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  1. Nice. 9gph, jet fuel, 20k ft, 1230lb useful load, A/C, TKS, RG (as a real plane should) - what's not to like?
  2. Two idiots who didn't seem to know the rules. The pilot in question and the Henderson ground controller!
  3. I have done PnP trips in a J many times. I use a small crate (can get the dimensions once I go to my hangar sometime). Anything larger than what I have may need a minor disassembly of the crate. So I tend to sign up for small dogs or cats. The main issue is getting it through the door after pushing the passenger seat forward completely. I imagine there won't be much difference between mid and short body since we are not concerned with leg room.
  4. Haha.. reminds me of the time I was landing KSFF but had KGEG on my sights - luckily caught the mistake a couple of miles out from KSFF (approaching from the east).
  5. I believe there's a jumper you can remove in the starter switch to enable the right mag (Surefly in this case) to be used while starting. I have yet to check the LOP operations above 8,000 ft to check performance.
  6. I have a very similar experience. I get the engine to start on the first crank now. I see a 10-20 rpm drop on the mag check on the Surefly. I don't see much difference in speeds except it is runs LOP better. I switched out the right mag with the Surefly and overhauled the left mag.
  7. Seems like autopilot breaker was pulled... that could be a biggie.
  8. Not sure if this is helpful, but my plane had a Garmin 430 (now upgraded to a GTN650) connected to the Garmin 696 which is panel mounted. I can switch the 696 between the GTN and the GDL-39 using a toggle switch. I can't recall the cable type or number used, but I could take a peek to see if there is any info printed on the cable.
  9. The official word https://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/medical_certification/ While the AOPA requested extension for proficiency, it's not spelled out here. Requires further clarification, but I don't see it why they would not no do the same for flight reviews as well.
  10. https://www.aviationpros.com/aircraft/business-general-aviation/press-release/21131657/aopa-faa-responds-to-aopas-appeal
  11. I have flown plenty of cats and kittens for Pilot n Paws. Not an issue if you put them into crates. Never had them meow or get agitated.
  12. I thought you were talking about my Mooney.. It's been reliable and faithful generally speaking but a bit of a dog when it comes to speed ...
  13. I had same issue in my J. Priming longer has definitely helped. From 5s to around 8 or 9s.. Wait 10s before cranking with mixture out and throttle at 1/4".
  14. The Dynon D3 is a decent solution for me. It's always available and very sensitive (maybe too sensitive). It would be nice to be able to dial down its sensitivity.