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  1. My # is 856 419 5209 , you can buy lunch ,, Mike , its time to plan a meet up...get it together , I might even leave the Beech at home..,
  2. This was sitting in a hangar in an aircraft , for 25 years , 930 since a GN , will need to be gone through , complete with all accessories... Alan 856 419 5209
  3. This was removed from an F I just parted out , it looks as new , this plane was hangar bound for 25 years , with an owner that kept upgrading , and never flew.... These look like they were run on the ground once or twice... Pristine condition , the hangar is NOT included ..
  4. Quit your bellyaching , I sold you the WX500 cheaper than anyone else would , and the expensive annunciator also !!!
  5. I believe you will have to switch out the 3rd bag , you have with the c
  6. These were installed in an airplane , that never was taken out of the hanger , or flown... They are as new , I carefully removed them , and they look perfect... All hardware and clamps , are included , Will post pics shortly These are the long range bladders 6500.00
  7. Hi, I just had a KY197 fail: garbled transmit audio, receiver, mike, synthesizer fine. Probably a bad transistor in transmit audio. Does anyone have a KY197 in good condition for sale?

  8. No logs , IO-360 A3B6D looks to be low time , No prop strike , as I sold the prop from it and was not damaged.... This was on the front of an M20F for some reason....
  9. The number you just gave me is for a prop for an RV8 , it is not legal on a Mooney... The correct prop is a HC-C2yk 1BF With F7666A -2 blades
  10. Leaving plastic out to save weight , is a lie , not laziness , as the prop damage was also a lie.... Never buy anything from a liar...
  11. Gubni , Congrats , you are one of the few , people who has listened to your IA , Good for you , I researched this airplane , it has been deregistered for 20 years , probably not flown for 30 .... Plane is worth 5k or less... This plane will NEVER fly ever again..... I buy a lot of these projects , after someone buys it with delusions of resurrecting it.... Get your private , figure out your mission , and buy the correct aircraft for your mission... , and buy a flying aircraft..... There are very few aircraft that have sat for more than 10 to 12 years , that are worth more than the value
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