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  1. Where can I get a set for my Mooney? I need Boost Pump, Pitot static, Radio Master, Strobe light and NAv light.
  2. Alan, is this still available? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Same procedure on my side. If I don't pump the throttle once... she does not start. Oscar
  4. I was looking at the Dynon www page and it is really cool. Now the only issue that I see is that the autopilot system has not been certified to work on our Mooneys. Any idea when they may be ready with the STC? Otherwise it seems a nobrainer to me.
  5. I love watches too. My grand father had a patek phillipe which I inherited and a gave it to my son. As they say in their add, you don't own a watch you just borrow it for a while and you give it on... I have to admit that up until recently I had (in addition to my grand father's watch) a Rolex and a Breitling... I love my Rolex so much, that I ended up giving my Breitling to my other son. However, then I purchased a Apple Watch and I once I understood all its functionality it became the one that I am now wearing every day. Oscar
  6. How complicated is it to fly in Brazil with a N-registration?
  7. But are those only the ones on an IFR flightplan?
  8. Really nice! I always wanted to land at Santos Dumont. My aunt lives Praia do Flamengo and from her apartment I could see the sugar loaf and the planes coming into Santos Dumont. I did not know that you could fly into Santos Dumont with a single engine plane.
  9. I had one installed. I love it. It is much easier and functional to use and your mag checks are a no brainer. Now, on the downside, you have to remember to switch the mags off!! I forgot it already once or twice. Oscar
  10. I am in the process of upgrading my panel and I will have an Aspen and two G5s installed. Can I get away with the mechanical airspeed indicator and altimeter, or do I have to keep them? Any suggestions more than welcomed.. Oscar
  11. thank you!!! it even smells new...Considering that the girl is nearing 50... not bad
  12. I flew it today for the first time. Unfortunately the weather was marginal so I could only do pattern work and a limited short flight outside the pattern... But already I saw a huge difference. First the plane starts much easier (it is lighter and the starter spins faster...). second it is quieter and smoother, third take off distance is shorter, fourth it reacts much faster to throttle changes, fifth once i left the pattern the plane accelerated much faster and I also felt that its attitude was more nose down than with the McCauley prop. Which would make sense considering that the Mc Cauley
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