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  1. I looked through the manual on the G5 and could not find how to switch from single cue to dual cue. How do you make the switch?
  2. Since I fly by myself I guess I could consider something like a Curtiss P-40 or a P-51 in the same mission category.... But I think maybe a Pipestrel Panthera, even though I know nothing about them and they may be terrible airplanes...they look cool and fly fast. Or maybe a Lancair of some sort. I would avoid the Vans Aircraft line of planes just because I don't want to look dorky with my gear always hanging out...
  3. That may be the same kind of price point that is keeping him from getting a Piper Cheyenne.
  4. When we were younger and my Dad still flew, we had an E-55 Baron. It was great when myself, my sister and my brother were smaller and much younger and it would carry six and baggage and fuel with no issues. As we grew older and got bigger we quickly outgrew that airplane. It did not have club seating and was difficult for larger passengers to get to the rear seats. When I was 9 I sat in the very back because I could crawl through the baggage door. Same with my sister. When we outgrew that, my Dad got into a 340. It was comfortable for 6 and could haul a house if you needed. It liked to fly in the flight levels and was a fun plane. Very solid airplane as well especially for IFR flying. He was in a 3 way partnership with it and it made the expenses quite reasonable. I write his because be wary that you will quickly outgrow a Baron unless you get the club seating with easier access. The Baron is a terrific airplane though. It got us through a lot of flights without one hiccup. The day my Dad sold it, the new owner pushed it back into the hangar and bent the wing.
  5. The point of taking the regional job was not as a final career but to use it as a stepping stone to gain the experience to head into a more lucrative flying job. Yes the pay may be lower but it is not as bad as some may think and for a young twenty something kid with no wife/husband or kids it may be a good deal to leap into a higher paying job. This Mooney flying job will not give you the experience needed to fly corporate if that is what one wishes to do. You need multi engine turbine time for a lot of corporate flying. This Mooney job is not that.
  6. About 20 years ago I took the written for my Instrument rating. I used King. It prepared me to take and pass a test which I did (scored a 96 or 98 if I recall). I use other places like Rod Machado, or Sporty's, etc... to continue to learn and remind myself of information I may have forgotten. Gleim and King will help you pass a written exam. Rod Machado will help you actually apply information to flying in the IFR system. Just my opinion.
  7. It's possible that he is building turbine time for another job not for the ATP (which he may already have). I investigated a change in careers and flying corporate. Most jobs required multiple hundreds and sometimes thousands of hours of turbine time and multi time that as a non-professional pilot I would not be able to easily obtain. My flight instructor who is a corporate pilot advised that if I wanted to go that route then get a gig at a regional airline that will hire you with minimum ATP hours (1500) and fly with them for a year then you will have all the qualifications you need to fly corporate.
  8. I have these in my airplane. I am not sure if this guy is even still in business. It was many years ago when I had these installed. Shoulder Lights Ad.pdf
  9. I don't know the answer to what I am about to write but I am sure someone here does. If you redo these major components in carbon fiber instead of metal (wing, tail feathers, etc) are you not venturing away from the original type certification that a new one would be required? And if so, I think those are almost cost prohibitive to get for a company like Mooney that is financially struggling to begin with. But I may be wrong about that.
  10. If your dog will tolerate it there is this Aerox Pet Mask | Aircraft Spruce
  11. A google search has photos of the plane. It is a very nice looking Acclaim Type S with a 4 bladed prop.
  12. @OSUAV8TER, thanks very much for that reply with valuable information. I appreciate it. I think I am going with the Whelen G3. I am just not exactly sure if I am a Par36 or Par46 and will measure that this weekend when I am at the airport.
  13. Thanks for that. If I recall, mine was larger as well. I will measure it this weekend.
  14. Those of you that have used the Whelen products or AeroLeds, were they truly drop in replacements? No modifications needed?
  15. I need to replace the landing light on my 1963 C model. I am going to put in an LED light but they seem confusing on which to go with. I have done a search of Mooneyspace but the search function leaves a lot to be desired. Anyways, does anyone have experience with Whelen or AeroLEDS or any other brand and can clear up some of the confusion for me? AeroLEDS have a high candle power but according to a chart on Whelen, it drops off after being in use for a while. Whelen has a couple of different type (Parmetheus G3, Parmetheus Pro, Parmetheus Plus). I assume that I am looking for a Par36 for my year and not a Par46. I know we have a Whelen dealer on the forums, @OSUAV8TER and I am hoping he can give me some guidance as well. Thanks for any advice and any pireps from anyone who has an LED landing light. I am not limited to or tied to these two companies if there are other options out there that you guys know of. Thanks again.
  16. This is from the Lycoming Break In Service Instruction. Not sure if this is the calculation used to see if your oil use has stabilized during Break In or if it is general formula for max allowable oil consumption anytime but it is a guide I suppose to see how the engine is doing. They were a little vague in the SI on its application. NOTE The following formula is used to calculate the maximum allowable oil consumption limits for all Lycoming aircraft engines. 1. FIXED WING 0.006 x BHP x 4 ÷ 7.4 = Qt./Hr.
  17. I am not going to get an EarthX battery however, I did contact the company about their batteries being up in the engine bay and the heat that it may incur in that area. My question specifically asked "In some Mooney aircraft, the battery is located within the engine area in front of the firewall. It tends to get hot in there. Will the EarthX battery have an issue in such an environment?" This was their response for any interested: So typically no but there are specific cases where the temps exceed our batteries limitations and our fault LED will signal a 2 second on 2 second off fault which means high temperature. I suggest connecting our LED to your EFIS or our LED kit so you can monitor it. If it was to be an issue there are 2 options that you could do. You could move the battery box but that can be a lot of work which is why we make a thermal battery box you could use and or as well as heat shielding the battery yourself possibly adding a blast tube if needed. Keagan Technician | Earth X EarthX Lithium Batteries - YouTube
  18. That's very cool. There are so few of these left that are flying. I'm not sure if this one is. Flightaware shows its last flight in 2017 but that was in Pennsylvania. 27K is in Kentucky, right? The owner is listed from San Antonio, Texas.
  19. I would suggest you go take a look at controller.com and just see what the list prices are for K models. Quite a bit more than $150K. GMaxAmerican Aircraft could help you out. They have a few K models listed although quite bit more than $150K. Good luck with the hunt.
  20. I only need a minute or two from throttle to bottle...however, I still need 8 hours from Bottle to throttle...
  21. I'm no mechanic but if it is coming out of the exhaust then the only place that can come from is the exhaust valve, no? So you may have an issue with an exhaust valve. This just happened to me. Compression test on #1 cylinder had air coming out the exhaust. Other three cylinders were silent with no air leaks. Borescope of #1 cylinder showed a problem with the exhaust valve. Discussed lapping it in place but it failed the wobble test miserably. Cylinder was removed and sent out for work.
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