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  1. I am having problems with my Century IIB (single axis) autopilot. It works well in HDG mode. When I switch the radio coupler to any of the NAV modes the autopilot initiates an immediate right turn even with the CDI deflected left. Has anyone else had this problem? I was reviewing the ground/flight calibration procedure in the Century II&III manual (pages attached). I can understand the instructions all of the way through except in one area. It seems there is a step missing around paragraph (10) of page 6-5. I would think the radio coupler would need to be in one of the NAV positions
  2. I bought my M20C two years ago and this odd little autopilot sits down behind the J-bar and flap pump handle. Its labeled "Mooney". No documentation on the thing at all. The AP works--with a little drifting and gentle s-turns. Its obvious a one-axis AP and I'm thinking its a Century I retro-fit item (AK-319), but I'm finding a paucity of information on it, and just don't know. Reading the Century I Manual, the controls and feature are very similar, but very different too. The heading knob on it is a mystery. I put an e-mail into Century describing the instrument and never got any w
  3. Hey everyone!! I have been in constant contact with TruTrak regarding the approval of the Vision for our Mooney's. They have told me that the paperwork will be in to the FAA late this month and they are anticipating approval in September of this year. I am taking pre orders for the Vision at this time, if you are interested please email me the following: N number, name, address, phone, 12 or 24 volt system, which controller you want 2'', 3'' or flat pack. There is NO deposit required, I will submit your info to TruTrak under my account and they will hold a spot. When they have FAA approval
  4. Avionics for sale: KFC150 autopilot $4995, Yaw Damper $1395, Shadin MiniFlow-L $795, KI256 AI $$795, Davtron 800 clock $145
  5. I know nothing about Brittain autopilot but a friend has these parts for sale.
  6. Looking for a B-11 ACCU-TRAK II autopilot or a complete system. Have cash will travel! I have a 1965 Mooney M20E with a working PC. billadams06@cox.net
  7. Hello everyone - As some of you already know I am a TruTrak dealer / installer in Las Vegas and focusing on the Mooney kit. I am gauging interest in setting up a Fly-in factory tour of the TruTrak facility and Mooney test aircraft at Springdale Municipal Airport (KASG) in Springdale Arkansas. It would be neat to see their facility and get hands on with the kit installed in the Mooney. Plus having all these Mooney's show up on their ramp may motivate them even more to push the approval through . As of now M20 approval is slotted for spring 2019 and has been pushed back a few times due
  8. Hi guys, I have a Mooney M20K with an HSI and KFC150. It always passes the auto check fine on the ground and all. My issue is when I’m flying an ILS approach and want the autopilot to fly it. The localizer bars come online many miles out and the plane turns and tracks down that just fine. At about 10 miles out the glide slope bar on the KI206 (secondary VOR/localizer/GS) indicator pops up showing I’m below the glideslope which is normal but the glideslope flag on the HSI is still showing. After a few more miles and when I’m usually above the glideslope the glideslope bar on the HSI fin
  9. HELP- I am doing a mini upgrade to my Cessna 340: having professionals add engine monitors, an aspen, a G5 on the FO side, and fixing the autopilot. While they are doing that, the wife and I have been keeping ourselves busy with the upgrades we can do: new carpet (kit from SCS) new fuel cap paint, O-rings new placards and circuit breaker panel lettering new leather like interior (we actually did this ourselves) all new seats (we skinned the 30 year leather off the old ones and had an upholstery shop do these) new paint (and some new pieces) o
  10. Here is a quick update. response from TruTrack "Just checking in on the progress of the Mooney M20's in particularly the M20F. Watching the Mooney Space pages I am seeing everyone (a ton of us that is) are waiting on pins and needles to see who will be first to market. It looks like first to market will be huge in winning the overall Mooney community." Response: "We are currently finishing up the PA-28's and I am expecting that we will see Mooney's added by spring if not before."
  11. All, I received the email below about the Trio Autopilot for Mooneys. I have signed up and here is a link to an AOPA article about them (Pre 172 approval) https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2016/november/28/group-works-to-stc-new-lower-cost-autopilot If you're interested please contact Paul. Looks like the kit will be less than $3500 including servos. http://www.trioavionics.com/ProPilotBrochure.pdf Mooney drivers ! We had a great meeting last week with the FAA to kick off the Trio Pro Pilot autopilot STC approval project.
  12. STUMPED! In my F, I have the Aspen PRO 1000 glass, STEC 50 autopilot, and the GTN 650. All turns associated with holding patterns, and RNAV approaches are only made at half of the standard rate, NOT full rate. I have found discussions about this in some other forums, but I have yet to find the magic setting that determines the rate of turn. Anyone else have this issue, and what solved it? Gain setting on the Aspen? Defecting turn coordinator? Setting on the STEC? Thanks
  13. Brittain PC & AP Documents View File These were provided to me by Brittain in 2017. Submitter moontownMooney Submitted 09/12/2018 Category Avionics  
  14. Genesys Aerosystems S-TEC 3100 is a fully featured, attitude-based autopilot that gives you a list of workload-reducing and safety-enhancing capabilities that were previously unavailable on aftermarket autopilots. Compatible with advanced digital sources & EFIS displays from Garmin, Aspen and others, the S-TEC 3100 delivers unmatched features and benefits: Precise, digital flight control for every phase of flight 2-axis (3-axis option on some models) Automatic Trim included Envelope Protection/Alerting Straight and Level Recovery Precision Approac
  15. Having trouble with my Stec 55x Autopilot in my J. Havent done any trouble shooting but all ideas are considered helpful. When in nav gpss mode or nav alone it doesnt follow my Gps flight plan anymore. It just wonders off on its own and also when I select Hdg it doesnt follow my bug either. In Alt and Vs mode it works but thats it. On start up the internal check shows no faults but it might be checking the control face itself and not the servos or maybe its just a electrical check to everything. Any ideas? Hoping my roll servo is not the fault..
  16. Our KFC200 has electric trim. If it turns out to be more cost effective to replace the KFC200 with the TruTrak than it is to repair our pitch servo, I have a couple questions. 1. Can we legally keep the electric trim from the KFC200 even though it would no longer be our autopilot? 2. Assuming we want to keep the KI256 (AI) and KI525A (HSI) until they fail, what parts can we legally remove? I'm guessing the control panel and the annunciator would have to go, but does the computer have to stay for the HSI to work? That is, does the HSI get its course and glideslope info through th
  17. I went to the NW aviation trade show in Puyallup today looking for information. Here is what I learned: 1. Neither Trio nor TruTrak were there so I have nothing to report on them. 2. KI300. Surprise, shipping delayed until April 2018 due to software changes to handle turbulence better. Approximate price for the model to replace our KI256 in a two axis KFC200 autopilot system will be about $6500. It will actually be two boxes. The display includes the backup battery and has a 9 pin connector and connections for pitot and static lines. The second box connects to the indicator v
  18. I got the update from Trio as well. He said he thinks it will most likely be the fall of this year and then followed up with this email: __________________________ If you are on any chat boards with the Mooney folks let them know that we are working with ex-Mooney people and some folks that still work at Mooney in Kerrville. We will be doing the prototyping at FletchAir in Comfort, Texas. The FletchAir folks are assisiting with the Grumman project. As soon as we complete the Grumman project we will be launching into either the T Tail Lance or the Mooney. The developme
  19. If you are interested in seeing the FAA approve the TruTrak autopilot for the vintage Mooney's go to www.trutrakap.com and fill out the survey. The more Mooney owners that fill out the survey the faster we will get it approved. TruTrak wants to see how much interest there is for the Mooney compared to other vintage aircraft.
  20. Hi everyone, hope this isn't a duplicate of what's going on in the G5 thread. Since I'm not yet an owner, I wanted to leverage the knowledge here to better understand what Garmin's announcement that the G5 will soon support 3P autopilots means for the Mooney fleet. Short version: G5 coupled with GAD 29B adapter expected to support the following autopilots: Honeywell (Bendix King) KAP 100/140/150/200, KFC 150/200/225 S-TEC 20/30/40/50/55/60-1/60-2/65, 60 PSS, 55X Century II/III, IV (AC, DC), 21/31/41, 2000 Cessna 400B, 300 IFCS/400 IFCS Thanks.
  21. So I had an STEC-30 installed about a year ago - it worked perfectly, and I loved it. I then had my plane treated with ACF-50 a few months ago. Last weekend my altitude hold stopped working- the Alt hold light comes on when I try to engage it, but it does nothing - i.e. no trim alarms etc. So I took it to the avionics shop today. They said that they found a ton of gunk inside the elevator servo that looked like the anti-corrosion material settling out into it. I feel like I'm being punished for trying to take care of my plane. My avionics shop spent hours removing and cleaning up the se
  22. So recently, on a very long series of flights the following occurred: From LKU to MMJ, my M20J 201's auto-pilot was tracking on course to a VOR waypoint via the Garmin 530W. All of a sudden, the autopilot banked the aircraft to the right on a standard-rate turn off course nearly 60 degrees before I disengaged the autopilot to correct the course heading. I reset the FD and had the same problem. I had to turn off the autopilot all the way, wait a few minutes while hand flying in IMC, then turn the autopilot on again. It worked for the remainder of the flight. From MMJ to Lansing, IL, t
  23. After researching for a reputable avionics repair shop near me, I decided to wait until Scotty Collins at Precision Avionics could fit me in. He is backed up with work for a good reason. After hearing estimates in the thousands to fix my King KFC150, he and his guys repaired it in-house, while I waited. I couldn't recommend these guys more highly.
  24. My wonderful KFC150 is failing the self test. I've been through the various threads here, and done some trouble shooting, as well as visiting the local avionics shop. The locals were helpful, but are NOT a King dealer and don't have the appropriate test gear to adequately diagnose the specific problem. They did let me know "it's broken"... So, I'm looking for a reputable King dealer in/around metro Atlanta. I've tried Precision Avionics in Griffin, but Scotty's so backed up, he won't even let me schedule an appointment for the next month. Epps (KPDK) sounds good over the phone, but I
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