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  1. Maybe this will help ? Pieces Grease Fitting UNF 10-32 Zerk Nipple Straight Brass Visit the DYNAPEX Store 4.5 out of 5 stars 10 ratings | 3 answered questions Price: $11.98 + $5.78 shipping Pay $11.98 $0.00 after using available Amazon Rewards Visa Card Points.
  2. Are the gear indicator bulbs and sockets available ? Thanks.
  3. It's always been my understanding that the Iridian that fine wires are made of is a first cousin of gold, that's the reason for the extra expense.
  4. I believe buzz222 has one listed on eBay right now if you’re interested.
  5. Which helps them last a long time and many hours as compared to the small ones found in alternators. However, the slip rings found in alternators don't have the groves in them that are found in the commutator of the generator which also gives the alternator brush a great wear ability. Make sense???
  6. So, if you go to set your timing and have to re-loosen the mag because the timing moves two degrees on the finial torque does that qualify as using them a second time? Just curious,,,
  7. Somebody had a brand new one on ebay just the other day I thought. Said it was new old stock,,, looked good in the pictures.
  8. I always thought you could tell by the nuts that hold the cylinders on the crankcase. The “narrow deck “ have internal corners such as an Allen bolt where as the “wide deck” has the external corners much like the standard nut you would find on many places in your airplane.
  9. Ok, will do. Just curious,,, is that a 312 flathjead on the engine stand ?
  10. Do you have a good nose gear truss in there ? Thanks
  11. Congratulations,,,, very nice looking airplane.
  12. Got my uplock block today, looks awesome. Thank you guys for all your dedication to this project.
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