... what does that mean exactly? Recycled toilet paper?
  3. Heated hangar?!! Meh! Were tougher here in upstate than you whimpy yoopers.
  4. True - I remember in general there is a difference with our winters than yours. We have winters where night time temps can get as low as -30F (or lower in extreme events) and regularly -20F. That stuff really sucks the life out of a battery to take it out of the hangar after a cold stacked -30F night to go fly on a lovely 5F afternoon - even preheating the engine, preheating the cabin, I used to find sometimes a lackluster battery. Even after a week and a half of sitting. Since I have been battery minding, no problem.
  5. I was able to fly yesterday - so for now - my plan is to continue to try and fly at least every 10 days as if this were the heart of the winter - off season. But I have decided that if rules change and I cannot fly, then to try and get my engine pickled if the grounding time would be for an unknown duration. I do have a battery minder that I had installed 3 or 4 years ago, that I am very happy about right now.
  6. I know...and who knows what time will permit for us. Meanwhile it is still allowed - so off we go. As I said, there's nothing going on in the streets - a car here and there but... and no one at the airport - I lie - there was a R44 doing some kind of hover practice. There were signs the medical lift company was working but I didn't actually see the people - their hangar is across from mine - they have a Pilatus setup like an ambulance. And I heard people on the radio at the various airports within 50 miles, including in French in Quebec, as usual.
  7. Glad you got your bird home! It has occurred to me that it could well be that this situation may well force a grounding of a plane for all sorts of reasons that could arise. Perhaps what almost happened to you? Or perhaps a repair becomes needed but there may not be a mechanic available for various reasons such as they are otherwise engaged, laid off, sick, or quarantined? So in such a case it occurs to me if this might be forced for an unknown length of time, maybe pickling the engine would be the thing to do? Meanwhile we need to keep our birds flying and at the ready since they are a useful tool just in case, but a beautiful distraction if nothing else.
  8. Ok - social distancing with my son. Its a ghost town out there - no one on the roads really. Not much. No one to see at the airport. But in the air, I heard a bit more traffic at other local airports perhaps than usual. But it is a rural county so even on a Saturday there isn't a lot. It was a fun way to do something with my son - and run the ol' engine to keep her happy. E
  9. Since I posted a couple of hours ago, I see the the FAA has done this temporarily with medicals, and also ADs I think. It will need to be done with annuals and other kinds of calendar events, before long. It is good to see they are being responsive.
  10. The FAA needs to come out with a directive postponing all calendar events on this one time basis. Medicals, check rides, annuals. Everything with a calendar on it needs to be postponed what, maybe 3 months? 6 months? Especially medicals, since some of those doctors may be busy right now doing something besides Faa medicals.
  11. Dude I’m married to that funny accent! You should hear my wife order a grindah! Or a hut dhug (hot dog). But I’ll pm ya anyway!
  12. Well a Boston "Southie" has a very special sound. But Rhode Island.....Let's just say its wicked on steroids.