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    Garmin GMX 200 MFD

    I have 2 GMX200 for sale
  2. Alan Fox

    Garmin Stuff

    Sun-n-Fun blowout...... GNS530W 14/28 complete 8500.00 / GNS530W 14/28 Complete 8500.00 , GNS430W 28V complete 6750 , GNS430W 28V complete 6750 , GNS530 28 V non waas complete 5500 , GNS430 28v non waas complete 4500 , GMX200 Traffic and Radar 4000 complete , GTX330 non ES 1000 complete , GTX330 non ES 1000 complete , GTX330 non ES 1000 complete , GTX327 complete 550 , GTX327 complete 550 , GTX327 grey face complete 450 , GTX327 grey face complete 450 , GMA340 complete 850 , GMA 340 complete complete 850 , GMA 347 no backplate 500 , GDL69A complete 1100.00 , GPS500 grey face complete 2750 , SL40 com complete 750.00 Alan 856 419 5209
  3. Offer sent
  4. Alan Fox

    Garmin Stuff

    One 530 W is sold , the GMA347 is sold , one GTX330 is sold
  5. Alan Fox

    Sun n Fun 2018

    I see people complaining about the price , If 32 dollars is too much , don't go , in fact you should sell your plane and take up golf , much cheaper.....The money supports the EAA , without them , you couldn't afford to fly (most of you) , it supports all kinds of aviation charities....... GROW UP , If you don't want to pay that's fine , but stop crying like a child........What we do costs lots of money .....
  6. Has every conceivable mod ever made.... Thought it was a J , had to look at the dataplate to verify !!!
  7. Just got back from sun n fun , Changed the oil before I left , no metal in filter , compressions are all at 79 cold , burned one qt in 12 hours ..... Probably coming to market in May...
  8. Alan Fox

    IO-360-A3B6D to A3B6 Conversion

    Your F came with an A!A , the J is counterweighted , the f was not , they are not interchangeable without the STC , the J IS allowed in the TCDS to accept the newer engine..
  9. Alan Fox

    Sun n Fun 2018

    Went to the Mooney booth and got free grub yesterday..hung out with Ron and Mike a while , then went out to Vintage and gave Alex and Cody a hard time...
  10. Alan Fox

    Garmin Stuff

    I wish
  11. Alan Fox

    Garmin Stuff

    Cross Cross Cross feed...
  12. Well , I am happy to say , I have put 50 hours on it the last two months , and it hasn't skipped a beat.... I will be taking it to Sun-n-fun if anyone wants to check it out....
  13. Brittain bellows removed from salvage aircraft 150 for the 4 and I will throw in the vinyl tubing that came out also , You may get a few good ones out of these , if not they will serve as good cores .....
  14. Alan Fox

    I’m not donating

    Seems like the original poster , either didn't get enough attn. from daddy , or from his wife and kids......
  15. It is a sad town , Very poor , I spent a few days there this year..... Airport is in great shape , lots of runway , and ramp.... The airport guys are great , There is one decent hotel , a 1/4 mile from the airport , you might consider commuting to Greensboro... The hotel I stayed in , was the Best Western , check it out....
  16. Alan Fox

    Mooney M20F Versus M20F Exec 21

    Then there is the FJ Cruiser
  17. Alan Fox

    Avionics looking for a good home

    Prices ??
  18. Alan Fox

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    Yea , but they also have stops after about 30 degrees of bank , past that , they don't work , Better to have at least one electric AI , or DG , At least the DG can keep the shiny side up....
  19. Alan Fox

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    And how was this structural...... Oh yea.... It wasnt
  21. Alan Fox

    Mooney M20J VS Bonanza V tail or F33

    Did anyone ever consider the fact that Mooney has never produced a single production aerobatic aircraft ever , And Beech has produced thousands ???? Wing bolts and all ????
  22. Alan Fox

    Garmin 430 Com Needs Service

    I will say it again , It is STC'd , It is illegal to install it without an IA , you cannot file the 337 for the STC , unless you are an IA ....If you install it , and you are not an IA , or an IA does not sign off the 337 and logbook , it is not a legal install....... I am an A&P , I am not an IA , I can not legally install it.....
  23. Alan Fox

    Garmin 430 Com Needs Service

    Ding Ding Ding ..... Clarence , you are correct , you must be an IA , to perform an STC , An A&P cannot even do this legally.......(if it is covered by an STC) also , the GPS / Nav , is tied into the autopilot system......