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  1. That’s the “go away we’re busy!” Quote.
  2. Well that didn't take long! Not with a fantastic plane like that! Congratulations to you! And DOUBLE congratulations to the new owner who ever that might be!
  3. I can't imagine how that slipped so much. Did you happen to notice the FF on recent take-offs? Was it near 33 recently and then slipped suddenly to 40 or has it been a gradual slip? I had my fuel servo replaced about 3 years ago due to a tiny leak but that leak was found on cowl off run up during annual and did not show itself from the pilots seat or engine monitors in flight operations. Anyway, now that you are safe on the ground - this is nothing a credit card can't fix.
  4. Airplanes are friggin expensive, no matter the make and model, so choose your poison, keep em up to date, current, in great shape, close your eyes and write lots of checks. then forget about it and go fly!
  5. That is very relevant feedback. Thanks. My experience as a former Diamond DA40 owner was a lot of frustration that when/if something broke then I had to buy the part from the factory with a factory serial number and dramatically greater price. This was maybe 12 or 14 years ago, but I remember a fuel pump, Dukes I think, it was something like $2500 if I remember right but I saw on spruce that the same pump for other airplanes was like a quarter that price. But even more frustrating especially in the diamond line is they have a bad habit of abandoning their customers - eg not offering any kind of upgrades to keep their airplanes current. E.g. G1000 users not even getting software upgrades to keep their airplanes current. But on and on. I hear Cirrus is a lot better since they must have both a better attitude toward customer service, and a lot more resources to keep up. Old Mooneys seem to have a lot of third market vendors making stuff available.
  6. Holy moly where is that? And he did that thing get there? And WHY?!
  7. Thanks! Yeah I will appreciate that picture when you can - since clearly there is something to see as you noticed my equipment quickly at a glance. E
  8. Thank you Oz for your concern. I am replying here for everyone instead of to the PM and I think you have the right idea to make this bit public. So trying to understand what happened and what you are saying. It is the actual key switch device that is the issue? Did you change it to a different unit from a different company. If yes, what is the replacement. Do you have a picture please? Otherwise can you say what the inspection consists of? In fact my airplane is in the shop this week getting its mags done on schedule. Actually I am having one make IRAN inspection for its 500hr and the other mag I am having replaced with the surefly electronic mag as the turbo mooneys were just added into their STC list a few weeks ago and the timing is perfect for me! I am looking forward to trying that out! But back to this discussion - since it is in the shop I would appreciate more info what is involved in either replacing the Medco key or otherwise what its inspection consists of. So this is not an FAA-SB but let us consider it advise from fellow pilots as a AFP-SB. I am one to learn from the experience of others and I will comply with this AFP-SB if I can understand further what to do. E
  9. I hear yah - it looks and sounds very bad. I was just expressing that it is so far outside my own experience and interactions that the only way I can resolve the two is to think/wish it is good people making a mistake. I am not doubting the story or the awfulness of it in the least.
  10. Ugh - I am sorry to hear this. I have had superb work and superb service from airmods in the recent past, including a very intricate and specialized wing spar cap corrosion repair, and my experience was top notch. It is hard for me to imagine that systematically things went downhill as you describe and I want to give them the benefit of the doubt that good people maybe just screwed up one way or another and so approaching it like that, maybe you can find a negotiated reasonable solution?
  11. Send me in coach! I'm gonna win!
  12. I was advised shortly after I earned my IFR ticket about 12 years ago, the same advice regarding filing IFR on all (I take that to mean many/most) flights for sake of staying current in the system. But also I realize this practice also has some other major benefits. -early in my IFR days I sort of looked at filing IFR as for special occasions when you venture into nasty stuff (and still I have learned to avoid venturing into really nasty stuff with my little airplane). That is the wrong way to look at it - if we are saving it for those special occasions, then we are not using it in the intermediate days - and flying in funny ways to stay VFR when the safer way is to just go IFR and fly the system. E.g. instead of bumping along and zig zagging down low trying to stay VFR below a ceiling and clear of terrain, how much easier and safer is it often just to fly over the tops in straight lines in the sunshine? In any case, most important you don't reach a point where you are asking is this bad enough to ask for an IFR pop up or should I proceed VFR? -there's lots of airspaces along my usual routes, esp toward DC - easier just to be IFR.
  13. That sounds like a reasonable and graceful failure mode of a loss of GPS signal.
  14. Question: how much does gfc500 go inop if it looses gps signal? -entirely inop so it looses all function even the touted esp and also straight and level function - these are the primary safety features why I would consider upgrading from kfc200. But if they were to go inop just when you might want them most - hand flying in Imc and annoyed... -or maybe you just loose just the ability for a coupled approach but you can still use gfc500 manual mode features. Such as fly heading and altitude hold or altitude descent while flying an approach but no longer as an lpv?
  15. Separate from how big a hole one needs to install it are the technical aspects of installing a GI275 that from appearances and second look seem very substantial, so that all in, the hours required to install a GI275 look like they will be substantial and very expensive. So if installing 2 GI275's becomes sufficiently expensive, including all hardware and hours, becomes same or more than a Aspen then I don't see it as what looked initially as a new game changer route.