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  1. I'll try to make it this year. My better half as well (Beth). Tom
  2. My local FBO is awesome, with the bodywork guy on contract AND a fellow Mooney owner AND a CFII! If we can be of assistance let me know!! Tom
  3. You're about 35 minutes from me in Lancair time. If need be and weather ok, I'd be glad to get you and/or your partner home. Trying to get hours on the Lancair so I can send it off to paint. If needed, call me on my cell at nine zero six, four five eight, 6989 Tom
  4. Hey!!!! You gave me crap a month ago because I couldn't spell Comanche. I don't even own one! Tom
  5. I believe that is where we did the pre-purchase inspection on my Rocket back in 2000. Flew down there from Boeing Field in Seattle. Tom
  6. Same here. My search in 1999-2000 was for a 252 with TKS. Finding few planes and the ones I did were quite a bit higher priced than Rockets, I ended up with the Rocket. If I was doing the same today, I would likely look for 252's first, and then at Rockets. 252's because I think they hold their value better than Rockets. Rockets over 231's because I love 305 HP and 1,000 feet per minute climb to FL240. Tom
  7. Ouch. That looks scary!
  8. Every electrical wire connection we (Steve and I) made on the Lancair were soldered. We had several vendor supplied items too. Thus far the only failed connections (there have been several) were non-soldered terminals. Tom
  9. There was a magazine article on Scheme Designers and Craig within the last year. He talked a lot about people copying his work and how he understood some were intentional violations of his copyright and many were done without the knowledge the particular design was copyright protected. If I recall, he had pursued few, if any, infringements and accepted that there were always going to be copy's of his work. He mentioned he was pleased when a few called him after the fact admitting they were not aware of the copyright. Can't remember how he handled it but I seem to recall any fee at that point was voluntary. Clearly he can't persue every possible infringement, especially if they are not EXACT copies. If parts of a design, when it's not an exact copy, are considered an infringement then even Craig's work could be considered infringing on prior work. My fee is double what's been posted here so I've got as much of a horse in this race as anyone. Chill everybody. There was no malice intended here. Tom
  10. I am a Scheme Designers customer, having my Lancair design (not painted yet) done by them. So.....I think I have a vested interest in people not copying a design that I paid for without asking for my, or Scheme Designers, permission. I know they have allowed past designs to be used with the approval of the original owner, and I believe they were approved for less cost as well. That said, the design you displayed was very similar to a factory paint scheme and older Mooney owners have been copying newer factory paint schemes since forever. I personally have no issue with the design you proposed as I think all examples shown thus far in this thread are basically outright copies or spin-offs of the FACTORY design. Tom
  11. OHG Peter, leverage him to not post anymore of his girl photos for the use of your paint design. We'll all donate to you for holding those pictures off line. You will probably get more that way than if you SOLD him the design!! Tom
  12. Finished the cylinder work and the Annual today. The cylinder repair was well under my previous estimate so pretty happy with that. Probably less than 40 hours to the break even point on that decision. Did a good ground run and then cowled it up and did a 15 minute test flight. Ready to fly some Young Eagles tomorrow. Definately a tight fit in the hangar now that Steve's E model got moved back in for a new prop and Avionics upgrades. With the Basic Med he's going to start flying again. Tom
  13. I've always had the opinion it's NOT a REAL cross country until you are still going outbound AFTER your fuel stop. I guess I get to send you the T-shirt!! Nice pictures of Shelter Cove. Looks like a pretty neat place! Tom
  14. Checked out your flight into MCE. Like your little loop de loop!! Was that for mountain clearance and descent or a bit of an ATC slam dunk? I had one of those years ago going into Baltimore but it was NOT mountains. Tom