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  1. I hope he has the sense to ignore the BS responses and let us know what the best practices for an owner are to minimize liability. That was the original inquiry after posting my opinion.
  2. We agree on something! His lordship is not an insurance expert. I should be able to have an opinion and ask a question without getting such a childish response. I very specifically asked one single person for an opinion, and here we are.
  3. I’m sure he can speak for himself as well. Who voted you CFI and insurance voice of the internet? Can I not just ask the man a question without his lordship speaking for him?
  4. Parker is an insurance professional. The fact that he is a CFI only gives more weight to his response. I’ll like whatever answer he gives. Again. I never said I was right, but fact is there are plenty of people around here who THINK they know the answers to the world. Parker has the correct answer. Which is why early on I stated I’d like his thoughts on the subject and best practices to protect myself. What I DID NOT do was ask some random dingus on the internet. my statements are based on my current knowledge and understanding, which I’m perfectly capable of accepting might not be accurate.
  5. I didn’t realize you were an insurance expert. I asked for a professional opinion as opposed to one from the peanut gallery, and here you are. When it comes to my property and liabilities I protect myself as much as possible. that’s why I specifically asked for Parker’s input. I want to know how this practice effects ME. now if you’re a friend and a mentor that’s different than someone I’ve hired to give training.
  6. @Parker_Woodruff care to answer any of my items above? id like the take of the insurance side on this.
  7. See post above. Your cry for attention and inclusion is unwanted and unnecessary.
  8. I’m trying to find the part where I asked either of you to fly with me.
  9. I didn’t ask anyone to fly with me. I’m quite picky these days who I fly with. no, anybody who drives my car (almost nobody) has their own policy. I pay for insurance specifically so I don’t have to deal with attorneys (hopefully) and the squabble and blame happens after I have been paid out. theres a difference between a mentor and someone I’ve paid to teach me a skill. I don’t know, that’s why I said I’d like to hear from the insurance guy. Any person is capable of making a mistake. CFIs included. The example I mentioned was a demonstration that would NOT have my hands on the controls. Plus if it was a training flight I wouldn’t be PIC and by definition of a training flight could NOT be PIC.
  10. Also, if you’re listed on the policy doesn’t that mean you can then also make a claim to a potion of the payout?
  11. ...which is what CFI insurance is for... if I pay a Cfi to do training, and that Cfi puts me into a spin 3000 ft above the ground while demonstrating maneuvers, you want me to pay the insurance for you on my airplane so you can make sure you’re protected? no. it’s the CFIs responsibility to rote the himself and that insurance cost is built into the hourly cost. it sounds a lot like I’d be increasing my liability for you to reduce yours limiting any recourse I or insurance would have for a CFI doing something stupid. id like to hear what the insurance guy has to say about it.
  12. My policy blankets any Cfi with appropriate experience in make and model. I assume most other policies have similar clauses, but maybe I’m wrong. but with that clause I don’t see why I should specifically add someone as a named insured.