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  1. How dare anyone say the Mooney is cramped! I'm 9ft 17 and I fit in my mooney just fine. If you don't fit you must be doing it wrong. I am offended and will not tolerate such slander.
  2. If I use duct tape to hold them on will I still see at least a 15% increase?
  3. Did you guys seriously just start an argument with someone trying to add capability to your airplanes? What is wrong with you?
  4. I’ll be in Sebastian this week. I’ll take a picture of mine next to it.
  5. For this airplane. A guy by the name of Paul Gendron (rpmcommander)has been trying to sell this as “the perfect upgrade machine” for 45k. It doesn’t have a prop or interior. The log books are sketchy and the motor mysteriously doesn’t have a prop strike. I looked at it a few months back because I thought it might be a decent parts donor. (It wasn’t) he’s also got some other sketchy dealings going on, so watch out.
  6. How dare anyone say the Mooney is small. I’m 9ft 13 and fit in my airplane just fine. If you don’t fit you must be doing something wrong.
  7. Thermals? C’mon man. glad the gear didn’t collapse. I now owe someone 20$ for losing that bet. seriously though, I’ve been following this since the beginning and watching mis-step after mis-step. If you put your money into this I feel bad for the people that just watched it. I don’t know anybody, but I know people that know people. From what I hear, if you aren’t telling him what he wants to hear, he isn’t listening. There have been a few knowledgeable people I’ve heard that can’t deal with him. congrats on making a flying machine, but anybody hoping to
  8. You could use the lighting wire to pull it through. Just pull a replacement Lighting wire with your oat wire to replace the one your pulling out. while you’re there might as well do both. I recently pre wired for my Dynon servos. Didn’t need the wing leveler vac hose anymore so I did this. they are now the most well protected wires in the airplane.
  9. I will add that - Currently there are NO AP options for the short and mid bodies. First to market with a AP for these airplanes is guaranteed to drive sales.
  10. @Rick Ludtke I and several others are enjoying our HDX units immensely, just waiting for that AP certification! I believe that is the major trip up for a lot of others waiting to upgrade their panels.
  11. You guys should go tell the Dynon rep about the approval process. And all the things you know better than them.
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