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  1. I appreciate your clarification. You do not have any hindsight (based on information provided by pilot) concerns regarding his decision making? I accept that, if the answer is “I have no concerns”, but I just don’t agree with your assessment. I am VERY glad that he and his passenger are safe. Anything that doesn’t kill you is an opportunity to learn. I saw ZERO reflection into why his decisions were flawed and what he learned from the event. What I saw was “this is why I did what I did”. I am in the market for another Beech...
  2. Paul, That is kind of a passive aggressive B.S. statement isn’t it? I respect you as somebody that accepts the increased risk that comes from formation flying. This pilot flew after multiple sumps with contamination over the ocean with a passenger without any floatation devices. Would I fly with this guy? NOPE.
  3. Yes it is. I am fine with that as I play in this sandbox and do not really care if I am censored.
  4. Not going to Beechtalk, but would be interested in your sharing the input that makes “it” 5x better. Not being snippy I would genuinely appreciate the cross-sharing.
  5. This just in: Verizon being sued by Cirrus for new slogan: “Call early...Call often”. Film at 11. We return you now to your broadcast in progress.
  6. Passenger got more than she bargained for. That guy owes his friend in the 172 and the U.S. Coast Guard his and his companions life. I hope he pays it forward... I could judge, but I will not. Glad they survived. Sad the Beech did not.
  7. Maybe some of the resident keyboard wizard sleuths can identify how he acquired a Beech and then became a U-Boat Captain.
  8. Guy seems legit to me. Nothing to see here. Move along...
  9. In another “time” I would of jumped on your comment, but going to come close to the -a- school of “just let it go” by saying “I saw what you did there”...
  10. Must be ‘82 because our ‘81 has fixed rear seat back.
  11. So this seems like a good value vs. the first plane is a HUGE question mark on the engine.
  12. Looks like an awesome day! Their expressions on take-off are priceless. Well done! You are the bringer of fun.
  13. No, not really to your last question. Speed control and full flaps are my “secrets” to consistent quality landings that give gentle nods from the co-pilot/critiquer in charge.