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  1. I have one , give me a day or two to find it....
  2. I guess the ones I put back in the air , don't count ,
  3. You guys are WAY oversimplifying this , This is a project that can easily take 10 years to finish , if ever.... If you like to tinker , and have unlimited time , it may keep you young for a while.... If you are in it to fly , buy a cheap flying C
  4. These are worth 300 each on trade against new , whenever they have trade up programs
  5. No , The parameters are user programmable...
  6. Is anyone here good at making stickers ??? I wanted a sticker of Fat Albert in his Red sweater to throw on the nose , or gear doors
  7. The KI 209 IS compatible , This unit will drive a Composite , or resolver type indicator..... That being said , I have tagged KI209a indicators , and NEW Ki 206 indicators , The 206 is a resolver type indicator , They are 1400 new with paperwork....
  8. I dont think it will transmit without one anyway.... The unit will show a failure if no antenna is connected...
  9. GTX345 with internal GPS , Comes with 8130 , tray connectors and antenna , Price is net , paypal has a 3% premium.... Alan 856 419 5209 ...
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