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  1. IMHO this is the best value for the peso - only available south of the border. Hope we can go back to MMES soon
  2. I am shocked about all the Ercoupe shatter but nobody has mentioned the Mooney M10 CADET - isn't this MOONEYSPACE? :-)
  3. I am in the process of installing a Garmin GTX330 and was wondering if there is still value in wiring the ARINC connection to the GPS for TIS-A. Does TIS-A broadcast any information not covered by TIS-B and are there areas with TIS-A, but no TIS-B coverage. Are there plans to shut down TIS-A in the near future? Thank you, Frank
  4. Included are PFD1000 unit, RSM, Configuration module, Pilot's Guide, Mounting Bracket, and connector. $3,500
  5. In theory you could connect (not legal) the 795 to the ASPEN through the serial port, but it would show only the course line. In the meantime even if you don't install a GPS at this point I would pre-wire it to avoid the need to redo the install in the future.
  6. If you are toying with the idea to do some serious panel updating here is your chance to get a complete ASPEN EFD100 PRO setup with 2 Garmin Radios. The system is complete with all components and wiring harness. Total Price including complete "plug&play" wiring harness is $11,500. The package includes the following: ASPEN EFD100 PRO (Display, RSM, Configuration module, Mounting bracket) GARMIN GNS530A 28V high output version (14V to 28V inverter available for 14V aircraft) - includes tray and antenna GARMIN GPS400W WAAS GPS - includes tray and antenna Also available but not included in price are Trig TT22 (ADS-B out transponder), Becker AR4201 COM , and PM4000 audiopanel / intercom, ACU for autopilot connection, and Synthetic Vision upgrade. Frank 760 424 2058
  7. Along those lines for less than $20K you could get a panel like this.
  8. The above link lists the initial reports
  9. Peter - GPS150XL is still available. Give me a call if you're still interested.
  10. This is a very clean KX155 760ch 28V Glidslope with crisp bright display. Frank 760 424 2058
  11. SALE PENDING Very nice looking Garmin / Apollo Stack with Garmin SL40 Com, Apollo SL10S Stereo Audio Panel, GX65 GPS/COM (Enroute IFR) with MD40 indicator, SL70 Transponder with encoder, Freeflight Rangr FDL-978-TXL ADS-B out. Included is complete wiring harness with 4 sets of jacks for crew and passengers. Everything is plug and play and will save significant installation time and cost. This would make a very nice setup if you want to update your old radios and install ADS-B, but don't want to spend 10-thousands. Complete plug & play set-up with GPS antennas $3800. Have KING KN53 VOR/GS if for Basic IFR panel. Prefer to sell complete stack, but will sell individually: SL40 $900, GX65 $1100, SL70 $400, SL10S $400, FDL-978 $1500
  12. We had countless cracks in the plastic panel in the airplane. So I got a lot of practice fixing it. I tried a lot of the commercial products with mediocre success until a friend (fellow M20c owner) who is a true craftsman taught me his way. Remove the panel and turn upside - cut pieces of fiberglass covering the crack with approx. 1/2 " overlap - put fiberglass piece over crack and wet the fiberglass with cyanoacrylate (superglue) - with fast moving finger work the super glue into the fiberglass. The fiberglass and plastic panel will build a strong bond super fast and the reinforce the tired plastic.
  13. King KI 206 $900 King KI209A Sale Pending King KNI520 $500 All of the above come with connector and will work with Garmin GNS, Avidyne IFD, King Legacy, etc. Frank 760 424 2058
  14. Nice Garmin GPS150XL with tray and connector works perfect - International database $400 Frank 760 424 2058