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  1. So, what would you consider at or above normal CO levels in cruise? Obviously aiming for 0. Would you consider landing at 5ppm, 15ppm, 50ppm? Genuine question I haven't been able to figure out yet, does the affect of CO change with altitude? Already breathing in less O2 and slightly more CO = a higher concentration? Or does the CO monitor already take into account the air it's 'sniffing' and the ppm you're seeing is compared to the normal air mixture at say sea level? -KC
  2. @carusoam figured out to use a 3rd party server. https://photos.app.goo.gl/6wTkTT4XJUZ9vRr5A
  3. Basically no matter the power setting, vacuum gauge is unreliable and the arrow is rapid/ erratic sometimes spinning all the way around the sight glass. Seems to kind of stay within 4-6 at higher power but will start to spin again with No reason. No low vac annunciators and all instruments seen to be working as should be. Initial look under the glareshielf doesn't show signs of leaks. Anyone seen this before?
  4. @glenn reynolds I see an attachment but it's in txt format. What unit is it? Thanks in advance, -KC
  5. Vacuum gauge working and still available?
  6. @David LloydAny chance the vacuum gauge, filter, regulator is still available??
  7. @Shiny moosewhat are the chances it's still available??
  8. Just curios, what was the thought with the Aspen, G5 and AV-30? G5 to get rid of vacuum and AV-20 for its 'other' capabilities besides artificial horizon??
  9. @Jake35 ever come up with a solution to your problem?
  10. Nice, appreciate the intel! Hope Tempe is good, I miss being out there...go Devils. -KC
  11. Took a small plunge today and took #2 cylinder off. Have a great A&P of +57years experience to help and educate as we go along. Here's some piston pictures but I completely forgot to get the inside of the cylinder before he took it away. Needless to say, it was completely glazed over, very smooth with a definite line of where the piston stroke is. He's taking a dingle berry hone to it to de-glaze and get that cross hatching back. Going to be cleaning the piston as well. You can definitely see the carbon buildup and oily color on top too. The rings definitely had their fair share of carbon buildup too. New rings have been ordered and hopefully going to throw it back together sometime this week.
  12. @A64Pilot so did it end up being just the cockpit switch??
  13. @jetdriven bringing this back alive. Do you have any pictures of how they are flush and setup correctly? Mine just has a ton of washers stacked up to space them and not flush.
  14. I tested for continuity and ground prior to "randomly" putting a test wire on to that post. New Lord mounts that connect to the ground strap are on back order unfortunately.
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