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  1. aviatoreb

    Catching fuel from gascolator drain

    My tug runs on the fuel I sump dump.
  2. aviatoreb

    Intro and Hello

    All Hail Al Mooney.
  3. aviatoreb

    Intro and Hello

    Is that a former Embry Riddle airplane? I used to own a DA40 numbered N805ER and there were 10 of them which were former Embry riddle airplanes. N800ER through N809ER.
  4. aviatoreb

    SpaceX restricted airspace

    Yes of course I remember and was thinking of just that. These are experimental vehicles as much as we may be used to space flight at this point.
  5. aviatoreb

    SpaceX restricted airspace

    My guess is because these rockets are really experimental aircraft/spacecraft its not the same as a standard flight. I think they may be keeping the whole area clear in case of a worst case scenario accident of a thousand little space ship pieces falling back from near space into the ocean at warp speed. You don't want an airliner anywhere near such uncontrolled dangerous debris or even the possibility of that.
  6. aviatoreb

    SpaceX restricted airspace

    Well if it’s any help I bet the restricted “air” space is only for surface to 100 miles so if you have a turbo... and some rocket propulsion stc (vs the Mooney rocket that has no rockets) then you can over fly the zone. notice “air” in quotes since there’s no air up there in that air space - emphasis on space.
  7. aviatoreb

    SpaceX restricted airspace

    Ooops sorry! I just fixed that above.
  8. Cool graphics in this article. who here will be first to purchase a ride and an astronaut pin? it would be me if I were filthy rich. Only money stands in the way... https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2018/business/spacex-falcon-heavy-launch-faa-air-traffic/?utm_term=.c1b41a1b5fb9
  9. aviatoreb

    Mooney Aerodynamic Curves (Nerd Alert)

    Right! What we call a stall is when the lifting are, the part of the flow in front of the separation, shrinks to the point that the lifting force it can create is smaller than the weight of the aircraft.
  10. aviatoreb

    Wedding news

    This is several steps more nasty and hateful than anything peter ever said.
  11. aviatoreb

    Wedding news

    It’s not a one off. Jose has been hate fire bombing this post for two days now. And I remember a few other recent threads where Jose’s only purpose seemed to be to rile up the contrary but this one is pure hate. im in Cambridge university this week on business and I stopped by London and congratulated both Andrews on Sunday as I said over breakfast. And Andrew the aviator took me to his airfield and introduced me in the tower. Very very lively ga airfield and all very welcoming and nice people. Thank you andrew(s).
  12. aviatoreb

    Wedding news

    Done. Thanks I never realized it was there. I have not been inclined before.
  13. aviatoreb

    Wedding news

    Can someone block or ban Jose' and his hate messaging hate fire bombs? Who do I report this hate poster to? Is there a thread moderator? I'm here to talk about airplanes and friends.
  14. aviatoreb

    Wedding news

    Monty Python - the Holy Grail. ...and I fully agree with your other statement too. Let us raise a glass to Andrew squared. (PS - this is for caruso - a - a mathematical proof that Andrew>1 since clearly we all observe that Andrew^2>Andrew. However assume not, for any x<1, x*x<x. Therefore proof by contradiction. )
  15. aviatoreb

    Mooney Aerodynamic Curves (Nerd Alert)

    I know. Sometimes typing is a terrible forum for having fun agreeing with each other. Lest we agree violently. I knew we were agreeing and I was just emphasizing the pedagogy side.