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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, As I was locating the original 19 owners that signed up for the STC kick off to inform them of the start date, the owners dwindle down to 8 commitments. I need 8 to 10 committed owners to step up with a non-reversible purchase order to maintain the STC opportunity date. This window will close on June 30th. The STC date would be pushed out indefinitely if I can not locate the additional 8 to 10 owners. If you can call your fellow Mooney owner and ask them to consider the program below. My cell phone is answered to 10PM every night till June 30th. Please call if you
  2. Having updated my G1000 to WAAS and ADS-B last year, I have two GIA63 (non-WAAS) units for sale as well as the GTX33S transponder. They would make good spares for a non-WAAS G1000 system. Make me an offer!
  3. Hello Forum I recently took my Acclaim into a Mooney Service Center for a few squaks plus the 310 hp upgrade. The shop contacted me today with information that Garmin won't let the G1000 display 2700 redline. I friend of mine has the 310 STC in his Acclaim and I don't remember seeing a second tach. I don't want a second tach and kills the deal of the upgrade for me. Does anyone have any experience with the 310 STC and intergrating it with the G1000? Thanks Andrew
  4. Hey all, It's accepted knowledge that to get any changes to the G1000 systems (e.g. our WAAS upgrades, etc.) they have to be certified by both Garmin and Mooney. But I'm curious where the documentation is to support this. I've gone through the M20 Type Certificate and it makes no mention of the G1000. Is there something in the POH? Or elsewhere? My reason for asking is to further my ambition of removing the remaining spinning gyros in the plane. The most likely place to start is with the backup electrical AI, which could potentially expand to the backup ASI and altimeter as well. The
  5. On my last flight while climbing through 4000ft the Tach on the G1000 MFD started spiking from 2550rpm to overspeed and back, flickering between the true rpm and overspeed several times a second. It did so until in the descent when it magically stopped. Same happened on the return flight. The engine sounded like everything was fine and the backup Tach meter that comes with the 310hp STC was rock steady at 2550rpm. So I'm confident this is an indicator/sensor/wire/G1000 problem and not an engine issue. My AP concurs. Yesterday we took the cowling off and checked the connectors go
  6. I've got an error that just popped up on the PFD start up. Has anyone seen this error before? This is a newly purchased airplane, PFD was working just fine when we put the airplane through it's paces. Stopped in the hangar today to show a friend the airplane and this is what showed up on the PFD. I apologize for the picture, I tried rotating it but... to no avail.
  7. Ive had several persistent maintaince issues that seem to be reoccurring and I was hoping that someone could shed some light on these issues. 1. Autopilot. So I know theres been many posts about what a horrid combination the G1000 and the Stec 55 is and Im learning this. Long story short whenever ANY pitch mode is activated the autopilot runs away. Typically up but sometimes down. So After a few trips to the shop my avionics tech has asked me to disconnect the Altitude Transducer from the Autopilot to see if that remedies the issue. I spent the better part of this afternoon trying to get
  8. Had an interesting experience yesterday. Was out cruising around, getting some fuel for an upcoming trip. During runup before heading home I decided to test the backup alternator, which I don't always do (but should, I know) but since I have a trip coming wanted to check everything out. In testing the alternator, could never get the flashing Master light to go off, meaning not enough amps into the system. "Hmmm," I said, "good thing I checked this before the trip. Have to call Clowdus to check it out." But on the short cruise home I happened to glance at the amps readout and see that my v
  9. I've just had the GTX345 installed in my G1000 equipped Ovation with S-Tec autopilot (29-0363) - one of the first installations in Australia. Firstly the background of ADSB Down Under. For some inexplicable reason, installation was mandated in Australia for IFR not later than the middle of 2017, which means we are the test subjects, and will pay a hefty premium. About 10 years ago when ADSB was in the early implementation stage, the authorities were going to subsidise ADSB, but it's been conveniently forgotten. Since then the cost has skyrocketed, not helped at all by the fact that
  10. I'm new to this site. It looks like the best place to get owner input. I'm looking to buy a TKS equipped ovation or acclaim. I have just figured out that there is an upgrade path issue with regard to ads-b for the G-1000 aircraft. I have looked at all the threads that I could find related to the topic and am wondering if there is any recent news that anyone could pass on to me. I am reluctant to step into something uncertain with 2020 looming.
  11. Hey all. I went out this morning for some air work and never made it off the ground because I was getting a XPDR FAIL alert and the red X in the transponder box on the PFD. I tried all the standard troubleshooting stuff, pulled the circuit breaker, etc. Even talked to Garmin's AOG service and they said it would require a technician to look at. Anybody ever had a similar issue with a G1000 transponder? I'm looking for troubleshooting ideas. Thanks!
  12. So here's an interesting SB I got from Mooney yesterday. SB-320 says they have discovered that, for G1000 equipped planes, "prolonged engine out flight" can cause the Engine Information page on the MFD to blank out. Don't worry, they say, the page will show back up immediately on engine restart. So the obvious question is, what is "prolonged engine out flight"? How long is "prolonged"? And if your engine is out doesn't that mean you sort of have bigger problems? It's pretty funny, but hey, there is a cut-out set of pages that we need to add to the POH so I suppose it's serious busine
  13. Good Afternoon I have a 2007 Mooney Ovation 3 with a G1000/STec 55X installation. Does anyone know if you can use the flight director on the G1000 WITHOUT the autopilot engaged? I have seen aircraft with FD AP buttons to separate the functions but can not find anything in the POH or the AutoPilot supplement / handbook. Also, Is there a way to upgrade the STec to allow Indicated Airspeed Hold (IAS) instead of vertical airspeed (VS) hold during climbs and descents. Thanks for any advice..... Mike N871TX
  14. Hi Folks. For those who have a G1000 system in their Mooney, a question about variance between EGT readings. I've been experimenting with different power settings, which is making me focus on the EGT/CHT gauges to see how my engine reacts. Today I noticed an interesting thing: the EGT gauge in the standard Map mode (the small sliders on the left) which shows and denotes the hottest cylinder is reading out exactly 100° hotter than the same cylinder shows when you put it on the Engine page. This is only true for the EGT reading...the CHT reading shows the same in both modes. Anybody eve
  15. Hey all, I've dropped subtle hints lately about my move from the J to an Ovation. Last weekend was the closing, and since a couple of folks have asked, here's the big reveal. I brought the plane home from Florida on Friday, and of course we had a crappy weather weekend in Atlanta so there it has stayed but I'm looking forward to getting it out this week some more. Details are that it's an Ovation 3 GX...with a bit of a history! Anybody who was patrolling Controller undoubtedly saw her sitting there forlornly but in full splendor, waiting for somebody to come along who could accept tha
  16. Does anyone know the real story about why Garmin or Mooney (and specifically which company) requires the 150+ Mooneys with G1000 and STec autopilots to convert to the Garmin G700 autopilot before allowing a WAAS upgrade? This is probably a $50,000+problem for what should be a $5,000 problem max. (I have heard actual numbers as high as $70k). STec's 55x captures WAAS from 530 and 430.
  17. Hello....... Everytime I update my Garmin Safe Taxi, Obsticle and Terrain data on my G1000 I'm asked if I have have coupons to redeem at checkout. Does anyone know where to get Garmin coupon codes? Thanks Mike Mooney Ovation 3
  18. From the album: #29-0363's album

    29-0363 G1000 MFD display in cruise @ A080
  19. Hello...... I need some help please. I have a Mooney Ovation 3 with the a G1000 and the Engine Instrument Breaker POPS during landing or when the Stall Indicator goes off. Has anyone had this occur? I need to get my mechanic going in the right direction. Thanks for the help Mike Johnson 2007 Mooney Ovation 3 N871TX
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