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  1. In my paranoid life, I use a mophie brick charged at home, and connect power to the brick which in turn charges the iPad. Battery dies? Alternator croaks? Easy peasy-iPad stays on. Brick is bigger than the iPad. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. That’s the point. my airplane was converted by mod works - I was told it was the original demonstrator. That’s not where the weight increased that much. Mkne went ti the factory and came out with new upholstery, avionics and paint.
  3. I remember having a few of these conversations at the factory over a decade ago with people far smarter. At the time, the focus was on selling ovations and bravos and getting the acclaim out the door to compete with Cirrus, not helping support an aging fleet. At the time, the company had just come out of another financial ditch. Gretchen was CEO, Barry was still CFO, our friendly Mr Ellis and others were in hard working seats, Bull Grebe, Mike and out since departed friend were three test pilots, and the factory was slowly trying to him back to life. Pre-J model tooling has been sold t
  4. Oh, crap! I fell off the face. How much do I owe you? Let me check messages...
  5. I’m open to offers. Just add shipping from Canada 

    postal code S9H 5E4

  6. You think? Here’s a little virtue signaling demanding tolerance of what’s en-Vogue while slamming a poster whose politics are unknown by slamming them... What do Trump, black people like my daughter, corona virus and super spreading have to do with Mooney and declining aviation? You can throw a rock and hit a venomous person these days. At least in this forum we have the love of mooney’s in common. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I thought this forum went out of their way in their terms of service to avoid political brattle. While this was not aimed at me, this post certainly seems out of line.
  8. I have a couple of transducers if someone needs them - a 201 and a 231 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Ugh. Monopolizing and Privatization of ramps at a public airport is disgusting. I wish AOPA did more to prevent this predatory behavior. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Meh. Millennials and post millennials are far more entertained by Instagram, tiktok, millions of other goofiness than flying, scuba diving, building anything, carpentry, machine shop, aquariums, and a million other pursuits requiring developing a skill. It’s too hard!!!! ...the “spectator” and “critic” generation. Some salaries have risen to ungodly amounts while many of the generation continue to live mom and dad comfortably into their 30’s...and mom and dad ain’t buying them no airplane. Short attention span, ADD, idealism and fear. Ugh. I don’t know that I agree that flying is inh
  11. Im an even cheaper CB than you, that I do my own installs. And I’d never go for the option presented to you with the Val. 1. I just did a search on Fleabay, and found several Ki-214’s for about 100 bucks. A straight swap would take at most a billable hour by an avionics shop, if that’s who does it upon failure. 2. If the MX170 and 214 are working, i don’t understand why any changes require to be made unless I misread. I get that you’re adding a 355. While new avionics generally intend to draw less power, I’ve been in curious situations where newer avionics fail (greater power draw)
  12. So the taxpayer paying for a federal employee’s salary and pension, or the fuel taxes we pay for all those private controllers isn’t enough, meaning you think that paying extra fees makes you a better serviced customer? Huh. I find that line of thinking interesting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. There is no reason for the controller’s behavior, contract or not. You’re in the air, and the controller has zero idea of the state of the airplane. To wait for “mayday” or “pan” calls just to get a controller’s special attention is downright entitled and unprofessional. Just because as a pilot community we tend to be more polite, more safety conscious since engine power is life support, or else, doesn’t entitle a controller to be a dork. This notion that “oh my gawd the airspace is getting so crowded and I have some many “dinks” in my airspace” is crap. I can accept that in a BIG clas
  14. Gotcha. That helps. Between the mediocre support from King, the exorbitant pricing, the lack of thinking process in cost reduction, the history with the KI300 as another poster stated, the historically stuffy attitude towards GA, and inferior market delivery, generally substandard features, I don’t see them as a serious player anymore. How old is the KX155/165 series? The KAP/KFC was built what, nearly 40 years ago? You would think innovation even in aviation has a faster pace. In my kitchen table I have an Aera 510, a 560, and a Zumo. Same exact case, form factor, battery, display a
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