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  1. For scoring a high number on the written... 1) All the 100s of questions are known, searchable or available in some way... 2) They were written by expert test writers... 3) Many of the questions are designed to easily mis direct the unknowing test taker... (don’t be un-knowing) 4) look closely at the questions you get wrong. Determine why you got it wrong... 5) On the test day, you get so much time... check your work over... 6) Some versions of the questions on the test are a cognitive fake out... they ask the same questions in different ways... one of the ways is going to be harder to follow... 7) Sometimes you think you are reading the question and go directly to the right answer... when you go back and read the question closely it isn’t the question you thought it was.... 8) Scoring a 98 on the test is great... few can do better than that. But all you need to do is pass.... 9) There are about a handful of different complex flight planning questions... easier to memorize the answers than do the calculations... great time saver... 10) No partial credit given for your thought process.... The written is a major hurdle to get to the practical test. Don’t let it get you down.... especially on questions like nav instruments you won’t ever have in your plane... instrument failures mechanisms that no longer exist in your plane... The FAA has given you a hurdle... so you soar over it with Mooney grace... Good luck taking the test... The results have an expiration date of a couple of years(?)... it doesn’t last forever... Best regards, -a-
  2. carusoam

    Removal of annunciator panel

    I’d like a pair of snails to go with the IO550... But they call that the M20TN and would require an STC to put on the M20R... The free cyclonic Booster is even stronger in the FLs..! That pair of G5s sure looks elegant! -a-
  3. The power of MS in action! -a-
  4. Great pirep, Paul! Excellent customer support, Bryan! Keep up the good work! Best regards, -a-
  5. Nice pics gents! The adjustable range is defined by the slot in the yellow painted sheet metal... The actual push button of the switch.... is barely noticeable above the small wheel... The button gets un-pushed as the wheel falls in the divot... Unfortunately, I don’t see the actual push/pull control that runs down the center... in either of the pics that would show the divot... PP thoughts only, not a mechanic... Best regards, -a-
  6. carusoam

    Lycoming SI 1498B

    Anything new? Did something happen that brings this document out? 1) Fuel vaporizes when it gets warmed... 2) increasing FF lessens the temp and the probability of vaporization in the lines... 3) The other guys have a fuel line back to the tank to dump warm fuel before start... it helps some... PP thoughts only, not currently a Lycoming pilot... Best regards, -a-
  7. carusoam

    How Reliable is JPI EDM900?

    Flyer99, Compare MVP notes with Don K... What are your biggest challenges with your MVP? Just Wondering if there is a collection of important details for MVP owners... There are so few in the wild at MS. These devices have so many complexities associated with them. instaltions add to the variation. As do installers... I haven’t pulled the trigger on a new one yet... Best regards, -a-
  8. carusoam

    Stratus 2S 400.00

    @Alan Fox question for you... ^^^^ -a-
  9. carusoam

    Check Gear!

    Glad we are on the same page... Speaking of other planes... and white arcs... when multiple levels of flaps are used, they have stepped white arcs to denote various speeds... stall variations at one end, flap variations at the other...? You caught me... i’m Still learning how to read and write. Memorizing all the white arcs of all the various Mooneys is an interesting challenge. Does your J have any steps in its white arc? They should be in the limitations section of the POH if they exist... Keep in mind, Paul, the OP, was starting a discussion about all M20 pilots... his example of current events happen to be two M20Ks... but the discussion belongs with all, except three M20Ds, that have been kept in original fixed gear configuration... How many GU landings have MSers had since Paul’s post started this conversation? The power of an MS conversation... we learn and re-learn amazing Mooney details in every one. PP thoughts only, not a CFI... Best regards, -a-
  10. Expect that you are only moving the switch to fall in the hole... It should activate somewhere below 12” of MP... Any lower... you get very little warning of gear-up impending... Any higher... you get an annoyance during descent.... Check the maintenance manual to see what it says about adjusting the switch... Descending rapidly with the gear up... you either get to leave some throttle in to silence the alarm, or stick a finger in the hole to activate the gear switch... There is no perfect MP setting for this... at MGTW the MP need is higher... lightly loaded the MP need is lower... but the switch is set in one place... Consult your mechanic, and your MM, before using an ordinary PP... Best regards, -a-
  11. The PMA is great... we have a guy... he supplies a fair amount of detail regarding audio panels... the GTX-R might be beneficial for WnB... Remote mounted to the tail... their guy can be found at BT when needed... Best regards, -a-
  12. carusoam

    What's this called ?

    Airways, If you can... See if you can post a few good pics of what broke up... That will probably be helpful to a few people/252ers. Best regards, -a-
  13. carusoam

    Trio Pro Pilot For M20 Mooneys

    Engine oriented Mooniacs.... have choices... Swapped out the carb for FI... increased cubes... increased rpm... increased CR... increased MP... went turbo or added a TN... There are a couple of P46Ts (turbine) around MS... A Comanche 400 (720ci)... and a Carbon Cub... Some come here as Mooniacs, but stay around after graduation... Others, are deeply rooted in Mooneys, but their other plane is even more interesting for something a Mooney doesn’t do... Imagine for a moment... your slow plane is a Rocket... or your fast car has track tires... (Somebody posted a video of Andy Pilgrim driving their Vette around Road Atlanta(?)) The MSer was riding shotgun... Also find the thread with Mooneys and the other rides... for really interesting planes mooniacs fly... There is a thread honoring the military pilots and their work horses... we have many helicopter folks... You can get the pilot out of the Mooney... but the Mooney will remain deeply imbedded within the pilot... Stuff I learned on MS, and stored in a fuzzy memory... Go Mooney! Best regards, -a-
  14. carusoam

    Trio Pro Pilot For M20 Mooneys

    Must have been a slow night on the P forum... wait a minute... every night is.... A slow night on the P forum.... I held onto that for a day or two... Go Mooney! Best regards, -a-
  15. carusoam

    Left mag check kills engine

    Great follow-up Wayne. Got any pics of the ugly parts? Best regards, -a-