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  1. For some reason I thought the new Acclaims had 350. They dont even have 300. The lancair has a turboprop. Surely this airframe could handle it. Just a baby one...
  2. What we need is for Rocket to come up with a nice compact 400HP turboprop for the mid or long body Mooneys. Then we would probably have some real interest.
  3. I'd suggest you go try them both out and judge for yourself. I honestly cant see what is appealing on the IFD but clearly some people like them. The keyboard is the only thing that I can possibly see. To me... the rest doesnt even compare. I dont even have the new Xi versions....
  4. This is kind of where I'm sitting. Paid about 90 CAD for my 231. Put in a couple of expensive annuals the dumped 150 CAD into a top notch avionics suite. I know I wont get that all back and never expected to. I thought about buying a Rocket before doing the avionics but didnt quite feel I needed that much airplane. Plus I also felt I had just worked out the kinks in mine with the expensive annuals and wanted to try and fly my money's worth as I would not have gotten that back. Then I started planning the avionics and didnt want to go through the waiting and hassle of selling and purchasing another plane just to go through all the same things.... working out the kinks in the first couple years of ownership. My interior (while not a big ticket item) is in much better shape than most I've seen. My paint is good though not great. I figure once my engine is run out it will cost me 60+ for the overhaul. At that cost then the conversion isnt quite as steep. I suppose there could be the option of buying that one for 140 USD and spending the labour to swap everything good in mine over to that one and then vice versa and sell mine with the older crap from the rocket...? Still going to cost me 500 hours of labour.... Now that I've gone as far as I have for avionics it's tough to settle for a rocket with much less.
  5. Does anyone know which parts are hard to come by and who was previously manufacturing them? I could only assume that engine mount and cowling are the big ticket items. I would love to get a group of people together interested in the conversion and plan something out... I'm sure I'll need an engine OH in 5 years time and an LB reman isnt overly desirable.
  6. This is clearly an old thread but I'm curious if anyone has ever looked into the possibility of Rocket conversions being done in the future. Either by Rocket Engineering or by someone else. Do they still have the STC? Could it be purchased? Is it a volumn/interest or lack of it the reason it isnt offered by them? I wonder if there were 10 or 20 people willing to commit over the course of a couple years maybe it would be worth doing? Or maybe less... 5?
  7. I was under the impression that the work wasnt needed and that it was late even if it had been needed. You have to be honest with yourself on how much you let them do. If they were finishing then there isnt much you could have done. The work was unauthorized so its not billable. But if you needed it and would have done it anyway then just pay for the service you needed and dont pay the rest. You should still express your dissatisfaction. The house analogy was a bit exaggerated but is still a comparison. I think we know who the shop owner is in this thread....
  8. Looks like my above questions were answered while I was typing. This seems easy to me. Ask who booked the appointment. Ask who authorized the work and when. When he mumbles and draws a blank stare you (and he)will know hes made a mistake. Hand him a check for 4 months worth of IFR cert and a 6 pack of beer and tell him you want to remain on good terms but that he is clearly in the wrong. If he acts like a dick then post his shops name for everyone to know. If he has any sense of decency then it shouldnt be hard for him to take your partial payment and acknowledge his mistake. But do this in person as mentioned above. Thats what I would do.
  9. I didnt see anywhere that he let them do anything. He walked up and the hangar door was open and they were doing work. Perhaps I missed a post above?? Were they almost finished and he left them clean up? Had they just started and he told them to do it? Maybe we didnt get enough detail. Regardless, it's my understanding that they entered without authorization and worked on a plane. That's enough for me.... I also like the idea of paying for the months that cert got extended by. Remember, these idiots showed up several months late and claimed they were there for scheduled maintenance.
  10. You got me there. The guy I was instructing didnt have thr keyboard with him so I didnt use it. Though i have seen it used before. I was simply comparing unit to unit. That being said, if you are hand flying, it's tough to use the keyboard and keep your eye on things.
  11. If you never asked for the work, it's easy. Dont pay. If you want to stay on good terms, drop the guy a case of beer or some lunch for the crew one day to try and make peace and mention that you appreciate the proactive attempt but you still aren't paying. You cant just go around doing work that isnt requested and expect to be paid. That was big in Toronto about 20 years ago with the squeegee kids when you got off the highway downtown, cleaning your window then demanding money. It's not surprising from them, but from a professional shop...
  12. I would strongly disagree with this. I have used both in turbulance and while the Avidyne is a nice unit, the Garmin 750 is much more turbulent friendly. The "ledges" to stabalize your hand are easier to use and the detents on the knobs when changing frequencies are much more robust. Similar to the 430 but nicer feeling and a bit less clicky. The 540 I found it was too easy to scroll too fast fast a frequency because the knob was too sensitive. It just glided through. The layout of the touchscreen was also not friendly in turbulance. Buttons were too small and not as easy to select in turbulance. Found myself hitting the wrong button or having to press it twice because i missed it the first time. To each their own I guess.
  13. It's my understanding that a 650 satisfies the redundancy requirements for IFR in the US. The fact that GPS will give you nav and approach capabilities and your VOR/VLOC will do the same if the GPS fails because they are separate systems. That being said, if the unit/display fails you are up shi+$ creek. If you already have a second nav radio I would keep it. If you dont, spend 1500 on a tried and true KX155 and enjoy having a second nav and second com. My 2 sense
  14. Also... I think the G5 will slide in the same hole as another poster mentioned. To answer your above question the G5 backs up the G500 Txi or the G3X. It also drives the GFC 500 AP if you get one down the road. You will need 2 of them if you want your future AP to follow a GPS nav course. One will run the AP in heading/track and VS mode but you need the second to follow a GPS. The 650 doesnt need a back up but I would like to know I have a second nav/com if it were to fail.