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  1. Hi, Stephen, That would be great! I'll PM you my cell number. With no airplane and COVID 19, I'm pretty much available anytime on weekends. Just let me know whenever works for you.
  2. Yeah, I think I'll be looking for an M20E since 90+% of the time it's going to just be two of us and occasionally a couple small dogs. That model seems to be the sweet spot for our mission. Although, a nice C would not be ignored (IFR GPS and a functional autopilot). @J0nathan225 Feel free to PM me if/when you plan to be in the area. I'm going to check some local pilot groups to also see if I can find a local Mooney owner. I know there are some around, it's just a matter of talking to the right person. Mark
  3. Thanks for the head's up. I've heard good things about Wing Nuts Aviation there.
  4. Good question. Our copy was definitely a well-built aircraft. In fact, watching the insurance recovery folks attempt to saw the wings off of it after it was totaled showed how stout the thing was. Even after getting rolled up by a tornado, along with its whole hangar row, the plane was still +95% intact. The original builder put an IO-540 from a Cherokee 6 on it, and so ours had an excess of power for that airframe. We were getting close to getting the gremlins worked out of ours, but we made the mistake of not getting a PPI, so it took a while. Anyway, my main desire is to go to s
  5. Hi, folks, I’ve been lurking here a while and at the same time “window” shopping Mooneys on Trade-a-Plane, Controller, etc. I think I’ve narrowed down to looking into a short body Mooney, but I’ve never actually sat or flown in one. So, are there any Mooney C/E owners in the Nashville, TN area (or thereabouts) willing to let me sit in their plane and make airplane noises while seeing how it fits? At 5' 9" I’m sure I’ll fit fine. I just want to make sure the wife and I will both be happy sitting in it on longer flights. (Both our families live a 2-3 hour plane ride away.) I'd als
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