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  1. Anybody else with this issue, when you find this thread, PM me. I'll be happy to help privately.
  2. Well, that's how the regs like to roll.
  3. It’s not a slide on replacement when you have to replace wiring to make it functional.
  4. Looks like you missed the part where mine was a COMBINATION of the radio not liking the old wire AND the original radio having a fault on the com card... I still don't think that a quality radio should have that much degraded quality from RG58 to RG400.
  5. Was the meth trip incidental coincidental, or planned. If he was paid specifically fly that is different than being paid to move the meth and choosing to do it in the airplane.
  6. My experience with myself and others is that if you prove yourself to be competent and have a good relationship with an IA, most are willing to work with you. Especially with a Mooney and they don't want to do the work. I wouldn't call it rare, I'd call it pretty common, but maybe it's been my locations and my circles.
  7. It's not worth more than low 20s. Before you go any further see where he's at and if that's a possibility. If it is, go look at it. My C for ref - IFD440 Icom A220 Garmin GMA345 Dual 10'' Dynon HDX Dynon Rmt Transponder Dynon Engine monitoring 615 SMOH Paint 1/10 Interior 7/10 flew 200 hrs last year. Wired for Dynon autopilot (awaiting certification) If someone offered me 72.5 depending on the day I'd take it. For you to build my airplane not counting motor or any of that, based on avionics and equipment only, assuming you got a 2
  8. Seems like you have to complain publicly still you actually get their attention. Since it’s been working, I’ve enjoyed mine.
  9. Maybe there are ways of leaving hacking devices in the chemtrails of other airplanes, and when another airplane isn’t spraying it controls the chemtrails of that airplane.
  10. You could try that, but my experience is that the radio pretty much needs perfection or the radio is garbage. changing the antenna and cable shouldn’t be too difficult, but yeah, try swapping cables and try a Garmin in the slot if you can.
  11. Best I’ve got is check your antenna. Slide a 430 into that slot and try it.
  12. I have quite a few contacts at Dynon and we have spoken at length about this and their poor choice of wording. At the end of the day Garmin did it, so hopefully Dynon can too.
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