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  1. I "dropped" rose petals out the pilot window of my M20J for a memorial a couple of years ago. They spattered all over the left horizontal tail. It looked like a blood bath.
  2. Any chance do you have pictures of your installation or part numbers of what you used?
  3. Ok, so whose the best and the right price? I'm looking to install a GFC500 in the next few months in my M20J. Looking for places primarily in California, Nevada, or Arizona. Thanks, Bruce
  4. Geesh, just 3-4 years ago on Spruce, these were about $101 each.
  5. Another question. Any recommendations for cables and connectors? I got my 650e in a couple of days ago and I'm strategizing on how I want to connect them (wiring and connectors). I'm removing a "legacy" set of wing tip lights. A nav light with 12V and grnd and and three pin/wire strobe. So I'll have 5 wires (ones a redundant ground) on the aircraft side and 4 wires on the light side (the Whelen 650e). And I may need a bit of wire to make sure everything reaches (there's plenty their now I could scavenge but...) I'll be removing an older Whelen strobe power supply (looks like a A490TCF). Obviously I desire a clean, FAA approved, installation and I would like to have connectors on each end that I can easily disconnect and reconnect should the need arises. Whelen sells 2 and 3 pin cable its and connectors. However, it seems like I really ought to have some sort of 4 pin connector. I'd let the sync float for now, but may use it later. Thanks, Bruce
  6. Absolutely. Before starting this thread I searched "LED" "Strobe" "wing tip" on Mooneyspace and not one of the cross threads that folks have posted above was listed! Would have saved a lot of time and electrons. Bruce
  7. I read the thread about dimming the landing gear light but it never really answered the "how to keep the gear light working as designed" question. Any leads?
  8. I vowed that I would "go LED" once (or as) my lights burn out. Preflighting my bird last night I noticed my right wingtip strobe is in-op. My stats: 1984 M20J, 12V, wing tip lights are embedded in the wing tip (curved wingtips?) So I've been looking at the Whelen Orion 650E (embedded) and replacing both wingtip lights at once. I know about by passing the strobe module/power supply. But, are there any "gotchas" like you must run all new wire out to the wing, or add a circuit so that the lighting works right? It looks too easy... Also, any recommendations for other certified lighting solutions? Thanks, Bruce
  9. I have a KAP 150 autopilot. Just yesterday when I went to heading hold I noticed that the "HDG" light didn't illuminate (it definitely worked during pre-flight). The function still worked as it followed my heading bug but it didn't light up even after a couple of autopilot disconnects and a reset of the trim power. What are my options to fix this? (and yes I'm even considering 'GFC-500' as an option (-; ). Bruce
  10. Define "guru" and define "LA Area"
  11. Agreed, they look like the original control links to me.
  12. That is similar feedback to what I got from the Atlanta FSDO office about 2 years ago -- never mind they stated it would take months to years to go through the process of declaring the STC "abandoned" I keep circling back to my best option being getting a letter from Mr. Coons simply stating I have permission to use the STC. Bruce
  13. But that doesn't give me permission to install on my tail number. This process doesn't get around FAR Part 91.403. Essentially it would be "great, I have the engineering data --- now what? Start the process to generate my own STC?" I think I'm better off seeing if I can get a field approval as my next step.
  14. Again -- an "abandoned STC" doesn't help me -- just read through this lengthy thread. It will not give me approval to install it on my aircraft when I never had the approval in the first place. Getting it declared "abandoned" only allows the FAA to provide the engineering data to current STC holders for the purpose of continued airworthiness. The FAA can't give away something they don't own -- in this case the "rights" to the design and the "rights" to sell it still belong to Mod Works. Per 91.403: A person must not alter an aircraft based on a supplemental type certificate unless the owner or operator of the aircraft is the holder of the supplemental type certificate, or has written permission from the holder.
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