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  1. When You Realize your Best Friend is a GOOD STICK

    This site won't let me download the in flight pictures. Here's a link to the Lancair site which DID allow them to be downloaded. http://lancairtalk.net/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3507 Tom
  2. My best friend/ hangar partner/ fellow Mooniac has not flown for 1 1/2 years due to a crazy medical issuance over the last 10 years that would have cost him over $10k a year for a 9 month medical (3 months tied up in review every year). And that's for a medical condition the discovering doctor now thinks was a misdiagnosis. So.... every 3-4 years he was able to convince the VA to perform all the expensive tests and he would fly for 9 months and then go into inactivity again. Well, he got his BasicMed on Friday and, with his E model down waiting on a MT 3 blade prop (should arrive this month), I checked him out in my Rocket. He had 38 hours in it over the years, but it's been quite some time since he flew it. We did same air work and 4 landings. He greased 3 of them nicely. I felt totally comfortable with him flying the Rocket without me. Our neighboring EAA Chapter was having an airport day yesterday and they wanted me to bring the Lancair up, but also wanted the Mooney so I could help with Young Eagle flights. Steve agreed to fly the Rocket up, and I had a little side trip to Manistique, MI, flying a doctor friend over to Traverse City, MI. That flight turned a 4 hour drive into a 22 minute flight. As you can see my fried was pretty happy on the ramp in KTVC when we arrived. After that flight I pointed it to Houghton and got up in the flight levels to see if my awesome True Air Speeds in the winter would drop with warmer weather (thankfully they didn't). I flew the first Young Eagles in the Mooney , showing Steve the tricks to hot starting my Rocket. We alternated for a couple trips and then he just stayed with the Rocket while I did a couple flights in the Lancair (one Y.E. and a flight for an old friend/customer that is an A&P/IA/PP). With the exception of his first start, Steve started every time afterwards like he owned the plane. I WAS IMPRESSED. We had arranged for fuel and to leave after his last flight when I discovered a group of 8-9 girls sitting on the now quiet ramp, hoping they would still get their airplane ride. I noticed all the planes with more than 2 seats had left, with just two "2 seaters" left. I talked with Steve and we decided to grab a plane load each and help get those girls a ride. The picture below shows them next to the 17 year old pilot (accepted to the Air Force Academy) after they all got their ride. It's pretty clear they were happy campers! Steve brought his wife's good camera with a telephoto lens on it and captured some air to air on the way home. I tried to load them but they wouldn't go. I will try them later. We were two tired pups as we pushed the planes in the hangar, but what a rewarding day! Tom
  3. Been a Away for awhile...

    Good God guy, what did you do? Tom
  4. Boeing Test flight

    Looks like a pretty clear case of FAKE NEWS
  5. Descend Via

    I flew into Anoka (just north of Minneapolis) on Saturday and was given a crossing restriction "cross 15 east of KANE at 4,000'". I had a retired airline (and Air Force) pilot with me and we decided to start down right away. Looking at my descent it was pretty aggressive, but even pulling power (we dumped a 100 knots) and the aggressive descent rate I found we were not going to make the restriction without a 360. I called MSP approach and said "it looks like it's going to be tight making the crossing restriction", hoping he would have an option. He came back immediately with "pilots discretion to 4,000'". I would have missed it by 600' without a turn or the new clearance. Good folks at MSP! http://flightaware.com/live/flight/N994PT/history/20170729/1230Z/KIMT/KANE/tracklog Tom
  6. Descend Via

    The more I look the less it's likely there are ANY turboprops capable of 280 knots indicated. The Brasilia and the DO-328 have VNE at 250k. Wonder if whoever wrote that STAR knew what max turboprop speeds were?
  7. Mooney Rocket

    I'm about 220 NM north of you (KIMT), and will have my Rocket for sale before too long (6 months +/-). I don't fly it much now or would offer to meet up the next time I'm down that way. Tom
  8. Descend Via

    I was always told "assigned speeds" were "IAS". I know of no turboprops capable of 280 Knots "indicated". Even the TBM has a VNE under that (266k). A Cessna Conquest is 247 knots. I file 300 knots but my VNE is 274 knots indicated. I don't see how ANY turboprops can comply with that procedure? Tom
  9. Today's flight for 2017

    So you flew right over Oshkosh and you didn't stop? Tom
  10. I've flown 4 different planes with the TKS installation, 3 non-FIKI and 1 FIKI. I've only had one pump fail and it was on the FIKI Bonanza, where I was glad I had the second pump (although I had altitude options that day as well). Ironically, I have had the most issues in reliability with the known FIKI plane and it's the only system that let me down in an icing encounter (nothing to do with the certification level on that particular issue). The redundancy does not extend to the filter, which plugged on me. I noticed upon my first TKS installation (my Mooney Rocket) that if you use a hand pump to extract the fluid from the drum, it will leave tiny bits of black rubber in the fluid. Luckily I was skeptical of this, had used a paint filter in the funnel and it was the only way I would have been able to see the contamination. Fast forward several years to the Bonanza TKS planes (owned by our mercy flight organization. I had warned everyone to NOT use a pump unless they filtered the fluid and one pilot didn't believe me. I had actually pulled the pump out of the drum and supplied a barrel stand to gravity fill the containers, yet they started using the pump again. Wish he had been the one flying the day the filter plugged and the system quit! Our maintenance shop had to completely drain the tank and flush it (while disconnected from the filter) to clean the contamination out. Tom
  11. Initial report was it's totaled.
  12. Nomex honeycomb carbon fiber sidewall panels

    Works on all the Lancair's. You're on your way to building one now! :> ) Tom
  13. I'll switch to Aeroshell 100W now

    Saw on interesting presentation by Mike Busch this morning about runnng past TBO. Seems the hard data shows serious engine failure rates are significantly higher in the first 500 hours after overhaul than any other time frame of the engine's life. The engine time reviewed went well past TBO on the charts without ever getting back up to the rate of newly rebuilt engines. Amazingly when I toured the Continental Engine Factory last fall and discussed my 400 past TBO engine in the Rocket, EVERY tech or manager I spoke with said " keep running it!" Anyway, oils came up during the presentation and he recommends Aeroshell W100 and Camguard as the best oil for present engines and avgas ( with lead), providing you can work within the ambient temps conducive for straight weight oil. Phillips 20/50 XC was his recommendation for multi viscosity for good reason. The Aeroshell multi viscosity is 50% synthetic, which would be his first choice if not for leaded fuel. Only petroleum based oils will suspend lead so the lead scavenging ability of Aeroshell multi weight is half that of Phillips 20/50XC. As far as W100x, he felt the additive package in Camguard was better than that and using two additives (W100X AND Camguard) was of no benefit As usual, Mike presented hard facts to back his presentation. I highly recommend finding this one on the EAA website where he has something like 70 forums on record. Tom
  14. M20K Rocket Breather Tube-Picture Wanted

    Hey!!!! Be careful.........your chances of a ride are dwindling fast! Tom
  15. Today's flight for 2017

    Yep, looks like the same system. Checked you on Flight Aware. No grass growing under the tires on your Mooney! Nice looking bird! Tom