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  1. Yooper Rocketman

    Avionics theft from Uk charity aircraft

    Andrew, I re-posted this on Beech Talk this morning, a much larger audience than here. Hope that helps! Tom
  2. Yooper Rocketman

    Does Oil Analysis Increase Airplane Value?

    I did them religiously on my F model that was purchased with 1900 hours SMOH. At 2400 hours exactly, during an oil change, we found a ton of metal in the filter and pulled the engine (we decided it was lifter/cam flaking off). I decided to still send in the sample that was pulled during draining before I had found the metal. The sample came back clean. I did them less often on the Rocket after purchase, but at almost 500 hours past TBO on my Rocket, I have started doing them again. I guess it's one more parameter to monitor the engine health besides tracking oil consumption, oil filter inspection, engine monitor feedback, and engine compressions. Tom
  3. Yooper Rocketman

    Today's flight for 2018

    Looks like a friggen P-51 from the front with that prop. You need to go back to a 3 blade.......and I'll take that goofy prop off your hands for you. :>) Tom
  4. Yooper Rocketman

    IFR or VFR Chart?

    I use VFR charts when in VMC conditions (I almost always file IFR). The 5% of the time I am in IMC, I load one map to IFR charts. I like to know what's under me in the event of an emergency, not just airports, but terrain and other features. I think I've needed the IFR chart to find an intersection or airway about 1/10th of the time I've been given a clearance or reroute and don't find the 2 seconds it takes to flip the chart overwhelming to me. I've got enough time flying on both charts it's not uncomfortable to look at the IFR chart after flying with the sectional. ALL my IFR flights before electronic chart systems were flown on IFR charts. Tom
  5. Yooper Rocketman

    ATC Privatization Bill

    Don't know if this will work but this is what EAA sent me. I submitted a letter a few minutes ago. Tom http://govt.eaa.org/ctas/5adf983f4aa97-urge-congress-action?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTURRNU1qQTRZakUwT0RNeCIsInQiOiJmUmY2dUFFNU1wcWxzRWN2U2FFR3ZmMVN1eGs0cjhEWXIzd1lOQndMSTIrSnRJRThYNVBmMWJyK2ZcL0RHVXlhVm9oeTY4WVwvTFN1RktoVEFRT2hWVzRxWEVjUk9cL3Nhem00NkIzK1piZUFrd2VzdlNCS1wvOFJsUTIrVGdFVGlWTkkifQ%3D%3D
  6. Clarence, In my business I’ve had to complete a ton a failure analysis (over 40 years worth). I absolutely come unglued when one of my techs runs their mouth before proper and complete research is done. Many times, once I’ve completed my research and determined the root cause of a failure, those techs want to completely forget how foolish they looked in talking before knowing all the facts. A few of those and they now shut up until all facts are discovered and evidence is examined. A few now even enjoy the process and satisfaction of a result that is backed by facts. Seems not too long ago I saw you post thoughts on a wing that MIGHT NOT need to be replaced. I chuckled at the time, thinking why don’t people digress to those “in the know”, and making a mental note to self: “let’s see how this turns out”. (+1 Clarence). Needless to say you’ll look hard and long for any comments from me on situations where the REAL ANSWER can only be determined with much research and investigation. Been there, done that. Tom
  7. Yooper Rocketman

    Door Seals again

    You need a TKS airplane. I leave my door and pilot window open all the time and never had an issue. The fluid dripping off the wings after flying in possible icing conditions is attractive to rodents. Unfortunately it’s also poisonous so my hangar is rodent free! Tom
  8. Yooper Rocketman

    IPad in the flight levels?

    Mine works fine at FL240
  9. Yooper Rocketman

    Sun n Fun 2018

    Chris, How do you like pressurized kerosene burners? Tom
  10. Yooper Rocketman

    4/14 Fly-In to New Smyrna Beach KEVB

    Nice company, good food, I enjoyed the Florida Mooney gathering! Tom
  11. Yooper Rocketman

    Sun n Fun 2018

    I attended on Wednesday and Friday this week, with my wife and another couple on Wednesday, and on a guys run today from Spruce Creek (4 of us). Some random thoughts on my two visits. Traffiic for drivers REALLY SUCKS. Oshkosh beats this hands down!!! Clearly not Sun & Fun’s fault, but an obvious negative to Air Adventure. Air Show Static plane viewing; probably my most frustrating aspect of the event. We arrived at the static viewing “gate” and were turned away on Wednesday at 10:50 AM because the of the 3 PM Air show? REALLY? Arrived earlier on Friday and got about 45 minutes in the viewing area and were booted out by 11:00 AM. This does not happen at Oshkosh! General Attendance of viewing planes was very disappointing, but on par with what I’ve seen in my prior 3 visits over the last 20 years. Guess I’ve been spoiled by Oshkosh? A ton more planes and no crazy restrictions on viewing times of show planes. With the area being closed off for so much of the event time, I guess the lack of owners making the appearance commitment should not be a surprise. Food and vendor displays pretty good Much more like the Oshkosh experience in this regard. Parking crew and efficiency on par with Oshkosh as well! Air show quality: actually not a big fan of this aspect of either event but Sun & Fun does an admirable job here. I enjoyed both days of events and think for the resources and event size, they do a bang up job!!! Summary; although this is a “Regional” event, my opinion is there will need to be a commitment to the “Show” aspect of the event to draw more aircraft owners to display if they want to enhance the event experience for me and many I’ve talked with. The “whole picture” and “draw” aspects of the show are clearly comprised by the stagnant attitude and lack of changes over the last 20 years to the static show plane display area (and related restrictions), This will likely be my last trip to Lakeland absence a change, despite wintering a short distance away st Spruce Creek. Tom
  12. Yooper Rocketman

    FBO recommendation KGRB

    Absolutely Jet Air. I was a 20+ year customer of Executive Air and was told I would pay a ramp and “service fee” for anything short of a full top off after a management change. Verified this with a phone call prior to a flight to KGRB after a local CFI informed a group of pilots a few years ago and switched to Jet Air. Their service is above anything seen at Executive Air in 20+ years and would never consider going anywhere but Jet Air again at KGRB. Tom Sullivan Frequent KGRB flyer from KIMT (80 KM north)
  13. Yooper Rocketman

    252 Turbo loss - exhaust gasket failure

    I’ve been a 50 hour(well not quite, but when getting close to that) oil change owner (per Continental guidelines) but noticed my 450 hour past TBO engine’s oil consumption is really good the first half of that time but seems to ratchet up in the latter hours. I just decided to drop the interval down to 25-30 hours now because I really think my engine is TALKING to me! Tom
  14. Yooper Rocketman

    252 Turbo loss - exhaust gasket failure

    Thanks!!! Tom
  15. Yooper Rocketman

    252 Turbo loss - exhaust gasket failure

    It would be NICE if the original poster would “change the title” to reflect the actual problem. Us turbo guys are always hearing how bad and unreliable they are! Tom