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  1. Does declaring an emergency work the same way in the uk? Eventually if collision with terrain becomes imminent it becomes an emergency declare its emergency and inform you are now climbing and the controller is forced to move the other airplanes.
  2. Hey Jose' good looking family. I am glad you are surrounded by family! HEY is that a co-pilot bear? :-) E
  3. It is good that it is labelled.
  4. My cowl flaps seem to close a lot - but not completely closed. It seems as if it closing as designed. I don't know. Sometimes I think about cutting my step off... Forget replacing your nav antenna - hide them in the wing tips. I wonder how much speed that is worth? Inner gear doors - and also smooth belly are then the only things left I could do. I bet there is another 5 knots to squeeze out. Well you could do the wing shaping that Byron did...
  5. About two weeks ago I saw a documentary on Netflix whose exact title I forgot but it was roughly called Rosie the Riveter about the huge number of ladies who stepped in to build all sorts of equipment during WWII. And those ladies drove lots and lots of rivets. On airplanes. On ships too. I wonder how many man (woman!) hours it took to build a P51? How about a B24? And wow those engines were/are so very complicated. And boy they pumped out lots of airplanes. And other stuff.
  6. I agree - in fact I consider that more desirable than G1000 since G1000 leaves the airplane at the mercy of the airplane OEM for upgrades such as software updates, WAAS, ADSB and whatever else in the future. Modular is better. In fact - I used to own Diamond so sometimes I look on that website - there are people with orphaned G1000 no waas panels asking about if they can get the G1000 removed and start over.
  7. It looks as like he is expecting the buyer to pay him back for every penny he put into the panel, full refund to him.
  8. You have everything automated except a cell phone activated button that sets everything in motion to have your airplane go fly a few laps around the pattern to shake out the rust - while you sit at home on a saturday with your roomba vacuuming and your robot lawn mower mowing while you sit on the hammock master minding how to over throw the world remotely! :-)
  9. Oh no Jose!!! I am glad to hear from you but I am very sorry to hear of your health difficulties. Please know we are pulling for a thorough recovery for you. Sincerely, Erik
  10. Those paper towels are just asking too much!
  11. I like it! But why does his head look so cramped in a cockpit space shorter than his height?
  12. I can't remember Paul's complete quote but I think roughly it was somewhat less if packaged together with a complete tank reseal which I had gone for prior to my paint job.
  13. Paul Beck at weepnomore installed Monroy's into my M20K I think about 4 years ago, during a complete reseal they did for me. I think it is still an active STC being sold and I highly recommend weepnomore for their workmanship AND service.
  14. I had it installed in my k about 4 years ago.
  15. I thought one of the upsides of composites was when it comes to repair. I have seen some amazing composite repair outcomes. From airplane wings, to carbon fiber sculls (the scull I was rowing in this summer fell of the carriage truck on the way to a race and got really really munched....but some new fabric and epoxy and it seems as if as good as new) to bicycles (again I have seen a munched-crashed bicycle repaired).