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  1. I recently did one , I removed the bottom skin below the actuator , for access , you have to remove the trim and rudder , elevator control rods , for access to buck the rivets , Took me about 12 hours work , Fairly straight forward.... Kit was about 200 dollars from Mooney...
  2. I would like to add some caution here .... New member , only posts are for sale items....
  3. This was removed for a Garmin upgrade , Add a trim switch , and you will have electric trim... I tested the servo.... Lets say 750.00
  4. I have a used one , 400.00 Not the prettiest , but it will burn all the skin off of your fingers , if you arent careful!!
  5. Hi Alan,

    Happy New Year !

    Email me when you need the parts I have.

    Take care!


  6. I have a KEA 130a , as removed , 750.00 with a 30 day guarantee...
  7. I looked at that Plane 2 years ago , If you think it took 20 hours to repair , you are a stone idiot , It was a minimum 200 hour job...( to do it right , replacing the two skins) I figured it at a 25K repair , when I looked at it , That being said , the aircraft is a total rat , needs paint , and a full interior , also needs an avionics makeover... Also take into consideration , that it sat outside at Republic airport on long island , you can guarantee it has corrosion issues....
  8. That one was sold , I have G600 available at this time
  9. In a dumpster , in Maryland !!
  10. Hello, I am in search for a m20f intake boot 600115-005. Would you happen to have or know one that is available for immediate purchase?

    1. Alan Fox

      Alan Fox

      Not currently

    2. Exec21Mooney


      Thank you for your time.

  11. The trim tabs are outboard , thats the elevators , that touch
  12. I have a handle with both washers , 40 shipped domestically
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