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  1. Better get it from lazar , That is not a standard inspection cover (not the same as the other ones) , There are only 2 of those on the airplane , Notice and count the number of screws...
  2. Hi Alan,

    Do you still have the co-pilot control wheel for a 69 M20E? If so, can you send me a quick picture to make sure it is the right one? If it is and you will still accept $100, I will take it.

    Bob Randolph 916-995-7811

  3. Skates , I will go 50 for it ...Paypal invoice me at
  4. I understand you may be able to help us in finding a heated pitot tube for our M20J part number PH502-12 or AN5812-12? Thanks, John K

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    2. jwk0844


      14 volt. Thanks

      I can't believe that a new one is being quoted at anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000.

    3. Alan Fox

      Alan Fox

      I just located a 14 volt if you need it , Regards  Alan...

    4. jwk0844




      Thanks for the help but our A&P located a new one for $1,630. Unfortunately, he had started the annual and needed one that is TSO'd to be able to sign off. It would have been nice if we had the time to check out the 14 volt one you found.

      We have been flying this M20J for over 30 years and the five of us want to maintain it in pristine shape. We just added two G5's and and GTX345 coupled to an old Century 21. We are waiting on the new Garmin GFC500 to be certified for the Mooney so we can take this next step as well.

      Thanks again,



  5. USER Davggg is a scammer , fishing for passwords..
  6. Like new condition , no fade or wear …. Perfect
  7. You might want to actually diagnose the problem , Saying the pump was replaced , so it has to be the switch , Is NOT how to diagnose things.....
  8. Brittain takeouts , I am not parting out this , the servos all hold vacuum , the loose boots , although old are new old stock... The B5 controller was in plastic , and is either new old stock , or overhauled old stock …. I tested the valve , and it diverts vacuum between both sides depending on polarity... Alan 856 419 5209
  9. Since nobody has made a public offer , lets start the bidding …. 275.00 Regards
  10. I have like new antennas ,
  11. Yes I will track stock when I get back tuesday