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  1. Interesting all in one product as a cheap backup attitude/AOA indicator (not sure how well these work though). I currently have the wing mounted CYA 100 and a Dynon D3. https://uavionix.com/products/av-20s/
  2. That's what I recall. 20 deg keeps the CHTs lower I presume.
  3. Isn't the standard timing on the A3B6D 25 deg BTDC compared to 20 deg for the A3B6 variant?
  4. My low ball offer for $10 didn't make it. Maybe I should raise it to $15? Free shipping! That's a relief.
  5. I recently got this beautiful beast of a load tester which I used on my aging Concorde RG35-AXC battery and as expected it was right on the brink of passing at a little over 80%. I may re-test again after another full charge in a few months when it is colder and give it a full charge of around 14.2V. This test was done after taking it off the battery minder at 20C and open circuit voltage was 13.46V. Measurements were taken every 5 minutes. Next time, I will automate the measurements and take more frequent readings since the voltage starts to plummet once it reaches around 11V.
  6. Almost 60... getting close to that zone where they start to scrutinize you!
  7. I am waiting to see what happens this coming year, due early Feb 2021. I have pinged my broker for a heads up.. The biggest increase for me was 2 years ago. Last year it didn't change much.
  8. https://www.avweb.com/multimedia/aviation-insurance-expensive-and-getting-worse/?MailingID=460 Relevant discussion here [emoji115]
  9. The 900 is a primary EDM. You can get rid of the existing MP, RPM, EGT, oil temp, oil pressure etc displays. The 830 is not primary.
  10. I tried to go to Kalispell last weekend but couldn't get any rental cars (and that was true at almost all of the airports in Montana). Things might be different this weekend anf the temperatures will have fallen by 40 or 50 degrees F as well!
  11. Great experience for me as well. They repaired my Century IIB AP first time and it has not failed since. Since then they did my ADS-B and JPI900 install as well. This was probably 4 or 5 years ago.
  12. Perhaps a chemical test for rust is worth trying out. Read about adding HCl (hydrochloric acid) to the what you have in the fuel drain and then observing for a yellow/green colour change after it dries out. Not a chemist, or an alchemist, but worth checking out online or with pros who may be more knowledgeable.
  13. I ran a flight simulator on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum in the 80s as well. Quite amazing that it would run on a 64k machine and was loaded into memory using a cassette tape. Wikipedia entry shows it was by Psion software.
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