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  1. Has anyone used the new Apple Watch as a oximeter in flight?
  2. If I have to use O2, I use a pulse-oximeter. If I get near or below 90%, I ramp up the flow and remind myself to breath through the nose more.
  3. For my "big avionics upgrade" last year I wanted to get rid of the vacuum pump and the directional/autopilot gyro as they have both failed me in the last couple of years. I also wanted to set up my airplane to upgrade the autopilot at some future date. I went with dual 275's and a 750 as it coupled almost perfectly with my KAP-150 and should give me the upgrade path to the GFC500. Aside from having a pitch bobble with my current autopilot, I'm actually quite happy with the combination of 275's, 750 and my KAP-150. For the OP, I'd consider just biting the bullet and either get the G5 or 275 installed. I know -- it's going to hurt the wallet to get the GFC500 by itself!
  4. Well, this is why I'm asking the question....does ANYBODY know?
  5. My question was about Schwendy and Chino -- somehow this got hi-jacked to Oceano...(which I do care about as well).
  6. [edit: is there anyway to move this thread to the "Misc" section and out of "General Mooney Talk"?] I've noticed over the last couple of months that their web site has been stuck saying "Coming Soon" and just today a google search says they are "Permanently Closed" but with very positive comments about their work and expanding to a bigger hangar, etc. They were one of the installers that Surefly recommended but they would never return my phone calls. Anybody know what's going on?
  7. This is awesome input. Hee hee, I was right seat of a V-tail that had an electical fire under the glare shield. The owner, unbeknown to him, had a barrel fuse to simply tied from +12V to ground with a fuse that understandably kept blowing (previous own had just left the blown fuse in). The current owner didn't know what the fuse and wire was for and took out the fuse, thinking that this was safer than having the fuse constantly burning out. Apparently, I moved it just right when I plugged in my headsets and the wire on either end of the empty barrel fuse came together... After the fact we speculated that sometime in the past, that wire was used for something that was removed. But instead of removing the wire, some idiot just tied it to ground. The aftermath was that he rewired his whole electrical system.
  8. Did you run the +12V all the way from the battery in the "avionics bay" behind the baggage compartment? That actually seems to me to be the hardest part.
  9. My stock RPM gage gets it's signals from the P-leads, wired to the ignition switch then to a couple of resistors. So how do I get "left and right" RPM or do "mag/SIM checks" then?
  10. My aircraft: 1984 M20J with IO-360-A3B6. I may be pulling the trigger on installing a Surefly in the next couple of months. Any recommendation as to installers in the southern California, Nevada, Arizona area? Also, does it make sense for me to buy the components first then find an installer? I know I asked the question a few month ago but it looks like the landscape may have changed. I noticed on the Surefly web site they have preferred installers. However, Schewendy at Chino, which would be close to homebase, have not been returning my calls or emails. The next closest is in Prescott Arizona. One more question: I saw on the Aircraft Spruce page where it says that if your EIS uses the mag P-lead then call Surefly for additional information -- my RPM gauge and EIS (Insight G4) uses the P-lead for RPM. Does anybody what the issue or concern is? Thanks, Bruce
  11. My annual is due at the end of July and looking at doing it at Foothill as a change of pace. I've done my last 3 as owner assisted and the last two with the same IA. Any reviews? My motivations: a. owner assisted is a boat ton of work and I'm hoping to take a break this time around. b. I figure it's good to get a new set of eyes on my bird every couple of years.
  12. As far as I can tell, you never need to update the 275 databases even if you fly IFR.
  13. I found my Arrow and 182RG time really helped prepare me for the Mooney. Shop around and be patient. Market's though for buyers right now but you can't go wrong with a Mooney.
  14. It's definitely a "red flag"...except its liquid and not a flag.
  15. Some follow up: I just ordered two Air Hawks and the Michelin leak stop tubes to go with them. Yesterday at some point either due to pilot technique (likely) and the nasty crosswinds I put a spot on my left (the good tire as my luck would have it) through a couple of layers of cord. Now I have to replace two tires...at least I'll hopefully get that pesky slow leak fixed in my right tire. If I have the mind for it, I'll give you folks a review as I put landings on them.
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