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  1. Not considering you have to drill out the rivets on the old one, remove the upper access panel, install a patch plate, and reseal around the new valve, plate and access panel. Frankly, I don’t think they can do it in 10 hours. I’ve got all the supplies to do this during my annual. My mechanic has been dragging his feet getting around to helping me out with it..... I’ll know more once we actually get er done.
  2. I have drawings for both size extensions. I think I have the scanned in 8x10 dimensions, if not I can scan them.
  3. How do you prove a log entry was fraudulent? How do you prove the owner did, or did not do something after the last entry? I’m not seeing a clear way to prove fraud. I’m not even seeing where there was any fraud let alone how to prove it.
  4. How familiar are you with the issues the OP is complaining about? There’s just no meat on that bone from my vantage point. Your average mechanic is not going to raise an alarm about most if not all of it unless they are looking to pay the kids tuition. I’m not sure how you’d get from there to nullifying a contract.
  5. I got the feeling don was trying to let the OP come to that conclusion himself.
  6. My reason for my position is mostly based on the fact that most of the complaints are largely subjective. There are thousands of planes out there with annuals that have the things described here. If they were a big deal to you, you should have checked them yourself. But it’s a personal threshold more than anything else Life is too short for that. Fix it to your satisfaction and go have some fun. JMO
  7. talk of suing for this stuff? Good luck, and I hope u enjoy being pissed off, cuz your in for more of that.
  8. This has already been touched on, but I wanted to make it clear. You can’t wrench on an experimental that you didn’t build any more legally than you can a certified aircraft.
  9. Congrats! I'm looking at some property down at AZ14, can't really afford it unless I sell my current place on an airpark in florida, but thinking about investing in the land and maybe moving out there when I retire.
  10. This isn’t meant to disrespect the seller of this plane, but does “nearly original” mean something to some buyers? I don’t think the avionics in this plane were at all original, but they are very old. Is 60 year old cloth upholstery an attraction for some? this is not meant to be sarcastic. I’m really interested if there is a market out there.
  11. I hope it’s true. That way the value of all our planes goes up.
  12. I used the engine lifting strap, not the shaft. You're not even lifting the entire weight of the engine, so it'll handle it fine.
  13. This is what i was going to suggest. I used this method when reinstalling my engine and installing the engine monitor. I could jack up the engine to see how lines fit, jack it back down to move it out of the way, do the work, put it back up to check clearances, rinse and repeat.
  14. You misunderstand how it works. There are ADs on engine parts that only need to be complied with at overhaul.’s airworthy until you break the case open......... but if you don’t open it up you’re still flying with parts that have ADs on them. That’s one of the reasons I did my overhaul even though the engine was running fine.