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  1. I have the same issue in my M20C. I was told it is a design problem
  2. I installed Bob’s door seal. Call him. He may even give you a discount if the original seal (most likely) was his. It is easy to install. I did it myself under the supervision of an AP.
  3. I am in the process of upgrading my M20C to a M20E. I was able to get the engine, the fuel pump, the STC and the rest of parts. What I need now are the throttle, mixture, prop and ram door cables. My M20C has a power quadrant so I will need the cables for a M20 E with a power quadrant. To get the cables from MacFarlane i need the serial numbers of the M20E with a power quadrant. Any ideas? Oscar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. I have been talking to them. It was quite an adventure. They had a flat tire in Canada, lost gps in Rusia and had avoid Moscow’s high rise at 1,000 feet. really fascinating experience. it seems that the Rusia route is very attractive as it avoids long over water legs. oscar
  5. Yesterday during my run up on my JPI 900 oil pressure went dead... A big red cross across oil pressure. Obvioulsy no flying. But any idea what may have happened? The sensor went dead? connection? or de unit? Any advice more than welcome.
  6. Good point once I get all the hardware I will send in my JPI 900 to have it reprogramed Oscar
  7. I am in the process of doing the upgrade based on the LASAR STC. I got a 0 time IO 360 for a very good price. So I decided to go for it... You need: new cowling upper and lower (E model), new engine mount, new electric fuel pump, prop, mix and Throttle cables and I am not sure about the air intake. Once I get all the parts I will proceed with the upgrade and report back... Oscar
  8. I was told that the E mount is stronger than the C mount due to the IO 360 engine. I am in the process of upgrading my M20C to an E and I need to get a new mount.
  9. On my M20C I get around 9ppm on the ground, 4 on climb and 0 in flight. Oscar
  10. Sometimes this happens when I have no GPS fix. Once I get the fix the message goes disappears.
  11. I get around 158 mph TAS, which translates into 137 kts at 7,000 to 8,000 feet. My fuel consumption is at that speed (about 73% power) 8.7 gph. If I go higher I can get the speet up a bit or less fuel. My main limitation are my CHTs. Oscar
  12. Thank you for the feedback! I have become a bit lazy lately, but work and family life have been overwhelming. But I promise I will get back to producing some more videoa oscar
  13. Nice video and nice home !! congratulations...
  14. From what I understand flirestream 510 creates a wifi network but does not connect to internet, so you need to use XM or whatever other source you use for weather. the problem you may have may be solved if you go to your map set up page and look at the overlays. There you can opt to use Internet, or XM as a source. May be that helps. oscar
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