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  1. It works well. Useful.
  2. Wonder if here is any insurance discount for installing gear minding system like P2 (https://www.p2inc.com/audioadvisory.asp) ?
  3. Don, i would not be that categorical calming that tapes are automatic read, each person is wired differently, I've spend 7 years flying with tapes and could not comprehend them as fast as analog gauges, when you see solid green on the tape you NEED to read the number to know exactly where you are in that green range. On analog needs one does not even need to shift eye focus to see that needle is pointing in the right segment of the green arc for example. In addition motion of the needle (first and second derivative of the position angle) is easier to absorb than frequency of the number chan
  4. For me the biggest advantage in g3x was ability to display analog gauges. My brain reads position of analog needles much quicker vs tape numbers that need additional interpretation.
  5. Technically we should blame phone manufactures. I'm still waiting when there will be at least one smart person on the design team there that will make square (or round) sensor that will capture data irrelevant of the orientation and store ALL data even the one that can't be shown while filming due to the phone display orientation.
  6. Sounds like several devices share CAN bus with the same CAN ID (aka can address) G5 units have ID pins to tell the system which G5 is in charge and which is the #2 unit. If they are both trying to talk on the network as the unit in charge, you have a network address conflict.
  7. Still really good clear path in front to allow for shallow approach
  8. Yes. You are correct, confirmed that VNAV is not available with GNX375
  9. So my understanding it will fly step downs with gtn750 but not with gnx 375. Trying to figure what exactly is lost with gnx 375 vs gtn 750
  10. Wonder if anyone uses built-in Foreflight performance profile for the Bravo. Seems like the use values that most of the folks on this forum recommend not to use. For example i don't see performance for 29@2400rpm, and 30@2400 rpm at all. Contacted them and they said they will only use values published by POH, wonder if custom profiles are working for the folks, since they produce gross errors for me. Cheers!
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