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  1. Fuel burn my man.......fuel burn. Definitely an efficient cross country plane. I fly it for the fun factor on short trips (and currently have no other plane flying..........YET!!). The comments when I taxi up and shut down, priceless. Tom
  2. I flew down to Green Bay yesterday for lunch and dinner with my youngest son, his room mates in his house, and the parents of one of those friends (our close friends as well). I ended up leveling at 9500 due to some clouds (had planned 14,500 for lower fuel burn) for the 20+ minute flight. As we got closer, the clouds were spectacular to see. Even my disinterested wife was snapping pictures for about 5 minutes. It's really unfortunate the pictures never look as good as the original view with the eye. Pictures 1 and 2 are looking west (we were north bound). The last 6 are looking east at Northern Wisconsin, the Bay of Green Bay, and the Door County Peninsula. Tom https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N994PT
  3. Might have been.... but they still got my money, twice. Tom
  4. Not exactly the same, but the same mindset you're seeing from some here. I was at a Lancair convention years ago, eating the continental breakfast one morning, and the guy at the table next to me found out I had built my own IVP Prop-jet. He disclosed he was buying one, moving up from a two seat Lancair. He said "why would I build one when I can buy one for equal or less than what you will have in yours, less labor?" I shrugged my shoulders and thought to myself.....good luck buddy. You're not getting what I BUILT for the number you're talking about. He bought the plane he was talking about. Missed a ton of flying time working out gear issues, hydraulic leaks and new interior pieces after hydraulic fluid saturation, experienced all kinds of issues with his "unsupported" Chelton avionics, eventually installing a complete new Garmin panel with MORE down time. His first trip to a Lancair shop and his first annual.....a whole nother story. I'm guessing his first year of ownership cost him well north of $100k and all that flying time. He even disclosed to me several important flights (vacations with his girl) he cancelled due to issues. And....he is a full 30 knots slower then me and extremely frustrated. Can't figure out why he's so much slower. All I'm thinking....go back to your first comments to me at the Lancair convention. Just maybe you were dreaming. Tom
  5. I've been charged it twice, never landed yet in Canada. It was years ago, so maybe it was a mistake ..... or has changed. Either way...didn't impress me to pay for Canadian ATC service and I never left my country. Tom
  6. After 18 years of Rocket ownership how do you transition up? I think I found it!!! Only took me 18 years and 10,000 hours to get there.......BEFORE it flew. Tom
  7. No, med flights (donated ones besides) where I landed at Sanderson Field (in the U.P.). Didn't happen every time so not sure if it was supposed to happen. Tom
  8. Agree on that. Have gotten $25 Canadian ATC bills for essentially 2 transmissions, in freakin Michigan no less (USA). In the U.P. the far eastern section is under Canadian ATC Services. Tom
  9. Burke Lakefront in Cleveland does the same thing. The City assesses the $5 single engine landing fee, by mail, a few weeks after you land. Really???? Between the stamp and administrative fees, they clearly spend more money collecting than they collect. Where are the "smart" people?? Tom
  10. Or do 1234 nm, 4 on board with gear, in 3.5 hours with 4% better fuel mileage, cheaper fuel, and in pressurized comfort. Never mind the fun in passing Pilatus’s, TBM’s and almost every twin flying including turbo props.
  11. WHAT ARE YOU FOLKS DOING????? You’re turning a great forum into a freakin opinionated “ my opinion on non-Mooney matters” is more important than the gain we can all get from each and every Mooney owner’s collective Mooney knowledge and experience. I have opinions like anyone else on this forum. I also was given the reality check a ton of years ago my “world view” works until someone you love and are related to challenges your views by their lifestyle. Suppressing your opinions makes life much easier as you “become more informed” as life goes on. It hurts to see my “Catholic Faith” thrown under the bus by someone I not only consider a friend but also, recently, a customer ( @DOC ). And @steingar , I’ve been hurt by more than one of your posts years ago regarding Lancair’s and, by keeping my mouth SHUT , had the privilege to meet you at Air Adventure and value beyond description your nice comments on my plane You’ve also moved up a notch on my pole with your comments on this thread. And Erik, @aviatoreb , you never cease to amaze me and I’ll always consider you a friend, in spite I suspect we’ll not agree on all worldly things. @Hyett6420 I’m looking forward to an Aviation education on Europe flying, whenever I finally make to your country. And finally, I’M THE ONE THAT HAS REQUESTED THIS THREAD GET LOCKED. I see no useful point in it continuing to degrade the forum!!! Tom
  12. Paul, Glad I didn't take that advice last year at Oshkosh, I wouldn't have been there and gotten my award. I shut down on black top and we hand pushed my Lancair to the parking spot (as did every other Lancair in the show area). I don't see any Rocket owners disagreeing with @FloridaMan . Hum, must be a reason. I had a prop strike on MY Rocket on blacktop. Talked with Darwin at Rocket Engineering after that incident and was given many tips to avoid it again, and I've shared that info many time on this forum to new Rocket owners. You've got over 100 pounds extra on the nose of the plane, with some of it extended out past the nose wheel. It's a wonderfully fast airplane, and some of the newer Mooney models, with more engine HP and speed, were developed as a result of Mooney losing sales to Rocket Engineering upgrading existing air frames. But taxiing this plane needs to be done very carefully. Asking to be parked where he did was not his idea, it was one given to him by other attendees. His second trip in he did with his "F" model. Sure doesn't seem to me he was being ignorant. And some of the comments being made by posters with no Rocket knowledge.....wow. Maybe it's time for this ex-Mooney guy to move on......... Tom
  13. I have to pick up a Spruce Creek friend and his wife coming in from RI today around 1:20 PM at DAB. If weather improves (TAF’s are saying it will) and you want a ride up there, give me a text or call. Tom 906-458- six nine eight nine
  14. I’ve hesitated posting to this thread but can’t resist any longer. Most everyone on this forum complains about the Mooney’s going off the “active airworthy” list. This OP (original poster) is saving one from the boneyard, admittedly on his own account maybe not financially wise but for reasons not relating to financial reasons, and some of you are throwing darts at him?? So here I am, an ex Mooney owner, wondering WTH you guys thinking? SUPPORT HIM! He KNOWS it may not be the best decision “financially”, but doesn’t care. He has other reasons that make it right for HIM!!! And @super6 , there’s not enough room on this blog to list the guys that doubted my “project” would ever fly. It not only flies, it got some serious attention at Air Adventure 2018 and, it transports my wife in I across the country with an incredible amount more satisfaction than something I bought with no investment of time and labor. Go for it and DON’T let ANYONE take away your enthusiasm!! Tom
  15. Or we could take the propjet with a co-pilot comfortable with VFR Florida airspace as MY COPILOT. I am , unfortunately, almost exclusively an IFR “in the system” pilot. Tom