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  1. Yooper Rocketman

    Today's flight for 2018

    Ah, he doesn't like it at all. He's going to take it off and trade me for my standard Rocket prop!! I've been waiting for a while though............. Tom
  2. @gsxrpilot and his wife stopped by during their North American tour after their visit to Churchill Manitoba. It was really nice to have a face to face meeting with one of our popular posters (and he's clearly a Mooney Addict!). We did lunch outside (yes, we can do that a few months of the year up here) and while our wives visited, we took a little spin in the turbine Lancair. As promised, Paul was given the controls for a while and, in no more than 5 minutes, was flying it like it was on rails. He's a pretty GOOD STICK! Looking forward to seeing him and his wife again. We may meet up in Texas this fall, if the stars align for them, when Beth and I attend the LOBO Convention down in San Marcos. I did get one shot of him just before we launched, sitting in the left seat where I think he looked mighty comfortable. :>) He's the second Mooney Spacer to get a ride ( @tigers2007 was the first) , but the first since new paint. I still owe a ride to @xcrmckenna . Thanks for stopping Paul! (And yes, I did close the fuel cap before we launched, as well as removed the nose gear lock) Tom
  3. I flew down to Benton Harbor (Southwest Regional Airport) yesterday to look at some overhead cranes for my dealership. When I got back to Iron Mountain (KIMT) I parked up by the fuel pumps for fuel and for Adam (the avionics manager) to look at updating the software on my GTN and G3X's. When I got out there was a Tri-pacer getting ready to leave, with what should have been plenty of room to get by me, so I politely inquired if he had enough room? His snotty response was "I will TRY to get by you". I moved the plane up tighter to the fuel pumps but as he sat idling for quite a while, with 2 passengers in that hot plane, I finally decided to get my plane completely out of there (between his attitude and lack of confidence he could actually "STEER" that nose wheel). Thinking back, if I had sat there waiting for him to move after he fired up, I would have burned another 4 gallons of Jet A! Anyway, as I pushed my plane (downhill thankfully) towards the transient parking, the first spot open was next to @Bob 's Plane. I took a picture and sent it to him via Mooney Space PM. Don't have his cell number or would have sent it to his phone. Hope to hook up with him before he departs the great white north (where it's been just as miserably hot as the rest of the country lately). Moral of the story, be careful where you park your Mooney! But then on the other hand, a great photo op for two speedsters! Tom
  4. Yooper Rocketman

    Looking to rotate a short flying video

    Sent you a PM with the restricted link. Tom
  5. Yooper Rocketman

    Today's flight for 2018

    I've been watching you the last few days, wondering how you were doing with the weather. Looks like you'll get some temperature relief while you are in Churchill!! Tom
  6. Yooper Rocketman

    WATCH OUT line boys caused leak in my fuel tank.

    I have to be so diligent when they fill the Lancair. It fuels slow (like a turbine helicopter) and way too many line guys have drenched the top of my wing in Jet A (none since new paint though). I'm almost an ass now when they fill it, with the new paint, if they aren't taking my fueling instructions/cautions seriously. I too have scratches and chips in the paint by my Mooney fuel caps, and prefer to fuel myself. Dan, just a humble suggestion, maybe the subject line could be changed to caution others about observing / monitoring fueling operations while being a bit less accusatory. The original subject line looks like something I would do when P.O.ed just after the incident. :>) Tom
  7. Yooper Rocketman

    Looking to rotate a short flying video

    I downloaded it to YouTube and was able to set it for private access. It corrected the orientation. Thanks everyone for the help. Tom
  8. Yooper Rocketman

    N943RW at Hawk Aircraft Paint

    Looks really nice Bob! I like that the tail has "Different" messages on each side, both appropriate too! I looked at your Flight Aware track and looks like you had a little weather at the departure end getting out. I'm sure it's nice to have it back in the hangar. I look forward to seeing it in person at OSH. Tom
  9. I have a video of a flyby taken last night of my Lancair I want to use for a hangar party/open house I'm planning for August. It was taken on an Iphone and looks fine on the phone, but when sent to my computer it is sideways. I don't have a conversion program to fix this, and all programs I've looked at to perform this procedure require Windows 10 and I have Windows 7. I tried an "on line" service but that didn't work either. Probably doesn't help I am so computer challenged! I really don't want this circulated publicly, but would forward to someone willing to fix it for me. Tom
  10. Yooper Rocketman

    Today's flight for 2018

    Hey Paul, You still stopping in the U.P. on your way through? Just spoke with the wife and we would be glad to host you and your wife overnight if that works too. We have a guest bedroom with it's own bathroom and are out in the country (normally really quiet at night). Could even get your plane in a hangar too if you want. Tom nine zero six - four five eight - 6989 (cell)
  11. Yooper Rocketman

    Today's flight for 2018

    I flew over to Lakeland County (Woodruff, WI) this afternoon for their Hamburger Social. I took a friend of mine and his grandson. He really enjoyed it. I'm struggling with my A/C yet, although almost perfected and should be up soon (waiting on parts). We roasted going over and my fresh air vent didn't seem to be working (seemed like just recirculating the cabin air). With pressurization, I have both a cable operated "door" on the NACA scoop vent tube AND a gravity "paddle" door inside the cabin to seal the inside for pressurization. I was having problems with it sealing last year but found some duct tape put on it during testing was hanging it up. During this past winter, I installed a tab to hold it closed just to be sure I didn't have further problems. My painter/upholstery shop was supposed to take a little aluminum tab off the locked the door (during the the upholstery work and I suspected he didn't. I pulled it apart and sure enough, the lock tab was still there. So............I had to go up again just before dark to see if the vent was letting in cooler outside air (it works great and still pressurizes as well). Anyway, it was just at sunset so I headed north and got a couple nice shots of the very tip of Michigan, the Keweenaw Peninsula, with the sun setting and some pretty clouds. Thought I would share. Tom )
  12. Yooper Rocketman

    Oh, the pattern entry!

    See! My policy works!!! Tom
  13. Yooper Rocketman

    Today's flight for 2018

    Wisconsin started a flying activity a couple years ago called "Wisconsin Flying Hamburger Social", where the state is divided up into 5 regions that have airports within each region sign up and host a hamburger dinner gathering, with each region having a different evening of the week for their events. Some regions have repeat locations, and some are so tightly scheduled airports within that area can only host one per summer (this is a summer only type of activity). I attended several last year while trying to build hours on the Lancair so I could send it off to paint. Now that the plane is back with new paint and interior, I attended one last evening as well as today. Yesterday's was at Merril WI (KRRL) and I met a fellow Lancair owner. He has a 320 with 500 hours on it since completion. Very nice paint job too. I took a picture of it in his hangar last night. So, I headed over to Prentice WI, (5N2) this afternoon and my new found friend flew in as well. Here's a picture of our two Lancairs on the ramp. My local airport hosts 3 socials per summer but, unfortunately, because he's the only one in "Michigan" none of the Wisconsin pilots look past the Wisconsin schedule. Despite his hard work, his turnouts have been rather disappointing compared to what I'm seeing in Wisconsin. Ironically, we are 1/4 mile from the Wisconsin border at the thresholds of 3 of our runways. Anyway, these look like a great way to fly out and meet up with neighboring community pilots. The last photo is what happens when you're fat, dumb and happy, passing some friends in a Cherokee (N237CS, seen on the map) that left 20 minutes before me from Merril for the short hop to KIMT. A few minutes after I passed them, talking with them on the radio, still in glee about my ground speed, I happen to look at my VSR (vertical speed rate) required to land at my home drome and realize I'm not going to get down at my usual 1300' to 1500' per minute (a few minutes after the picture, once I discovered it, I needed 2200' per minute to land). So much for the joke being on the Cherokee drivers. Tom http://www.moonlightflight.com/flysocial/index.html
  14. Yooper Rocketman

    Oh, the pattern entry!

    Not that I do it very often, but I have a self imposed rule I never post on forums after I've had a few drinks...................just saying.............. Tom