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  1. Waiting on a KI300 seems like a poor strategy. Upgrading to G5 could well be a partial upgrade path toward a GFC500 done incrementally. But now that G3X seems so fantastic. I saw one yesterday at a shop going into a Bonanza. Two G3x screens, and a GFC500. Looks impressive. Last month when my KI256 went belly up I would have gotten a G5 without a blink if it were available as a KFC200 interface.
  2. Ooooooohhhhhhh.... I wish they both did. Doesn't seem now like G5 AI will ever interface now that they would rather sell the GFC500.
  3. This is very interesting - I thought the G5 was not interfacing with the King autopilots at this time.
  4. I did something like that, in black, which kept me happy for about 6 or 7 years until I eventually re-did the whole airplane and had the yokes covered in leather at that time. It is a very suitable and surprisingly nice treatment on the cheap.
  5. That’s me peeking up behind the bushes with Groucho Marx glasses and rubber nose
  6. Right - I understand. The probe is incorrectly informing the AP that is commanding an innaporpriate nose down. So this specific failure mode cannot happen in the Mooney install, but I still find this closer strike to home much more Mooney relevant than the 737 problem, as this error specifically involves the Garmin ESP. From my reading of the flyingmag article I thought they were now up to mandatory grounding on the Cirrus SF50 jet fleet.
  7. So the entire Cirrus jet fleet was just grounded by emergency AD due to malfunctions of the Garmin ESP functionality that is engaging pitch down commands inappropriately in at least 3 incidents now: https://www.flyingmag.com/faa-grounds-cirrus-vision-jets and so perhaps this is plausibly relevant to some of our Mooney fleet with the GFC700? Or perhaps for new installs of the GFC500? Clearly it reminds of the 737Max even if the details are all different. E
  8. Are you able to share what is the expected cost of the install? Or if not publicly could you pm?
  9. We have several more school hunting trips ahead of us yet. I'm looking forward to it!
  10. My grandfather used to have a joke: Grandfather's friend, Bill shows up to the picnic with 3 elephants. Grandfather: "Bill, you don't need an elephant. Bill why did you buy 3 elephants? You don't even need 1" Bill, "I saved money, they were buy 2 get 1 free."
  11. This week I took my youngest son on college choosing tours in a "Southern campaign". We did William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA) and Duke and University of North Carolina (Raleigh-Durham and Chapel Hill). Flying from Williamsburg, KJGG to KTTA (40 min drive from Duke) I heard on the radio a helicopter get clearance to land at Duke. Which was out next stop. I figured, gee how convenient that is! And we stayed at a hotel right across the street from that helipad. Helicopters were coming and going fast enough that in the short time I was there I saw several come and go. Only that's not a helicopter ride you want to take, because those were medical lift helicopters landing on top of the hospital. Generally I have come to choose the slightly further out airports rather than the big city airport for money AND time reasons. RDU is 20 min closer by car to our first destination, Duke, vs KTTA which is Raleigh-Executive which is a fair bit further out (40 min). But all in all, besides the fact that the fuel is much cheaper, ($5.19 vs $7.09) I don't even feel like I save time going to the big and closer airport. Since at the big airport there is a lot more time spent taxiing around, waiting your turn to depart behind big jets, waiting to pick up your clearance, waiting your turn land, sequencing behind the big guys, not to mention some added stress of wake turbulence. So for 20 minutes savings, it seems to get almost all eaten up in those extra ground operations, etc. Maybe not all 20 min but at least 10 min extra. Then for 10 min only saved in actuality, and I need a top off for the 3 hrs flight home, that extra $2 per gallon savings is nice. Good fun college trip. Good dad-son time and we bought several t-shirts. A few more such trips to go. In between all the SAT's.
  12. I did that once many years ago when I first started, when I was riding right seat with my then CFI who was delivering an airplane to Florida. There was a moment over a cloud layer, and a full moon and a clear sky above the clouds that everything glowed in the most amazing silver light. Luckily neither one of us was a wear wolf so the flight proceeded to a nice conclusion at Miami Executive.
  13. Here is a Moon and a Mooney. And a Moon reflecting in a Mooney.