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  1. Be looking for the dead leg... It resides between the two static ports in the tail... Probably a four way intersection...left side, right side, dead leg to collect water, and then the tube that goes to the static instruments up front... It is quite possible, somebody didn’t know why the dead leg was there... Find the official drawing to see what it is supposed to look like... Water getting up to the instruments is bad... and should be avoided... Most often the drains are completely empty... checked every flying day... A good sideways rain, can fill the static system with a lot of water... PP thoughts only, -a-
  2. Another source of alternator whine... it comes with bad diodes. find the bridge, and visually inspect... diodes often fail leaving ugly marks of heat related damage... The alternator will appear to work properly, but it is missing some current that is not getting out... if it is a diode... PP thoughts only, -a-
  3. Also know as the first application of a hybrid drive train... It also works with Firebirds... when the gas engine runs out of juice (ignition, or gasoline), the electric motor gets it to a safe parking area... could be a half mile away. The sensor is behind the clutch pedal... just unplug... Best regards, -a-
  4. Brad’s plane on an ordinary day... -a-
  5. I have a low, single digit O... -a-
  6. Speaking of close by MSers... All the way from Old England.... There has been an @Awful_Charlie sighting... Between NY and NJ... Looks like the skipped the New England... Best regards, -a-
  7. Great Pirep, Alfredo! Yesterday, MS was discussing being within 500’ of another MSer... Today, we find MSers parking next to each other... Chances are, if you say hi to another Mooney pilot and you have a conversation... they are an MSer... In the case they try to avoid conversation... they are not comfortable at being online either... Best regards, -a-
  8. Why would it sound strange to be economy conscious? The nice part about Mooneys is Speed and Efficiency... Economic efficiency is critical for many plane owners... It is great to be able to fly a plane in flaming dragon mode... at the cost of more fuel and a set of cylinders... (Speed is everything) It is Also great to be able to dial it back and fly with great temp control LOP... (Economic efficiency, and great speed) Then there are the pilots that use both... Speed or efficiency on different days... Know your temps, CHTs and TITs... The Rocket IS a great machine. Best regards, -a-
  9. Chuckle away, Tom... beware the black car in the driveway at night... use all of your mirrors. Lets invite @Parker_Woodruff to add some detail... there may be something for insuring a personal fleet... Best regards, -a-
  10. Interesting end plates on the fourth wing of the tri-Fokker... they double as wheels! Best regards, -a-
  11. My friend has fear of driving over bridges... similar to fear of heights... no problem flying in an Ovation... until IMC and really bumpy... He is tough deep inside... Gravity sorted... -a-
  12. Bcbr, did you get to fly the 310hp IO550? A pair would be extra cool! Best regards, -a-
  13. Bummer... the modern world will still need a good plan B... go DME... Last time we needed good plan Bs.... we were not allowed to fly... 9/11... Best regards, -a-
  14. Great question... I have forgotten, or didn’t know exactly how DME actually determines distance... other than straight line, to the station from altitude. GPS systems don’t use the DME technology... The all in one boxes use the actual VOR and ILS for some types of approaches... and GPS for the rest... Yet, no DME... But then again, the FAA has made DME less and less important as it is slowly phasing away... PP thoughts only, not a CFI... Let me know if I have missed something with this import nav equipment question... Best regards, -a-
  15. Sorry, I fell behind in my reading... and missed your request... Fire away... use the quote button, or @ sign..... to send a hint your a looking for @carusoam Best regards, -a-