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  1. Pretty much where I am at , Had Covid , am Vaccinated , and dont want to get anyone else sick....
  2. Fat Albert flew away for the last time on Friday ,
  3. Guys , I think Im going to be out this year , if it is still being held in Florida , Are you guys considering moving the venue ?? Or are you in for a pound?? Regards
  4. I have thrown more of these away , Than I care to remember...
  5. I have many solutions in stock , Here goes , First is the Skybeacon TSO 1500.00 dollars brand new , I will even program it for you , takes about an hour to install , plays well with your other radios.... Second is the Garmin GTX330ES also 1500.00 used and bench checked with 8130 will replace your current transponder , made to work with the garmin navigator , that you already have installed , will require approximately a 10 to 13 hour install.. ( check the clearance behind your current King transponder , as the GTX is approximately 3 inches deeper than the king) , and finally , if you want in and out , I have an L3 lynx , This will provide in and out 3500.00 and will require approximately a 20 hour install....
  6. Selling for use on an aircraft , disqualifies it , Look at the nightmare GeeBee is going through , Also read that link from the FAA I posted ... What people take it to mean , means nothing , Its what the FAA takes it to mean....
  7. Back to the original posters question about the South African Shock Discs , They are not Legal , as they are 1) offered for sale 2) the owner is not part of the design or manufacture process .... They are NOT owner produced parts ..
  8. The PMA was in reference to MacFarlane...
  9. And I happen to like Guy , and his products , He is knowledgeable and helpful , But legality is a different story..
  10. You just answered your own question ,
  11. MacFarlane , Has the PMA , THAT IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE , I guarantee you the PMA and and capabilities , are included in thier 145 capabilities list...
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