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  1. GTN Software Version 6.41 STC ---FINALLY!

    Marauder, great video. Indeed it works very nicely. I love it. Specially at night or when you are not familiar with the airport. Oscar
  2. Oshkosh and Jeppesen

    Something strange happened to me. For those who have been to Oshkosh you may remember that during the show some Jepp people handed out cards that you could use to win several goodies, including extensions on your subscription. I won an extension on my subscription and to my surprised Jepp did not extend my subscription. So I called them and instead of honoring it, I just received a bill for the renewal... Obviously I am rather disappointed. Anybody else had a similar problem? Oscar
  3. Circuit breaker for '67 M20C

    Not really. The space next to the breakers is actually where the Garmin 795 goes. Additionally, even if I wanted something new, I really don't know what... may be a should look into upgrading into a 201 take all the avionics out and transfer them to my new plane.
  4. Circuit breaker for '67 M20C

    Same started happening to me a while ago. My old breakers started to brake... I looked into replacing some of them, but then I discovered that the bus bar was in bad shape too, so I decided to redo the whole breaker panel with new breakers.
  5. LOP video

    Great video. I enjoyed watching his explanation. His other videos are also interesting to watch. In particular the one flying into JFK. He even get's assigned a real hold. Oscar
  6. 360 with a little cloudsurf over the Czech republic

    Eric, really nice video. How easy is it to edit the 360 cameras and what camera are you using? Thanks for sharing. Oscar
  7. Clouds

    Here goes a flight from St. Louis to Washington DC.
  8. A Tale of Two Aspens

    I will take you up on your offer. My wife got her Masters from York University and she loves London and wants to show us (my kids and myself) around the city. I am much more interested in the RAF museum and the war museum... I will let you know when we plan to be there and I hope to meet you in person. Oscar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. M20F Yoke question

    I did the same with my C to incorporate autopilot disconnect and ppt.
  10. Garmin Pilot Checklists

    Bob, Thank you, it worked. I wonder why Garmin didn't issue an update to the manual... Oscar
  11. Garmin Pilot Checklists

    Does somebody know how to change the order on a checklist? For example before starting engine checklist comes after starting engine... i would like to change the order but I can't find the manual.... So any advice, more than welcome...
  12. A Tale of Two Aspens

    Thank you for sharing this. I am always hesitant to buy something from CL, or even eBay without being sure that the seller is legit. On the other hand I do believe that this forum provides a good sounding board for issues and problems we may face. Each time I asked for advice I receive good ideas and ways to address the problems I was facing. So thank you to everybody. Of course there is always the discussion that leads to nowhere, but that is the entertainment aspects of a forum like this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. Mooney Formation Flying

    Nice article about Mooney Formation flying and the Mooney Caravan to KOSH. The fun of formation flying
  14. I installed an inflatable door seal and it helped.