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  1. Nice Bonal, we don't get to see mountains in the Midwest. Closest thing we get is awesome clouds. Flew to Pittsburgh yesterday and a pretty good deviation on the way home in lower Michigan. Barely made it back before severe thunderstorms hit the U.P. It's all about timing. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N994PT Tom
  2. And you have HOW MUCH ROCKET TIME? I owned and flew one for 18 years and just shy of 2,000 hours. Take your advice from someone with experience, not just an opinionated uninformed Jealous J owner. I have flown many 3 person flights, even a few 4 person flights, NEVER OUT OF CG OR GROSS. And the comment on extended range tanks, I don’t believe I’ve EVER SEEN a more misinformed comment. PM me personally if you want REAL ownership experience. I’m not sure I can take this total BS from the above to grace this topic with another post. Tom
  3. And Don, I hope to meet you at Oshkosh. I’ve been an admirer of you and your Mooney knowledge for far longer than most on this forum. Been watching and learning from your posts here and on a previous Mooney Forum since 1996. Tom
  4. Ed, Wish I had known you were below me. I added your N number to your name in my phone contact list so next time I hear a Mooney on frequency I can look to see if it’s you!!! And as far as the speed, I have to fly a lot longer trips to put the same hours in the logbook (at considerable more cost). It’s all a matter of prospective. Tom
  5. Had to take a patient getting back surgery tomorrow from Houghton, MI ( KCMX) to Milwaukee (KMKE). Had some weather to navigate between Green Bay and Milwaukee, going both ways. Here's some photos from the trip down. We were at FL230 until just before the picture. We were descending through FL200 when I snapped the picture of the G3X screen, more to show how altitude sure helps navigating around weather. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N994PT/history/20190715/1515Z/KCMX/KMKE https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N994PT/history/20190715/1645Z/KMKE/KIMT Tom
  6. I did a mercy flight yesterday, bringing back a cancer patient from Ann Arbor to the U.P. As usual I got the full route STAR, with a couple altitude crossing restrictions and a speed restriction of 250 knots at the first one, the RNAV 24 approach, and another full route SID. Probably because of my climb rate, I never made it to my first SID way point before being cleared Direct to home. Anyway, when I taxied in, there was a nice looking M20J sitting on the ramp. As I got out of the plane, the guy that ground handled me (an older gentleman) asked what kind of plane I had. He said it was the first Lancair propjet he had ever seen. I told him I had been to ARB quite a few times with it recently. He then introduced himself as John Solo (Solo Aviation was the FBO). I commented how great his operation was to our pilots coming out of the U.P. frequently for med flights. The fuel guy came right up and asked if I wanted fuel and I gave him my fuel order, with John reminding the guy very firmly "JET A"! I could tell he was a business owner. SO I met my passenger and saw the Jet A fuel truck pull to my plane right away, so a few minutes later when he was no longer parked by my plane, I tried paying my fuel bill. The desk girl apologized and said I HAD NOT been fueled yet, the Mooney was first in line, going to depart soon, so he had to fuel him first. I said no problem, I wasn't in a hurry. I looked out and saw the Mooney owner pre-flighting, so decided to meet him and make sure he didn't think I was trying to jump him on getting fuel. I asked if he was on Mooney Space, to which he replied he had just joined. Apparently he just bought the plane. I wish I would have taken a picture of it. It was a very nice blue plane (clearly I don't like blue, sarcasm alert). I mentioned I had been flying Mooney's since 1996 and just moved out of my Rocket. He said "looks like a pretty significant move up", to which I replied "not many planes are a move up from Mooney's"!! Sounds like this is his first "owned" plane, having done rentals previously. I said that's a pretty big jump to which he mentioned he flies for a living. Anyway, he said his name is Brian (Bryon?) so hoping he becomes an active member. Tom
  7. Thanks Kevin. I suspected the article would hit the July issue based on feedback from the editor. They requested an article from me last fall. I usually don't read the on-line version, typically waiting for my paper copy. Charles ( @xcrmckenna ) texted me a few hours ago so I just found out it published this month. I tried to get as many helpers and contributors mentioned, as completing something as complex as that couldn't have been done without all those that helped. See you all at OSH. Tom
  8. That's not "Mark - The Iceman" from Marquette MI is it? Tom
  9. "this is all I could get ........." Smart Ass. Looks pretty amazing to me!! Tom
  10. Richard, I've said for 20+ years; IMHO, it's not a cross country flight unless after you're first fuel stop, you are still flying away from your original departure point. My first Cross Country trip, in a C150, I had 3 fuel stops BEFORE arriving at my destination. You, my friend, have qualified in the "Tom's book of true Cross Country flights"!! Way to use a Mooney like it was intended! Tom
  11. He made it 12 days after I flew him down. RIP Jack!! Tom Published in Lexington Herald-Leader on June 19, 2019 Jack Wayne Frost February 25, 1959 - June 15, 2019 Quinnesec, Michigan Jack was born on February 25, 1959 and passed away on Saturday, June 15, 2019. Jack was a resident of Quinnesec, Michigan at the time of passing. He was also a U.S. Army veteran. Funeral Services will be conducted at 12 Noon Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at Red House Baptist Church, 2301 Red House Rd, Richmond with Dr. Deron Cobb and Dr. Tim Patterson officiating. Burial will be at 2:30 PM Wednesday at Camp Nelson National Cemetery in Jessamine County with full military rites. Visitation will be after 10:00 AM Wednesday at the church
  12. Why thank you sir. Honestly though, I’m not posting for credit, but to show how helping others less fortunate can be rewarding in spite of the pain AND hoping to motivate others to do the same. I flew a 46 year old gal this last week I wanted to adopt last year, after 3-4 trips over to the Mayo Clinic last fall, on her final Med flight. Mayo confirmed she should be in hospice as well, with under a month to live. That’s my last two flights ......... flying pretty special people home for short term hospice. Although it really sucks (and actually “hurts”), I try not to lose prospective that THEIR LIVES STILL COUNT, even if they’ve been deemed terminal. Tom