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  1. Alan Fox

    WTB: KX155 28V with GS and KI204

    Don , I have a real nice -25 KX165...
  2. Alan Fox

    Mag part #

    Anybody know the long part # of the D mag on an 83 J ?? Thanks in advance
  3. I bought a full set of matching seats , These are for sale , Pilots is a full articulating , no repairs or welds , both fronts are 400 TT and recovered last year...
  4. That would be great , as I no longer source Brittain parts , Its going to take some time , if at all , because all the FAA mumbo jumbo was in Jerrys name...
  5. And the F has a new home..
  6. Alan Fox

    1967 M20E parting out

    I sold the servo to a rebuilder yesterday
  7. Alan Fox

    Mooney Summit VI

    And Anthony has "Flipped" for the V-Tail....
  8. Alan Fox

    1967 M20E parting out

    I have one off of a 200 HP Arrow , if its the same
  9. Left the rear seats at home , Bonanzas are huge ,
  10. Sold to the Reaper …. BooYaah
  11. Alan Fox

    Mooney Summit VI

    Now that is a sweet ride , You should have seen us on the way home.... The whole plane was packed from the back of our seats , to the hat rack , with Mooney parts...