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  1. Aircraft Spruce sells for $407. each. free shipping. $375 for both Jerry Pressley 423 231 3491
  2. Hi Jerry,

    I'm looking for spare fuel valve selector Air Right PN 36100-12 for a M20J 24-3187, any idea  ?



    1. Jerry Pressley

      Jerry Pressley

      i let don maxwell have one recently.  it was for stock for him.  unfortunately he forgot to pay me for it.   jerry



      So I understand you have one that would be available ??

    3. Jerry Pressley

      Jerry Pressley

      i let don maxwell have one recently.  it was for stock for him.  unfortunately he forgot to pay me for it.   jerry



      don maxwell service center in texas has one that he gpt from me promising to pay me for it but then told me he wasn't going to pay.  he took it for stock so i assume he still has it. his phone 904-643-9902HONE:  903-643-990202

  3. best painter in the business is Manual Mora Santiago DR 809 762 8581 call me for details 4232313491 jerry
  4. Did you ever find the inner gear door you were looking for, PN 550060-001?

    If so I need one, please let me know where you found it.


  5. wonder if our local prop guru, stallings has an idea?
  6. sorry said bead blasted shot peened was the act
  7. A friend in the Dominican Republic ask me to bring his Mooney prop back for reseal and specified the shop to use. I disassembled it to allow shipping. (had a prop shop at one time. You are not permitted to assemble it but disassembly is a horse of a different color. i delivered it to the shop which looked it over an gave me a figure. weeks later they said needed a hub which i delivered to them. When i stopped to pick it up they gave it to me in pieces saying the blades were bad. The radius where the bearing races ride looked like they had been bead blasted but they said they needed rolled and they could not do that. I am familiar with rolling the blade radius but these looked different. I sent a photo to Hartzell and they suggested having a shop that was capable of blade rolling and let them try to correct what looked like bead blasting. I sent them to a complete shop and was told they could not be salvaged because someone had heavily bead blasted them. They said it had happened after the prop was disassembled because if the bearing race had rested on that area and run for hundreds of hours it would have compressed the high spots on the blasted area. I sold the mooney to the current owner and the prop had been overhauled by a reputable shop a few years prior. I bought them another prop. Should I go back to that prop shop and ask for relief?????
  8. Just clean up the leading edge of the blades to make safe and use for ferry. What do you use to ferry with Alan?