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  1. It’s too bad all the links of the airplanes you can buy for the same money or less is gone…
  2. I like the new layout and modernized gui. It takes a minute to relearn where things are but the web app based approach helps filter and provide more useful information instead of going through a bunch of different web pages. Im sure this approach is WAY easier to keep updated and relevant as weather and time change.
  3. If you’ve built a 360 it seems like you have the knowledge to take advantage of going the experimental route again. Seems like a 4p or even an RV10 would have fit the bill pretty well. id be very nervous about spending that kind of money on an airplane that’s very difficult to get factory support and parts from, and which barely exists.
  4. Then it’s interesting you chose this time to join in a conversation like that which you weren’t involved in.
  5. It’s likely too late now but for the money you’re spending I’m wondering if it’s worth looking at a g3x. for the price of the G5s and the JPI, plus the other stuff, I really don’t think you’re far enough off to at least consider it.
  6. He was probably going through checklists on his navigator and got lost. Seems like people here think that’s a major issue (getting lost because you covered your Nav with checklists)
  7. If you’re a new pilot planning to use or has interest in using modern equipment, you should train with someone capable of using that modern equipment and who is not afraid of it. There are many devices that you can buy that increase safety and ADSB is absolutely one of them. A good CO monitor is another, and so is a satellite based tracker.
  8. So we’ve gone from hank thinking you can’t use ASSB traffic and look out the window at the same time to using an electronic checklist in a display or navigator will get you lost? I’m not sure how this guy manages to stand up and brush his teeth at the same time.
  9. For the record ADSB traffic for properly equipped aircraft is air to air with very minimal latency and delay. If you are using ADSB from air to air you can pretty much watch the target fly by in real time out the window and on the display. it’s nice to be able to easily correct wrong information posted here without the misinformed interjecting nonsense.
  10. The newer generation of ADSB in devices like the Sentry include CO sensors and integrates directly with ForeFlight providing visible and audible alerts. you would be crazy to fly in the modern day without using these technologies to be always watching a display of your choice for things like weather, traffic, CO, TFRs or notams you may have missed, and other hazards and information.
  11. Again, incorrect. I’ve never said that you shouldn’t look out the window while also watching an ADSB in device. no rational person would think that and no rational person would interpret my comments that way. you have repeatedly proven you aren’t capable of rational thought. Also, let’s look at this example you mentioned. If looking out the window is so effective as a sole source of information, why didn’t the pilot in the back seat spot the incoming airplane with plenty of time to warn the PIC of the incoming traffic?
  12. ADSB is also air to air for traffic with properly equipped aircraft, which reduces latency and delay significantly and is minimal. when relayed through ground stations and TIS-B there will be additional small latency.
  13. facts, not opinions. ADSB has proven to increase situational awareness, inform decision making, and reduce incidents like mid air collisions. you mean like the Stone Age, where it appears you developed most of your (factually incorrect) knowledge? My feelings they’re so hurt. This will surely have a major impact on the thoughts I have on all the data and analytics you’re wrong about. You’ve shown that no matter how much you’re wrong, you’re going to be a CB and force those around you to have to deal with your arrogance. Perfect. Stay over there.
  14. These are facts. Not opinions. And the data shows it. I’ll maintain that I’m glad that someone as cheap and arrogant as you who can’t be bothered to install a lightbulb that has the potential to save lives isn’t allowed to fly in or around the airspace I regularly take off and land in.
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