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  1. Looks like I might have a commitment in Morristown..
  2. Be a man , and get real nose art...
  3. It will work with the old antenna , but will not be legal as per the TSO....
  4. Yes , but you can do better selling it yourself
  5. Removed for upgrade , comes with tray , connectors , and new antenna , Alan 856 419 5209 ...
  6. Listen , contrary to popular belief , I do love Mooneys ... But in my opinion , the Gear , and the tanks are the weak links.....
  7. True , the ten dollars worth of seals on the oleos , that fail every 20 years or so are far inferior to the 1200 dollar donuts every 12 tears....
  8. The single point of failure argument on the dual mag , is just pure stupidity , There are many engines that use the dual mag , most of the 540 turbos use the dmag , If you want to talk single point of failure , there is the bolt on the crank , the gear on the crank , the cam gear , , The D mag is less expensive to over haul , than 2 singles , and if properly set up . easier to service at annual....
  9. What is the cure date on them... ???
  10. I am told that you can replace the gear , without splitting the case , removing the Accessories and oil pan , should allow you to access the gear , there is also a small boss that has to be machined down , to clear the new gear.....Unfortunately for us Bonanza drivers the engines mount by the oil pans...So we wont be able to do it in the aircraft.....Also , there have been 5 confirmed failures in the field.....
  11. Nice clean GI106a 1650.00 856 419 5209 ..
  12. More than likely , they will certify a GAD 29 to interface an A/P probably and additional thousand..
  13. In general , Estates and or terminal patients , are not trying to squeeze every penny out of a dime , They are trying to liquidate assets so their family's don't have to deal with these things... I have purchased from estates and terminal patients in the past ....My suggestion , is if you are not going to purchase the aircraft , do not get involved...
  14. Its never needed , until its needed , and hopefully before it gets critical.......After 22 years of flying , I finally got carb ice ... Took a while to recognize it .... After playing with mix and mags it finally dawned on me it was ice...... Hit the heat , cleared up in about 6 seconds .... Now whenever I fly a carbbed plane , I cycle the carb heat , every ten minutes or so.....And just to be clear it was not a Mooney , and it was a clear day....