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  1. What is your model? An M? Arent the J and M both mid bodies? I have a K. I hope I dont have any issues.
  2. Thanks for the tips on the carpet. I doubt those are solder burns but I'm sure he will make good if they are. You are right they should be removed I get what you mean but I'm not terribly concerned about the dirt. I'll chose my battles wisely. This guy has been really great in every other way. Thanks for the post Brad. Those toggle switches dont look too bad. As far as paperwork he said the switches need an STC or approval for install on a certified aircraft. The nice ones at aircraft spruce that look exactly like the ones in the new Acclaim are meant for experimental only even though they are super rugged and used in marine applications. I will ask about the relay. The other issue I'm having is that the high boost must stay as a rocker switch because of the momentary spring loaded safety cover that returns the switch to off. I would have preferred even a 3 position toggle with a momentary function in one direction and "on" in the other. But apparently that's not the same function as what is written in the POH so not legal. If I cant get a 15A rocker switch I'm stuck with about half rockers and half toggles. It's insane to me that a CB switch is several hundred dollars and may not even be available. But I also heard a fuel cap from mooney is over 2k... so... yeah. I'm headed there today. Perhaps he will have more news.
  3. 14 Volts. So yes it looks like I will need a 15 Amp switch. I actually have a 10 Amp switch so regardless its still not going to work. Not sure I understand the part about the relay. My mechanic isnt willing to sign off any switches that dont have paperwork for the plane. STC or whatever else could suffice so I'm going to have to find a used one or settle for the toggle switches.
  4. Are you saying the angled CB panel isnt required? I thought it had to be that way. Could I make it completely flat? I saw the post of the new hopewell illuminated switches. My installer didnt like the idea though. I guess it would only be 8 extra circuit breakers. He just didnt like the second failure point running things to another component. What about the high boost pump? Is that spring back for momentary action required?
  5. What extra functions does the panel mount ponder have that the remote one doesnt. I was under the impression that they were identical save for the possible screen out. I know the panel mount audio has a couple extra features.
  6. I gotta ask, why did you shell out the extra money for the remote audio panel but not bother with the remote transponder when it doesnt cost any extra? You could have fit it all in one stack and had a cleaner install. Still looks great. I love the interior. Where did you get the armrest? I want one. I wonder if it could go on my seats. Are yours articulating?
  7. Looking for some thoughts. My K is in for a complete redo. I have basically opted for almost everything save the second TXi screen. I'm going with a Guardian avionics flush mount ipad mount with a flightstream 510 to sync everything. Here is the current issue. It isnt huge but aparently the circuit breaker switch that runs the strobes can't handle the new strobes even though they are LED. AEROLED's is calling for 5 amps per strobe. My avionics guy says I have an 8 amp switch I think. Problem is they dont make the style I have anymore. It looks like Lasar is out of stock on the 15 amp. So if I go with the other style I basically have to replace them all to look uniform to the tune of 300 +/- USD each. And just my luck one will fail even if I did find one for the strobe. The other option is to leave the master and probably the high and low boost to the left (since the high boost has that momentary spring for short durations) and switch the rest to the toggle switches which are only 50 CAD each. I dont want it to look cheap. They would at least be separated from the rocker style ones to the right of the yoke but I honestly dont really like them. Look a bit cheap and like a homebuilt. All the modern Mooneys have the rocker style and I havent seen any with the metal toggle switches. Pictures of my current switches as well as the proposed layout and possible toggle switch are attached. Thoughts? Ideas? I'd like to avoid spending 2 AMU on new switches. This is expensive enough.
  8. Yeah... you would think the cables would make for more play. The pushrod controls in a mooney is part of what makes it fly as nicely as it does.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I'll consider the option of selling the old ones. Thanks I'm super excited. I opted for an ipad instead of a second TXi. Saved about 15k. I must be missing something here. I have a turbo. Should I have a scavenger pump? Unfortunately a field approval isnt an option here in Canada so I'm out of luck.
  10. Interesting. I didnt know they made these for small aircraft. How much was the installation worth? Clearly there is some sheet metal or fiberglass work to create the opening and flap. I'm not sure what being turbo normalized has to do with it though. On a note back to a previous post, I was told by precise flight that there is no sheet metal work involved. If there is then my decision would be a breeze. Not interested. But since they said it's a simple bolt on I was considering it. Clearly the opinions here are mixed. I'm still torn. Lots of money to replace a working system.
  11. 30 hours? For the Garmin install?? I'm getting much higher numbers. My mechanic is estimating over 100 I think. Obviously I pay for the real time. I'm doing a whole panel so my quote is much higher in just guessing how much of the quote is for the auto pilot and my impression is that it's a huge chunk. What have other people paid for a 4 service install on a J or K?
  12. You know what they say... it's always easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. As far as I can tell, you meet the required equipement list in Canada for daytime VFR. Not sure if the FAA is the same but we seem to be stricter than they are with most regs
  13. Thanks for the offer on the pump. I'll let you know if I decide to go ahead with that. Are the old speedbrakes/lines worth anything on the used market?
  14. I did consider a second alternator in place of the pump. Aparently there is no STC that will allow for that installation in my K model. I'm definitely excited. Thanks for the feedback. Do the electric speedbrakes work any better than the vac powered ones? I'd imagine they are the same. I guess the piece of mind is there knowing everything is new. I am definitely hoping for more Garmin integration with the CO detector as well as a % HP for EIS.
  15. I was waiting for the Garmin auto pilot for my K for the last 18 months and in that time the project snowballed into an entire panel way beyond anything I had ever imagined I would do. But hey, its only money right. Plus I'm super excited. So I've pulled the trigger on an ENTIRE Garmin panel. 10" TXi w/EIS, 750, 650, GFC-500, G5, remote audio, remote diversity transponder, and some other little gadgets like CO detector, Stratus USB, and while I am at it, a glareshield and yoke recovering. My installer really wants to get rid of my vacuum system and suggested I upgrade my speedbrakes to electric so that we can do that. Makes sense. And given that my vacuum pump just bit the dust I figured it would have made my decision easier. The new speedbrakes are 5k USD. Precise flight did offer me a discount off that number. But still 7k CAD plus install. A new vacuum pump is $231 CAD and install is simple. In fact I had my standby pump moved there in the meantime until I figured out what I would be doing. A friend said don't even bother, just keep replacing the vacuum pump every 500 hours or so, way cheaper than new speedbrakes. Plus it will only be used to power them. The only issue was that I would have to make sure the vacuum system has relief if not hooked to any instruments and only hooked to the speedbrakes. Does it have a hole in the other end to suck through? Not sure how the system works in that regard. It would take a lifetime to make up the cost at $231 each. But since the work is getting done, and everything is going to be open, Murphys law says that if I don't replace them they will fail in a years time and I will have to do it anyway. Log book says they were installed in 1990 so almost 30 years now. With the amount of money being spent on this upgrade, it seems like just a little bit more, so why not right??!! But it's still a lot, and I have to draw the line somewhere. I drew one line already when I was thinking of doing a 7" TXi on the co-pilot side and opted for an Ipad mount instead. Thoughts? Is there any weight savings in the new speedbrakes vs the entire vacuum system? I'd imagine it's negligible.