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  1. Thanks for all the good input... I finally managed to test fly an Ovation 2 with 310hp mod with a good instructor at my side. Windy day with 15kt up to 25kt gusts, not that much crosswind, maybe 10-20 degree. Was little nervous to fly a new type of aircraft under those circumstances and at a new airfield in another country too... Starting the engine was the most simple procedure I've ever seen. I think it's little more tight in the cabin that an Arrow and Cessna 172, but better then the M20J 201. Differences between M20J and M20R could be wrong, since it's a while since I sat in the 201. But older Arrows have more head room, maybe quite equal at shoulder height. It's a fantastic plane in every way. Vert fast and stable. Think we had 205kt GS at most... Sadly I only had 30 min of flight before we landed. It's thirsty... Think it took 18 gallon before be leaned it out, and then we had around 15 gallon. We climbed to 6000ft in a couple of minutes... The Ovation wanted to accelerate more or less all the time, and you needed to be alert to have control of everything. It was quite easy to get rid of the speed for landing, Speed breaks did it work. And landing gear and flaps and 75-80IAS for final when landing. Think I did one of my best landings ever, almost didn't feel when the main touched ground. I've read that it should be nose heavy, but nothing I did noticed this time. We had quite much head wind, that probably helped me little to land. It also became clear it's very much travel oriented where I can think it will be fantastic to fly with. For shorter trips, it will probably feel like driving an F1 car... But you can probably ease of the throttle. Now I need to decide if the Ovation is "too much" or it's everything I ever need... Hopefully next week I will be able to fly an Mooney M20K 252. The candidates that I'm looking at right now are. Mooney Ovation 2 Mooney M20J 201 Piper PA28 Turbo Arrow III The Arrow in interesting since it's little bit more roomier then the Mooney, and have good climb power to FL100-150. And will also cost quite less money.
  2. Will send PM to you DRJP if and when I’m visiting Stockholm. if you are close to ESML or ESMS let me know.
  3. Hi all, Wonder if there is any owner here with an M20R or M20K 252 in southern part of Sweden? And if possible I could come by and see if I fit well in the seats and cockpit before deciding to buy one.
  4. I'm in the same situation, looking for a M20J or M20R. 6'3" (193cm) long and sit OK in M20J. The thing I noticed was that the yoke had a little different angle than in a Cessna 172 or PA28 Archer/Arrow. And the headroom was little bit more tight. Mostly sideways to right side of cabin. No problem with legroom. The owner was around 1.70 and he didn't reach the pedals not he didn't had the seat in forward position. But then he had some problems with the yoke got to close to body. I wonder if someone can tell me about the Ovation 2 has same interior or is more roomier in front seats...
  5. Thanks for all answers, good information and input. Quick question, is the M20R more roomier than a M20J when sitting in left seat as Pilot? I sit OK an a M20J, but the head room could be little better. I'm 6.3" tall.
  6. When I checked with ForeFlight, Alps was around 12000ft, and passing at >16000ft with an Ovation is not recommended? I always have the alternate route around alps via France, so it's not that big problem. But it would be nice to cut travel time when and if I do those trips.
  7. @donkaye Do you mind sharing check list if you one on M20J. The one on M20R has lots of good information.
  8. My mission… I live in Europe, South Sweden. it’s everything from short round trips for an hour around the field to longer trips in Sweden and when feeling more confident trips to Western Europe. We have an apartment in Cannes/France and hopefully someday doing 3-4 trips each year over the alps if possible. Since I’m hopefully done with my IFR rating later this year I would like to have an good IFR platform too. Sadly in Europe it’s harder to find nice Mooneys, and even harder is to find an 96-98 M20J. The price for an Ovation 2 is more or less similar. And now I found an nice O2 with ok instrumentation and we’ll taken care of. Non FIKI. One thing concerns me about an O2 is how long start/landings I need. Would be nice to sometimes manage to land on shorter airfields.
  9. Hi all, New member here, I've been thinking of buying an own plane for over 5-7 years now. Started as a silly idea, but the idea have now last 2 years gone to DO IT.. Roughly 225-250h in C172/PA82/DA20 with PPL, NQ Middle of my IFR rating training, done with all theory where we fly an P28R-200. Is it crazy to buy an Ovation 2 directly or should I settle for an M20J ? I know the prices are more steep on O2 than J, but it's also a newer aircraft... And probably little more expensive to own. The question, if we don't think about money for the moment, Is an O2 too much to start with? Can I handle it, or is it too fast? Of course I will take proper training with my flight instructor, but still. /Patrik
  10. Hi, I'm looking into buying an M20J 201 1978 that appears to be in great condition. One of my questions is that is appears to have original sealant with no leaks and patches done. Is this a ticking $$$$ bomb ? How long will it last in best case. Is there anything else that is worth checking up more properly at the PPI ? /Patrik
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