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  1. Hey all, Looking for your thoughts. The pictures are of each wheel when retracted. Does this seem like excessive 'drooping' to the rear from each wheel? I imagine this could be adjusted some way if it's not normal. 201J
  2. Check this video out. I wonder what the practicality of having this type of 'heated pipe' in the leading edge to act as anti/de-ice would be? Albeit probably expensive, it seems as though it wouldn't take too much more power than 20A across both wings. Although it would add weight, I would assume it would be marginal compared to the TKS at ~9.2lb per gal. Also, I imagine the upkeep would be considerably less as long as it has allowances to move with the wing in flight. Seem to be too good to be true? Either way, pretty cool nerd stuff. What's Inside the Worlds' Fastest Heat Conductor? - Yo
  3. Here's a far fetched question, Is there any 'public' GA parking at Scottsdale (KSDL) that doesn't involve the FBO? Or anyone have a ramp spot they've vacated for the next few days? Asking for a friend...
  4. That is also connected to the pitot probe. Anyone know where to find these types of leads on the interwebs??
  5. Back at home and found these issues. Hoping this is the only culprit and nothing else in the wing.
  6. False alarm, still no dice. =( Pitot heat still isn't working.
  7. It's actually in reference to this post.
  8. I've been attempting to track down the reason my pitot heat has stopped working. I believe this dumb ground is my issue. As picture, you can see one of the nuts backed out and the ground came off with the screw still in place. I had a feeling this was the issue but didn't want to hook the wire back up to the wrong place. After looking at schematics and this forum topic, I have way more confidence this should work now. Fingers are crossed since I have to make a return trip over the Rockies about 800nm away! Thanks @bradpfor starting this topic, it may have literally saved me a bunch of time
  9. Flying a 81 M20J around and encountered visible moisture below 10C. Put pitot heat on and received an instantaneous low volts warning, volts dropped on all eye-brow lights and the pitot-heat switch went to the 'off' position at the same time. Switched the 'Pitot Heat' and 'Strobe' Klixon switches since they are the same amps and same issue. Possibly a bad ground? Anyone experience this in flight? Any ideas? Currently at Spokane far away from home station.
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