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  1. So Scott posts a beautiful woman in a swim suit (that's on the site through ads!!) and gets one like before mine. Chris posts his, shall we say rather large woman, in swim wear and gets +4. For a group of pilots proud of fit, clean and fast airplanes (Mooney), I'm baffled. You guys really need to "raise the bar". Tom (NEVER been a fan of Marauder's girls. Just ask the trash (puke) can next to my computer.)
  2. Where you clamp the outer cable housing in relationship to the actual throttle will effect the position the throttle knob will rest at fully pushed forward (and pulled back as well). If you adjust the clamp position so full throttle has the knob resting all the way in, your gear horn may work like it did before. "I believe" the gear horn switch is a throttle position sensor on the throttle cable behind the dash. It should be adjustable at the sensor too, but getting the throttle adjustment back to original will likely fix the gear horn issue too. Tom
  3. I've been doing them for over 25 years. Provided 31 flights last year (yes, you read that correct, 31 trips). You will find nothing more rewarding in flying than helping medically challenged people, some who won't see their next birthday. This one didn't. But those trips to the Mayo Clinic from the U.P. of Michigan, in under an hour in my prop jet, took her mind off the serious stuff for a little while anyway. Tom
  4. I would be willing to bet the clamp on the outer cable at the carb attachment point is allowing the cable to slide. When you pull the throttle towards idle that creates a pulling tension on the outer cable at that clamp. Once it starts slipping it's only going to get worse. If that's the actual culprit it could slip the other way too, not giving you any power at a point you need it. As others have said, I wouldn't ever consider flying it until the problem is resolved. Tom
  5. What's with the Daytona Beach handle? I have a home on Spruce Creek. Tom
  6. That's blacktop!! You can see the blacktop goes that wide closer to the hangar and I can see the lip of the blacktop on the hole. ARGH! I too would attempt to repair the door. Tom
  7. I bought two main tires for my Lancair, didn't get around to actually HAVING TO change them until several months after the purchase, and then found they were too tall. I didn't realize they made more than one size tire when it's a 600-6. They are Flight Custom III's. Tubes are available too. The return stocking charge once you go over a month is ridiculous. I would rather an airplane owner gets the price discount. Tom Link to the tires; https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/lgpages/gy_tire12.php
  8. A couple recent flights. I know, not in a Mooney, but I’m a FOREVER MOONEY LOVER!!! I’m performing an Annual Inspection on an E as I submit this. Heading back to the U.P. from Minneapolis at sunset. Two photos looking north towards Lake Superior and one of MSP at sunset. Tom
  9. Ya, not sure how @M20Doc gets missed in this list. He contributes more for free as one of the most informed, experienced, and reputable contributors on this list!!!! And does so recognizing he will not see any business from his contribution !!! Tom
  10. Scott, And I still owe you a ride in the IVPT!! I might owe @aviatoreb one too, but doubt he'll ever stop on his fly overs of the U.P. Tom
  11. I met Bob and spoke with him at Oshkosh several years (most times at the Mooney Gathering). The year he was going with his grandson on that long trip I talked with him for a while and shared a story about MY grandfather. He called his grandson over and asked me to share it with him. The Readers Digest version, I explained how my time with my grandfathers doing special events were something I still cherished 30-50 years later (respective passing of my two grandfathers). And even though they had now passed, those memories were with me for life! Makes me wonder if Bob knew something even back then? He is a huge loss to our community and, based on his eulogy, it appears many other communities as well. It's most clear what a great man he was to his family. So sad to see his passing!! Tom
  12. Your alternate air door is on the back side of your Bracket air filter assy. It is a hinged door with a magnet on it. My recollection (I sold my Rocket a 18 months ago) is once it opens you need to manually close it. It's either open or closed. I don't think you can get a look at it without removing the bottom cowl but it's possible you could view it through the nose gear well, looking at the backside of it to see if it's open. I posted a picture of the interior of the Bracket air filter assy on this post, Page 3, last post on this thread. I am amazed our resident genius / reveled leader on memory of past posts ( @carusoam ) did't beat me to this.
  13. A couple flights this week. The panel shots were for a three leg trip bringing a friend home after helping and visiting her dying mom (after her discharge from surgery at the Mayo Clinic in KRST). The in flight photos were last night coming home from NW Minneapolis. That was looking north at Lake Superior. In the first flight photo, near the Lake Superior shore line, is a long slender lake (actually 12 miles long north to south) known as Lake Gogebic. As I was taxiing out for take-off last night, I heard a Mooney announce on long final (which wasn't a problem, I still had plenty of pre-take off checks to complete). I asked him if he was a Mooney Space participant. He said he was so I introduced myself. It was @lotsofgadgets Man this plane is fun to fly !!! Tom