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  1. Removed for ASPEN / WAAS upgrade. Included tray, antenna, data cards, quick reference, and complete plug&play wiring harness. $4000 Frank 760 424 2058
  2. I have 2 new still in sealed package: MFG Date: 01/13/2021 MFG Date: 11/10/2020 Frank 760 424 2058
  3. The GX65 is for enroute and terminal use and I doubt that the majority of GX operators is paying $300-$500 annually to update the data bases in their radios anyway. On the other hand the COM section of the GX60/65 is identical with the SL40/SL30. IMHO one of the best com's ever made. For the same price as a used SL40 you get the GX65 with the additional benefit of a GPS function. The GX60 drives my Accutrac as well as the GNS430 and when I want to talk to ATC I prefer the GX over the GNS. From my experience the sound quality in the GX / SL radio is better than the GNS radio and on top of it I
  4. Something similar was available a long time ago. Just before the GPS age began Peschges Variometer had an add on for their final glide computer VP3e using a Becker NR3301 VOR calculating the position utilizing cross bearings and giving you the distance to your destination. The basic version used heading and airspeed aided by manual wind correction factor input.
  5. The KNS81 requires input from a DME and KNS81 and DME take about the same space as the KNS80.
  6. SOLD Garmin AERA 796 with Yoke mount, remote antenna, power data cable for connection to GDL, Quick Reference Guide Garmin GDL39 3D with battery, 110AC charger, 12V Charger, Mount, Case Works Great! $1300 Frank 760 424 2058
  7. Very similar in our house, but my wife is the CFI in the family so I get to sit on the left side when it's my leg.
  8. https://aopa.de/ueber-uns/german-airspace/ I would consider replacing your altimeter with a unit that has hpa settings. A second recommendation would be to look into a FLARM receiver ( https://flarm.com/ ) . You will encounter a lot more gliders in Europe than in the US and many gliders, tow planes, planes are FLARM equipped.
  9. Nice AV80R ACE with sectional charts, IFR Charts, and Approach plates. Many of the accessories are still in original wrapper. Other than IPADs the AV8OR works at warm temperatures in direct sun light and doesn't overheat. $250 Frank 760 424 2058
  10. I have a ACAD drawing for my 1970 M20C should be the same as the 1971 m20e. IM me your email and I can send it to you. What i learned and would do different is the spacing of the cut outs. I should have spaced the instruments further apart. When I wanted to update a few things I couldn't because the cases of the new instruments were a little bit bigger and didn't fit (See For Sale section).
  11. I had planned to install during my panel upgrade but decided to go a different route. Compact 2-inch size saves panel space Precision replacement for older navigation indicators Ideal for applications where space is limited or as a backup for glass panel displays Rectilinear meter movements allow for more accurate readings LED backlighting provides increased reliability and longer life Built-in NAV, GPS and VLOC annunciators Rugged construction includes ball bearings in critical areas True course resolver output (1 volt, 30 Hz) Quality
  12. I had planned to replace my Mid Continent AI with this little beauty, but unfortunately the unit is a little bit wider and didn't fit in the panel. PITCH SYNC OPTION • 360 DEGREES OF PITCH AND ROLL • MULTI-VOLT OPERATION (9 TO 32 VOLTS) • INCREASED VIBRATION RESISTANCE • FITS STANDARD CUTOUT • TOTALLY SELF-CONTAINED • BRIGHT, HIGHLY VISIBLE LCD DISPLAY • ALL DIGITAL - NO MOVING PARTS • 2 INCH MODEL • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS • BLACK ANODIZED BEZEL • LIGHTWEIGHT 2”= 4.5oz. • FAA / EASA CERTIFIED SOLD Frank 760 424 2058
  13. Thank you Anthony - Accutrac and BI805 are still available
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