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  1. would be nice to have on the shelf , How much ??
  2. I will sell you a set , and guarantee they are good , for 1000 dollars ,
  3. Holy Crap , Is that the one from KWWD
  4. I bought all of it , The Altimiter has been sold , I still have the VSI , and the HSI system..
  5. Somebody better buy this soon , I am tempted to make an offer , and will be in that area next week !!
  6. Good spres for a long body.. 500.00 for everything
  7. Removed for upgrade , working when removed
  8. I deal everyday with the shops that install these , and they all agree the TXI is superior to the 3x
  9. Alan Fox


    Where are people staying , I registered , and am deciding if I want to be at the airport , or in town....
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