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  1. glbtrottr

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    I don't see how it's possible for people to fly without an instrument rating. In California we have June Gloom. In Chicago? Jeezus we had it all. Boston even worse. Going from California to AZ at Altitude and hearing a reported "freezing rain" that wasn't forecasted. I recall the frightening humor of landing in a snow covered runway in Wisconsin near Green Bay, or getting battered about at Flying Cloud in Minnesota where the reporting ATIS of "braking action: poor" just simply warmed my heart after a nice long IMC flight...
  2. glbtrottr

    Abandoned Mooneys

    Ah, the beauty of staying on topic...
  3. glbtrottr

    Attitude Indicator

    Atlas Instruments in Long Beach - call David - tell him I sent you. Super reasonable prices, not an assembly line.
  4. I do. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. glbtrottr

    Mid continent MD200-306 Indicator

    Ill bid one dollar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. glbtrottr

    M10 is on the move

    Mike Miles is a great guy. Wes is pretty funny. Bill Grebe is the best- total wild man. But again, Mooney baggage... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I got one. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. glbtrottr

    M10 is on the move

    I had the great fortune of getting to know a bunch of the mooney guys at the factory about ten years ago. Many are still there, many are gone. Some really decent people. Some of the brilliant engineering staff is still there. The Australian owners at the time along with the ceo were in way over their skis. After so many layoffs, false starts and other craziness, the mooney factory runs like clockwork...that is, breaks are always taken and measured in “at least” minutes, all employees left exactly on time, and a sense of urgency was non existent. I think the last prototype, the “predator” or tiger striped mooney, was sold to someone outside of the factory for curiosity. ...the Florida museum. The molds for the older mooney’s were sold to Mexico for scrap. The workers remember how many 201s they built at capacity in glory days but by then the factory was a shadow of its former self. It went on and on... They can open Chino, and close it. They can finally put the parachute they’ve been eyeing longingly on a Cirrus thinking that will fix the sales, manufacturing and culture challenges they have. They can bring in Chinese investors with fresh money and give it a go for a while, but sadly, Kerrville reminds me of Robert Deniro carrying his bag of baggage in “the mission’ to an unforgiving market that will never support the numbers in the US they want. Perhaps the future is aircraft in China, and like Icon, Chinese investors hope to invest their money, get IP, and get ready to sell and manufacture airplanes in China in the end. Maybe that will work...with American IP readily fleeing the country...anyone willing to place odds on the success of the m10? How will success be measured?
  9. American Airports caused this at a few local fields. At Hawthorne it is “advanced air/jet center/Main Street/surf air/whatever Levi chooses to call himself. The Van Nuys Prop Park is the same crap. Because the local pilot groups didn’t organize quickly and well enough, privatization did it all in. The same thing happened in Carlsbad. While Santa Monica residents claimed to be all up in arms about the pollution, etc...what made it attractive for the airport and local government was the nice mint that Snapchat was willing to pay to take over most buildings to have a cool startup working space, and now Santa Monica will shut down. Santa Paula, Camarillo are still relatively uncorrupted for now...but give it time. It all starts with an unchecked manager who thinks he knows better when he’s not being watched, a few favors here and there, and boom- sucks for all. The guy at Hawthorne ended up at Big Bear and guess what is happening there now... Really tragic...greed at the expense of the public sucks for all. I hope Camarillo doesn’t head in that direction after the most recent director committed suicide. John Wayne is a far cry from what it used to be. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hmmm...I am dubious anything will change. The unicom guy and many others said the money was for runway improvements. Did they ever do it? No, not until they were forced to. If anything, someone did them a solid by having the Corps repair the runway for them - I wish they had been made to pay from all the fees they had collected over the years. The benefit is for the conservancy which isn't poor, not pilots in general; while we may be able to enjoy a nicer runway, government absorbed a substantial amount of the cost, and the conservancy will still charge a ridiculous $25 per landing because the Joe that manages the unicom is there to get his piece - no real value to the pilot, since he doesn't have a radar, isn't providing separation or tower services - he's a bump on a log. I remember having spoken to the Aeronautics Bureau and caltrans about it in the past - we laughed about the situation with discomfort. Sad that one situation can screw it up for the public at large; if the fee was reduced or eliminated overall, they could grow this as a destination. It isn't about the money, but rather the principle of it all. This notion that you have to "pay" money to land at some public airports when our taxes have already paid for the infrastructure and our taxes pay for the upkeep is...ridiculous, and will invite a European approach to continued unsubstantiated costing by slowly boiling the frog. If you ever take a moment to fly in European airspace where everytime you're in the system you have to pay, from terminal to flight plan to approach to landing and each of those create a dent in your wallet, you'll know what I'm talking all starts with places like Catalina, and the privatization of the municipal airport. The conservancy was supposed to be a not-for-profit; I wonder about that as a reality. The previous CEO of this small organization / non profit brought home a tasty $326k a year (wowzers!) - pretty healthy salary for such humble work. Catalina Island Conservancy Public Disclosure copy.pdf Perhaps if the organization was managed a little more humbly, we would have a nice airport to land in without the $25 per landing, fostering more interest in the conservancy. As an example, it wasn't that long ago that a bunch of well meaning, old timers from Hawthorne Airport in California saved it from Closure. Fast forward to today, now you're looking at $600+ for a T-hangar per month - nothing special and exhorbitant price, whereas previosly it was in the $200/300 range when "managed" by the city. Curiously, the staff that managed it prior is still there, but now a private organization "rents" the whole airport, and charges a substantial uplift as a result. The staff formerly charged with managing the airport now service the one renter they have for $450k a year or so. Business profits, the citizen pays. Pretty lame. In contrast, the County of Ventura nearby refuses to allow subleasing; Camarillo / Oxnard lease the same T-Hangar for a whopping $246; Hangars that were originally purchased for about $10k by some with a ground lease are now selling for $50/60/70k and treated as real estate while on a month-to-month lease. There is some conflict as to how that will live going forward as the airports are trying to purchase those hangars back. Privatization at a municipal airport does little but substantially raise the cost of aviation for all without a substantial upside except for the privateer in this case. Catalina is a great destination; unfortunately the devil is in the details, and it all starts with one unacceptable fee without any tangible benefit.
  11. I’m glad they finally did something. The conservancy has repeatedly used a zillion excuses to collect fees there. It is considered or was a critical airport for a variety of reasons...for a while there was a man who would talk on the radio but it was treated as a Unicom...his job was to collect fees for his own paycheck..pretty lame, much like paying for a valet in a large open lot. I decided against flying to Catalina as a result many times. The lies about how and why the money was spent discouraged many. I find it amusing that my beloved corps finally fixed the runway... The fee is still a pain. I may reconsider after repairs... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. glbtrottr

    Failed AI indicator......and repair nonsense

    These are ridiculous times. Aviation is so conditioned to insane prices...Ai prices are a good indicator. I applaud the feds making it easier for solid state to make the way into the cockpit. With items like the AV20 and dynon product in lieu of paying 1500 for just an overhaul on a non primary gyro, things get better. Garmin has exploited technology like the G430 for so long and kept prices at such a ridiculously high price I just can’t justify spending money on the brand. Perhaps if you only sold a few hundred items the high cost would be justified. With Garmin pushing for adsb to be the standard, and subsequently monopolizing the market and suing others, I like to see competitors step up. Good luck on your AI! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. glbtrottr

    Trio Pro Pilot For M20 Mooneys

    Meh. I worked for EMC (now Dell) for well over a decade. It's a very different culture; sales believes 100% is their fair share. I witnessed sales reps punching customers, vehicles being driven into pools at parties, people putting their head through partitioned walls for sales managers and the like. We were modern day pirates. I enjoyed it in many ways, but the culture is not your average thing - your seniority was measured by your badge number. Sales puppies had a comp plan of $150k, regular reps were between 225/275k a year, and the numbers went up from there; presales people commonly made 225 or more, and for practicing your scripting and pitching skills, that was not a bad living - but not as fun as flying a mooney. Curiously, I'm in Oxnard quite a bit and would have been happy to offer my airplane for them to do what they needed to - considering it's a K model, J's and K's cover a substantial amount of market. You never know; perhaps the lad was having a bad day, and the job can be all consuming.
  14. glbtrottr

    Mooney Mod Squad

    I too own a Mooney 262 that was apparently used as a demonstrator for modworks by reports. It used to be N24JJ; it has the spare alternator, long range fuel tanks, all the seals and wingtips, speed brakes, etc. It is a 14v 252 conversion that also spent some time at the Mooney factory a few years back.
  15. I got a mini 4 lte/cellular because of ForeFlight. The WiFi does not have the gps chip the cellular mini has. I never expected how much I would use a mini on and off the plane. Screen size over an iPhone X or Xr is massive for me and I have 20/10 vision...bought mine used on OfferUp for 200. It is the most reliable piece of tech I have...has not turned off once. I dislike apple product immensely...but the mini 4 lte has been rock solid. No speed issues. I’d hate to give apple money for a mini 5 unless it had huge improvements besides speed Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk