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  1. It was a combination of the original IFD being bad and it not liking the antenna and cable despite the old 170 and 430 being good. I replaced the antenna and put in RG400 and I’ve been good since.
  2. When mine died I was starting to roll the control back when it suddenly acted like I had pulled the control all the way out, probably did this passing through 2550. Going back to 2550 got me back to normal. Going 10 rpm below 2550 acted again like I’d pulled the control all the way out. that was a fun flight, and now I have the PCU5000
  3. I can assure you they already know my position. I’d be willing to bet they would have a lot more system sales to Mooney pilots if the servos were available. the installation of the HDX really isn’t that difficult and not that expensive when you consider the other options. If you have the ability to install it yourself like I did, even better.
  4. Home builders have been building for decades. It doesn’t take anything special to build a Mooney other than a good set of drawings and documentation.
  5. Yeah, I take it back. That looks ok. get rid of that mud dobber nest though!
  6. I'd also look into how much corrosion you have on that steel cage as well. That's looking pretty....not good....
  7. When my non B hub needed overhaul I ended up just getting the new 2 blade Hartzell. There is little to no noticeable difference between the 2. If you have the B hub and the prop you have now is good, keep it.
  8. How much does that cost! I heard it was more than 1300/month up there.
  9. I have a hangar at X51 I'm looking to share with someone. I mostly just want it for maint. purposes and to keep some of my stuff. If you are interested, let me know, maybe we can work something out. The hangar is 800/month, so anything I can do to help soften the monthly blow sounds good to me!
  10. I think with a heavy infill it should be ok.
  11. Al Mooney was 8’6 724lb so you know the Mooney was designed for big people.
  12. Most shunts are 50a so you’re going to want one of those too. you shouldn’t be anywhere near 50a so I don’t understand why you would want to do this.
  13. Both shops are good. I would choose whichever one is closer or has a timeframe compatible with yours. at the end of the day it’s not complicated, just takes time and makes a mess.
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