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  1. The comment was to link to GTNs for sale, and while yes, some of those are ...questionable, some of them are also legit. The point is they are out there. Here's a legit used 750 that sold
  2. I think I'll still stick with the AV30 when it's ready
  3. Here's a penny worth of researching. Interestingly there is a 530w listed for more than the 750....
  4. these regularly enter the market via salvage. I wouldn’t expect anyone to be trading their GTN for the GTNxi.... also, as an early adopter, I was never in the market for a 430, so if that comment was a jab on me, walk on home.
  5. Now that the GTN series is now legacy, I’d expect them to be significantly discounted on the used market. that 6500 430w is looking like a less and less attractive option.
  6. I looked through the maintenance manual and I agree with the above, it’s getting a small amount of voltage leakage through somewhere, probably the panel. it’s probably done it since the LEDs were installed. I wouldn’t worry about it. Like stated above, it takes a small amount of power to light an LED vs a incandescent. The wiring harnesses and circuit boards were not designed with this in mind, and a bit of leakage between circuits is probably normal behavior. id leave it alone and continue on my way.
  7. Look at the drawing, do these all feed into a central control box on this airplane? Sounds like something is leaking a small amount of voltage into the lighting line. My guess is these circuits all are fed from some central module. I'm in the vintage Mooney world so I'm not up to speed on how the R is wired.
  8. It's just dirt, oil, and grime. I don't see any corrosion.
  9. The value of a used 430W is... Questionable at best. How many of those 3 already have one they could send for repair? Dump them and get the Avidyne plug and play modern replacements
  10. Have you ever seen one of those go off? I have, And it's pretty scary. It exploded off a desk, then shot flames waist high for about 10 seconds. Sounds like this isn't that though. I'll go with transformer as well.
  11. It’s usually not the USB adapter but what’s plugged into it.
  12. Well, the basic concept of supply and demand would say - that the current market of 9% of GPS buyers (of which we don't know who would chose the repair option, I'd guess all...) who chose the 430 suggests that the price point is not in line with what the majority of the current market is willing to pay to make that a real, competitive option. Especially if you don't care about the nav radio, for almost the same money you can have a new, modern GPS. (which wasn't an option here)