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  1. I am planning the installation of a EDM830 in our 1970 M20C and was wondering what the best location for the OAT probe is. Thank you, Frank.
  2. Works perfect. Complete with tray and connector. SOLD Frank
  3. Complete with tray, connector, and harness SOLD Frank
  4. I have a KX175B with a 760CH upgrade shipped $300.
  5. "something cheaper" often ends up being significantly more expensive in the end when it comes to airplanes
  6. New Price for these units is over $3000. This setup is perfect for a hangar or hangar home. The core of the GK 415 is the Becker FAA-certified AR 4201 airborne transceiver, featuring 760 channels, 118-137 MHz frequency range, 25 kHz channel spacing, sunlight-readable backlit LCD, SETUP menu, BITE functions and DC voltage indication. Included: • GK 415 • Lead acid 2.2Ah battery • Battery charger • AC connector cable • Whip antenna • Carry case • Dynamic Mic Specifications Supply Voltage: External 10.0 – 32.0 VDC via charging device for 115/230 V, AC internal 12 V, 2.2 Ah Dry-lead-acid battery Power Consumption: Receive Current: 70 mA Transmit Current: 2.5 A Frequency Range: 118.000 – 136.975 MHz Frequency Channels: 760 Channel Spacing: 25 kHz Memories: 99 Storage Height: 3.15" Width: 6.29" Depth: 10.63" Weight: 6.61lbs Warranty: 2 years Com is TSO/JTSO C74c, C88a
  7. Warren Keysar 623-687-1805 used to do our pitot/static/transponder when we were based in DVT. He is mobile and travels to all valley airports.
  8. The PMA7000 is compatible with the KMA24 molex connector. You have to exchange the tray and add a second molex connector with all the intercom wiring. I have the PMA7000 in combination with GNS430W and SL60 and like sound quality and functionality very much.
  9. Apollo Garmin SL40 complete with tray and wiring harness. Works perfect. Frank 760 424 2058
  10. $1400 KX155 with KI208 complete with tray and wiring harness. Just tested VOR on the ground and it works perfect! Comm funftion perfect as well. Frank 760 424 2058
  11. We have one of the MAC covers since 2012 and it is in better shape than our previous Bruce cover after 3 years. The only advantage of the Bruce cover compared to the Mac is the higher payload after the purchase due to totally depleting your wallet.
  12. Hi I am interested in the KT76C. What is the asking price. Frank 760 424 2058
  13. Before installing any USB plugs in the aircraft I would try them with a test set-up. I used very similar USB plugs and had a lot of static in the radio.
  14. So far less than an hour, but I haven't connected it to static, temperature probe, and audio panel yet.