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  1. We should ask Ron Blum about this, @Ron Blum. He gives a talk about this at Oshkosh.
  2. Well....he is a Doctor but you are at the wrong end of the digestive tract for him.
  3. I flew for 14 years IFR behind a panel much like you have (shot gun panel, one Nav, GNC300XL, no autopilot). Although I was spoiled... my GNC300XL was IFR certified for enroute and approaches. When I updated my panel I think I may have kept the old CDI that the GNC 300XL used as well as the GPS annunciator panel from it. I will check this weekend when I go to my hangar. They are yours if I have them and if you want them. May be able to at least get you something more capable for less money. Send me a PM if interested.
  4. The level button is down below. He is asking about the little blue thing sticking out on the left side of the EDM. As someone previously stated it looks like a piece of packaging from the install or some such.
  5. I think my Dad has that one. I will have to ask him.
  6. Well, I have The Al Mooney Story, Those Remarkable Mooneys, and now this one arrived today. I think that may be all the actual books on Mooney...I think???
  7. In my 63 C model, I have the push pull controls, not the throttle body like Oscar's. The push pull controls are about where the 650 is in this photo so in some C models, I don't think they will fit one on top of the other. See panel photo below. This is with a GFC500, GNS530 and GNC355. Not sure if a 750 and a 650 would fit with the controls where they are. Maybe, maybe not. Of course without the GFC500 there is more room but I am not sure if it would be enough. And definitely not enough room for a 750, 650 and audio panel.
  8. Just for grins I went over to controller.com There are a few nice Bravos listed, a few K models of various types (231, 252) and one Encore which is at Don Maxwell's right now although the interior color is not my cup of tea. Then, of course, there are a few J models, there is the over priced F model for $97,500, the overpriced E model for, wait for it... $149,500 and the one that made me fall out of my chair... the C model for $115,000.
  9. When I took mine there about 9 years ago there was shuttle bus that ran from the local hotel that I stayed at to MSP. It was a lengthy drive but I don't remember paying anything for it. Times may have changed though.
  10. Thanks to all for your responses. I will check some of this out this weekend when I get to the airport. I will also mention a few of these things to my avionics shop. I am very grateful to have a resource such as Mooneyspace to provide advice and direction.
  11. The second G5 is setup to be an HSI. When you switch it to the Attitude page I cannot recall if it displays airspeed or not but good idea and I will check. The altitude matches spot on with the round dial altimeter. I am not sure about the pitot static plumbing but I will ask. Thanks and none of these are dumb questions. Thanks for helping out.
  12. He was flying a Mooney Acclaim Ultra. Pretty sure it has an engine monitor. Not sure if it survived the crash though.
  13. The accident report did state that the pilot succumbed to his injuries on page 3 under Factual Information section.
  14. So, they did one and attached are the results. According to the results, I should be following the G5 since it seems way more accurate. However, in real life flying for instance, when stalling with gear up and flaps up my stall speed should be 60 knots. The G5 showed 57 and the ASI showed 63. When stalling with gear down and flaps down my stall speed should be 56 knots. The G5 showed 47 and the ASI showed 55. I tried two different landings. One where I used the speeds on the ASI only and ignored the G5. The plane landed perfectly and I was off the runway in short order. The second landing I followed the speed on the G5 ignoring the ASI and I floated and floated and floated. At cruise speed for instance, the ASI will be at 130knots which is the bottom of the yellow arc but the G5 only shows 121 knots. Another concern is that the gear speed on a C model is around 104 knots. If I follow the G5 then I am below 104 knots well before the ASI gets to 104 knots and am I putting the gear down at too high an airspeed?? And if you look at the image that is attached, it shows that the G5 has an indicated airspeed of 79 knots where the airspeed indicator shows 89-90 knots. Thanks for posting your advice. I appreciate it. G5 vs ASI test.pdf
  15. So, for all of you far more knowledgeable than me, what would be some causes of the Airspeed indicator strip on the G5 being about 10knots slower than the indicated airspeed on the analog gauge? I will preface this with, I do understand that the strip on the G5 is not primary. I also am leaning towards trusting my analog gauge because if I follow the analog gauge the airplane stalls at the correct indications on the gauge where it is a lot lower on the G5, when I landed according to the airspeed on the analog the airplane landed fine, if I land with the G5 at the correct landing speed, the analog is way high and I float half way down the runway. So I am leaning towards trusting my analog airspeed indicator but I am curious as to what could be the cause of the discrepancy. My avionics shop is on notice but they are extremely busy and trying to fit me back in but I thought I would see what the collective has to say and if anything could point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  16. This was on Youtube yesterday on the Fighter Pilot's Podcast. It is the raw footage of the dog fight and aerial filming of the first Top Gun Movie.
  17. The 530 does not actually show the approach plate on the screen.
  18. The prices go up when you are bundling more than one GPS together. For instance, Jeppesen is cheaper than Garmin for a 530 and 355 bundled together ($706 for Jep versus $810 for Garmin) if you do not care about Safe Taxi and obstacle updates. If you do want Safe Taxi and obstacle updates then the roles are reversed and Jeppesen is more expensive than Garmin (Garmin is still $810 where Jep goes up to $1156; just learned this from a talk with Jeppesen today).
  19. So, I just had a talk with Jeppesen. My current subscription with them is $706. That is for the navigation and approach charts for a GNS 530W and a GNC355. I asked them about adding obstacles and safe taxi. Because of the type of bundle I have they cannot add it directly to my bundle. They can either add it as a separate subscription or dissolve my bundle and start with a fresh subscription which includes the safe taxi and obstacles. The cost of doing either was a lot more than Garmin. Garmin with navigation database, approach charts and safe taxi and obstacles was $811. If I add the options to my Jeppesen it increases my annual rate from $706 to $1156. It is $450 to add the obstacles and the Safe Taxi to Jeppesen!!! If I dissolve my bundle and put everything together in one bundle it is even more expensive than that. So, it looks like if I want Safe Taxi and obstacles then I would go with Garmin alone. The rep from Jeppesen said that they are changing their prices in July and that the cost would be coming down. I was shocked to hear that someone is actually lowering their costs on anything in aviation. I will believe it if and when I see it.
  20. I use Garmin Pilot. The terrain is updated with it as well. One reason I do not buy the terrain database updates from Garmin for the 530 and 355.
  21. I will have to talk to Jeppesen about this. My subscription does not have Safe Taxi or obstacles. In fact, both are currently expired with my units and I update them when I feel like it from individual downloads from Garmin.
  22. And just to add, I tried a search for this information on this forum and if you type in Garmin or Jeppesen, no matter what else you type in you get about 700 references to it. Just does not want to narrow down.
  23. Hello all, Looking for some advice please. I currently use Jeppesen to keep my databases updated on my GNS 530W and my GNC355 (I had to start with them because orignally the plane had a GNC300XL and Garmin did not support the database for it anymore). I was thinking about switching over to Garmin and getting away from Jeppesen for the sole reason that with the Garmin updates I also would get the obstacle updates (not that important to have all the time) and the Safe Taxi updates (7/year). Garmin is a little more expensive because of the addition of the Safe Taxi and the obstacle databases but if I continue with the Jeppesen and just purchase single updates of the obstacles and safe taxi as I feel inclined to then I actually will spend a little more with Jeppesen. One concern is that I have never had an issue with the databases with Jeppesen. They have always downloaded fine, with no errors and no issues. I have read some on this forum having issues with the Garmin databases hanging up or stopping mid download. Is this very much of an issue (for those that use Garmin for their database updates)? And just for price comparison, I pay $706/year for Jeppesen which includes all navigation data and approach plates for both the 530 and the 355. To get the equivalent with Garmin I would have to pay $819. The difference is if I add on, let's say one individual update of the obstacles and Safe Taxi to my Jeppesen then that will boost the cost up to $811 not including tax. I get those two things throughout the year for the $819 with Garmin. So, price wise it may be worth switching. Just want to know of anyone's experience with downloading issues from Garmin or any other issues you have experienced. And just to add, I do not download direct to the units in the airplane. I download them onto the data cards at home and take them to the airplane. This may reduce download issues as well. Thanks.
  24. I've only used 84MB of the 244MB I am allotted. I'll sell you some of my storage, cheap....
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