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  1. The official word https://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/medical_certification/ While the AOPA requested extension for proficiency, it's not spelled out here. Requires further clarification, but I don't see it why they would not no do the same for flight reviews as well.
  2. https://www.aviationpros.com/aircraft/business-general-aviation/press-release/21131657/aopa-faa-responds-to-aopas-appeal
  3. I have flown plenty of cats and kittens for Pilot n Paws. Not an issue if you put them into crates. Never had them meow or get agitated.
  4. I thought you were talking about my Mooney.. It's been reliable and faithful generally speaking but a bit of a dog when it comes to speed ...
  5. I had same issue in my J. Priming longer has definitely helped. From 5s to around 8 or 9s.. Wait 10s before cranking with mixture out and throttle at 1/4".
  6. The Dynon D3 is a decent solution for me. It's always available and very sensitive (maybe too sensitive). It would be nice to be able to dial down its sensitivity.
  7. Does anyone know lateral requirements to "hit" a fly-over GPS waypoint? Is it 0.3 miles? Will GPS receiver sequence to next waypoint if one is not on target? Typically found on missed approaches. Thanks.
  8. I will run a few more experiments to try to narrow this down by carefully recording the whole sequence from power up until the GPS locks.
  9. Sure, it's possible to couple through the antenna and then it would come to harmonics of one transmitter landing right on the pass band of the other receiver. No, I haven't tried the Faraday cage thing yet. I would have to ground the foil as well while keeping the display still visible! It's an intermittent problem as well, so at the moment I am still trying to figure out when it happens. Thanks.
  10. Anthony, I would expect new COM radios to be designed well enough to not leak RF since their main function is dealing with very low level RF signals and their on-board synthesizers are properly shielded. Also would expect their transmit sections be very carefully shielded and isolated from the receiver. Of course it's possible a malfunction (bad decoupling capacitors in the power supplies, other mechanical or electrical failures, broken solder joints etc.) could cause problems on older sets causing EMI. Did you figure out why your radios did this or was it just old avionics not playing well with the GPS receivers (which also deal with extremely low level signals buried in noise)? I wouldn't expect the same rigor say in the design of say engine monitors, attitude indicators etc which are really not dealing with RF frequencies or signal levels but do have a lot of digital circuitry and clocks that could radiate harmonics especially if the designer weren't pay attention.
  11. No difference with ext/int power or ext/int antenna. Also tested at home without other interfering sources. It's pretty cut and dry that the D3 is generating this interference. It could be a digital clock (typically harmonics that might be fall into the aviation band) that is left unshielded. If two new units displayed the same behavior it has to be a board design issue.
  12. Yes. Clean as a whistle once the D3 is off. I wouldn't expect certified COM radios to radiate their local osc. to interfere with others . They are usually very well shielded. I tested the D3 at home with an SDR receiver as well as a handheld radio. The D3 interference breaks squelch on the portable at a distance of about 4 to 5 ft on 121.6 MHz.
  13. Will work with Dynon, being under warranty. Taking this to PM until it's resolved.
  14. Happens on both internal power and external power. Makes no difference with external antenna as well. I have a feeling it has to do with the display driver since tone is modulated by what's going on on the screen. Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk