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  1. I guess I missed this when it posted last year. The attached evolved over several years of operation. There are actually two sheets in the Excel file here; one for normal ops with a small section on emergency procedures and then a complete sheet on emergency procedures. I created these so that I could print out on landscape on an 11x17 sheet, cut out, fold in half and laminate. It's the correct width to fit in the side pocket at my left knee. I added the complete emergency procedures sheet six months later after lots of practice with my CFII and him calling a particular emergency regularly. I have punched a hole in the laminated emergency sheet and then attached a 14 ga. red wire to it hanging out of the side pocket so I can grab it at just a touch without fumbling. I know I need to memorize but as I get older it's tougher to remember all the different procedures. Hope this helps ... N800MS Operations Checklist.xlsx
  2. I had this happen a couple of month ago on my M model. Turned out that a hose clamp was installed down instead of up and had rolled over time to a position where it was hitting the linkage. I rolled the clamp 180 degrees and it raised the natural position of the hose a half inch. Problem solved.
  3. Alex, I just installed GAMI's in my Bravo and it took a lot of patience to get it balanced to less than 0.2 gph spread. John-Paul Townsend @ GAMI will work with you to get it right. I believe we went through 4 injector changes. If you have any questions, PM me. Don Swing
  4. I used to be able to call up the web page for Kathryn's report but now get the following. Anyone else follow and have the same issue? Anyone found the solution?
  5. She's beautiful! Congratulations....
  6. The panel is awesome and makes me jealous for sure. Good video to educate us on the engine management as well as all the other capabilities of the Garmin system. I really like all that this can do but I'd rather have a dedicated screen for engine management. I have an Aspen PFD and would like an EDM930 or MVP-50P for primary engine gauges. I currently have an EDM830 and have found that it has become a part of my scan naturally from departure to landing. I'm concerned about punching buttons to see what my engine is doing while I'm bouncing in on decent/approach or climbing through the overcast in IMC. Just handling an approach while in rough conditions on the 430W is a challenge for me and I have buttons and knobs. Just my opinion. Everybody has one and none really count I do like the G500Txi system though. Thanks ...
  7. I've owned the M20M for three years and was never satisfied with braking. I had almost accepted that the performance was due to the gross weight of the long body but continued looking for an answer given that I work (towards my own A&P rating) in a shop that specializes in Beech. Last fall while doing the annual my plane I noticed some very tiny bubbles (almost invisible) in the brake fluid line from the master cylinders to the reservoir. I back bled the brakes until I no longer saw this in the line but still was not happy with the results. Two weeks later, I decided to flush the entire system. I back bled all the way through the system. Dark red/brown fluid came and then new fluid from both sides. Finally I have the brakes that I expected.
  8. Thank you for the heads up. I will research these as well. The clamps are new and I was going to re-torque them after 17 hours at the oil change this week. Pressure tested exhaust before doing so and found the leaks so we didn't want to torque before repairing the leaks. Don Maxwell helped with a suggested gasket that he has seen some use for repair at the flange. Also have found the v-clamp gasket so we'll do the repair and test again tomorrow. ... Don
  9. More research today and found out there is no gasket there. Metal to Metal surface and we went ahead and removed the transition piece that AC mentions. Thanks for the comments and advice as well as the part #.
  10. I have exhaust leaks at the points showing on the attached picture. Can anyone provide part numbers for the gaskets here. We can likely find the one at the v-clamp but the Mooney parts M20M manual I purchased doesn’t have the turbine inlet gasket shown.
  11. I do believe the altimeter is the KEA130A so I will remove the glareshield and check the wire connections this weekend. Thanks for the replies.
  12. I have an old KT79 transponder that began being intermittent in reporting altitude and finally stopped altogether during a flight Saturday. I had the biannual IFR certification done in April and had some issues after but would always clear after cycling power. It had done so prior to the calibration a couple of times as well. I plan a panel upgrade next year so don't want to replace right now. Any suggestions or has anyone had to address this before. Don
  13. I am a new Mooney owner (1 year) and started out high but have over 140 hrs in the Mooney and 170+ hours in the last year. My insurance for the second year is 60% of the first year. I utilize Aviation Marine in Oakland, CA who shops it with multiple carriers. I don't know how much of it is experience in the plane vs annual flight time but was greatly appreciative of the work Todd Lewis did to get the rate reduced.