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  1. Yeah - and you would think at least the jets could afford a hangar. But no - case in point - at our airport, which believe me is a very snowy airport, there is a forlorn Cessna Citation (gen 1) that lives outside, with piles of snow on it.
  2. What's up with snow and Cessnas?
  3. Could be. I have not noticed an increased rate in puck wear when I changed props - 5 years ago? In my case I took 35lbs off the nose in changing props and the CG moved a good bit. But it moved it to about where it probably was when my plane was a normal M20K before the rocket conversion with the heavy engine and the heavy McCauley prop. So I figure it is more balanced now and surely the pucks like that.
  4. It seems like it has gone up a lot since I bought mine (5?) years ago.
  5. Hi John, Good for you! You will love it - lots of great things about it! We don't bother to push down on the tail. The trouble with a four blade and the cowl isn't too different from a 3 blade. Basically the bottom cowl needs to go straight down (put down a blanket to keep it from scratching) and then straight to the side. The top cowl has to come straight form the side and above or even slightly from behind. It is do-able.
  6. Twain was a great writer but he was not a statistician.
  7. I don’t understand - why did the shocks wear more quickly?
  8. I think you can say that about a lot of things. So they say the same thing about dating apps.
  9. Fantastic - I am even more proud when my sons do something than if I do something, Yay for you AND your wonderful son!
  10. I know there has been discussion of such things on here before but - What would it take for a CB to build their own, real air conditioner that is also portable and so legal to put in and remove. There are air conditioner compressors out there. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ProAIR-12V-DC-Air-Conditioner-A-C-Compressor-7300-BTU-hr-Benling-DM18A7-AC/202916972654?hash=item2f3ecb486e:g:OvgAAOSwp3FdMy1g could something portable be made with some large batteries - a pair of these claim 44amp hours each https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/optima-red-top-battery-group-size-35-720-cca-35/169
  11. Not on my k either. Phew! That saves me a lot of money.
  12. I always hated that when I was a student. What a cop out. So I vowed not to do that when I became a prof. And I stayed true to my promise to my believe. Everyone makes errors, and so do I. You learn a lot by seeing how error trapping works in real. If I make an error. I and I notice it myself I point it out and how I found it. If I get caught with an error, I try and find where I went wrong real time. -> I always hated that when I was a student. What a cop out. So I vowed not to do that when I became a prof. And I stayed true to my promise to my belief. Everyone make
  13. I was dubious or anyway very surprised when he was telling me when we were walking to the motorcycle parking area where he was going to show me his bike. The faring was really wrecked and there was blood on it. It happened. He said he was going about 40.
  14. Well you are doing a great job! It doesn't take a cfi to produce a video pointing out the buttonology and functionality of a device like this, but it is exactly what I need and want and you did a great job. So thank you!
  15. I also want to thank you for your series of videos on this. They are incredibly useful and I will be reviewing them again as I get my own dual GI275 equipped plane back from avionics in two weeks - can't wait! Thank you!! Erik
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