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  1. Sorry, its been a busy week and just noticed this thread has some unanswered questions and an unforced "ERROR" on my part. PS Engineering, Inc. provides 8130-3 for our new products when requested. DMIR, DAR, DER, and FAA are the only entities that can complete 8130-3 form. PS Engineering has several DMIR in house who sign 8130-3 on request for a charge of $35. I should have typed Form 337 Form 337 We require that a PS Engineering Authorized Dealer to perform installation of flightmate(R). All of our dealers are CRS (Certified Repair Stations with at least a Limited Radio Class Rating). If our dealer decides not to submit the Form 337, that is their judgement call, not ours. NOTE: If the customer is removing a GMA340 or a PMA8000 series and replacing it with one of our newer models, a simple log book entry by a mechanic is all that is required, provided it does not include flightmate(R). And our full warranty is valid. Because flightmate(R) might be connected to devices that may be primary systems we require flightmate(R) to be installed only by our Authorized Dealers (which is stated in our installation manuals.) Finally, we only supply the required information to set up flightmate(R) to our Authorized Dealers in our attempt to make it clear the requirement of our Authorized Dealers to perform the connections to flightmate(R) Hope this clears up the mess I made when I typed 8130-3 rather than Form 337. Mark Scheuer PS Engineering, Inc.
  2. There are no 1 conductor shielded cables depicted in any of our wiring diagrams. It is imperative, that the installer of audio panels follow our wiring diagrams exactly. When customers call us indicating there is a problem with their audio panel, almost 99.8% it is never the audio panel but the installation. Not everyone has the skills, tools, or the knowledge required to perform the installation. Audio panels touch every piece of the avionics suite, they are the most time consuming harness you can install. When installed correctly, it also has the lowest cost of entry into a whole new world of avionics. Everything you hear, talk, or respond to comes from your audio panel. When someone download our install manuals, that person has to acknowledge that there is no warranty unless installed by a PS Engineering Authorized dealer or a custom harness is built by our authorized dealer. (note: if replacing a GMA340 or GMA345, that individual simply needs a log book entry by an A & P and warranty is valid) Approach Fast-Stack system is also recognized as a great solution that we will provide warranty for our products. We have had this policy since 1990. Why? When the audio panel has problems, the panel is the first to be blamed. It makes us look bad and the customer is unhappy. When any of our audio panels are installed per the installation manual, they just work flawlessly. Hope this helps. Mark Scheuer PS Engineering, Inc.
  3. FYI, the PMA450A and PMA450B has flightmate(R), the four channel audio alert system
  4. NOT a direct slide in replacement because there is no intercom in the KMA24. However, the current Molex connector that is currently inside the KMA24 is used as is. If you go that route, I’d recommend the PMA7000BT. The intention for the PMA7000M-BT was for the 1000’s of PMA6000M owners, which the 7000M-BT is a direct slide in unit. Now an intercom harness has to be built and installed. You might also consider PMA8000BT. While the install will require re-pinning of the Molex connector to a high density connector, you’ll get advanced functions and hi-fi stereo.
  5. While I can’t say exactly what the current ratio is, I can say that all of our audio panels have seen an increase without the marker beacon.
  6. Hi Dan, yes, if you install the remote Playback button, the playback will be immediate, unlike the press and hold of the C1 or C2 button. Thanks for being our customer. -Mark
  7. Hi Skip, I think that there would be unnecessary complications in our business model should we ever try to interface to GARMIN equipment.
  8. I can answer the first question Skip, you can pair the GMA345 to your iPad and while running Foreflight you play music on your iPad. You will hear the both the alerts and music from your iPad. What I can't answer is can you hookup the iPad to both the GTX345 and the GMA345?
  9. First, thank you everyone for the very kind words for the PMA450B. It is the culmination of designing audio panels since 1995. One IMPORTANT point regarding the above post, "IntelliAudio(R)" is our registered trademark and is licensed PATENTED technology from the USAF. It is NOT the same that is used in any GARMIN audio panels. Additionally, one of the short comings of the GMA345 (in my opinion) is it does not provide music distribution. (NOTE: there is a switch on the rear right side on the chassis that if you flip it, then passengers will always hear Music #2). The only selection of sources is the one that everyone hears (Music 1, Music 2, BT). ALL of our audio panels provide various music distributions. The PMA450B with dual Bluetooth(R) that takes the distribution to the next level. The pilot can select to hear both a hardwired XM (GDL69 maybe) music while also listening to BT2 that might be connected to an iPad providing audio alerts from Foreflight. The copilot might want to hook up their phone to BT1 and listen to Music 2, while the PAX can select to listened to any one of the four entertainment inputs. Music 1, Music 2, BT1, BT2 This might sound extreme but in actuality, it is not. How often have you wanted to hear audio alerts from your iPad AND listen the XM music at the same time? Each station (pilot, copilot, and all the passengers are treated as individual stations) can select their own volume level and muting settings as well. The most important point in this post is to alert everyone that IntelliAudio(R) is nothing like GARMIN's 3D audio, completely different implementations. For example, we do NOT make the passengers intercom audio "appear" to becoming from the back of your head. We figured you already know and recognize the voices of the folks in the back. We kept the intercom MONO. Additionally, it is my understanding the the copilot's intercom audio goes to the pilot's right ear. That might be a problem when COM 2 comes from the 2 O'clock position while the copilot intercom comes form the 3 O'clock position. IntelliAudio(R) places all intercom audio at he 12 O'clock position, much easier to ignore when trying to listen to COM 1 or COM 2. The PMA450B allows the pilot to place COM 1 and COM 2 in the 9 O'clock near, 9 O'clock, 10 O'clock, 11 O'clock, 12 O'clock, 1 O'clock, 2 O'clock, 3 O'clock, and 3 O'clock near. Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to clear up some unintentional misinformation. For years, people thought we made GARMIN audio panels. We never did except after GARMIN purchased UPS-AT, they continued to purchase the UPS-AT SL-15 but that ended after a year. However, we are very appreciative that other avionics manufacturers purchase our audio panels either under the brand name or ours. - Mark Mark
  10. Thanks for keeping your PMA8000BT, that made my day Fritz! Beautiful panel and now there is an airshow to go to. We are on our way to Sun N Fun. If you are there next week, stop by and see us. Building D, right inside the hangar doors!
  11. The MUTE button has three selections. Assuming the MUTE Green light is off, then NOTHING mutes the music for the pilot. Pressing the MUTE button once, the Green light turns on and the pilot hears in their headset the annunciation “Radio Mute”. This means only the A/C Radio mutes the music the pilot is listening to. Press the MUTE button again, the Green light remains ON and the pilot hears in their hears “Mute ON”, meaning both intercom and radio mutes the music. Press the MUTE button again, the Green light turns off, the pilot will hear in their headset “Mute Off” and now nothing mutes the music. Hopes this helps Mark Scheuer PS Engineering
  12. Hi Steve, I can try. The PMA450B actually has two Bluetooth (completely independent) which allows connection to two devices simultaneously. This then allows the pilot, copilot, or passengers the ability to listen to two devices at the same time. For example, the pilot can connect their phone (music source or telephone) to BT1 while connecting an iPad to BT. Now the pilot can her ForeFlight audi alerts and hear his. USBc from their phone at the same time. or maybe the kids in the back wanted hear the audio from a movie they are watching on their iPad but mom and dad want to hear their own entertainment, they can! All in all there are a total of 27 music distributions that can be selected, and it is VERY EASY to do. Hope this helps! Mark
  13. Hi RobertGary1, there is! Whenever you want the music to no longer be heard by the pilot, simply press and hold for about a second, the ENTERTAINMENT Softkey. This shuts off what ever the pilot was hearing from any of the 4 different entertainment inputs. You will also notice the music symbol in the upper right hand corner goes away. This is helpful for showing a visual cue that pilot will or will not hear ForeFlight alerts. -Mark
  14. Hi Jim: First, you may or may not have flightmate(R), it was something that we added just before we announced the PMA450B in July 2019. What is your serial number? Reviewing section 3.9 from the installation manual for the PMA450A that has flightmate(R) reads: 3.9 flightmate® (Part Number 050-450-0103, -0104, -0202 & -0204 ONLY) is an audio storage system with four audio messages that can be activated by external triggers, and acknowledged if desired. flightmate MUST be activated from the installer setup menu. Contact your PS Engineering installing dealer for information. When triggered, the recorded audio will play in the pilot’s headset. Alert #1 has been designed as a priority alert nd will continue to play until the trigger has cleared. Alert 2, 3 and 4 can be stopped if the “Acknowledge” button is pushed while the audio is playing. Only input number 1 (pin J2 17) is designed for a Sonalert input. Input 2, 3, and 4 can be triggered by either a rising or falling edge. The PMA450B has additional capability such as a one shot alert for inputs 2, 3, and 4 Sorry for the confusion. Mark
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