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  1. Just got back from Accomack Va with my latest...
  2. Dam straight I am... I BBQ with coals , not propane!!!
  3. Not to mention about 300 dollars labor removing and inspecting EVERY ANNUAL !!
  4. I have 2 used antennas 125 each
  5. Alan Fox


    I buy and fly many planes , The Mooney is wide in the ass area , and Narrow , in the shoulders , although the widest , not the roomiest , But still a good aircraft , especially when you consider value , With the factory closed , the value will be decreasing , and they will be an even better buy so to speak...
  6. Than lets hope he gets a good job in the aviation industry...
  7. Coming from someone with no name , and 11 posts , I will take your info for what its worth , If you took the time to read ANY of my former posts , I have maintained that this company can not continue Making 50 planes a year , or even a hundred , and stay in business , the numbers don't work , The only way to stay in business , is to contract out manufacturing...But since you have stated the obvious , I dub you "Captain Obvious" it fits you..
  8. Lets , see , Pumping 150 million into a sinking ship , and providing employment for Americans for 7 years losing money is treating the employees like "Dumb Americans" is an assanine statement , The employees , and all of us owners , owe them a huge debt of gratitude , for supporting the fleet these past 7 years...
  9. Not sure how much a stubspar is , but Williams or SRS can probably make one from the old one
  10. I just got a pair of inner gear doors last week ..
  11. Removed from M20F , will fit all 4 cyl Mooneys , including Js , but this has the spinner for the short bodies.... 2000 Total time , 1710 SMOH Alan 856 419 5209 5500.00