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  1. Shane, I'm pretty sure Steve is looking down and doing a fist pump ....... thinking, yes Tom, you found a new owner that will carry on the legacy of ownership on my prized Mooney! It's evident you clearly will. Melancholy about seeing it it go? Yes, that would be a light description of my feelings. But I know Patti (his wife) and Chris and Nick (his sons) will be very happy to hear your story and how the plane will be taken care of. When I emailed the boys to inform them the transaction was complete and it had flown off to Texas, both of them reminisced flights they had done many ye
  2. I had a nice Cross Country flight last week, flying from the U.P. to Las Vegas / Henderson Field for the LOBO (Lancair Owners & Builders Organization) for their Annual Convention. We saw some pretty serious headwinds on the way out, so needed to stop in Fort Morgan, CO for fuel. Those mountains look a tad bit less intimidating from FL280 (compared to previous flights with less capable airplanes). It took us 5.5 hours to fly out, but thankfully the winds were nearly the same (just a bit less) for the return flight. We were able to complete the trip home non-stop in 4 hours, covering 160
  3. Well, N1258X departed KIMT (Iron Mountain, MI) this afternoon on the way to a stop over in Arkansas. "Chocks" / Shane is the new proud owner. Watching him on Flight Aware and seeing in excess of 200 MPH at times, priceless. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N1258X/history/20210430/1814Z/tracklog Hope he has tailwinds every flight with Steve looking down and blessing him as the new caretaker of that plane. I found Shane to be an amazing man. Happy to see someone like him get Steve's plane. Seeing it leave was a bit challenging, but then all things must pass. Now back to get
  4. Looks like “Chocks” is the owner of a very special M20E! Congrats and treat it like you’re caring for my amazing best friend’s special airplane. STEVE would be happy to see such an awesome new owner!!! Tom
  5. I doubt in the occasional usage world of GA we will see much issue but there is a Fed Ex maintenance facitlity on my field (until just recently my next door neighbor) with a fleet of 20-25 Caravans they maintain. Since I was such an advocate of the system the DM dragged me over while I was building my Lancair IVPT to view the corrosion they were experiencing since the conversion from boots to TKS. The most concerning was the damage to the FCU (Fuel Control Unit). They started a more agressive rinsing program in the engine area during the winter. They still loved the capabilities of the sys
  6. Sure. It appears Chocks has bought airline tickets and will arrive next Thursday (I’m in Vegas until Sunday for the Lancair Annual Type Group Convention). If all goes as planned he will be flying it to Texas next Friday. Tom
  7. Nice evening flight last night in the U.P.
  8. I hope you're dropping someone off in KIMT on your way ?! Tom
  9. Ah, that was just a whole lot of work for a little insequential noise. Tom
  10. I’m not a CFII, but have nearly 2000 hours of Rocket time. I get to lower Michigan regularly so might be able to hook up if interested. I’m pretty sure you’ll find few people out there with the combination of flight time and maintenance experience I have specific to the Rocket. Let me know. Tom
  11. The “E” model IS 750 HP, but is an underperforming engine to the “D” in the Flight Levels. If you desire maximum performance in the Flight Levels, the D would be your choice. I have the “D”. It’s rated to 724HP, not “de-rated”. The “E” just doesn’t handle bleed air losses for pressurization as well as the “D”. I’m ITT limited, but at 310 knots, I’m not particularly disappointed in its performance. And the “E” has a higher ITT limitation. But it doesn’t help it’s performance up high. Most pressurized airplanes perform MUCH BETTER with the “D” model of the Walters.
  12. I guess this is a disimular (Loose) formation flight. Flew down with another IVP (gas engine) to WInterhaven, FL from Spruce Creek the last time we were at our Florida home. I say disimular because even though the airframes are identical, he's flying behind 350 HP and I am behind 724 HP. Tom
  13. Updated; Sale Pending. Looks like it's going to Texas and if the stars align (weather) the new owner will get some Lancair IVPT time on his trip up to the U.P. to get it! Tom
  14. Yes but I have a buyer from Texas pretty far along on the process (has all logs, STC's and 337's), and last oil sample. He's submitted for all the documentation from the FAA, quoted insurance, has been in daily contact with me and already discussed options for coming up to close and fly it home. I'm kind of an old school guy so not demanding a down payment to hold it. I have another from the DC area interested if the current deal doesn't close. If you want more infomation I guess I can provide it but I wouldn't sell it without the current interested buyer having an opportunity to close on
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