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  1. I’m a skydiving hang glider pilot that used to paramotor (I got out of that because of the shitty people) and who owns SEL airplanes. I flew the paramotor out of fields where I knew the owners.
  2. My last airport banned nordo traffic and made it a requirement for the cub guys to have at least a working handheld. I’m not sure what the violation looked like. Also after the paramotor guys threw a fit about the airport having a 300k liability auto policy, one of them who faked an insurance document backed into a king air. One of my airplanes is nose high and does 100kts over the fence speed just before touch down. I can’t see the guy doing 15mph a half a mile from the numbers on the approach side at 300 ft. Keep them out of there. I find the paramotor guys to be the worst with such a poor understanding of rules and common sense.
  3. So you joined AOPA specifically to get them engaged in an argument with your airport (the airport manager absolutely has the right to restrict operations due to safety concerns) and you’re mad because they told you that’s not what they do? Were you expecting a cheap lawyer? it sounds a lot like you joined ONLY because you thought you could get them to fight your specific battle.
  4. You need to do the procedure outlined in the manual after checking if that transducer is compatible with the G3x
  5. Riverside is now the cheapest around here by a lot and currently has a lot of traffic. From last week to this week, the airports in the La area that recently got fuel shipments are over a dollar cheaper than the ones that got fuel a few weeks to a month ago.
  6. The latency in ADSB traffic is minimal. The weather component has a latency that requires planning.
  7. ADSB absolutely could have prevented this. The 150 didn’t see the 340 when he turned base & when he turned final, even through the 340 announced a 3 mile final. the 340 never saw the 150 even though he looked. both could have seen each other on the map with ADSB. straight in or not, the 340 had a clear final when he called the 3 mile call. Then the 150 ended up in front of him without seeing him, but clearly hearing him.
  8. X51 used to be a great spot but Mr Roberts has retired and left. I’d go for KTMB and skip the current regime at X51.
  9. It’s a terrible video, for an airplane you can’t buy.
  10. Right, so the added risk is already factored in, which is the basis of the bold statement. Correct?
  11. It’s been said many many times by the insurance representatives that gear ups account for so little of a 0 claim pilot’s premium that it isn’t worth mentioning. So I don’t know why anyone would think that. the “there go the insurance Rates “ statement every time is tiring.
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