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  1. Well....I had no idea that was in there. That is very wrong. Can’t replace Sonalerts, flightmate is a supplement. I’ll get that corrected right away! Thanks for taking the time to help, really appreciate that! Mark
  2. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t say you can replace any TC part. A sonalert installed by the factory can not be removed. flightmate is in addition to the sonalert NOT a replacement. Sure would appreciate it if you could point me to the manual that indicates replacing something. Thank you! Mark
  3. Your unit was sold to Rheinland Air Service on Feb 15, 2002. Option 6 was for our Mooney OEM, it has the built-in marker but uses the marker lamps on the instrument panel. Your unit does NOT have option 1, which was our aural warning system, so what ever you are hearing, it is coming from a device that is hooked up, probably to an unswitched unmuted input. Hope this helps. By the way, there is a slide-in replacement you should consider if you ever want to have Bluetooth integrated, it is also 16 year newer design. http://ps-engineering.com/pma7000bt.shtml Mark Sch
  4. You have my word you will not be disappointed. In fact, I believe you will feel you made the best decision for your airplane’s audio system. Thanks for trusting Mark Scheuer
  5. Thanks David for your vote of confidence and I don’t blame you for being cautious. No incompatibilities what so ever. Been Plug ‘N Play since 2004 with the GMA340, not one instant of an incompatibility ever uncovered. Like I mentioned, make sure you are clear about the Music muting of the GMA345. Ask “can I choose to have everything mute the music, only the radio mute the music, or not have the music mute at all.” Then ask “what happens to all of the others who are listening to your music“. Remember, everyone hears either Music 1, Music 2, or Bluetooth, unless you configure switch t
  6. Yes, you’d turn music mute off for the pilot (copilot and passengers can listen to their own music and set up their music muting and volume independently). Pilot audio source selections: (independent music volume and muting) Music 1 Music 2 BT 1 BT 2 BT1 and BT 2 Music 1 and BT1 Music 1 and BT2 SAME FOR COPILOT Passengers:(volume control and muting for pax) Music 1 Music 2 BT 1 BT 2 Hope this helps. Mark PS Engineering
  7. Out of curiosity, besides the name on the panel, what doesn’t match? Mark Scheuer PS Engineering
  8. Thank you Steven for your invitation. Regarding “Softmute”, PS Engineering Trade Marked the name in 1992 when we introduced the PM3000 intercom. The word “Softmute” actually was coined by Marc Cook, at that time, a writer for AOPA. it refers to the slow return of the music once it is muted. While we have legal rights to patent 4,941,187 (now expired) we wanted to give the pilot even more flexibility of music by being able to turn muting off completely. We call that the Karaoke Mode”. I often will place my tunes in the background with the aircraft radio in the foreground. This works perfec
  9. Hi Niko, first thanks for trusting us with your audio panel, I hope that you are getting everything you want out of it. (Check out this YouTube video PMA450B Review) As far as your radio transmissions, whether the PMA450B is ON or if it is OFF, the microphone mechanically connected during radio transmissions. The audio panel has no impact on the microphone's performance. The Bose A20 holds FAA TSO, so Bose had to pass specific microphone impedance and gain tests. Little known fact that modern amplified dynamic microphones must replicate the electrical characteristics of the old f
  10. I would highly recommend you look at this link before making your final decision. Used or New, no comparison! PMA8000B to GMA340 Comparison Thanks! Mark
  11. Hi Matt, I just couldn't help myself. Thank you for flying with our original PMA8000BT (circa 2006), with those beautiful G5's at that GTN, I could resist to show you what the "ultimate panel" would look like. Sincerely, Mark
  12. Leave it to a cinematographer to not only make a video of our audio panel informative, he's made it entertaining too! Hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did. SoCal Flying Monkey Mark Scheuer PS Engineering, Inc.
  13. That’s correct Frank, 100% slide-in replacement but additional wiring required to implement flightmate.
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