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  1. brent at smoky mtn aeroplanes has all needed to convert 423 273 3557
  2. avis budget is the terminal rental place. nice lady that normally saves me one for the return trip to tn from maxwell. call her to reserve
  3. you are going to get a response from some guy saying he has one and to make an offer. make sure you are dealing with a legitimate seller. I was looking for one and am still getting offers from scammers a couple months later
  4. First time I had to work on the gear I had the tail tied to a tiedown in the concrete at Asheville NC. The tiedown pulled out and since the lh gear was up the lh wing hit just outboard if the inboard rib. It landed on a cinder block thus putting a hole in the fuel tank. At time Mooney approved a patch and supplied a piece of heat treated skin. Was a 63 C model that is still flying now in Texas with that patch.
  5. Good upper and lower gear legs. You clean up and paint. $75. Some look really good. Some look rough but all guaranteed usable. Similar ones listed on ebay for $1,000.00. may have other parts attached but guaranteed good upper and good lower. Lefts and rights. Minimum order 20. can package on a pallet or can help in any way with shipping. Jerry 423 231 3491 acpartswhse@aol.com
  6. bellanca have a lycoming engine? most had continental
  7. how does someone go about getting a STC to install after purchase since the original stc is plane specific?
  8. A few day ago I posted an ad looking for an ADS B. 2 am got a text from "Dalton. GA saying, he had one. $1000. ask a few questions that any Mooneyac would know. Even ask if he knew Joey Cole. Good guy Mooney shop in Dalton. Didn't. He kept insisting I do a quick PayPal Friends and family. Gave me a good address in Dalton but google showed an empty for sale house there. His email mukuyankuyani@gmail.com. I thought it was not the way to go until i opened Mooneyspace in the morning and seen a note from an member telling me his brother had one for sale and gave me the same email to contact. Now back into the mood to order it. As a last resort I pulled up billstiber763 to see his info. OOOOPS he had joined a few hours before my midnight text. Almost got me. Careful..
  9. looking for a used ads b out wingtip or tail beacon. needs to have the passcodes for installation. jerry 423 231 3491 acpartswhse@aol.com
  10. i need a non b hub prop to use for ferrying from ca to east coast. jerry 423 231 3491
  11. 1970 M20F fresh annual 59900 see on ebay single engine jerry 423 231 3491 free delivery 3 blade etc 3899 tTT 1200 SMOH 650 PROP
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