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  1. More like Calibrated BS speed , you also forgot the calibrated BS fuel burn.....I have converted the dual to a single on a short body , but would never even think of installing a speed slope , Its not faster , although it looks faster , any friction loss lost in the angle , is made up in the longer lenghth far as a bird strike , Mooneys use a thin windshield , the only way to reduce the chance of a bird compromising the windshield , is to put in a thicker windshield ... I have a 1/2 inch thick windshield in my Brand "B" , Must weigh a ton , not a speed slope either.... Although on the brand "B" , because there is no cage , there are no access panels , so the Speedslope on that one gives better maintenance access..... The service port for the brakes through the firewall , is pure genius........
  2. If you trust this guy , you should listen to him..... It sounds like you should..... I haven't heard one person offer to ferry it , I also haven't heard one person suggest that they have looked at the aircraft... Contrary to popular belief , all mechanics are not evil bastards... In fact most are decent guys trying to earn a living... If you have ever attempted a reseal , it is a Vial , horrible job , toxic chemicals , very labor intensive , bad access.... The list goes on and on..... It sounds like a ferry will involve a separate fuel tank of some sort , Good luck.....
  3. Sorry Lance , but I have to disagree , the sealant is breaking down , and clogging the fuel screens , no way I would sign off a ferry permit......
  4. I think you need to replace the tray , for adsb ...
  5. I have a good one.... NO RUST ... Correct part # 856 419 5209 ...
  6. You are no longer a mere mortal...... Also , its not whether it will work or not , it is whether it is legal , and its not .... KT74_IM.pdf
  7. This is true , I do not take deposits , I do however have a 530W , the 430 W units were sold prior to you committing to purchase..... Regards ...
  8. I have 530 W , and 430 Garmin units currently..
  9. Try Dave at Airmods , Robbinsville NJ
  10. Good luck with that field approval...
  11. Yes , because mechanics should work on your plane for free........ Its what they live for..... By the way if that line fails in the year after they sign it off , the feds will climb up their ass with a microscope...... But its cool , their time and training , expertise , and liability are of no value to anybody....
  12. If an AD states that the aircraft must be removed from service until compliance , then the answer would be NO , as you must have an IA to return an aircraft to service , an aircraft that has been removed from service.... If I read the regs correctly...
  13. It will talk to the 74 , and It will work , BUT IF it is not referenced in the STC , it is not legal.... Some might say that they will have it before the 1/1/2020 mandate , BUT , if the approval has to come from King , it will NEVER happen , If it has to come from the Avidyne side who knows......Talk to the installer to be sure , The STC to install it for adsb out is not even from King , It is from an FBO called Perrigrine.....
  14. These are almost impossible to find , If you have a decent relationship with your MSC , you may be able to rent or use theirs...
  15. All have been sold..