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  1. You want the guy to fly thousands of miles to work on one of the most generic widely used engines in the industry?
  2. Asking people on the internet the value of a machine they’ve never even seen a picture of yields these results you see here. The only way to know what it is is to look at it. Depending on your situation, who you know, and what you know how to do it could be a worthwhile project. if you insist on taking your Mooney to a top Mooney specialist because you think their the only ones that can do oil changes, this won’t be for you. If it’s something you aren’t afraid of then there is no reason not to go look at it. Avionics’s isn’t hard if you can read a pin out and crimp a wire. Finding someone to sign it off might be a different story. that price is high.
  3. I have been asking a lot of questions and they have been nothing but helpful. In fact, today I asked them if they had dimensions for a Mooney panel to check mine against and they told me they would contact a shop currently doing a Mooney in the NE for some guy that does youtube videos to compare. @PilotFun101
  4. Your internet doesn’t bother me. the responses to my troubleshooting in this thread is what’s wrong with asking people on the internet for help. This thread was meant to be a documentation of solving a problem that didn’t have an answer here as far as I could tell. It turned into people demanding their incorrect solutions were correct It wasn’t the fuel caps.
  5. If you do the EMS that might leave you enough money to do another HDX screen. I’m still learning but couldn’t you make most of the second screen the engine instruments?
  6. It’s been resolved. Not the fuel caps. I’ve been told I don’t provide any help on this forum so in keeping with that tradition, Pm me if you want to know the answer.