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  1. Hi Steve, my serial number is 29-0475. I can not trim down using electric trim switch. I am able to trim up without any issue. We replaced the switch without any improvement. Don Maxwell looked at the issue and said it is Garmin Servo even though plane flies on GFC 700 without any issue.
  2. I am looking for part number for Garmin pitch/trim servo. I have 2007 Mooney Ovation 3 with G1000. Any help will be appreciated
  3. @Danb thanks so much! I really appreciate your input
  4. Thank you so much. I will call them before I start flying only to fly right back with empty hands. LOL!
  5. these units came from cirrus and seem to have the correct serial number and I planning to fly to go to Don Maxwell shop this month. I am based in California and I was hoping may be someone else has the experience since Dallas is long flight. Thanks
  6. I have G1000 with GFC 700 without the WAAS. I have bought the used GIA63W units along with the new WAAS antennas. Does anybody has any shop that can do this work for me. What kind of software update do I need? I understand that changing the hardware is the easy part. Any help or suggestions are appreciated
  7. Hi I have Ovation 3 but my electric trim switch has gone bad. Wondering if someone knows where to get this switch. Thank you
  8. Wondering if anyone might be able to post a wiring diagram for the ovation 3 electric trim switch. We have disassembled the switch but want to connect the wires to make sure servo is working properly. Help will be appreciated wry much
  9. I have Mooney ovation 3 with G1000 with GFC 700 autopilot. My electric trim switch is only working in one direction. Autopilot is able to control the trim in both directions. Any thoughts will be appreciated. Apparently some have had issue with wiring coming loose in the yoke. We are planning to look into yoke on Monday
  10. I have a friend at Santa Monica who might be interested in selling his J model. I can get u his info if interested.
  11. weep no more and you get a life long warranty. They are the best guys in the business of sealing tanks on Mooney. Don't show up to LASAR in Northern California.
  12. most likely you got a dead cell in the battery if everything else is ok. It happened to me last week. placed a new concord battery and all is well. kj
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