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On 7/13/2019 at 3:47 AM, Hank said:

@Tom--that's a very brod and unusual definition you have for "politics."

For the purpose of this thread, and NOT starting a zone dedicated to it, my understanding of the word is tied to the words [spoken and written] and actions of "politicians," people who hold elected political offices in the city, county, state and national government of this great country. Just as they are currently very, very divided and intolerant, so are many of their constituents.

Any area set aside for political posturing here would simply invite that divisive and intolerant behavior into our Mooney Airplane community. I don't really want that here, we have enough division when it comes to things like short body vs. mid-body; turbo vs. NA; ROP vs. LOP; use of Flaps for takeoff; the definition of a proper landing pattern; what counts as a "short" runway; Garmin vs. everything else; ForeFlight vs. anything Android; etc.

Please keep posts dedicated to the words and actions of our posturing, divisive "political class" away from this here Airplane website, and do put them up on your favorite website dedicated to such things instead. Putting them here is as inappropriate as posting your Mooney flights on a website dedicated to helping people with their retirement planning . . . . .

Read, Hank. Tom (by the way, I am not Tom in case you are wondering) says "One of my degrees in in political science." And you said his definition of politics is unusual.... REALLY?!

Ok obviously his explanation why he is not supporting this "banning" of political discussion has gone right over your and Mike's heads @201er Let me try to spell it out for both of you.

1) The definition of politics is very subjective and personal. So who's to judge? You? Me? Someone? 
2) It's not the political discussion that matters, it the "bitching and dog-barking" of people who are defending their political views. These people include you, me, Mike, Scott, Peter, Bluewinglfyer, Shardrach, Tony Starke and the list goes on. 
3) The difference is that I don't call for the banning of political discussion but you guys do. 
4) That's because you guys can't help yourself ignoring people who talk opposing politics and "bitch and bark" but then have your views challenged or even ridiculed, which you guys can't stand but, here is the clincher, I can and happy to be challenged or even ridiculed. 

5)lastly, you guys are notably silent or notably supportive when someone clearly injected politics into the discussions. For example, when Peter clearly injected the politics of gun rights into Tony Starke's post about how some Democrat is calling for the banning of recreational helicopter flight over NYC. 

So don't be so arrogant as to self-point yourself as the umpire of what the members can talk about and what can't. And don't be so hypocritical as to stay silent or even support a discussion with politics injected. If you think it's a political discussion (and a lot of time you guys label something as "political" simply because you disagree with it and just want to shut down the conversations), then just walk away / ignore. If you can't help yourself to interject then you don't get to call for the ban. There are people may think the discussion is of scientific or sociological or philosophical or economic or psychological in nature and not politics. 


Especially not right after you called someone who has a political science degree that his definition of "politics" is too broad and unusual....


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This topic is unnecessary since political discussion is already not permitted on Mooneyspace.

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