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M20K Rocket Avionics For Sale

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I am listing a bunch of serviceable avionics removed from my Rocket for the new Garmin Glass panel recently completed.  I will upgrade the list as I get time.


UPDATE 5/14/24  Almost all prices have been dropped and sold items removed. 


First item is a GNS-530 WAAS with fresh 8130 (overhauled by Garmin this spring) and still in the closed packaging from Garmin.  It comes with a 6 month warranty and the mounting tray, two data cards and wire connecting back plate.  Free shipping. 

Price dropped $1k 1/09/24

Price dropped $1k 2/7/24

Price dropped $500

PRICE $6,500

PRICE DROPPED ANOTHER $500 4/23/2024   Price $6,000

SOLD FOR $7,000 on Ebay 5/10/24






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D1-112-5223 Mechanical Recording Tachometer.  

60 Day Warranty & Free Shipping 

Price; $200

Price dropped to $150 on 2/7/24

Price dropped to $125 on 4/15/24



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Price dropped to $125
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On 4/16/2024 at 10:29 PM, Rotorhead said:

@Yooper Rocketman private messaged you

Sorry about the engine monitor and probes being sold by my staff last week while I was in Florida.  It has been busy as heck for both my guys and me since I got back, and I wasn't notified.

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If I am slow getting back to anyone, please email or text me directly.  I am all elbows and nose into my Lancair IVPT rebuild, working crazy hours on it.  I don't get on this site very often.


Tom Sullivan

Cell; nine zero six - 458 - six nine eight nine

email; tom (at) uptruckcenter (dot) com

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