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  1. Also, taking the side and top cowlings off is a skill you’re going to get good at quickly.
  2. I think that one goes to the battery box but I’m not 100%
  3. Mine doesn’t have a fuel pump cooling shroud either, but that doesn’t mean the op doesn’t have it. Seems like things changed a lot during production.
  4. If you have the old generator there is an air inlet that should connect to. Unless you have an alternator. Then it doesn’t go anywhere any more. I think. a lot of the old Mooneys are all different.
  5. A picture helps but if it’s the little one it could be the generator cooling air. that’s what it sounds like anyway. The carb heat, and cabin heat come off the shroud down there, you aren’t talking about that are you?
  6. I guess I assumed an impulse purchase of an airplane meant that wasn't much of an issue.
  7. Likely just the switch. It takes 10 minutes to swap. Don’t get a salvage switch, get a new one.
  8. If 100% you’re going to do this, there’s nothing stopping you from buying it and holding on to it until you’re ready. I’m sure there are maintenance items it needs you could pick at during that time, and that will better help with the ins and outs of the airplane.
  9. I’ll add, today I took a local instructor up in my Mooney. After about an hour and 3 landings he said, this is not an airplane for initial training. take that as you will.
  10. Wasn’t trying to be rude, all I’m saying is I detected some arrogance and sense of invincibility in tour first few posts. Both of which are incredibly dangerous. maybe I’m wrong. call other insurance companies. Avemco will probably cover you but I’m telling you now, it’s going to be a lot. the systems might not sound complex, but with 0 hours I promise those first few hours of takeoff and landing practice will have you fully task saturated and it’s not going to be in your best interest to add landing gear and a prop control to the mix. I remember getting my skydiving A rating and thinking about how was it possible to perform all the maneuvers in time. When I got my D I looked at my logs from my first few jumps and learning with basic things. It was the same when I got my PPL.
  11. Based on what I’m seeing here you have a little bit of a poor attitude and some knowledge gaps on the subject. no way in hell would I hire an instructor with 0 experience in model, for an airplane I just bought with 0 flying time. So far this looks like a path that ends in the scrap yard and bent metal. go get some time in something else, Find someone with Mooney time to teach you, or just don’t do it. Disaster is almost never the result of one single thing, but a series of things.
  12. My caps are good but I’d be interested in a spare. Can you post a picture?