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  1. It's got 2 mags. I'll text Lynn on Monday re: the carb & see if he remembers. I don't remember seeing that notated in the logbook though & I don't have the logs handy right now to check. I'll have the mechanics here check the timing to see if it's set at 25* BTDC. If so, I'll have them adjust to 20* Thanks for the input, David. Much appreciated.
  2. Hello all, Interested in knowing what improvement (if any) anyone has had after installing LASAR Cowl Fairing mod #131. It was my hope that my 1965 M20C's CHT would run cooler but that has not been the case so far. With its original guppy mouth, with ambient temp of 80F, after a 7 minute taxi & run-up, CHT 390F was typical with it rising to 430F by 600 feet AGL after cleanup & climb power established. Climbing at 130mph for 3 - 4 minutes brought it down to 400 - 410F where it would stay constant till level-off at any altitude from 4500 - 10,500. Mixture is kept at Full Rich to 5000. CHT's in cruise are 370 -380F at 65% Power at 100F ROP, with OAT'S generally at ISA +15C. Now with the LASAR Mod installed the CHT numbers are the same. Increasing power to 70% results in CHT 400F. My O-360 has 1900 TTSN & 30 SMOH and has a Power Flow Exhaust. Overhaul was completed by Lynn Mace. Engine gauges are original Garwin and seem accurate given CHT matches ambient OAT prior to engine start. I'm in Michigan with it now and in cooler OAT's but the CHT numbers are much the same. Mechanics up here said baffles looked good & increased the idle mixture by 3 quarters of a turn but it was no apparent help. Anybody who can provide some comparison numbers and/or solutions and experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hey icurnmedic, I'm in the community hangar next to the FBO
  4. I just had my ancient 57 year old carb heat, cowl flap, throttle, mixture & prop controls replaced with McFarlane controls. Wow, what a difference & worth every penny.
  5. It's legit. I got one too. I met the owner two days ago. First impression was very good.
  6. I'll be one of the first "guinea pigs" since they'll be swapping out my Garwin cluster in a few days plus some other minor work. I'm based at KMRN. I met the new owner, John Car and one of his mechanics, Wesley on Aug 18th. First impression was very good. I'll report again after the work is completed.
  7. Thank you, carusoam. Cheers, C.J.
  8. If the VSI & Altimeter are still available, call or text (386) 341-9848. I'll have to check with an avionics tech on Monday regarding the KI-525A HSI & associated components.
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