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  1. Kubick Aviation in Iron Mountain (KIMT) has been doing a lot of Mooney’s. They have several regular Mooney clients they take care of (one was an employee of the FAA too). Tom
  2. I respectfully disagree. Here's my non-FIKI system. Seems to look about the same. As I said before, the only TKS System, of the four I've flown behind, that ever failed on me in icing was the the FIKI one. They both work well but in all honesty, the one on my Lancair works far better the FIKI one on our Bonanza. Tom
  3. I sold my Mooney Rocket with a brand new OH'ed engine, GTN 650, G5, King KFC A/P, TKS, paint and interior an 8-9 with 4,000 hours on the AF for $155K. I filed 190 knots in the breathable altitudes, 200-210 knots in the Flight levels. Even did IMT to Spruce Creek Florida (well north of 1,000 NM) on my last trip before I sold it non-stop in 4 hours! Eighteen Years of ownership found that plane to be an amazing investment with speed and utility rivaling my new bird! Tom
  4. Ah...... YES. We get a LOT of nice flying days up here. Yes we get winter, but my flight time has never been much different winter vs summer, especially after getting TKS. And to be clear, I've flown behind 4 different TKS equipped planes, 3 inadvertent, one Known Icing (My M20K Rocket, two Bonanzas, and my Lancair Propjet) and the only one that ever failed on me in icing conditions was the FIKI one ! My Rocket had the same dispatch ability in the U.P. as my Turbine. I routinely flew over the lakes in the flight levels, with glide to land ability (by a LOT) from mid point
  5. Seth, You're welcome to visit us in Spruce Creek, even with an overnight, if interested. We would just need to coordinate that around my part time visits to Spruce Creek in the winter. Tom
  6. We hosted Dan @exM20K for a visit at the Creek a couple years ago. Guess I wasn't a very good salesman (or host) as he bought property in northern Florida instead. Tom
  7. Glen, Where you at on the Creek? I have a home at 42 Lindy Loop. Greatest Airpark in the world!!! And reasonable Airpark fees (like $1500 =/- a year) if you own your home. I should be down there later this month and it would be nice to meet you. Tom
  8. So, yesterday I flew over to the MSP area again, getting to be an almost weekly trip (300 NM’s from IMT). I had to wait for a Pilates departing IFR just before me. We were both westbound so I thought it could get interesting seeing us both on my ASD-B traffic display once I was airborne. Well, he leveled at 8k (probably due to winds aloft) and I climbed up to FL240 into higher winds for lower fuel burn. Once leveling I discovered I had a 45 knot GS advantage. FIST PUMP to building your own plane and seeing this with a multi million dollar certified plane (albeit a completely different m
  9. Look forward to flying to your area SOON @amillet My sister just moved into her new home over looking the Puget Sound. I will be visiting her in the next 6-9 months! Tom
  10. A couple recent flights. One with the sun setting out one window and the moon rising out the other. The last flight wetting up the TKS on the wings before an RNAV Approach into my home drone with reported icing.
  11. What the heck Skates? Your wife is in the left seat? Tom
  12. Yep! I look forward to meeting you someday. Pretty crazy, but I would rather meet you than my new WS Sales rep. And you represent the competition!!! Tom
  13. One third to one half the price and much more user friendly to finish the inside. I Have 25,000 SF of steel buildings for my dealership and finishing inside is a total pain. Tom
  14. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Hangar door installed (just wiring left), all service doors installed (insluding the 8' x 8' south gable wall service door / sorry no picture yet). Only project left is to sheet the hangar door and this project is getting put to bed until next spring. Last picture.... Steve, as my co-pilot on a flight in the Lancair. Ironically he mentioned in the beginning when most of the work was being done by him and me we should name the hangar the Phillips / Sullivan Hangar. Little did he know HIS name would end up on the side of it! Tom
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