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  1. aviatoreb

    ICON A5

    That purchase agreement turned me a wish-I-could-have-one of those dreamers, to a wouldn't-touch-that-with-a-ten-foot-pole doubter. Money no object (which it is) so this is all just shooting the breeze. That SeaRey looks great. There was a fellow here who used to fly a Mooney Rocket and also own a SeaRey. Mazar. I think eventually he sold the rocket and kept the SeaRey. Nice airplanes. The Icon is a nice airplane, and I think the marketing is the main reason it attracted and encouraged the kind of flying that have resulted in some fatal flights. But I suspect the airplane is very good. But for the price associated with that horrific purchase agreement...no way.
  2. aviatoreb

    ICON A5

    Why aren't they flying it?!
  3. aviatoreb

    305 Rocket Review

    Interesting. How much time was the labor then? You hid those little antennae into your standard wing tips? But are you saying that it can't be done anymore since there is a missing STC? Im probably misunderstanding you.
  4. aviatoreb

    305 Rocket Review

    I agree with you that the vor system should not go away but I think I read it may.
  5. aviatoreb

    305 Rocket Review

    I must have come off snarky. I was just having fun in guesstimating and honestly admitting I was guessing. Thanks for your link!
  6. aviatoreb

    305 Rocket Review

    Yes - I can. And I can get out my caliper and measure my antenna. And assume an infinite unobstructed wall. And perhaps be within 25%. or ask my middle son to do that for me which come to think of it he would do at a drop of a hat and probable I should.... he is a junior aero major. or I thought someone might know the actual answer for these specific units on our airplanes. Ill make up some numbers - cuz that’s what one does on the internet. Removal = 3kts for 5amu to hide them in the wing tips. Better make it 3.26kits for $5424 since artificial precision is more convincing.
  7. aviatoreb

    305 Rocket Review

    One very expensive option for the towel bars is there is some kind of mod that places those antennae inside the plastic wing tips thus essentially eliminating them entirely from the wind. I figure the VOR system will be gone in 5 years.... 8lbs is quite a lot. Hard to believe its that much...but they are quite round and big. ..right isn't the answer to Carusoam's question that the pounds of drag will be relatively the same at any given IAS (not TAS) at 17? (vs 7).
  8. aviatoreb

    Improved speed documented

    ..winter - and we get chilly winters - and solo - but still. That's my favorite part.
  9. aviatoreb

    305 Rocket Review

    So what's the alternative to towel bar antenna? ...other than the upcoming eventual decommissioning of the VOR system? How much drag you say on a towel bar?
  10. aviatoreb

    Improved speed documented

    Show off! Now my favorite part - no one is talking about - in a rocket (and probably other turbo charged?) it is no problem to climb up to 15 or 17 for a short flight. On a cold day and a good wind I may to climb to17 for even just a 1hr flight - eg going to Boston or to Hartford over the adirondacks in the winter I consider to be hostile terrain in the winter just because it can be frigid cold in the mountains so I go high to give myself options and I enjoy the atmospherics up high...anyway I have timed climbs to 17 in under 13 minutes.
  11. aviatoreb

    Improved speed documented

    How do you get CAS vs IAS for your Mooney?
  12. aviatoreb

    305 Rocket Review

    Factory support - 10 years ago when I was shopping for this rocket - I hesitated strongly since I was very worried that avgas itself would go away within 5 years. I am still worried about that. Barring that good factory support was a major factor, but also standard parts, when selecting this rocket. Over say that very sexy but very unusual liquid rocket that is faster still, but rare parts. If the rocket factory stopped supporting, I cannot think of a single part that would be entirely impossible to acquire or get as a suitable substitute from the C340 materials. Remember when I was looking for that turbo check valve Seth? Rocket had none - neither did Cessna - but I could have had one custom built (at great cost) if I was willing to wait 3 months. Other rocket specific items, say the exhaust, or perhaps the engine frame, could be reproduced - but yes slower and at greater cost. But not grounding the airplane permanently. I cannot think of anything that would be such an item. Actually, I was even more worried about the mooney specific parts than the rocket specific parts when I purchased my airplane 10 years ago because the health of the mooney factory at that time was very suspect. Also note that airplanes are finding their way to salvage yards at a great rate compared to the growth of pilot population. If you are actually flying, then the likelihood in the future of finding a serviceable, or overhaul able repairable part are seemngly growing. Thinking on a 10 year time scale. In 10 years with avgas completely gone, we might either need to hang a diesel motor, or an electric motor, or just hang the airplane on the end of a pole on our front yards and buy an all electric carbon fiber little quadcopter transport vehicle and call it a day...
  13. aviatoreb

    305 Rocket Review

    A red one. I'm in LOVE.
  14. aviatoreb

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    Ack! I never heard that.
  15. aviatoreb

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    Right - even if the autopilot were smart enough to know how to correct a spin, which is quite plausible, I don't think these autopilots have actuation authority over the rudder which is a required element to break a spin. And also throttles to retard throttle.