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  1. Interesting. I didn't know the rotary encoders on the 430 were optical encoders.
  2. I am going through the same issues right now. Headed to the airport to replace o-rings. Lol
  3. Unless we speak with that aircraft and validate whether their Mode C on the radar scope is within 300' of the reported altitude, it will still be unverified.
  4. Yep!! I used ACE-IDS when I worked at Hayward Tower in the Bay Area. Pretty nice system. Here at Fresno we have a dos based system from the 90's. Lol. Systems Atlanta.
  5. Yep. On my 10 off. What facility are you at? What model Mooney?
  6. Some interesting thoughts on here. I am currently a TOWER/TRACON controller for the FAA. Unfortunately, our current systems are highly dependent upon beacon codes and I don't see them going away anytime soon. Our systems are comprised of very disjointed systems that we can barely get to talk to one another on a good day. Hopefully one day we can get there, but the FAA would essentially need to rewrite the entire software platform. Hardware is a whole different ball of wax. As of now, any controller can see ADSB data by entering a few commands. It is not displayed by default. I've had aircraft squawking 1200 around a busy uncontrolled airport in conflict with some of my aircraft on flight following. I was able to pull up the aircraft information to make a blind broadcast to issue traffic. Sure enough, they were monitoring the frequency and replied "I've got him on ADSB". If you guys have any further questions, SHOOT!
  7. Hello, My airplane came with flap gap seals and I feel my seals may have been installed incorrectly. They seem to not be aligned properly with the wing. Does anyone have pictures of their installed gap seals that I can use as a reference? Thanks so much!
  8. Bonal, In addition to everything Tom said, when I owned a Bonanza, I had a fairly annoying experience when posting my A&P's information on the Beech Forums. He started receiving various types of spam email and random phone calls. I decided to do it this way to protect his personal information and allow those who are truly interested in an experienced Mooney mechanic to benefit. -Derek
  9. Hello fellow Mooniacs, If you're looking for a knowledgeable Mooney IA/Mechanic in the SoCal area, DM me for further information. This gentleman has over 15 years of Mooney specific experience and has worked at 2 MSC's. He holds several certifications from Mooney (Kerville, TX) on various systems and procedures. He has in depth knowledge on all model Mooney aircraft and troubleshooting skills that are to die for! My experience over the past 5 years has been nothing short of exceptional. He is very meticulous, detail oriented, super flexible, and reasonably priced. I know it can be hard to come across a trustworthy and knowledgeable mechanic at a decent rate. Just thought I would pass this along and help others in the Mooney community. Happy and safe flying!!
  10. Wow!! The E looks really nice? Did you remove the rivets around the light bowl?
  11. Jose, You were spot on with this one... My left knob (outer portion) was no longer working on my 430. Took the unit out, sprayed it with contact cleaner, and voila!! Works like it's brand new!! Thanks for all of the help! I never would have thought of this! Saved me a little bit of money too!
  12. Thanks. I'll get to that when I have time. I have 67 F with 35 hours on the engine.
  13. Hello everyone, I have about 35 hrs on my new engine and I'm chasing down the culprit of my high oil temps (210 in cruise). I've installed new baffling with the engine, overhauled the oil cooler, new oil lines, removed the new vernatherm to double check operation. I've sealed all of the air gaps in the baffling up top with RTV. CHT's are 330 across the board in cruise with an OAT of 80-85 df at 5500'. I live in Central California I'm now left withone last thing... My oil cooler lines are fire sleeved and run pretty close to my exhaust (under the heat shield). I took a few pictures when I took the engine off and it seems there was some additional insulation around the oil cooler lines near the exhaust. Do you guys have any additional insulation on your oil lines? Will additional insulation even make a difference in oil temps? Anyone have any pics of how their oil lines are routed? Thanks in advance!
  14. I can't believe the engine was idling and running smooth!! These things are truly bullet proof.
  15. Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I have a new engine with the exact same issue.