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  1. ...but I used to be younger! I was younger 17 years ago when I "got it". Actually I got it from my dad who bought it new just under a year before he passed away and I inherited it and I kept it as a memory I had with him going to look at it. So he was too old for it! But yeah - actually I knew what you said, which is the engine wouldn't knock with the lower octane, it would just electronically compensate and be slightly slower. But not noticeably so in any real way since it was always kick butt fast. Maybe certainly on a timed 0-60 test, a few tenths. So how old am I? Well I replaced it with a Subaru Crosstrek. Good basic car. Fits my needs to put my bike inside it and my skis in the winter. My airplane is my hot rod now. I don't seem to crave a hot rod car anymore.
  2. I hear ya. I didn't just go renegade - the owners manual recommended 91 octane but the online forum folks were saying left and right it didn't matter and they had no ill consequences. So I tried it ...and never looked back. I use camguard in the airplane. And 100LL.
  3. Thanks! As in this one?: https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/inpages/tornado3000_1_10-00610.php
  4. ...exactly - I was hoping to spend $300 or $400 bucks while I decide what I want to do rather than drop $20k on a dual GI275 installed and still thinking about what I will do with the autopilot. This is a $25-45k decision I will make eventually. But right now - I will punt - I will maintain the equipment I have. So back to the question - vacuum pumps.
  5. Last month I sold my Subaru WRX Sti turbo that recommended premium fuel. I used 87 octane in that thing for the 17 years I owned it and never an engine problem. Corrosion on the frame, the brake system, etc, all sort of piled up and I got bored during the pandemic and traded it in. But I can say - I saved a few bucks on fuel during 17 years and never suffered from it.
  6. My primary vacuum pump is due to replace based on time in service. I know I know - I should dump the whole vacuum system by getting some entirely new panel - but I am still seemingly in indecisive mode on that. So I'm buying a vacuum pump for now. It is a p/n aa3216cw. I don't know much about pumps - the ins and outs of which are the good ones, the bad ones, the ones to avoid. The boutique best ones, etc. What should I get - speaking of a drop in replacement only. Thanks! E
  7. Makes me think of the Mercury capsule I've seen up close and walked around. It looks like it is built the same way as a tiny shed with corrugated metal. Nothing much inside except a couple of levers that throw rods that help point little rockets to maneuver thing around manually. Very very small inside.
  8. Did several approaches today on a flight plan and I did this one for the first time even though it is only 28 miles away. Rnav23 into Kmss massena right on the border sends you about 5 miles into Canada so I think you need to actually be commanded to do it. I’ve never done it. Seems the dozen or so times I’ve diverted to massena over the years for their lower iLs it’s been to ils 5. And in vfr practice I wouldn’t try rnav 23. It’s so close but forbidden... You can see the runway from the Canadian side and that river is the st Lawrence seaway which is the border. Runs from the Hudson Bay through Montreal to Lake Ontario so it’s a big shipping route / eg from the ocean to Chicago. the other picture is right over our little town Potsdam and I can see our house!
  9. 100 miles of altitude climb in 11 minutes at 10,000 miles per hour. That climb rate and acceleration is even (a little) bit better than my rocket.
  10. Right - get it down early - so there is time to then check it later as you get close!
  11. That technology is coming. https://www.avweb.com/recent-updates/evtols-urban-mobility/caac-grants-ehang-216-commercial-pilot-operation-approval/ Uber passenger octocopter thing drones for short hops. Airplane larger passenger drones for kong distance.
  12. Cape Air flies in and out of KBOS all over the Northeast with a fleet of Cessna 402's. So they certainly have the stuff on the field. But $9.50 is their go-away-we-don't-want-you-here pricing. Actually today in pandemic land its down to $8.62. But nearby at KOWD where I have gone every time its $4.59. Also, they have a crazy high handling fee of something like $250 - so I hear from a friend who flies part 135 and that's I think what he said they charge for his Twin Commanche - or even more if he goes in with his king air. Can we be charged handling fees for a touch and go?
  13. Cool! ive always been scared off by the $9.50 fuel.