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  1. A little late to the game here (and I see it has been resolved), but I was curious about the EDM 730 and 830 being primary. This is direct from JPI. Hello Greg, No, the EDM 730 and 830 are advisory instruments only. Primary ship’s gauges are required to remain in place and be operational. Regards, Branch Talley JP Instruments, Inc.
  2. Sorry to hear about you needing new cylinders. Just a point, in my C model I will see 0 ppm at all times (taxiing, take-off, climb, cruise). The one time I saw 10 ppm was right after work was done on the exhaust during an annual and it turns out there was a leak in the exhaust.
  3. And, the runway is 9-27 so you get to practice your crosswind landings and takeoffs almost all the time....
  4. @hubcap Sorry I missed this entire post. I am based at KFWS and could have given you my unbiased opinion about this great airport. Glad you had a good experience.
  5. My 63 C model has something that is dirt simple. It is a push pull knob but without any sort of center button to push. You just pull it when you want the flaps to come up and it retracts on its own when you let it go. Simple. Maybe something like that would be easier for you to change to. You can see it in the attached image.
  6. When I did my servo exchange earlier this year (my servos fell under the exchange parameters) the shop also updated the software at the same time. Charged me for neither.
  7. Thank you for the information. I appreciate that.
  8. I have a 1963 C model with an O-360-A1D. I have a cylinder that needs to be overhauled, however, I was thinking of buying a new cylinder, installing it, and sending the old one off for overhaul to have on the shelf if needed later. This would avoid the long wait times that seem to be occurring with overhauls, etc... I was looking through my logs on the engine and they have listed that I have cylinder part numbers TIST10.1CA. These are Continental cylinders if I am not mistaken. Is this common? For Continental cylinders to be installed on a Lycoming engine? Question #2, what is the opinion of the group on Millenium cylinders? The Lycoming cylinder that I need is on a long backorder but the Millenium cylinder is currently in stock at Aircraft Spruce. Any opinions on this brand of cylinder? Thanks.
  9. So, you actually enjoy hard to start hot starts and flooded starts? Before anyone takes offense to this, I am just kidding of course.
  10. I think that @Bolter is correct about this being an old story. Being as the only M20 T Predator that was ever built by Mooney is currently owned by Don Maxwell down in Longview, Texas. It was flown in the Mooney Caravan to Oshkosh this year and is currently airworthy.
  11. I have a 63 C model. If you zoom in this photo you can see what was original on my old panel and duplicated on the new one here. The lettering may not be the exact same size or font but the wording is what was on my original panel. And, on my original panel, the word retract was on the left side of the flap retract knob like you see here split form the rest of the wording above the flap handle.
  12. I believe we have spotted @carusoam on a few threads!!!! Welcome back!!! Better than any UFO sighting...
  13. Maybe if you took him donuts or pizza....
  14. This may be an obvious question but do you have either a GTX 345 transponder or a GDL-88 receiver to receive ADS-B in? Or do you have an XM datalink receiver such as a GDL-69 or GDL 69-A? If you want to receive traffic and weather you need the source from a GTX 345 transponder or a GDL-88. These will give you TIS-B and FIS-B products. The GDL-69 will provide you with XM products. Flightstream and your navigator communicate with these sources. According to Garmin website: ADS-B TRAFFIC AND WEATHER Connect your Flight Stream 510 gateway and GTN or GTN Xi series navigator to a GTX™ 345 transponder or GDL® 88 datalink, and display ADS-B traffic and subscription-free weather on devices running the Garmin Pilot, ForeFlight Mobile or FltPlan Go apps. As part of Garmin Terminal Safety Solutions™, TargetTrend™ and TerminalTraffic™ features offer added situational awareness of air or ground traffic conflicts. SIRIUSXM REMOTE CONTROL With a GDL 69 and GDL 69A SXM datalink receiver (subscription required), the Flight Stream 510 gateway supports the display of SiriusXM Aviation Weather for the U.S. and Canada on the Garmin Pilot app. Plus, you and your passengers can enjoy remote control of SiriusXM satellite music selections, volume controls and audio channels from anywhere in the cabin.
  15. I have been doing this all wrong all these years. Instead of my office staff calling my patients back immediately or answering their phone calls and their emails, I should be ignoring them. Then they will bring me pizza and doughnuts....hmmmmmm.....
  16. I have used air-pros.com since I have owned my Mooney (17 years I think). They have always come in less than any other insurance broker.
  17. I am having almost the exact same problem except mine is on the #1 cylinder so I am interested in following this. Mine is also moving through oil like crazy. It sits in my hangar until my mechanic can get to it. The cylinder was recently (about 40 hours or so) IRAN'd for a new exhaust valve which was replaced and looks good on the borescope. Nothing else was mentioned wrong with the cylinder and everything else looked good according to the overhaul shop and my mechanic. Both plugs very wet with oil. A couple of borescope photos of the cylinder with oil for your viewing pleasure.... I am no mechanic but looking at the photos of the walls of the cylinder I am not sure if they look good or not. It is a nitride hardened steel cylinder.
  18. On my C model, I use this Mooney Cabin Entry Door Seal. Mooney 3117-1, 912018-1, 912018-001, BA-189-139 (knots2u.net) It also says it will work for an M20R but not sure. It does seal well on my C model (I know, I know, it is not an R) but is a little more expensive than the stuff that @PT20J mentioned. They also sell an adhesive remover, Adhesive Remover from Knots 2U, that works pretty well but do not let it sit unused for a long time even if unopened because it will dry up. And they also sell the adhesive, Aircraft Door and Window Seal Adhesive by Knots 2U which you may find less expensive elsewhere.
  19. And you know this must be the right stuff when one of the reviews given, albeit in 2012, on the website was from Brian Kendrick (Modern Mooney Guru).
  20. @philiplane A question for you and I am serious with this. If you have too much fuel that is diluting the oil on the cylinder walls as you mentioned in your previous post, would fuel show up in the oil analysis? I am one that searched for help on cooling my CHT's. I have the doghouse style baffling that was replaced with a brand new one quite some time ago back when Airforms were making them for the older Mooneys. When installed the mechanics said it had tighter tolerances than original and fit perfectly. Anyways, I always struggled with high CHT's even after the new baffling. I went around and around until someone looked at my fuel flow and said that 15 gph was too low. So I went with the richer carb and got about 18 gph fuel flow and my CHT's never touch 400 even in the Texas summer (they come close though but no where near as high as before). I was one that as @Shadrach says, exhausted my efforts sealing baffles, etc...
  21. @Echo Congratulations. Enjoy your new plane. Just out of curiosity, what's under the red cover?
  22. Is that light required if the EDM 900 is installed on the pilot's side of the panel? Or is it only required when the EDM 900 is installed on the co-pilots side away from direct line of sight? Mine is still installed even though they moved the EDM 900 from the co-pilot to the pilot's side so I was just curious. Thanks.
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