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  1. Looks really nice!!! Now would be nice to see the data...
  2. Oil and Oil filter every 30 - 40 hours
  3. Marauder what you are saying is key! We need to bring the young kids on board. Of my 4 sons only the youngest one, Fausto who is 6, is really into flying. The other ones see flying as a mean of transportation. This Saturday I am taking a bunch of boy scouts flying out of Gaithersburg. So they (and their parents) see what flying is all about. Oscar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. That is his secret security policy.
  5. Yeah, would be great to go all electrical... but for the time being my budget for upgrades is close to zero. I like your set up a lot. I went a different route by installing a GTN 750 and 650 instead of a second and third ASPEN panel. In hindsight I believe that your set up has more functionality than mine. What I really like (and you can not see it) is the integration provided by the Flightstream 510. The fact that you can use your IPAD as an additional displays gives you flexibility and functionalities that we could have never dreamt off when I started using with a first GPS in 1993. Also, an additional advantage is the relatively speaking low cost of upgrading your IPAD. I was wondering, what's next? Any ideas... beyond just getting rid of the pilot? HUD? Oscar
  6. Nice, I would like to go the same route with my MOoney. I feel that the vacuum system is not such a good back up. The times I had issues was with the old vacuum (my vacuum pump died over Cuba) and not with the Aspen... Oscar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Really nice. So I assume you are fully electric now. No more vacuum. On the right side, it looks as if a GTN 750 could fit nicely...:-)
  8. Washington DC KGAI.
  9. But can we use it as a back up to get rid of the steam AI?
  10. I guess that is what happens to us...
  11. My first plane ride was in 1960 from Buenos Aires to Hamburg in a Comet IV of Aerolineas Argentinas when I was 6 month old. Since then I always loved aviation. Each time I flew commercial I tried to get into the cabin to talk to the pilots and look at the panel. I still remember flying in the Comet and then in the 707. I wanted to become a commercial pilot, but then live took me into another direction. Until in 1992 when I was living in New York and on a Sunday I had nothing to do and I drove my brand new car to New Jersey. After driving around for a while I saw a sign for the Caldwell Airport. I drove into the airport asked about flight lessons and the rest is history... 1500 hours of flying later I still look up when I hear the noise of a engine... and I get still excited when I sit in a brand new 747-800... It is a one way street... You take it and you never come back. Oscar
  12. Really nice. I enjoyed the music and the peacefulness of the visuals. What music was it?
  13. Well, your story sounds very familiar. I saw my Mooney advertised in 2002 and after a long back and forth price, pre purchase etc. we agreed on a price. My Mooney and I became good friends right away. I had to go to West Virginia to pick her up. Although I had 600 hours total time, I had only one hour of Mooney time in a 201. I got to the airport, of course later than I planned, received the keys from Steve the broker who helped me close the deal (great guy!) and after a short intro to now my N9341V I was on my way back to KGAI. Naturally, Murphy is always present..., weather deteriorated and became IFR. So here I was flying an unfamiliar airplane in IMC... The only familiar avionics was my portable GPS... I landed with a strong crosswind and that was the start of my long friendship with N9341V, since then we had many adventures together (including flying close to active volcanos, crossing the Caribbean etc.) but I will never forget that feeling when I was on downwind to runway 32 in KGAI and I just realized that I had to land with crosswind that I had never experienced before and in an unfamiliar airplane. Oscar
  14. thank you great news
  15. I agree, the display of the 650 can become rather crowed. I would go for a 650 and a Flightstream 510 and a mini Ipad. The 650 will give you great functionalities and the ipad a nice screen.