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  1. Wash All/Wax All takes a little work to get it to look good, in my opinion. Spray on, wipe clean, new cloth to wipe again and then a microfiber towel to polish and it will come up looking clean with no streaking. It takes some work and is definitely not a just spray on/wipe off product. And if I remember correctly, the instructions say not to let it dry on the airplane. That is probably why it streaks, if it any product is left behind on the paint to dry on its own. Just my .02. It is nice to use when you have no access to a hose.
  2. Quick update. Removed the fuel pump and replaced with a new pump. Fuel pressures are back to normal. No other issues could be found so I elected to replace the fuel pump. Can these be rebuilt so I have a spare or is it better just to buy new if I need another in the future?
  3. Holy Crap!!!! $93 for a can!!! Aircraft Spruce is $24.
  4. No information to offer other than if you need it, you may want to look at alternatives to doing the same thing. I placed an order for Plexus with Aircraft Spruce back in June 2023 and I am still waiting. I get the occasional email from Spruce saying they are still waiting for it as well. I just checked my orders and it is still back ordered.
  5. You may want to reach out to @Alan Fox. He may have something.
  6. So, if you are not an A&P with a shop but want to do a capacity check on your Concorde battery, besides the "Sag test" what would you use to do this? The actual capacity and load testers from Concorde are more than 2 grand. Is there a CB way to do this just to get an idea of the health of the battery?
  7. So.....Can I paint a big A on the tail of my C model and sell it as an Acclaim?
  8. @47U, Thank you for the response and the offer. I am really not sure when or if the fuel pump was replaced but I do not recall ever seeing a logbook entry anywhere regarding replacing the fuel pump. I am going to go back to the airport to do a little more trouble shooting this weekend. If I cannot find any issue outside of the fuel pump then I have made arrangements to have it replaced. I have already ordered a new one and if for some reason we find another issue, then I will either just hang onto it until needed or replace the one on the airplane if that seems to be the problem or I can return the one I ordered as well. I read in one of the manuals that if there is a fuel pressure increase than that is likely the fuel pump. But just want to be sure. I am troubleshooting this myself since the only good A&P/IA at my airport stopped doing regular maintenance and just does avionics now. Great avionics shop but leaves a pretty good size GA airport without a good general mechanic shop. There are a couple but I have not heard any good things about them. Oh well....
  9. @Scott Dennstaedt, PhD may be able to explain this.
  10. So, an update and asking for more advice. I removed the fuel screen on the carburetor and it was clean as a whistle. I was able to tie in a mechanical fuel pressure gauge right before the fuel pressure sensor on the EDM900. It verified that the EDM 900 is correct and my fuel pressure when the engine is running at 1000 RPM is over 6 psi. Redline max on my O-360-A1D is 6 psi. When I run the engine up to 1500 RPM, the fuel pressure goes up to 7 psi. At idle it stays just above 6 psi. Prior to starting the engine, when I turned on the electric fuel pump, the gauge also agreed with the EDM 900 and showed a little over 3 psi. So, any advice on where to look next? The fuel line going to the carburetor is clear and without restrictions just to add. Could it be the engine driven fuel pump or a line somewhere else? Thanks for any advice.
  11. @hammdo I believe I do. There is a line coming out the top that is a 90 degree elbow the is right about the large fuel line going into the carb.
  12. @PT20J I checked the hose between the fuel pump and the carburetor today. It seemed clear. I did not check the fuel screen though. I will see about that tomorrow. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the help and I deleted the one in the vintage area.
  14. I posted this in the Vintage section but then thought it also kind of belongs here: I have read other postings on fuel pressure problems but none seem to apply to what has started with my 63 C model. It has an O-360-A1D. It has an EDM 900 as well. I went to fly it yesterday and the fuel pressure on the EDM900 after engine start went to 7.1. Redline is 6. It stays there at any power setting from idle (600 RPM) to full throttle. Plane otherwise is running fine with no issues. The prior flight which was last week, everything was fine. And with the engine not running and the electric fuel pump on the EDM 900 read 3.5. My mechanic who is not at my home airport wants me to put a manual fuel pressure gauge on to see if the EDM is accurate or there is a problem with the sensor. I am not sure where to tie one into the system and what to use. I have a call into him to ask but thought I would seek the advice of the incredibly intelligent folks on Mooneyspace. I read that other issues could be the fuel pump, a kinked fuel line, a partial blockage somewhere…but it seems to me that the plane would not run well if it were any of these issues. So, I was going to tap into the fuel system with a gauge. Where should I tap into it? I am assuming somewhere before the carburetor? Any other thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.
  15. @Otto Klaas Just out of curiosity, has your D model been converted to retractable gear or is it still fixed gear?
  16. Many years ago, when I still had the shotgun panel on my 63 C model, I had an electric attitude indicator installed as a back up. I remember the mechanic saying they had to have it adjusted for the 14 degree tilt on the instrument panel. So, I believe, at least on my aircraft, it was 14 degrees as well.
  17. @DonMuncy Keep us informed of this meetup. I am sure there are others in the area that, if available, would like to join up to put faces to screen names.
  18. That looks awesome. Nicely done.
  19. I have heard good things about these folks. And my avionics shop uses them. Home Page (rudyaircraftinstruments.com)
  20. While not the Mid-Atlantic area, I just paid $2850 for the base annual for my 63 C model. This included the inspection as well as all the AD research, etc... Fortunately it was a pretty clean annual with only 2 squawks that needed attention.
  21. They do have a Mooney with 2 doors. You just have to find either an Acclaim Ultra or an Ovation Ultra. They both have a pilot and co-pilot side doors.
  22. @pagirard Go to here: Advanced Pilot Download the Target EGT power point presentation. It should help understand the leaning as you climb concept. You are fortunate that it will be easy for you to put this into practice since you are at sea level. It will also give you a good reference for when you are departing from any airport at any density altitude. It is for normally aspirated engines such as your E model. And, yes, I do lean as I climb.
  23. Same here for Dorr Aviation...I want my keyring they owe me from 17 years ago.
  24. Less than 2000 hours TTAF for a 1959? That is less than 30 hours per year. So you may be looking at an airplane that has sat for many years. If I really wanted an A model and found a nice one I would definitely keep the wood wing. It is fabric covered with no rivets and very slick. A friend's A model with the same engine as my C model could outrun me all day long so I would not change it out or you might as well buy a C Model that is a little newer and in good shape. It would be less money than changing out the wing on an A model, even if it could be done. A few years ago, I heard that Don Maxwell was no longer going to touch wood wings. Not sure about that. But there is a guy in Houston that has worked on many A models, and Mites and even rebuilt a number of Mites including the Naked Mite that is on display at the Lone Star Flight Museum.
  25. CAM Aircraft at Fort Worth Spinks did my panel and autopilot. I think they did a nice job at a reasonable price. The work came in at the quoted fee on all of the work. They have since gotten new owners but the new owners were avionic technicians for the original owner who retired. They bought the shop. But they were the guys that did all of the work. The owner had a maintenance side to CAM aircraft that was more of his thing but apparently that is being shut down and all they will be doing is avionics. CAM Aircraft
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