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  1. Hasn’t changed much for me yet, but I did have two trips planned this summer that may get scrubbed if sanity doesn’t return. I’m in the camp that feels we’re using a tourniquet to the neck to stop a nosebleed. I too fear our society has been permanently damaged by accepting this approach. Anybody that doesn’t think our leaders have noticed how easy it was to control us so completely is fooling themselves.
  2. Congrats on a successful self hijacking. Is this your first day on the internet?
  3. So, you're providing a convenient way for all your customers to infect each other while you avoid them. Interesting business plan.
  4. I've been wanting to fly the wife and I out to Tucson in the Mooney, but she's been reluctant. She's even more reluctant to fly commercial due to corona. So, we have two long cross country trips planned now for this year. I'm loving it.
  5. The new owner of x05 is planning on building some hangars. Doesn’t help now but something to keep in mind for the future. I can give you the airport managers email if you want to dig deeper.
  6. They look original to me. It's really difficult to get pictures, it's very tight around there. next two are the mixture control Mixture is top left, prop middle, throttle right you can see all 3, mixture on top, throttle on bottom the mixture above the gear block shows mixture better. there's "plenty" of room another view of all 3 from upside down, mixture is the closest, throttle furthest
  7. Oh yeah, I also took the opportunity to swap the mixture and prop to the standard positions. I did an engine overhaul so I replaced all the controls at the same time. Not sure that it matters since the prop control I installed is also a vernier. I can take some pics if you want. Just let me know.
  8. I just did this on my 65 manual gear 'C. Other than it being a pain in the ass to do anything with those controls, I didn't have any issues with the gear latch specifically.
  9. I don’t know your exact course but I show a difference of 2 miles to divert around the bravo in an approximation of the course you showed.
  10. I really have no idea what the issue is. You could fly that course at 4000 feet without talking to anyone if you had adsb. ok, you’d have to turn left a few miles to avoid that one shelf. Big deal. I bet it’s less than 5 miles longer.
  11. From your comments, I think maybe you don't understand what "remain clear of the Bravo" means. It does not mean you can't fly under the shelf. It only means you can't fly INTO the Bravo. UNDER the bravo is not INTO the Bravo.
  12. I’m confused. No adsb just makes flying around the bravo even longer.
  13. Never heard that song before. Thanks for the intro.