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  1. Alan - Do the cabin roof plastic panels fit in a 1970 model? Can you please post a picture. Thank you
  2. Added picture with the TDR turned on. I also have a Freeflight 1201 WAAS GPS if you don't have a panel mount WAAS receiver.
  3. Hi Greg I have a kx170b for $200 plus shipping





  4. I want to install a TT22 instead to make space for a GNS530W
  5. I need a ki209 How much do you want for your ki209?


    760 424 2058

  6. Like new with sealed installation kit (connectors, pins, speed switch). $1950 or trade for Garmin G5 or Trig TT22. Frank 760 424 2058
  7. Sorry sold a long time ago. You might want to check with @Alan Fox. However as one of Alan's frequent customers I believe "are you open to offers?" is not part of his vocabulary :-)
  8. And the second best option might be to buy a used one from somebody who had a perfect working HSI and did an Aspen upgrade...
  9. The Transponder comes with the original TRIG tray. The difference between the TRIG and KT76A tray is the second molex connector and the word TRIG stenciled in the top og the tray.
  10. Works perfect. Complete with tray and connector $1700 Frank 760 424 2058 Trig’s TT31 transponder is the perfect retro-fit for the popular Bendix King KT76A and KT78A transponders. The TT31 is a certified Class 1 transponder which will ‘plug and play’ straight into the existing Bendix King tray. This significantly reduces both installation time and cost. It provides pilots with class leading Mode S technology that is also 1090ES ADS-B Out capable too (ADS-B functionality requires a Trig tray). Retrofit – ‘plug and play’ installation for KT76A and KT78A transponders Certified Mode S and 1090ES ADS-B Out capable Certified for IFR / VFR flight Lowest power consumption in class 240 watts nominal output Great functionality and performance - TIS traffic capabilities Backlit LED display No cavity tube – no warm up time required No need for dropper resistors EASA ETSO and FAA TSO Certification - includes TSO C166b the latest ADS-B standard Unbeatable value and quality - designed and manufactured in the U.K. Two year worldwide warranty
  11. Isn't a WAAS upgrade for the 430 closer to $3500 by itself and a used 330ES around $1800?
  12. 069-1024-38 14 volt, without GS Receiver, Isolation Amplifier, 760 COMM channels 069-1024-38 14 volt, without GS Receiver, Isolation Amplifier, 760 COMM channels
  13. The Trig TT31 fits in the King KT76A tray and is in combination with the Freeflight 1201 ADS-B out legal. This is a nice setup if you want a 1030MHZ ADS B out solution and don't have a expensive WAAS GPS in your panel. TT31&1201 GPS antenna, tray, connector, manuals $2300 Frank 760 424 2058
  14. KX155 14V 760CH & KI203 with complete "Plug and Play" harness. $1100 Frank 760 424 2058