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  1. chriscalandro

    Replacing rotating beacon with Whelen LED Beacon

    I just realized the led doesn't have an STC for Mooney.... Should have looked. I'll be mounting it anyway as I believe LED lighting has a lot of increased safety items over alternative options.
  2. chriscalandro

    Recommendation for LED landing light

    I've just ordered the 63362... Opted for the wider beam. Let's see how it goes!
  3. chriscalandro

    Replacing rotating beacon with Whelen LED Beacon

    At 1400$ I'm sure I can get passed the sleak look for something else.
  4. chriscalandro

    Replacing rotating beacon with Whelen LED Beacon

    I'm in the same boat with this and am wondering what the answer was with the 5 hole 14v option not being available. It appears the current iteration of product (the 90520) shows the same thing. Can anyone from this old thread or new answer the question of what should I order for the 5 hole 14v option?
  5. I wouldn't do any of that. I got mine out in about an hour and a half and only removed a scat hose and the cover of a mag. Also, if anyone cares my new pcu5000 is awesome.
  6. chriscalandro


    Nobody here has seen that airplane and nobody here REALLY knows the answer. If the other party is ok with paying for half the annual, and it goes well, why not? Worst case sceneario as you posted it is it goes poorly and you walk away with whatever you have into the annual at that point. It's worth the gamble. Anything that has mentioned here that it was made sound like went out because it was sitting, has the same likelihood of going out in a flying airplane. Airplanes are expensive, if the bones are good, and it's what you say it is, it is worth the look.
  7. chriscalandro

    Prop governor problem

    And there it is!
  8. chriscalandro

    Prop governor problem

    Old is off, new is on. I definitely almost put the studs in wrong side out. My problem now is that it came with an angled piece to mount the cable, and with that I can't come up with a configuration that covers both stops. None of the documentation shows this angled bracket. I'm pretty sure I'm better off without it but that means I need to take the mount for my cable back off to fit the bolt on the cable through... A project for later in the weekend...
  9. I did it last night. I removed the cover to my slick mag, moved the hot air scat hose and the right tools for the job made it no big deal.
  10. chriscalandro

    Prop governor problem

    My PCU5000 arrived today. Plan is to put it in Thursday. I think this was the right choice for me. (for a few reasons)
  11. chriscalandro

    Prop governor problem

    Shop didn't have the parts to build an A1 so PCU5000 it is. Mechanics round here are busy and getting one for a day is twice as easy as getting one for two days separated by a week!
  12. chriscalandro

    Prop governor problem

    I ran it up on the ground today, oil pressure normalizes when the rpm gets to where it decides it wants to go. I have a call into Texas aircraft prop and accessories who gave some reasonable estimates for replacement and overhaul. (800/1700) I'm thinking I just go with replacement and be done with it. I think the downtime mixed with the odds of it being serviceable being questionable make the decision easy... The important bit is that everyone says prop governor and not something else. Most likely a flat spot in the flyweight or bad springs.
  13. I have a 67C with a prop governor issue I can't make sense of. (at least that's what I think it's going to be) Everything is normal around 2450 and up, but anything I try to get below that just drops well below 2000. Even just the slightest tickle of the control does this. I'd expect most failure modes would show themselves in the prop speeding up.... Ideas?
  14. chriscalandro

    65 M20C 25K

    At this price, and with some money and work this looks like a great airplane.