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  1. I was led to believe that information was flowing from the manufacturer and that production was in place for these parts. odd.
  2. In 4 months there has not been a public response to the initial service bulletin. The owners of the factory are members here and have not commented as far as I can tell. I'm not sure how long it takes to manufacture a weight, but I’m sure it isn’t 4 months. It’s not a complex part. My owner produced up/down lock blocks took far less time than that.
  3. By the owner with the blessing of the A&P/IA. That’s the regulation.
  4. It’s a good thing there is manufacturer support… oh, wait it’s a good thing you can go the owner produced part route without what’s left of the manufacturer throwing a childish fit…. Oh, wait Its a good thing there’s good communication from the factory about a path forward for this known issue… oh wait
  5. Incorrect. the rule is owner produced part. Not owner manufactured part. in this case everyone in the pool was kept in the loop and supervised the manufacture of the part, which was based on the design data of the original. A drawing was then provided so when the part was received, quality control could be tested against the new part and measured against the drawing and the old part. mat least two of those were followed. Only one is required.
  6. I think Johnny has a fundamental mis-understanding of how things work.
  7. The cabin is very comfortable and there are two doors. Getting in and out is a learning curve but easy once you figure it out. the rest depends on the builder really.
  8. I switched to a Glasair III. Absolutely faster than the rocket, cheaper to own and operate, and more efficient. no turbo and it isn’t needed. Can be easily added if you want it. Because, experimental.
  9. It’s also worth noting, much like the example ad you listed, people think they will recoup their maintenance costs. Putting 30k into maintenance costs has 0 recoverable costs. Maintenance items decrease the sale price when needed. They don’t increase the price above normal when completed. if say the example you listed has no appreciable avionics enhancements or add ons. if it’s what it says it is (it probably isn’t) it’s worth MAYBE 50s. Certainly not in the 90s. That’s a solid lol number.
  10. Here’s some advice - that is not a 90k airplane. not by a long shot.
  11. I’m at kpoc. Few months ago. Survey went out about 100ll availability and the new lead free options. The letter / survey made it seem likely that the county would be moving to implement lead free fuel at all county run airports. (They recently took over anything that wasn’t privately owned from a 3rd party management) I would expect all S California airports to be early in this distribution.
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