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  1. I forgot to thank you for your advice on my prop and hub. I ended up keeping the blades and getting a new hub largely on your advice. No more AD for me, though I never found it to be a big deal, my overhaul was going to cost more than half the price of a new hub without the AD, so I went with a new B hub and existing blades.
  2. I did mine remarkably similar to Fred. The only difference is I mounted it on a stand-off on the firewall.
  3. “Near original” I’ll have to remember that phrase when I sell an old plane with outdated equipment. Good marketing.
  4. This is a huge advantage of doing the overhaul myself. I have a huge notebook dedicated to the overhaul with every part number and serial number for every part I bought and every yellow tag or 8130. Much better documentation than you’d get from an overhaul shop. My IA did an entry in the airframe log for engine removal and another for installation, an entry in the engine log describing the overhaul work, and an entry in the prop log for that work. I was toward the end of all the logbooks so I took the opportunity to start new books for all 3.
  5. Ok am I not understanding how the parking brake works? If you push the brakes as hard as you can and set the parking brake, how could you possibly overpower it any more than you could just by using the brakes normally? What am I missing?
  6. salty

    No more propeller

    Nearly silent because it produces nearly no power. To move an equivalent mass to an equivalent speed by moving air will require moving an equivalent amount of air. Good luck with that.
  7. salty

    $600 gets it all

    I don’t want to buy it all anyway, I already have one of most of those I need to get rid of myself......
  8. It looks to me like a hard line with black anti chaffing plastic around it.
  9. salty

    $600 gets it all

    I’m interested in the AI. What’s the model and is it working?
  10. Obviously your pucks are worn causing the brakes to fail. This is is very odd. Following with great curiosity.
  11. salty

    G5 not coming on

    I installed an avionics master just so my g5 didn’t come on with the master. I don’t like it in for startup and shutdown.
  12. salty

    When to change the donuts

    No, the logic that doesn’t check is thinking that correlation equals causation. In fact, you haven’t even shown correlation. I know what you are saying is common belief, but that doesn’t make it fact. You may very well be right, I’m only arguing about the way you are presenting it as fact. I’ve seen nothing but anecdotal evidence about it.
  13. salty

    When to change the donuts

    I can’t imagine how you could prove that a fuel tank leak was caused by defective discs, let alone how you could prove full tanks could reduce disc life. Sounds like a case of turning wild speculations into “facts” because they’ve been repeated a lot.
  14. Just for comparison, I recently finished a field overhaul of my engine and all engine accessories, as well as prop and hub. I had no previous experience and had to do all the research myself. I had the assistance of an excellent A&P, but he left me to figure out most of it myself and verified my findings after I dug up all the info for him. I researched multiple vendors for sending parts out to, picked the ones I wanted to use, sent out the parts, made out parts lists, reviewed them with my mechanic, found vendors for the parts, ordered it all, broke down the engine, built it back up, everything in front of the firewall was replaced or overhauled, compiled and reviewed over 700 ADs, service bulletins, letters, and instructions to determine which were applicable, and verified they were complied with. I also installed a new JPI engine monitor replacing the old engine instruments. I did all this while working a full time job and flying occasionally as well. I was sick for a few weeks, my wife was hospitalized 3 times, and we flew across the country for her mother’s funeral, all delaying my progress. Even with all this I got my plane back in the air in 11 months. Hopefully this gives you some perspective.
  15. My policy, like most others, pays a relocation fee if you move the plane out of a warning area to a non warning area. They cut me a check for $500 when I took the family north when Irma hit. Paid most of the trip expenses for us to evacuate for 3 days.