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  1. And the motor, and the prop, and what appears to be a clean frame, and an interior. that airplane was worth that without the aspen and jpi.
  2. Just do it in excel and print it on sticker paper.....
  3. I actually bought a Hyundai, who is actually making really great cars filled with modern tech for a really great price point. for 29k I got lane centering, a HUD (which Tesla doesn’t have) heated and cooled seats, pano sunroof, and 10 year 100k warranty, and “smaht pahk”. I have every feature I wanted in the Tesla, plus some, for half the price, and without range anxiety. To tie it in with the discussion, Hyundai is a relatively new company in the us and is currently taking a large chunk of the market because of innovation rather than their brand name.
  4. I’d of taken that risk if I saw it in time....
  5. Swapping stock to a standard 6 pack is no big deal. Inexpensive if you can do it yourself, and can be done in a day or two depending on how far things move. I wouldnt pass pass on a good airplane because it has the old layout. That would be silly.
  6. Swap it for the Avidyne slide in replacement.
  7. I’ve been flying and enjoying mine. Still have some clean up and finishing to do.
  8. You know what, you might be right. I remember all the FAA website info specifically saying it would grant 1 time exceptions for the purpose of equipping with adsb out. It appears the language has changed and now just says exemptions are available but operators are urged to equip. they were very specific about it 8 months ago
  9. This statement is accurate. There's a lot of people that either don't actually know the rules, just make them up according to what they want them to be, or just flat out ignore them. I live in a busy uncontrolled airspace with a lot of people that do dumb things. If you do dumb things near me and I'm talking to ATC I will absolutely say "I have the maneuvering NON ADSB complaint traffic in site under the mode C veil. The exception is for a 1 time exception for aircraft not based in an area where ADSB is required. If you are based at a field where it is required you are 100% going to hear about it very quickly.
  10. The parts manual has it, and spruce probably has one.
  11. Insurance protects against incidental loss, not long term neglect.
  12. I took my Dynon maiden flight after my annual yesterday and found my #3 has exactly the same symptoms described in this thread...