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  1. Alan Fox

    KX 165 is failing

    Ki 165 can replace the KX155 , The KX155 CAN NOT replace the 165 , unless it is currently using a NON resolver type indicator , 155 will not work with an HSI , or a KI206 GI106 or IND351..
  2. Alan Fox

    Think I have found my intake leak.

    Doubt it would run at all with the O-ring missing , In fact ..... It wont....... Lets see ........ Common sense....... Perhaps the O-Ring is black ?????
  3. Alan Fox

    Mooney has been sitting

    Couple of things , Just start the engine and let it Idle , I have put cams in engines w/300 hours , I have run them out also .... A galled cam will not stop an engine , and all cams don't gall from sitting , Start it up , run it to temp for 30 minutes or so , change the oil , look for metal in the filter or screen....If no metal , fly it for 10 hours and then change the oil and filter again , check it for metal , and if no metal , Fly the crap out of it....... Av gas can sit for 10 years and still be good , I have burned a lot of old fuel in my runners , if you are that worried , top it off before you ferry it , Don't listen to all the "experts" if it has low time on the motor , you can IRAN it with new cam, followers , bearings gaskets for about 10K and fly it another 2K hours.... If you haven't already acquired the MX170 , the Kings are better radios , just archaic to tune... Get a local A&P you trust , and put your trust in him , and don't second guess him....
  4. Hi Alan, love your youtube videos (as depressing as they are funny). I am trying to do the opposite of you and hopefully you can help me. I purchased a 1969 M20C from a friend minus the engine and prop (he removed them to build an RV). I keep finding he removed much more. I need the engine (O-360-A1A or -A1D), left brake master cylinder, both overhead instrument flood lights, bracket for prop governor that mounts to oil sump and also is used for throttle control, Brittain Turn Coordinator for PC system. For a 1976 M20C I bought that geared up, I need both nose gear doors, right aileron. Probably more as I get deeper in. Can you help me with any of this?


    Rob 512-986-3268

    1. TexMooney


      I forgot, I need these three belly skins as well.


  5. Alan Fox

    Intake Duct Needed

    I have a used one needs minor repair ..125.00
  6. Alan Fox

    Mooney crap for sale....

    will check today
  7. Alan Fox

    Holy Yikes!

    Eric passed his Bonanza checkout , with flying colors...
  8. Alan Fox

    Mooney crap for sale....

    15.00 each , large or small..
  9. Alan Fox

    Damaged Flap

    Contact SRS aviation , they will rebuild it
  10. Alan Fox

    Garmin Stuff

    One 340 is sold , one 530w is sold , one 28V430 non was sold , GDL69A sold
  11. Alan Fox

    Garmin GMX 200 MFD

    I have 2 GMX200 for sale
  12. Offer sent