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  1. This isn’t meant to disrespect the seller of this plane, but does “nearly original” mean something to some buyers? I don’t think the avionics in this plane were at all original, but they are very old. Is 60 year old cloth upholstery an attraction for some? this is not meant to be sarcastic. I’m really interested if there is a market out there.
  2. I hope it’s true. That way the value of all our planes goes up.
  3. I used the engine lifting strap, not the shaft. You're not even lifting the entire weight of the engine, so it'll handle it fine.
  4. This is what i was going to suggest. I used this method when reinstalling my engine and installing the engine monitor. I could jack up the engine to see how lines fit, jack it back down to move it out of the way, do the work, put it back up to check clearances, rinse and repeat.
  5. You misunderstand how it works. There are ADs on engine parts that only need to be complied with at overhaul.’s airworthy until you break the case open......... but if you don’t open it up you’re still flying with parts that have ADs on them. That’s one of the reasons I did my overhaul even though the engine was running fine.
  6. Thats not going to fix AD's related to prop governors, carburetors, or overhaul mags, prop hubs, etc, that's very likely to be needed if an overhaul has never been done. That's the best case number, and on a 50 year old engine, it's not going to be best case.
  7. Hell, I’ll sell you my C for 62k and you’d get a fresh engine and better instrumentation. The paint isn’t new, and I have just the wing leveler, but everything else on mine is comparable or better. Unless you don’t like manual gear and flaps (personally I prefer them) Ps> my plane is not for sale but for $62k I would definitely think about it.
  8. To put it in perspective, I just overhauled my M20C's engine. It had never been overhauled, total time on the plane and engine was 2684 when I finally decided to do the overhaul. It needed it. Bad. And the overhaul cost more than average due to all the work that needed to be caught up on from 50 years of AD's, etc. But, it did run for 2684 hours and 52 years without a problem........ I would consider it with the understanding that a 25 to 30 k overhaul will be needed in the next 5 years, 10 max. You aren't going to get away with a cheap 20k overhaul. I can't get tradeaplane to talk to me this morning, so I don't know the particulars about this plane, including asking price, but it must be awfully nice to be in the $35k ballpark.
  9. I’ll be there in spirit, but 900 miles is a bit too far for me to do on a weekend with everything I’ve got going on right now.
  10. My wing leveler won’t hold a course very long. It always turns very slowly one way or the other.
  11. I’m verifying that the pressure comes back up (and oil isn’t shooting out the prop governor line), not that it’s going down.
  12. I forgot to thank you for your advice on my prop and hub. I ended up keeping the blades and getting a new hub largely on your advice. No more AD for me, though I never found it to be a big deal, my overhaul was going to cost more than half the price of a new hub without the AD, so I went with a new B hub and existing blades.
  13. I did mine remarkably similar to Fred. The only difference is I mounted it on a stand-off on the firewall.