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  1. There’s a difference between can’t and won’t for an alternative that has a few improved qualities at a significant premium. the quote was “how much is a MoGas STC? It will be comparable to that” or something along those lines. The MoGas STC is around 3k. Let’s say average fuel price right now is 5$, and let’s say this new alternative is 1.50 more(likely closer to 2) That’s a 30% increase in fuel price, plus the cost of the STC. you can do the math however you want, but when you do it right, this new alternative makes absolutely no sense until it’s mandated. In which case every oil refiner in the world will be motivated to develop a solution. When you look at the business model of how this 100ul is to be licensed, made, and distributed, thinking it’s only going to be 1-2$ more does not compute in any calculator.
  2. They said the pricing for the STC would be comparable to the Mogas STC, which is roughly 3K its an alternative, not a replacement. And as an alternative it has to attractiveness whatsoever.
  3. You’re telling me that you want me to use a fuel that cost considerably more than current offerings, AND I need to spend several thousand on an STC to be able to use it? naimnotgonnadothat one or the other might have been doable, but not both. If the fuel meets or exceeds all requirements of LL why is an STC required? Especially if it becomes mandated. swing and a miss.
  4. Again, I’ll point to the reason why we are on and needed a second thread. The original appears to be gone, but if it wasn’t, that would tell you everything you needed to know about this situation. having been a relatively new Mooney owner at the time I was interested in learning formation skills and maybe joining the fly in. This was a major irreversible turn off and a additional hash mark on realizing how absolutely ridiculous some people in this group are.
  5. I don't believe a weight shift actuator is going to be a capable control system. Not with any type of outside force, and not with anything that requires any type of adjustment with any amount of urgency. Especially not with a ball screw driving it. I don't see it.
  6. I have Dynon displays that have everything I need in both WiFi and serial. im going to get that to work, but I’ve also configured an i2C for a 9dof chip and gps.
  7. I have enough experience with programming and robotics to know that the weight shift model above probably will not work. Here is a good start to anyone that wants to do this. I'm going to work on the hardware side for now in my spare time, but here's a good start to the ARM side. If there are people here that are interesting in working on this, lets try to build it the correct way https://github.com/fonducando/AutoPilot
  8. I know how to use PID.H! come to think of it I believe Dynon now streams ADAHRS data over their WiFi. this might actually be pretty easy from the software side now that I think about this more.
  9. I have a new CNC, some ARM development boards, steppers and free time…
  10. Why was my comment appealingly censored and removed? just because someone has a differing opinion, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. so again, I believe at your height and weight, getting in and out may be a challenge. While that is fine for normal operations, you need to ask yourself if it will be acceptable during an emergency egress.
  11. “How to get out of dealing with the FAA” followed up by - “How to fabricate, build, and maintain your story”
  12. You’re right. I was reading the summit thread when I wrote that. I got my mixed words up.
  13. That pilot report is about as accurate as the one from the Mooney summit mid air.
  14. If you spend some time with a draw on the battery and then turn on the alternator it will probably initially pull 40-45 amps until the battery gets some charge in it. this is one of the reasons it might not be a real thing as the original poster stated it read 40 amps for a second or 2, suggesting that the battery was charged and not actually discharging at all except the brief moment he did the test. But what do I know, I’m just a simple electrical engineer.
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