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  1. There have been recent articles on cylinders exiting their engines due to the use of a sealant or gasket maker between the mating surfaces of the cylinder and the engine. here is one such article. I am not saying that is what happened here but I would check for sure and ask the folks doing the annual if they saw anything other than a cylinder base O ring. Because it could be on your other cylinders. https://resources.savvyaviation.com/wp-content/uploads/articles_eaa/EAA_2013-04_a-little-dab-ll-do-ya-in.pdf
  2. Just an update. My avionics guy came over and installed the latest software update. Went flying on Sunday and battery showed 95% charged prior to the flight and 100% charged after the flight. Just a reminder, it was showing 71% charged and would not show it was charging up even though there was a yellow lightning bolt indicating it was charging. I then did the battery capacity check as suggested and the battery checks out good. Yet another thing to keep an eye on….
  3. It may not be true but I was just speculating as to why we could not close the door. I was in the copilot seat, not flying the plane. The pilot slowed down but not sure down to what and he also slipped it to try to help. I never said it was impossible….just that on this day we could not get the door closed.
  4. I have been in a Mooney when the door popped open and there was no way of closing it. The wind got underneath it and flexed the door just enough that the latch would no longer go in the hole at the top of the door. No matter what we did, we could not get it closed. Fortunately we only had about 10 minutes or so before we were landing so we just lived with the noise but there was no way the door was going to close. I believe it is because of the curvature of the top of the door and wind gets under it and lifts it so the latch no longer lines up. Others may say it is no big deal and the door closes with no issues but not in this Mooney that I was in. (An A model)
  5. Thank you for this information.
  6. I am just being an ass here, but I have seen it written many times on Mooneyspace and it is incorrect. The name of the device is Gats Jar. Not Gnats Jar, unless you are having a serious bug problem...
  7. I read that as well and will try it. However, should one expect the battery percentage to change after charging for one hour? I had it on, on ships power, for one hour and the battery stayed at 71% power. The world of electricity has always been a voodoo area for me. Just never studied it in college or on my own at all. I am thankful that my electrical devices take and hold a charge and work when I need them to, pissed off when they don't, but never clear on why it does or does not happen. Electricity is a mysterious world to me.
  8. There is no black dot in the center of the lightning bolt. I will try swapping the batteries. I also researched that there was an SB about this from Garmin in 2022. I am not sure if my serial number falls in the ones listed but it stated that they had problems with the batteries not charging if left without power to them for multiple weeks. Garmin apparently will pay for the removal, installation and repair of the unit (I guess a new battery). SB22013. But it had to have been done by February, 2023 and this happened well after that. Just noticed it within the last 2 weeks. My airplane was down for quite while getting a new cylinder and a fuel pump. I have about 10 hours on the airplane since this work and have now noticed this problem so I am wondering if mine falls under this SB. But it had to have been fixed by February of last year to fall under the SB and mine was not so if I am having this issue I guess I will have to pay to have it fixed.
  9. My wife and I used to fly with our dogs all over the country. We would notice though, as has been said previously, that the dogs would slow down and become a little lethargic at or around 8000 feet so we would stay at or below that altitude. I always would joke that if we wanted them to settle down for some reason, just climb a little higher. But they are good dogs and were quite calm in the airplane. It has been said that the noise in the cabin may bother them. I had a discussion with my vet about the need for hearing protection for the dogs. He stated that dogs hearing is very sensitive to high pitch noises, think about the dog whistle that humans cannot hear. The low pitch engine noises should not be a problem for them, according to our vet. We never used Mutt muffs or any other hearing protection for them and they never acted like they were in pain or discomfort or having any issues with hearing. But, then again, I wish they could talk to me and let me know...
  10. Paid $450 in February for my IFR Certification.
  11. If you want Plexus, order it now. It has been on back order for almost a year for me. You will be on to your next airplane before you get it so order it now.
  12. So, I went and checked things out yesterday. When the master switches are on, the Attitude Indicator shows a yellow lightning bolt supposedly charging. When I power it up without the ships power, it does not show a lightning bolt. I left the masters on for about an hour and the Attitude Indicator battery power did not move. It stayed at 71% and did not charge at all. The very weird thing is that if you sit there for a few moments with the master switches on and the backup battery charging, the battery indicator starts off at 71% then flips to 100% instantly and shows the lightning bolt still and then when you turn the master switches off, the battery indicator goes back to 71%. Seems odd. All this time, the battery backup indicator on the HSI stayed at 100%.
  13. @PT20J I do not recall seeing the lightning bolt. But I will check. I will also try as you suggest to power it up without the masters on. I do have a battery minder and will try as you suggest. Thank you for the advice
  14. I have a panel with 2 G5’s. One functions as the Attitude indicator and the other as an HSI. I noticed after my flight yesterday that the Attitude indicator battery backup showed 73% while the HSI showed 100% charge. I verified it again today. When I turn on the master switch and the avionics master, the Attitude indicator indicates only 73% charge on the battery back up while the HSI indicates 100% charge. I flew the day before but did not pay attention to whether it was draining after that flight or not. I am just trying to troubleshoot before I call my avionics shop tomorrow. Could it be the backup battery itself gone bad and not recharging when flying or is there some other issue? No work has been done on the panel recently so I am not sure why all of a sudden this would happen. Any thoughts? and just for completeness, 1963 C model. Thanks for any advice.
  15. His name is M20C69 which I would assume means he has a 69 C model. But I could be wrong.
  16. Nothing to do with your avionics install but where is your PTT button? Is it going to be on the front of the control wheel horn or the side?
  17. Not knowing about this side of the aviation world, what happens to the FAA production certificate and the type certificates on our airplanes, etc...if Mooney completely folds and goes beyond just a zombie company and becomes no company at all? Forgive my ignorance in this but I am curious.
  18. @OSUAV8TER is the distributor that is on this forum. I think his website is Welcome to Gallagher Aviation - (gallagheraviationllc.com)
  19. It says it is on backorder on their website.
  20. Okay. With a little digging I think I found the wheel assembly. It is a Cleveland 40-24 according to the Cleveland application guide. Torque is 90 in-lb dry according to the Cleveland manual.
  21. 1963 C model. I am replacing the nose wheel inner tube. I have looked in both the Parts manual and the maintenance manual and cannot find the proper torque for the through bolts and nuts that hold the two halves of the wheel together. Anybody have an idea where to look? I have the Cleveland wheel torque chart which I thought the wheel was but I cannot find the actual wheel assembly model # to compare to the Cleveland torque chart. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  22. This guy will travel. He has a Youtube channel and his work looks awesome. I got a quote from him and did not follow through because he was a little expensive for me at the time but if you watch his Youtube channel, his work looks great. Aviana Aircraft (coatmyplane.com)
  23. Maybe a dumb question but did you try the number that is listed on Airnav as the owner's number? 302-697-7743 His name is Joe Jenkins. He is listed as the owner of the airport but maybe he is the deceased Veteran that you mentioned.
  24. Will this be of any help to you? 20240409_FFGURE 8-3 -ELECTRICAL SYSTEM DIAGRAM (1963 M20C S_N 2.pdf
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