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  1. The oil pressure was on the EDM 900. It usually runs in the green anywhere from 64 - 67 in cruise. It dropped to the red which starts at 59 went down to 57 and fluctuated between the two. And as I mentioned in the original post, this happened on the first leg which was about 3.5 hours of 15 hours of flight time and it did not happen again.
  2. I have a 63 C model. I had a funny thing happen. Not haha funny but curious funny. I went to Oshkosh this year. Put a little over 15 hours on the plane to and from. The first leg was about 3.5 hours. When I was about 2-3 minutes out from landing, the oil pressure dropped to 59 then down to 57 and fluctuated between the two. I landed with no issues. I sat in the FBO for quite a while waiting to see how much oil I had in the airplane and to see if there were any issues. After waiting, the oil level was almost at 6 quarts but I knew that there was more in there because I only waited about 15 minutes before checking and the engine was still hot. The oil temp never went out of the green and the highest it got was around 190-195 on climb out and stayed anywhere from 179-185 throughout the flight. I put in an extra quart at my first stop just to be sure. I then flew another 2.5 hour leg and landed. Plane cooled off overnight and there was around 7 qts registered on the oil stick. So, my question is….Is there anything that can cause a fluke oil reading low in the red even though there is at least 6 qts in the plane? Anything I should be looking for, maybe a sign of something bad happening? Cylinder head temps were all good. Don’t think they ever went above 400 and stayed in the 360’s or so. I have not had a chance to send my JPI readings to Savvy yet but will probably do that on Monday.
  3. I have been using this tiedown kit for 8 Oshkosh's now. It has never failed me. The Claw Aircraft Tie Down | Aircraft Spruce The folks up at Oshkosh say to avoid the screw in type because they can back out in a good wind.
  4. I have one chrome and 3 steel. Never really has been an issue.
  5. This happens to me as well. The all begin to overlap when you fly often.
  6. I'm going on 3 weeks now I think.
  7. I'm not ashamed to say....I'm a little envious. I was always taught to not be envious of what someone else has but who cannot be a little envious of this....
  8. Thanks for posting the manual. I have the manual but what I was looking for was a brand name to order or something more specific. If you go to Aircraft Spruce and put in graphite and Mil-G-3278 they bring up a bunch of greases but none mention graphite. So I was looking for something more precise to order. Thank you for posting this.
  9. Thanks everyone for the responses. I really appreciate it.
  10. For a 1963 C model, what grease is used for the phenolic blocks that the trim tube passes through in the tail section? It is the one that is just inside the larger square access panel on the left side of the airplane. I believe it is a graphite containing grease but I am not sure which type to get. Thanks.
  11. I have a very good shop on my airport that has lost most of their good mechanics to the airlines. The shop has stopped doing regular maintenance and are just doing avionics (they are certified installers for all the big names, Garmin, Avidyne, etc...). Fortunately, they have more avionics work than they can handle and are booked out for months. But unfortunately, I lost a very convenient place to get regular maintenance, etc...
  12. We could always go back to the gear warning indicator that was on the Mooney Mite. Red flag that rotates in front of your view to catch your attention. About 3 minutes into this video
  13. Thanks for the PIREP. When they explained in the Sporty's ad that it filtered contaminants, I assumed they also meant water since water in the fuel, in my humble opinion, is a contaminant. Oh well... I'll stick to my Gats jar.
  14. Interesting. They kind of modified the Gats Jar( GATS FUEL TESTER JAR 12OZ | Aircraft Spruce ) and made it a little smaller and splash resistant. Same idea of the mesh filter to filter contaminants and water just in a different design. Nice.
  15. I have this oil quick drain. A bit different than the OP's. But I have never thought if it left old oil in the bottom of the sump. Never thought to remove it. Saf-Air Oil Drain Valve P5000 | Aircraft Spruce
  16. It is currently at Air Dallas (airdallas.com) They have been taking a very long time to do the work. My avionics shop also uses rudyaircraftinstruments.com, and fieldtech (ftav.com) Field Tech is at Meacham (KFTW). They don't use them as often because they said that even if they can't fix it they charge you quite a bit. Rudy Instruments is in Arkansas and they are a small Mom and Pop shop. Air Dallas is big, in Lewisville, Texas and currently where my Airspeed Indicator is. They told me they sent one in there in November and just got it back. But they are apparently very good and that is why they use them.
  17. Take a look at the website of all the products they have to offer. Are these guys anti GA or what.... what did GA ever do to them.... Planepass (which does use ADSB to ID your airplane to send you a bill) Planepass Overflight (to track you flying through certain airspace to allow you to be billed for flying in such airspace; I guess this is in Europe maybe) VNOMS (allows public to register noise complaints for airports) Vantage (Automated aircraft ID and tracking, supposedly better than radar...) What the hell??!!!!! They say it is at 80+ airports around the world. I think that if they have access to this kind of information then it is only right for them to post the airports where these products are located so we can avoid them.
  18. I don't know if this applies to your situation or not but this is on the FAA website... NOTICE: Aircraft Records ordered through this system may be incomplete due to relevant documents that may be in processing. Documents are typically processed within 10-15 days of receipt and this system is updated about 24 hours later. If you suspect the record is incomplete or want to find out if additional documents are in process, you may contact the Aircraft Registration Branch at 1-866-762-9434.
  19. I wish I could find the source but I remember reading when I first got my Mooney that taxiing out even on smooth pavement will stir up anything in the tanks. It doesn’t take a flight to do that. I know I hear sloshing in my tanks when I pull the airplane out of the hangar so stuff would get stirred up then as well.
  20. Is it 8 hours bread pudding to throttle….
  21. Speaking of @carusoam, I haven't seen him post in a while. I hope all is well.
  22. That was actually a previous AD, AD 2004–23–17, Amendment 39–13872 (69 FR 67809, November 22, 2004) and not the current AD. They were just giving a little background and history on how apparently they have been trying to fix this issue since the 70's. In the actual AD at the bottom, they list Models M20J-V.
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