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  1. You always make me chuckle when you say relevant things followed by your "PP thoughts only, not a **** expert..."
  2. My 10 year old diamond da40 developed a a corrosion issue under the carbon wing where there was a metallic scaffold for wicking static / talk about expensive / the process was called scarfing. Mine wasn’t bad and I sold it. Some get it bad and it is expensive. I actually very much dislike the old Avidyne glass panel found in older cirrus. And very little upgrade path. You describe a drudgery of restoring a legacy aircraft to better than new. I quite enjoyed the path of personalizing my plane. I get compliments wherever I go. I think it’s much nicer than any used cirrus could possibly be. Of course a I understand the draw of a turn key purchase.... and someday if I sell my plane good blessings to the new owner who will buy my turn key. have no doubt if I wanted a 12 year old cirrus I would get that. It would be less nice. But it’s an airplane so yeah I like all airplanes.... but still I made my choice. ps I hardly think a 12 year old cirrus is always a turn key. Pps the only thing in the cirrus airplane I find desirable is the parachute. Now the company sales is doing a fantastic job no doubt but the plane is good but not fabulous. I wanted fabulous. I got a Mooney.
  3. Oh boy Anthony - don't say it like that. I won't brag a clean record -I will assert that luck and training came together that day for a perfect outcome. A dead stick landing on a runway after an engine out - at a well planned 16k flight - which I often fly high just for this just in case scenario. But I won't overlook that there is a dose of luck too by tempting the fates to claim a clean record. But yes folks, practice those dead stick landings, and be willing to accept off field if you must. But ALSO plan your flight plans for just in case... in a turbo that may mean flying very high since you have lots of options from altitude. (report on that flight was from April of 18' if anyone is looking).
  4. Thanks for liking my post Anthony - and reminding me that I forgot to give post script to this thread. So right after this first posting, I pulled the plugs. Contacted the company with my data and they suggested I could send my plugs in for factory inspection which I did. They found that they were all within legitimate spec, but that indeed 3 were close to the edge - on the low side - too low resistance. The others were right smack in the middle of good readings. Plus they were all. very dirty from the poor running they had gone through during that rough running flight I described again. So we replaced 3, cleaned and gapped them all (even through they were cleaned and gapped at annual in April some 50 hrs ago), and re-installed. And now she's running like a top a bit more peppy and more smooth than I remember - it had apparently gotten slightly worse but not enough for me to notice until it was fixed. The company, Tempest, was superb. Thank you. And thank you all. E
  5. Well seems like a closer thread drift than the classic lean of peak - on dales cessna citation.
  6. In the experimental world. I wonder regarding the bulk statistics based on number of airplanes vs number of crashes in experimental vs certified. As already said - the phrasing that leads to the crash rate per airplane registered in experimental is twice as high as experimental. But only per hour flown is really relevant since the first way of stating this may hide other factors most notably the experimental could well hold a much higher level of hangar queens that rarely or never fly. I don't know. But separate - someone mentioned that some of the xperimentals are flown in a different way, say the RV8 being flown acrobatically by a non acrobatically trained pilot. Is this enough to swing the stats? But not mentioned....some experimental like the vans most notably are wonderfully designed airplanes comparable to any certified airplane. Follow the plans and build it well and maintain it well and I am sure you have a great airplane. Some designs are inherently less quality - I remember looking once at the Cozy and noticing how there is no inherent crash protection. However that is not what really worries me. It is that within the experimental rules, you can do whatever you want. shorten the wings. Put a too big engine on it. Etc. And beyond that, you could even build an airplane from designs, not a kit (the kits are clearly a safer category than design only builds) and then beyond that - home made designs. I wonder how many crashes are due to deliberate but unwittingly stupid aerodynamic designs. There was a fellow around here a few years ago who died on a maiden voyage in a lawn mower powered ultra light thing of his own design that simply fell apart about 15 min into its maiden voyage. Oh, and the guy also had no pilot training whatsoever.
  7. Did I read right that he had two pro pilots at the helm? I am presuming they are mostly uninjured too? It will be interesting to hear what happened.
  8. Why would you want a sexually transmitted disease in your mooney? i talked to berhinger at osh about 2 years ago. Great product. How much you figure it will cost.
  9. Good. I think I’ll install the eps aero 8 cylinder 450hp Diesel engine when my tsio520 wears out. https://eps.aero/the-eps-engine/ ill beef up the landing gear and add some structural gussets in the from to take the new load and strengthen the frame for higher vne. yeah baby!
  10. What?! That is what we need. Yes that would deserve a new thread. But please say more.
  11. Yah - I have quite a few bikes too - and I am very partial to Titanium these days. But none of my current bikes are Mooney. I need a Peter Mooney. So do you! E
  12. Yes but - It doesn’t matter what it’s made of as long as it’s badged Mooney. Since it’s Mooneyspace.
  13. I know! i have always pleasured to notice how the mooney chromoly frame is so very close in building concept/skill set as a classic steel frame bike that is indeed also chromoly - so a Al Mooney frame and Peter Mooney frame are very similar underneath it all. KFFA is still on my bucket list.
  14. :-(. I missed it. And it was the same size as my once upon a time 1989 Peter mooney frame. 63cm. I ride a 62cm today but the style now is for fitting slightly smaller frames. this just gave me the itch. i think a peter mooney will adorn my garage - and hangar - before too long.