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  1. Some follow up: I just ordered two Air Hawks and the Michelin leak stop tubes to go with them. Yesterday at some point either due to pilot technique (likely) and the nasty crosswinds I put a spot on my left (the good tire as my luck would have it) through a couple of layers of cord. Now I have to replace two tires...at least I'll hopefully get that pesky slow leak fixed in my right tire. If I have the mind for it, I'll give you folks a review as I put landings on them.
  2. And NOT the GTN 750. Ask me how I know. It's a bit frustrating that I can share flight plans in Foreflight in my friends Bo with a GNX 375 but I can't with my newer and and expensive 750 in my Mooney.
  3. The best tip I have when safety wiring that bolt is to make a hook out of the wire and some long needle nose pliers to get it hooked into the hole in the bolt.
  4. Seems a shame. Priced competitively and made available, it would seem that these would make a revenue stream for Mooney while they figured things out. There's a few items on that list that sound pretty cool but I can't even tell if I really need or want them based on the sparse information and no prices listed. Why even post this list on your website? Are you listening Mooney? For instance, I've been having issues with my RPM gauge -- would one of these retrofit kit tachs be my solution? I've also been flying a lot with a portable O2 system. What one of those retro-fit O2 systems be s
  5. Ref: Retrofit_Revised.xls (mooney.com) Is there a place where you can find pictures and more detailed descriptions or explanations of these retrofit kits?
  6. Found a number of these in the aviation parts section of my local Karl's Hardware but they were too large...these may just fit the bill. Thanks.
  7. Per the POH. They use the the same holes that are drilled into the seat rails for the seat stops (the cotter pin that keeps the seat on the rail on the aft end). I couldn't find any D rings small enough or of the right configuration at the aviation debt of my local hardware store.
  8. I own a 1984 M20J that has the rear seats that can be removed to convert the aircraft into a cargo hauler. The POH has a reference to Cargo "D" rings and cargo restraint belts in the weight and balance section as well as a description and picture of the setup in the systems section. However I can't find it in the parts manual. Any idea where I find these "D" rings, belts, and the associated attaching hardware? Thanks, Bruce
  9. I have a 1984 M20J. My right main tire is almost in need of replacement as it's just shy of being "bald" and I was looking for the Mooneyspace hivemind's recommendation for replacement of tire and tube. Also, my left tire is in good shape. Either previous owners have replaced them separately or always landed right tire first. However, my A&Ps tell me to always replace the mains at the same time. And I also understand you should always change the tube when you change the tire. What do you guys think? Thanks, Bruce
  10. When I had my avionics upgraded, I told my shop to remove all the vacuum related stuff firewall aft. They removed the peanut gauge, wired the vacuum light such that it illuminates when you hit the push to test but it otherwise doesn't illuminate (I may need a placard for this or cover it at some point). And as far as I can tell they removed removed all the vacuum tubes under the panel. However, they left in the vacuum regulator (the one with the garter filter) and another vacuum filter that I'm not sure was even plumbed to anything before the mod. I had to then remove these two items t
  11. Auto Metal Direct W-641 Auto Metal Direct Ashtrays | Summit Racing Maybe?
  12. For $600 each, I'd be tempted to sell you mine! Then I can go out and buy that Surefly ignition system.
  13. For the folks who have installed the Surefly ignition system, how do the "mag checks" that you do pre-takeoff look like? Does it behave like it would if you had two mags? EG are the RPM drops and limits the same and do you still go through the both / right / both / left / both routine? Thanks, Bruce
  14. This is discouraging. I had some long terms plans of flying my Mooney across the Atlantic and was thinking of putting these long range tanks on in the next 6-9 years.
  15. I think they had an STC for the Lo-Profile landing gear doors. I think Mod Works originally owned the STC. I'd definitely be interested in getting those (or at least the STC) for my M20J. I've spoke to the FAA and tried "abandoned STC" route but that only helps you if you had the STC/mod in the first and need to make repairs or replacement. Anybody have a clue as to if this STC is available elsewhere? Thanks, Bruce
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