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  1. glbtrottr

    Cleaning out the cupboard

    Price on the GX60?
  2. I remember some years back I invested several 10amu's on redoing my panel: gns430, gtx330, gdl69, kfc150, mx20, wx500, jpi, kcs55a, gi106, digital tach and tit, ps engineering CD player etc. fast forward 8 years later and look where we are. The age of avionics lasting forever and all while increasing some value has rapidly changed with garmin's demanded idiocy of ads-b from the government and the advent of tablet goods. Heres the comparison based on a month ago and purchase prices: mx20/traffic: $275 gx60: $500 complete kcs55a: $600 sl70 transponder: $250 electric AI: $300 sl30: $2200 stec 40 w gpss: $2700 installing it in all in my own high wing cessna with the help/supervision of my AI friend? Priceless. With the advent of ForeFlight and other silliness, paying Garmin's ransom seems criminal to me. I cheered Avidyne's use of the same connector tray - brilliant! And if L3 / lynx, freefligt and others can offer a low cost solution, Garmin can go pound sand.
  3. I'll take both per your offer - thank you!
  4. glbtrottr

    AOPA Summit 11/11-13 Long Beach CA

  5. glbtrottr

    AP needed.

    Dude - with all of the unemployed people at *mooney*????
  6. Hey guys - thanks for the help - answers within Quote: 1964-M20E You say that when you turn off the left alternator the voltage goes up. When running just on the right alternator is your voltage is maintained above 13.5V? 13.7 max Did you try running just on the left alternator only to see what happens? Voltage drops below 12 It may be in the paralleling circuit on the voltage regulators. Double check the settings and jumpers on each regulator if any. Were you experiencing this before the engine work? No
  7. I have a TSIO360MB4 on my 14v M20K (A trophy conversion). The engine was just reinstalled. I suspect I have multiple issues. I suspect we'll have to remove them and bench check them, but I figured I would ask the wise ones. If I turn on both alternators, the voltage drops steadily, all the way down to 11.9.... If I turn off the left field switch, voltage starts going up immediately. Pressing the PTT to talk on the horn creates a drop of nearly a voltage. On the climb, voltage again drops all the way to 11.9. Occasionally the voltage holds steady at 13.7, sometimes even 13.9, and sometimes will drop to 12.0. All 3 lights (strobe, nav and headlights) causes a drop over time all the way down to 12.0. Voltage sometimes is intermittent. After the climb last night, when I went from WOT to cruise, voltage went from 11.9 to 13.7 on the single alternator. BTW, this data is from a couple of flights. The mechanics have checked for a "loose connection" . I suspect a loose cable, and possibly a bad coupling on the alternator...the situation may be hard to reproduce while on the ground. Aside from removing and reinstalling alternators, any ideas as to what may be happening?
  8. I hope this is the appropriate place for me to post a few items. KN63, KDI572: $3100. King DME, Great Shape, yellow tagged Western Avionics. Removed to replace panel space with secondary GPS KX165 w GS, 14V, $2100; King Radio, As Removed, Can Yellow Tag, removed to replace with secondary GPS GX50 $1300. Also as removed - upgrade from Cessna to a GX60. KI206 $1000, Yellow Tagged, Western Avionics KMA24: $400 as removed PCD7100 $350 OBO Removed to replace with PMA7000 FLY6LL@GMAIL.COM 949-607-7328
  9. glbtrottr

    Mooney Factory Service Center, Kerrville, TX

    Quote: DaV8or Kind of off topic, but everybody always says that an airplane that isn't flown is going bad internally. Do you think your plane's engine or other systems suffered because it sat for nearly a year? If a shop like this sits on your plane for a year and later it is discovered that your camshaft rusted, resulting in engine failure, is that shop liable? Just curious. I've often wondered about these sort of long term project planes.
  10. glbtrottr

    Advice needed on Mooney Purchase

    I was looking for a 201 when I started. Due to a lack of availability at the time, and a great acquisition price at the time, I ended up with the 231 Modworks demonstrator that got converted to the 262 "Trophy" or a 252 with a 14v system. It came with Long Range gas tanks, a one piece belly mod, speed brakes, hot prop, Intercooler, Wastegate, MB engine, etc. At the time prices were high, I got it for a lot less than 150k. Right now, plenty of airplanes on ASO. 201 J's are from 59k to 195k. 231's from 70k to 185k. 252's from 149k to 189k. Seriously? Your mission profile doesn't seem to be as demanding as you may think. Between you and I, I'd get a 201 - half the cost of overhaul (minimum), plenty of getup and go, infinitely less expensive in overall airframe cost, and for the differential in price, you can certainly upgrade your radio panel every way you want...and still have money in your pocket.
  11. glbtrottr

    Looking for Kerrville/Boerne Stage Partner/Rental

    Man up, Kerrville boy. Bumblebee dad here. Remember me? Find a shady spot and make yourself an overhaul on a 360 instead of taking on a partner... 1966 MOONEY M20C N2593W • $15,500 • AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SALE • - FRESH ANNUAL COMPLTD JUNE 2010, FRESH PROP INSPECTN COMPLETED MAY 2010. AIRCRAFT CURRENTLY FLYING - Total airframe: 4200 annual due May 31 2010 Engine SMOH: 2700 Prop: April 30 2010 due for inspection - Manual Landing Gear, PC System, Power Flow Exhaust and K&N Airfilter - Avionics: King KX170B Nav/ Com KingKX125 Nav/ Com Transponder Mode C Magellan Skynav 5000 GPS Intercom - Modificats: 201 Windshield, Power Flow Exhaust Syst. - Both Fuel Tanks were resealed in march of 2007 - Both Magnettos were replaced in june of 2006 - Annual inspection and prop. inspection just about done • Contact Vladimir I. Kurilov - HELILIFT, Friend of Owner - located Rehoboth Beach, DE USA • Telephone: 1-609-972-6310 . 1-949-351-1339 • Posted September 15, 2010
  12. glbtrottr

    Mooney Factory Service Center, Kerrville, TX

    Oh, the Factory service center. The memories I have. After needing some sheetmetal work, I was convinced by the guy who ran the service center at the time, the *last* time that Mooney was in bankruptcy and not building airplanes. I had a written guarantee that the airplane would be complete in ummm....3 weeks. 6 airline trips later and nearly a year, I got my airplane back. Don't get me wrong - the guys are great. With layoffs, people losing parts and carts for annuals, people charging for new parts that are overhauled, melting windows that are to be painted, calling interior paneling "unairworthy" and many an interesting challenge, these were not my favorite times. The test pilots at the time (Bill Grebe, Mike and Wes, bar none the best in the bunch) were unbelievably great and became friends. The boys and girl in charge in senior management were, unfortunately, clueless, and passed on goofy rules that forced the shop to work a 730-330 I think with people ensuring they took each and everyone of their breaks in completeness with no sense of all. Stacey Ellis? Unbelievably competent. Beyond the nicest person you've met. Brian Kendrick? If you've ever met a nerdy, OCD, anal retentive person who "gets" everything Mooney, it's Brian, and I'm glad to see he's now the guy running the joint. He broke my engine in for me. Paul in Avionics? Good lad. Rick? Mike? All good guys who know their trade. Unfortunately when the management is lame, and these boys are forced to play pyramid games to see who can avoid a layoff, it's hide the sausage...which is really unfortunate. They do good work...when their management lets them get around to it, at Factory prices to fund the high cost of parts manufacturing and high profit margins that will never make up for airplane sales...and when they get around to it between layoffs. Now...if Brian and the boys went to work at Dugosh that may be great...but unfortunately I just don't think they have the volume of work there to support the workforce. With Mooney selling all the lead molds to Mexico on so many of our parts, forgetting the core values of the company, and 50 of these lads in life support, I just don't think things look good. Hoping to not be flying a different brand in my near future...
  13. glbtrottr

    252 MP and Fuel Flow

    You may find that you're running a little hotter than you want. Book max for the TSIO360MB is right around 22.8/23GPH on full power takeoff if you look at the back of your TSIO360 manual. I used to lean to 1550 based on Krom's and other's previous settings. Now, I fly 150ROP or 50LOP, 28/24. If you're flying at such low power settings, you may consider flying LOP and check your results... Quote: FlyingAggie On takeoff, I see MP of 36" with a fuel flow of 21.3 GPH and 2700 RPM in my 262. In criuse and below 10K ft, I am leaning to a TiT of 1550 degF at 2500 RPM & 24" MP which gives about 10GPH and 155 knots. At full throttle and full rich, what TiT do you see?
  14. I have a 14v Mooney M20K at SNA (252 / 262 conversion rebuilt by Modworks in 1990 and redone by Mooney Aircraft in 2007. Send a PM or email FLY6LL@GMAIL.COM.
  15. Oh, so many comments, so many memories. I've never posted on this here's my first. I remember my Mooney being at Mooney Airplane Company for nearly a year. It was Stacey Ellis who after nearly that year discovered with Dye Penetrant that the case in my engine that had just been overhauled due to a crack...still had a crack after overhaul. Mike, Bill Grebe, Bill Wheat, all the great people at Mooney. Some of them were incredibly hospitable. Todd had convinced me to take my airplane there for airframe repair and guaranteed it would be complete after three weeks. It would take 3 engine removals, lots of parts being lost, 2 CEO's, countless mechanics and IA's to get a simple repair finished. In the meantime, I remember visiting the airplane multiple times with promises of completion time and again. Mooney had just become a pet project for a billionaire, his son, and a religious group out of New york from what I remember. Like Clockwork, people would start work immediately at 7/730 (I forget). Like clockwork, they would take their breaks on time. Like clockwork, they would leave. No second or third shifts. No after hours. No drive to get it done. Lunches would be the same way. The conversation about bringing the J model back was a constant one. Management didn't think it would be viable. "Too much money" they said. Mooney simply didn't have the drive to innovate, period. Todd Bates was hated, he had some decent ideas, some never came to fruition. The metal / patterns for older mooneys? Sold to Mexico as scrap metal. Tigger, the M20 that was part of Mooney's history as a military demonstrator? Given to a museum. The ability to come up with documents for the gear legs to take an M20k 231 to be moved to an encore? gone - we would use the Mustang gear to have that STC, but no one found or cared for the paperwork. A Second door? Pshaw. Now - buying an airplane in Spain to enter the Sport Pilot market, *that* would be sexy. Talking to Panavia so that would be a twin mooney, maybe. The M20 frame was about as far as the airframe would go. Simple tweaks...a twin turbo here, a G1000 there. The very airplane that gave the company its fame would be or will be no longer. We discussed many times how the same factory with the same amount of staff would knock out hundreds more airplanes in the same annual time period. No one would listen. A lot of the workers in Kerrville had gotten lazy. Management and the workers didn't trust each other. After so many layoffs, the trust between management and the worker just wasn't there - it was simply another job. Management refused to pay attention. I'd like to believe there's a turnaround for Mooney. I don't think there will be. It's a matter of time before parts continue to grow more expensive, or Mooney folds and a group of owners choose to buy the company...maybe, maybe not. Paul at Lasar already builds a lot of our parts for us. We all know what happened with the Modworks debacle. Lone Star will continue to support us.