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  1. On a twin with a caged failed engine.
  2. Yeah... I can tell by the fact that my posts arent getting any likes and by the fact that yours are getting so many. Also by the amount of people who disagree with me and by how many agree with you. The merits of your argument on your superior KFC 150 are so overwhelming that it's a wonder why no one can see it, including myself. I submit. You win.
  3. That's because I'm not. You on the other hand are. As pointed out by the poster above you. Keep digging. You arent making me look stupid.
  4. You can post as many GPS outages in various locations across the country as much as you want. You arent convincing anyone that it's a COMMON problem or that this auto pilot is in any way shape or form, a step backwards from a KFC150.
  5. I thought it was certified for approaches but just not below 700 AGL?
  6. If you enjoy flying VOR to VOR then have at 'er. I have a feeling you would quickly change your answer if GPS was down as often as you claim that it is. The only way I'd fly IFR on victor airways is if I was ferrying a plane that was standard equipped. And that would be to bring it to a shop and have a GPS installed.
  7. Again, false advertising. GPS outages DONT happen all the time. And I think it's wrong to spread this kind of BS. People sometimes make decisions based on other people's advice and to spreading false information is not fair. GPS outages do happen but not very often. I certainly believe you that GPS was down for you that day. And perhaps other days. But unless you can come on here and post a topic the other 363 days a year when you fly that GPS is not down, you are misrepresenting the facts and the "limitations" of this auto pilot. You never answered my question. If GPS was down and you had your localizer and ILS available to couple to your King AP, would you still go on your trip in IMC using standard equipement only. If your answer is "no" or "probably not" which I'm willing to bet it will be, your point is moot and you should really stop talking about this auto pilot as if it's a step down from your 30 year old KFC150. Because that is simply NOT true.
  8. And as mentioned above, you are more likely to lose your old king AP entirely and be stuck hand flying as opposed to losing the GPS and having to use the GFC500 in heading and VS mode. At least I'll still have an AP. To say this is a step backwards from an old king AP is talking complete nonsense.
  9. Seems to me you are looking for something to complain about since you are saying that the GFC500 has this horrible " limitation" by not being able to fly a coupled approach if something that pretty much never happens, happens. GPS outages almost never happen. Has one ever even happened to you? And if you knew GPS was going to be down would you ever even launch an IFR flight on standard equipement alone? With Vnav mode, envelope protection, a LVL button and ESP taking over even when the AP is not even engaged it's a bit of false advertising to claim it's a step backwards because it can't do something in a situation that pretty much never happens. Also remember that the AP still works if GPS is down. You just have to think more and use it in heading and VS mode. If the reason you are against it is because you think it's not worth ripping out a perfectly functioning auto pilot I would probably agree with you. But to say it's a step backwards is total hogwash.
  10. It will revert to heading and vs mode as far as I understand.
  11. This is in the cars as minimum equipment. Again... FAA might be different. (d) a magnetic compass or a magnetic direction indicator that operates independently of the aircraft electrical generating system; I'm truly astonished that this conversation is still going. Airliners have compasses. What makes anyone think we shouldnt?
  12. I honestly cant see how you are reading this wrong. A compass is not a primary reference for magnetic heading. The HI/HSI is. The G5 will replace the heading indicator. I dont see this as a false claim at all.
  13. Not sure about the FAA but TC has a list of what equipement is required for day VFR, night VFR VFR OTT, and IFR. Everything on the next higher type of flight simply adds onto the list from VFR. IE everything required for VFR plus ...... everything required for night VFR plus ..... The compass is on the very first list. So regardless of if it's on your required equipement list for your plane or if you even have an equipement list, in Canada you need one.
  14. Primary reference source for magnetic heading in IFR is the HI/DG or HSI. It is not the compass. You cant legally fly IFR without one. The G5 can replace that. It wont replace a compass. Airliners still have them. I dont think there is any getting rid of it. I am curious if there is a lot of interference with the panel mounted one?
  15. I have what I believe to be the same/similar switch from my K. I think it's a mooney switch. Needed to replace with garmin switch with the new auto pilot. It worked fine when removed. Unfortunately I wouldnt be able to get you a part number or sell it to you for at least a couple weeks next time I go to the shop when its done. But you can keep it in mind. I'd sell for a very reasonable price.