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  1. Began the day VFR pilot, ended up Instrument Rated!

    Well done! congratulations!!!
  2. I fully agree! The museum opened up another branch closer to the airport where they are showing several VTOL Dornier planes. Very interesting.
  3. Winter Operation

    My hangar is unheated, so I use an electrical oil pan heater. I switch it on 18 hrs before I fly. Oscar
  4. Belize

    JT, depending on the time of the year the flight is just a long cross country with beautiful scenery. For Belice just be ready and patient to do a lot of paper work. I would strongly suggest you hire a handler. Any question, please PM me. Oscar
  5. ADS-B Altitude on FlightAware

    I just checked my last flight on Flightaware. According to the FAA I was at 6000, but once FA uses their own data I was at 5600. Oscar
  6. service ceiling

    I used to fly my M20C at 12500 and 13500. I took her up to 17000 because I did... comfortable between 12k and 13k but above 14k she becomes sluggish. Please don't forget to factor in density altitude.
  7. MT 4 Blade Pirep

    Actually talking to the MT guys in Oshkosh no. It is lighter than my three blade prop. But then I am not an expert Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. MT 4 Blade Pirep

    Really nice... sad not available for the older mooneys...
  9. Oil Change, what are you using

    Shell 15-50W, camguard and Tempest filter every 25-30 hours
  10. Flap setting

    We lived in Guatemala for 4 years and I took my Mooney down there. it was a great experience. Actually, there is now a landing strip (grass) at the lake Attitlan. But I have to admit I would not take a Mooney into that strip. You would be able to take in there, but getting out is another story. Happy to talk, there is a great flying community in Guatemala.
  11. Flap setting

    I used take off flaps and leaned for best power. However, you have to be careful with CHTs. This is not meant to replace any discussion with somebody who knows...but here is a video I took of a take off from an airport at 8,000 feet. Oscar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL8Iro5x3xA
  12. Thoughts?

    Looks like a nice project! One question, with two G5 are you allowed to dump the vacuum system ? I believe that the ASPEN would provide you with more functionality, but I will refer from stating it to loud and start a discussion about ASPEN vs Garmin. I have an EDM 900 and it is really nice, as well as the IPAD idea. You could then have everything connected via Bluetooth with 510. Enjoy your project...
  13. Something strange happened - electrical

    I had a similar problem actually three weeks ago. I turned on the master and no power... but I could hear the click of the relay. First, we thought it would be the relay. We replaced the relay, it worked but when I flew the lights were flickering and it seems that the system was not getting enough power. However, voltage indicator was 14.4 Volts. We looked at it again, and it so happened that it was the bus bar. It was old and they had not done a good job setting up the connections when I upgraded my panel. Now, I have a "new bus bar"... I will be flying tomorrow... will let people know if everything works.
  14. Landing at Burning Man

    really cool, from the East Coast really too fare... Must be hard to gage the altitude during flare...
  15. Mooney Summit VI

    Unfortunately, due to a last minute problem I will not be able to join you guys! Enjoy