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  1. A lot of these people are bone heads who think they should be able to buy someone else's upgraded airplane for nothing, and if you can't do the same you did it wrong. It's not the case and more than a few people have gone the path you are going. Some people will tell you you're wasting your money, but the fact is you are building the airplane you want, and that's worth something. Some people, unprovoked, will tell you all the things wrong with your airplane, and point out whatever flaw they can. The people described above are jerks. Don't pay attention to them. I have an airworthy 67C, and I am doing basically what you are doing. If you have questions, ask.
  2. Sounds like there might have been a few things going on, I wouldn't think a swelling battery would pull that much power, seems like it might just be a coincidence. My guess is something in the radio shorted and started pulling power, and eventually burned out. Did you say the main buss breaker might be bad? that would explain why that went before the radio breaker, but it seems like the radio breaker should have gone too...
  3. Seems like you're in decent shape to put together what can be a pretty good airplane. Judging from the pictures that aren't that old, if the gear up is the real only problem it shouldn't be that bad at all, especially if you're planning on new motor, prop, and radios.
  4. That should make the rent go down... This seems incredibly high of a rate.
  5. The good news is Boeing seem to be experts at software. Especially when it comes to automation software.
  6. I see what might be a good voltage regulator.
  7. The short answer is just added more sealant and used a spare cover I had. Planning on stripping and resealing both tanks after this summer. It was an incredibly small leak. I am always watching around for things Luke covers and panels I can get cheap to make life easier. There are a ton of old mooneys getting parted out and panels and bits and bobs are cheap.
  8. I just got one of these and flew with it for the first time the other day. I saw I think mid 30s on run up. Level flight once in a while it went to around 10. It did not seem to be affected by any combination of heat or air.
  9. Also that second picture isnt me. It's a picture I found on the internet to point to the piece of scat.
  10. I remember that post. Everyone freaked out about all the "corrosion" which is actually just crapily applied sealant. Which is exactly my point. My airplane has been working about to be pretty decent, and I'm into it about the same money as the OP. If I had posted that picture and didn't know what it was I would have totally freaked out. Which goes back to my point of not knowing what it truely is until you have a look at it. That leak took about half an afternoon and some extra sealant from a friend.
  11. There is a value in finding a generally working airframe with the goal of updating and making it what you want. As long as the bones are good. Hoping someone has already done the work to build your airplane is a nice idea, but a bit unrealistic unless you get lucky.
  12. Filed in the same drawer. The majority of the posts I've seen from you are making criticisms about airplanes totally out of the context of the topic. Making comments to questions nobody asked.
  13. Sorry, I had not realized the previous posters already looked at the airplane and the logs. Because that's through only way to know what is being presented. I've been around long enough to see the same thread of bad luck recycled many many times. Thank you for your opinion. I'll go ahead and file it in the wtfdytya drawer.
  14. That 25k annual looks like it addressed the cage corrosion, which it probably had. That's a big one done. It's in annual. Expect it's going to need "stuff" but I think it's at least worth having someone take a look at it. These guys don't know everything and NOBODY but the current owner and maybe a small few knows anything about this particular airplane. If most of the guys here had their way anything older than 5 years old that couldn't be caught and flipped at a profit would be scrapped. It's an old airplane. It's not going to be perfect. If you have money you can put into it you will never make your money back, but it might still provide the platform you want.