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  1. Awesome!! If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to send me a PM! Once you get the hang of designing in CAD, the sky is the limit!
  2. That was a typo. I used an inkjet for my decals.
  3. Here are the labels. Pretty neat stuff! Sunnyscopa Rub-off Transfer Paper... https://sunnyscopa.com/products/rub-off-transfer-paper?variant=36736195330214
  4. Yep! I printed the part with 100% infill.
  5. Thanks. Those are actually dry rub decals printed off of my laser jet. Lol!
  6. Finally finished the panel refresh!
  7. Mooniacs! I just upgraded my panel with a JPI 730 and removed my Electronics International UBG-16 and FP-5L system. I took great care when removing the system and did not cut 1 wire. System includes all probes and installation manuals. The system functions as designed and there are no signs of cosmetic wear. This is a 4 cylinder system and I will FedEx overnight ship to anywhere in the contiguous US for $20. The UBG 16 has the following options: CHT/EGT Oil Temp/Pressure MUX-8A Download Port Amperage/Volts (50 Amp Shunt not Included) Dimmers/Switches FP-5L Incl
  8. I printed this test print in some left over PLA I had lying around. However, the final product will be either PETG or ABS. ABS is such a hassle... I have to print in an enclosure, in my garage, and not to mention the nasty fumes... Going to cut my new panel on the CNC tomorrow!!
  9. That's what I figured. I asked a few A&P's on the field what their thoughts were as well. When I mentioned 3D printed parts, they looked at me with a lost look on their face. Lol.
  10. Hello everyone, I recently scored a used JPI EDM 830 (huge upgrade from my EI UBG-16) for a killer price. I wanted to flush mount the unit in my panel, which would require me to redesign my existing panel. I saw JPI has a flush mount for around $80, but I didn't want to purchase it if I really didn't need to. Since I was already redesigning my right side panel in CAD, I also decided to design a flush mount for the EDM as well.. I have attached a few images of the 2nd iteration of my design which will use locknuts press fit and epoxied in place. Is it okay to install something like this in
  11. Interesting. I didn't know the rotary encoders on the 430 were optical encoders.
  12. I am going through the same issues right now. Headed to the airport to replace o-rings. Lol
  13. Unless we speak with that aircraft and validate whether their Mode C on the radar scope is within 300' of the reported altitude, it will still be unverified.
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