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  1. Meh. Under 85k and I will whip your arse on speeed. Naval aviator should know that this is where it is at. Glad you are happy that you have moved on. I could not be more happy with my decision to go Mooney.
  2. No you don’t. My decision was based on my mission and financial logic as I see it. Facts are: My aircraft seats my wife and I comfortably. My aircraft is fast at my non-oxygen altitude preference of 5k-10k’. My leather smells great. I prefer my retractable gear for speed over your fixed gear. My plane is over-equipped for my mission of two hour day flights in VFR. I don’t want or need a chute. I live in the land of bean fields/airfields and cornfields. The chute is NOT in my price point so NOT a consideration. Period. I got it, the Mooney CEO didn’t listen and like Mooney multiple times before failed pursuing a trainer instead of BRS. Is my Missile better looking? Yes. Is it faster? Yes. Is it reliable? Yes. Do I have a plane that exceeds my mission and doesn’t have a payment? Yes. I don’t like Cirri. Never have. Never will. They are like reading labels in a drugstore to me. Are they competent? I just don’t care. Emotion aside I just don’t like the plane you chose to own and I am not a fan of you beating up on Mooney with Monday morning quarterback stuff. Coming to a Mooney site and calling YOUR brand better is just bad form regardless of your background and experience. It’s like going to someone else’s house and going on and on why yours is better and why you should of done this... Nevermind. I am just an emotional Mooney fanboy. I will take a ride in a Lancair turbine though...
  3. George, I am a LONG time Mooneyspace guy. Your failure my friend is in not considering your audience. I don’t fly over mountains. I don’t fly at night. If friends don’t wish to fly. O.K. By me. Later. Lol. We are on completely different wavelengths. You need to justify nada to me. The exercise is a waste of your time as there is ZERO likelihood of my purchasing a Cirrus...EVER. I am just a happy “new to me” owner of a MOONEY typing on MOONEYSPACE. So again...NOT EVEN CLOSE by the only definition that matters. MINE.
  4. Glad and not surprised that you “feel” that way. I am NOT ceding the “better tool” point though George. For MY mission (and that is the only mission that matters to me) my Missile as equipped is Better than your SR22. Not even close.
  5. And can I do I care to afford it.
  6. Pretty sure there WAS a news release that said closing for a week.
  7. There is a movie that has Kevin B getting run over by a mob as he says “Remain calm”... Chillax. Plane in the hanger. Check Maintenance provider at the ready. Check. Would you feel better if a bunch of SB’s came out? ”Remain Caaaaaaaalm.......” (Mob overtakes and crushes “uninformed”) Fade to black.
  8. So, still waiting on that N Number...
  9. When you are right, you are right. Personally I have zero desire for a new airplane. I do hope that parts begin to flow to those that did purchase a late model Mooney. I would be more curious to know what the unobtainium part is for my 1980 201? Flap and gear motors? Heim Bearings? I can’t think of any parts that are not available? Gear doors? Here is my only response to you George. You stated “when price is not a consideration”. As a pre-owned Mooney owner that has many interests beyond Mooney...NEVER is the answer to that. Price is ALWAYS a consideration. I look at your white Cirri and just think “whatever floats your boat”. Glad there are options for different wallets and missions. If I want passion satisfied I vote for the bird/paint in front of the blimp. All the time. Every time. Go Mooney! What’s that sound? Hark! Over there! A Phoenix stirs in the ashes...
  10. What’s your N Number? Mine is N989TG. My bet is that I don’t get a response. You can PM me if you don’t want to publicly state it for whatever reason.
  11. I’d rather be a mess than Frank...speaking Frankly.
  12. Massive EMP attack? That is something to worry about.
  13. F that. I reject your view categorically. Like 80 J models though. Crying is best done alone.