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  1. I don't know if this applies to your situation or not but this is on the FAA website... NOTICE: Aircraft Records ordered through this system may be incomplete due to relevant documents that may be in processing. Documents are typically processed within 10-15 days of receipt and this system is updated about 24 hours later. If you suspect the record is incomplete or want to find out if additional documents are in process, you may contact the Aircraft Registration Branch at 1-866-762-9434.
  2. I wish I could find the source but I remember reading when I first got my Mooney that taxiing out even on smooth pavement will stir up anything in the tanks. It doesn’t take a flight to do that. I know I hear sloshing in my tanks when I pull the airplane out of the hangar so stuff would get stirred up then as well.
  3. Speaking of @carusoam, I haven't seen him post in a while. I hope all is well.
  4. That was actually a previous AD, AD 2004–23–17, Amendment 39–13872 (69 FR 67809, November 22, 2004) and not the current AD. They were just giving a little background and history on how apparently they have been trying to fix this issue since the 70's. In the actual AD at the bottom, they list Models M20J-V.
  5. I had a leak in my airspeed indicator which they believe may be the issue. I purchased another airspeed indicator (used) which also had a leak (even though I was told it was in perfect working order). One of them is currently being overhauled to fix the leak and will be put in. I can report back if that fixes the issue. The current issue is the shop that is doing the overhaul is woefully behind and it is taking a very long time to get it back. Fortunately I still have the one installed in the airplane to keep flying while I wait. And, just to add, the shop took out the G5 and tested it and it was dead on accurate with their testing equipment and the analog airspeed indicator was off.
  6. While not a requirement, the company I rent my hangar from require it so in one way it is a requirement for me if I wish to have the hangar I have.
  7. So, a look at DFW fees for GA.... $95 landing fee not waived with fuel purchase. 100LL is $9.19 per gal. Even though it would be cool to fly in with the big guys....I think I would go somewhere else.
  8. This happened with my 530 and I did what @N201MKTurbo said above and it fixed the issue.
  9. I have run the tank dry before on my C model per the POH (if that is what you want to call the pamphlet that came with my airplane). It was and is a non event in my airplane. Not even a hiccup. Just did it this past weekend to completely drain a tank that needed the fuel drain replaced. On my C model there was plenty of time between a drop in fuel pressure and engine stoppage and never really got to that point. I do have a friend who had an A model that when he did this it shocked him how quickly the engine quit with no real time to get prepared. So I think that you will find something different between airplanes even with the same engine and fuel delivery setup.
  10. The audio is here. The controller told the Southwest to line up and wait. This one may be on the controller…but also if it is accurate that the Southwest guy was taxiing as slow as the animation suggests then that could have contributed as well.
  11. My avionics shop uses three different places. airdallas.com, rudyaircraftinstruments.com, fieldtech (ftav.com) Field Tech is at Meacham (KFTW). They don't use them as often because they said that even if they can't fix it they charge you quite a bit. Rudy Instruments is in Arkansas and they are a small Mom and Pop shop. Air Dallas is big, in Lewisville, Texas and currently where my Airspeed Indicator is. They told me they sent one in there in November and just got it back. But they are apparently very good and that is why they use them.
  12. Although I do not have an answer to your question, VOR's are not being completely discontinued. The FAA is developing the MON with select VOR's remaining as back up if GPS outages occur. They would allow for station to station navigation to continue as a back up. So it may be wise to have the ability to use this back up if ever needed.
  13. I made one out of some PVC laying around as well. It works great even if you are big or tiny, just makes it easy.
  14. The avionics shop that I use in Fort Worth sent one off for me. I will contact them when they open this morning and find out who they use. However, just FYI, the backlog has been something else. Going on 3 months and still waiting to get my airspeed indicator back. Fortunately, it is a back up and not the one installed in my airplane so I am still flying....
  15. This guy does a lot of aircraft detailing and he uses ceramic coating. He does not really get into the chemistry of it but he does show some great results. Search Youtube for Aviana Aircraft Detailing.
  16. Garmin has stopped with the 1962 C model as the earliest supported model.
  17. It was Dave Morris who owned this airplane, not Dan Morris, just FYI. I do not think he installed it. I believe he purchased the airplane already outfitted with the Accu-Flite but he does lurk on Mooneyspace so he may be able to chime in. The issue with any Brittain product is availability. They are scarce. You would probably have to spend many months to years cobbling together a system. The company is of course not making them any more either.
  18. @pagirard I feel your pain. When I overhauled my panel, removed the vacuum system, including a mountain of wiring that had collected behind my panel over the years that lead to nowhere, etc...etc...etc... I also had a decrease in my useful load. The scales were calibrated and certified, etc... I have not poured through the books to see if there were any errors on previous W&B sheets that would make this any less drastic. However, a glance at the AFM for my airplane shows a W&B sheet done by the factory that was full of errors. I guess the slide ruler or the ENIAC that they used back then were not calibrated.
  19. Mine has velcro. I do not know what actual Brand velcro it is but I wish I did (put in before I owned the airplane). It is about 20 years old or so and is still sticking just fine even in the Texas heat but the velcro grips better than any velcro product I have ever used. It takes quite a bit of strength to get the carpet out.
  20. @Evan https://apps.savvyaviation.com/beta/shared/flight/6853097/57d410e2-cfb6-4ab2-af3e-73fbea98b5bb
  21. I thought the Rockwell Commander 112/114/115 had wing life limits as well so a quick search showed that they do. Page 11 of the following FAQ page. Commander Aircraft FAQ
  22. Looking in the User manual, the G5 will apparently automatically show ground track if it is not receiving info from the Magnetometer. Any chance of disconnecting the Magnetometer from the AI but leaving it attached to the HSI? Otherwise there may be a way to change the config in the configuration menu. Hold the knob in when you power it up and you will get to a config menu. There maybe something in there but I’m not sure. @PT20J may be able to help. He is quite knowledgeable with this stuff. Probably more than most Garmin reps…
  23. Thanks for all of the replies. I very much appreciate it. The inspection panel with the leaking screw is underneath the wing.
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