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'65 Mooney M20C Parts for Sale

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As most of you know, we had an off field landing in our Mooney last year. http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2022/01/mooney-m20c-n79396-incident-occurred.html

I acquired the salvage and have many parts available. I've begun the disassembly, and will be posting images of things that are available, but if you have need for a specific part, please reach out even if there is no picture for it. Initially, I will be asking for offers, but as time permits I will eventually put prices and better information on things. Any reasonable offers will be accepted. This is a bit of an "eating an elephant" situation, so I ask for patience and can't guarantee quick turnover, but if you need quick response I will try and prioritize your request.

None of the listed parts has damage from the accident. All were 100% operational on last flight, but have not been tested since. Sales are "as is".

More information or better pictures can be accommodated upon request.



IMG_1359.png IMG_1360.png


Mooney ASI


IMG_1361.png IMG_1362.png


Mooney VSI


IMG_1363.png IMG_1364.png


Mid Continent Altimeter


IMG_1365.png IMG_1366.png


EGT Gauge

Gauge only, no probe



Electric Powered Vacuum Pump




Vacuum Pump




Vacuum System Parts




Mooney / Grimes Beacon

Worked when removed, but sounds like a coffee grinder.

IMG_1377.png IMG_1378.png


14VDC to 26VAC Transformer




Voltage Regulator

For 50 Amp Generator



Suction Gauge


IMG_1387.png IMG_1388.png


Nav Lights




Battery Box




Electrical Rack Shelves




Lower Cowl Induction System / Intake Filter

No damage



Coat Hangar




Rear Seat Flashing




Overhead Control Placards & Knobs




Control Rods Yaw & Pitch




Flight Enhancements Electric Step Actuator




Wing Root Fairing Right - PN 120001 - 6




Retractable Step




Aft Wing Fairing Right - PN 120000-10




Lower Cowl

No damage



Right Elevator

No damage, but some minor trailing edge imperfections




Dent in top, but still seals perfectly

IMG_1408.png IMG_1409.png


Upper Cowl


IMG_1410.png IMG_1411.png


Tail Cone Access Panel - PN 913014-501




Misc. Access Panels




Avionics Access Panels


IMG_1414.png IMG_1415.png


Cowl Cheeks




Airtex Carpeting


IMG_1418.png IMG_1419.png


Plastic Interior Pieces

Some pieces have minor cracking, many are perfect



Mooney MAP & Fuel Pressure Gauge


IMG_1457.png IMG_1458.png


Control Tube Ball and Socket Mooney P/N 710001




TO / GA Momentary Button




Control Yoke Shaft, Mooney P/N 720005 Left & Right




Pilot Side Yoke

PTT button in left thumb



Copilot Side Yoke




Original Mooney Gold Console placarding




Rapco Brake Lining 3 pair RA66-111




O-ring AN6230B-6 X 3




Control Yoke Tapered Pin, Mooney P/N AN386-1-10A, 2 used, 1 new




Yolk Assembly, Mooney P/N 710006




Brake Resevoir, Mooney P/N 850006-501 & Parking Brake Valve Asbly, P/N 4200-A1




Jack Shaft Assembly, Mooney P/N 710007 & Tubes P/N 915001




Bellcrank Assembly, Mooney P/N 914016




Gear Down Switch




Gear Down Lock Bracket, Mooney P/N 560046-501


IMG_1494.png IMG_1496.png


Flap Handle, Mooney P/N 750006




Pilot side air vent eyeball, Mooney P/N #2120 & #1794




Radio Cooling Box, Mooney P/N 810036-1




Baggage Door


IMG_1501.png IMG_1502.png


Main Gear Left & Right

There could be significant damage to some parts of this assembly due to the off field landing with gear down.



Mooney Brakes




Main Gear Wheel Assembly Left & Right


IMG_1505.png IMG_1507.png

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Hi - If you have them, I'd like to buy: (1) the complete adjustable cowl flap system (I do not need the flaps themselves) - I have a '68 where they were in fixed position and I want to convert them to adjustable.   (2) the metal duct tubes on each side that blow air on your feet on each side and are controlled by a butterfly valve near the end (the butterfly valves in mine a broken).  

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alas, the air handlers are already spoken for. I might have what you need for the cowl flap system, but I'm not certain it's all together. The cowl was already removed when I got the plane back. I'm pretty sure I have the knob and cable, and probably the pushrods. But, I think part of that system is integral to the engine mount, is it not?

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2 hours ago, glbtrottr said:

Md200-306, Tom 170c and indicator, and usb - pm me prices pls -

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

I would greatly appreciate offers. I won't be offended, if we can't agree on value, then we both move on, no harm. I'm still disassembling and trying to organize this mess....

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Hey there, what is the best way to organize getting this done and maybe pics of brake cylinders and steering horn/components?  I dont know how to do private messages on here?  

I have a fellow named Joyce Ashiow emailing and calling from a Google Voice number… I was getting the feeling that is a scammer, but please let me know if it is you:)

Many thanks.  W 

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2 hours ago, salty said:

I would prefer to sell the whole door. Or the door whole. Whichever is more correcter.

Door whole makes me think of something else... :lol: Haha can definitely understand that. If you change your mind, feel free to shoot me a PM. 

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On 5/11/2023 at 12:20 PM, Jerry Pressley said:

down lock could only have paint problem.  I have half a dozen that look identical and only one has actual metal wear. 

Its trashed , Its shaped like an egg , Throw it in the trash, Or give it to Jerry....


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48 minutes ago, Alan Fox said:

Its trashed , Its shaped like an egg , Throw it in the trash, Or give it to Jerry....


I agree with Alan. This downlock block is a gear collapse waiting to happen. It’s quite worn. 

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