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  1. That seems axiomatically relevant: if you can't even walk - don't go flying! I remember some intense ice storms that made such a sheen that people were falling and breaking wrists and hips. Don't go flying in that. E
  2. Fun! I usually make a lobster run or two every year. I like KBST Belfast Maine since I really love Young's lobster pound that is a restaurant and real lobster pound with the boats pulling right up and right on the water. But i think it is 2 or 3 or 4 miles from the airport. We have bikes. KRKD Rockland is a really nice town with lots of lobster options in town. But they too are about 2 miles from the airport. Eastport Main is pretty cool. Most eastern town in the usa. In the mouth of the Bay of Fundi so massive tides. Several restaurants on the water that are legit lobster
  3. Purple and red sounds really cool. Ask yourself how old is your fuel tank sealant - while not leaking, mine was original so I was sure that my tanks would start leaking soon after a new paint job and ruin the paint. SO I got a reseal immediately proceeding paint.
  4. Ah - thanks both. On the one hand if I want I have two points to mount accessories and one is open. So a plane power backup alternator would fit. But with two batteries I haven't bothered. I have two batteries in the tail to add extra weight - which is part of the rocket mod - plus 19lbs of dead weight in the tail. I suppose keeping the electric backup vacuum is the same as removing a piece of lead from the tail, vs removing the electric. On the other hand, its nice and simple to just have the engine driven vacuum just always on and no need to remember to flick the vacuum on swit
  5. Well - could be - but (now mind you my airplane takes two big 35'ers) my airplane has concord and I have started it up without a problem in as low as -10F. (Well yes I do preheat - but that preheats the engine - not the batteries in the tail). So them's some cold batteries.
  6. I agree with your assessment Don. You said what I had said, but you said it more clearly.
  7. Does the failure mode of the GFC500 upon loss of gps during a coupled ILS approach require hand flying? Or can it still fly in autopilot mode but simply on heading, not coupled?
  8. That's true - But honestly I bet the GPS system infrastructure is more reliable than my KFC200. So if thats the issue and all things being equal I would not turn my nose up to a GFC500 on the issue of the possibility of loosing the GPS infrastructure (from maybe a nuclear EMF pulse?) vs relying on my KFC200 to function from day to day for a coupled approach? (Disclaimer - so far my KFC200 has been very reliable, knock on wood - just saying). And then there is hand flying. Just did an IPC (since I fell outside my 6 month window due to pandemic), and the darned guy made me handfl
  9. A g3x won't drive a classic autopilot. While that is great, but that is not the complete cost for a g3x system is how much? From this website I am guessing >16.5k? https://avionics-laf.com/products/garmin-gfc500-autopilot-installed for the rest of a GFC500 install. So all in is it 36.5k? I have been quoted from 14k to 22k for 2 GI256 for driving my KFC200. What a huge range of quotes - and I am talking all the shops within 4 hrs drive so I can drive home - and return for tweaking if there is a problem. I have been quoted lower for far away shops like 1000nm but in reality 2k sa
  10. My rocket is based on 1981 m20k and I have the 3200. i bet that’s it And I bet this plane has an extra 300 to give you.
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