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  1. Considering that you have a M20M an ES transponder might be the better option. Otherwise you are limited to 17999ft. A GTX330ES is about the same price range as a tail beacon. If you don't have a WAAS navigator you could install a Freeflight 1201 as an interim solution. These unit are available at very reasonable price and you can utilize the antenna in the future for you WAAS navigator.
  2. Which radio do you have? KI204&209 are used with KX155 and KN53. KI206 with KX165 and KNS80. Ki206 will also work with GNS,GTN, & IFD series. KNI520 is a good lower cost alternative to the KI206.
  3. Still looking for a GDL39 - might consider GDL50.
  4. I am looking for a perfect working GNS480 - preferable software version 2.4 or higher. Frank 760 424 2058
  5. I am looking for a Garmin GDL39. Frank 760 424 2058
  6. In Germany, where airfield are typically shorter, the halfway point is marked with a yellow "Dachreiter"
  7. The switching between GPS and VLOC is internally in the GNS430. Considering that the needle works in VLOC mode I would start with checking the GNS430. What did the internal CDI show?
  8. Occupancies rates in PS are actually up compared to pre Covid levels. However I agree you made the right choice, with the high wind speeds we had in the last few weeks it would have been impossible to hold on to your tin hat.
  9. A good friend of mine met Alain after the flight and he told him that he was totally aware of the consequences and expected to loose his license. My dad used to own a Morane 880b like the one used for the flight through the Arc de Triomphe. Still have very warm memories of him flying me to glider summer camp. I got stick time on the way to camp and soloed after 2 weeks in a Schleicher Ka-4 Rhönlerche. The Morane has exceptional slow flying qualities.
  10. Works perfect looks good. Much better option than repairing your old KX170/175 Includes tray and connector. $300 Frank 760 424 2058
  11. I am looking for a datacard for a Garmin GNC250XL / 150XL Frank 760 424 2058
  12. The KX165 will work in a KX155 installation. It has all features of the KX155 with identical pin assignments. In addition it has a converter built in if you want to connect it to an HSI, or Indicator requiring a radio with converter. Bonus feature of the KX165 is the digital RAD readout function. Frank 760 424 2058
  13. SOLD - Works great, clean faceplate, bright display includes tray and backplate.
  14. I have about 1,500 hours in gliders and used to fly a lot of competitions. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to do a lot of glider flighting in the last 20 years and I really miss it. Currently I am seriously considering trading the Mooney for a RF10, Taifun 17E, or Grob 109B. Anybody interested? The picture was one of my most memorable flights during a 2017 vacatio n in Chile. The mountain in the background is Aconcagua, with 22,837ft the highest mountain in the Americas.
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