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  1. I guess you can get rid of that 1 pound brick in the aft fuselage that powers the light/strobe with the led. Once I have that light (or any of my nav/position/strobes for that matter) burn out I'm replacing them with LEDs and saving a whole 3 pounds. I keep waiting -- it's been 5 years since I bought the aircraft -- I'm still waiting. However, I keep telling people that if weight savings was the goal, it'll be cheaper to get lipo. Bruce
  2. My favorite tool I hope to never use again. It's my Rapco vacuum pump wrench. Removed my vacuum pump and good riddance!
  3. You've have hit the nail on the head as to my dilemma. Except that I don't have the STC for my tail number. I have the parts from someone else's airplane and some Xerox copies of what I think was the STC for his or her tail number. Reference FAR 91.403 (d). In theory, all I need is written permission from the STC owner to install them. I've already spoke with the Atlanta FAA folks and they gave me the summary that you so well expressed in your post. It's certainly NOT as easy as some imply -- even if I get the STC declared "abandoned" I still can't install it on my airplane because I never purchased nor do I have written permission to install them on my aircraft. The "abandoned" status allows you to get the engineering data maintain or rebuild the STC on your own aircraft IF you already have had permission to use it. This allows for the continued airworthiness of those aircraft with out having to be forced to demod if the part(s) becomes unservicable. Any one have a line on Tim or Lisa Coons' mailing address? You can send via private message if you like. Bruce
  4. After all this, does anybody have an address to write to for permission to use one of the Mod Works STCs? In my case I physically have the Lo Profile door panels but I don't have the STC for my aircraft. There's an address for Mod Works on the FAA webpage for this STC but I'm sure they are no longer at their Punta Gorda Airport address. Any help tracking down who I can write to would be appreciated. Bruce
  5. My right mag was just overhauled and tested as part of this ordeal.
  6. Checked, double checked, triple checked. It's not set to 25deg at least by the DIP switches or light codes.
  7. Continue reading to step 30. You're to keep adjusting by 1 degree increments until to you reach the POH limits. Ironically, my A&P got to 25deg TDC on the right mag when the mag drops were within POH limits.
  8. So how far from the engine spec of 20degree advance of TDC are you allowed to go in order to match the SureFly?
  9. Back in the Spring (2022) I had a Surefly installed but have only been struggling with excessive mag drops since my annual last month. I noticed that Surefly now (not sure how old this is) troubleshooting guide for this. Link below: This seems like it would do the trick, but I question that you'd just adjust the standard mag timing to get it meet the POH criteria for mag checks. How would anything but setting your standard mag to 20deg or 25deg (depending on your engine) be acceptable or legal? I don't mean to restart the whole 20 vs 25 deg TDC debate but this procedure from Surefly seems a like a head scratcher to me. Anyone know if Lycoming blesses this process? (I guess I'll message them and see and report back). https://www.surefly.aero/_files/ugd/f0684a_b1912ac854234753a1e424fc07665db5.pdf
  10. That first instructor should give up his/her certificate.
  11. Performance. I had just installed a surefly and instead of making everything better, it seemed everything got worse. Harder starts, more not less fuel burn, less power not more power etc. It happened that this plug was one of the four ignited by the Surefly. I'm still digging through some issues but one of the steps was inspect and clean and regap the plugs and that's when I discovered this plug was bad.
  12. For whatever reason I'm just picking up on this thread and the other thread from back in 2018-2020 about this issue. Just two months ago, I discoved that one of my Tempest Fine wires lost it's center plug. I just thought, at the time, it's just goes with the territory. Now I'm glad I've held on to the plug. I've emailed John at Tempest to see if they have any guidance for me. Bruce
  13. It's been about four years since I've been to Furnace Creek and the runway was in awful shape, washboarded with lots of cracks. I was thankful to get out of there without collapsing my landing gear. I understand there's a better half or a portion of the runway that is in better shape, but I'm not bringing my bird back unless they repair it. Here are some remarks from the current "AFD" in Foreflight: Runway 15/33: Up to 4 inch salt heave and runway cracks. could dmg aircraft with wheel fairings or cause a potential to blow out a tire. pavement heaving, extremely rough surface. potential for dmg to aircraft using this runway. That's gonna be a no from me dawg...
  14. The Lycoming SSP-1776-5 shows 35 in-lbs for silicon gaskets. Not sure if this applies to your engine. Lesson I've personally learned. If you get the gaskets that are a buck or two cheaper from aircraft spruce (the one that don't say if they are PMA'ed) then the bolt holes will be too big and it will leak oil through the bolt holes. Make sure you get the ones the seal up against the bolts. In other words, the gasket bolt hole diameters should be snug against the bolt as you screw them in. But don't over torque! Bruce
  15. I've read (probably on Mooneyspace) that the Lycoming IO-360 injectors are already very well balanced and likely will not gain much with GAMI's. For instance my M20J has a "GAMI spread" of about 0.2gph with the stock injectors. Bruce
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