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  1. Wonder if anyone uses built-in Foreflight performance profile for the Bravo. Seems like the use values that most of the folks on this forum recommend not to use. For example i don't see performance for 29@2400rpm, and 30@2400 rpm at all. Contacted them and they said they will only use values published by POH, wonder if custom profiles are working for the folks, since they produce gross errors for me. Cheers!
  2. CTAF for KFIT is 122.7. Only rwy lights controlled on 123.0
  3. Wonder why they show slightly different Pitch angle. I assume there is adjustment pitch offset on GI275?
  4. Looks like KI256 which is part of KFC150 autopilot is becoming sticky and slow, wonder if it is worth to send it for an overhaul or buy used one? Potentially planing to upgrade to GI275, but if there is decent option to overhaul/used I'll probably take that route. Thank you.
  5. Seems to be hard to find online, wonder if anyone has electronic copy? Thanks.
  6. Davidv, thank you for you opinion, i'm actually 15 min away from 6B6, would love the tour, pls drop me a note once you heading our way! What kind of flight parameters and fuel load make non stop FXE to Boston possible ? Almost 1100 miles, wow!
  7. I'm in Boston area, flights to DC, FL, and Canada. With faster plane plan to go CO and UT as well. I like the sound of 300nm not even being 2 hours
  8. Thanks, i'm more inclined towards Bravo, precisely for the reasons LANCECASPER, and Danb mentioned. Small PAX is ok with mask. I have mix variety of trips, some of them short 90-150nm and about 50% longer than 300nm, spend enough time in low powered PA28s in a soup wishing to have power to avoid it, as well as to arrive to destination little bit quicker
  9. Thanks, looking at them as well. I understand they have pretty similar body and cabin space ?
  10. Hello Bonal, looking at basic specs for Bravo it seems to suit my missions 2.5 PAX 900 lbs payload seems fine for 3 hour 185 kts flight with fuel reserve, assuming 20gph. Ability to get on top of some weather seems to be a nice bonus. Looking mostly for room, stable IFR platform, noise factor, average yearly cost (besides oil/fuel expense), and just want to get a general sense of the airplane. Cheers!
  11. Hello, I'm considering Mooney Bravo airplane for relatively long trips. Would love to get in touch with owners to chat/check the plane in order to figure out if its a right choice for me. Regards, Alex.
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