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  1. Many thanks, gents. It looks like the Garmin 175 will give us the GPS nav/approach capability we need. We already have two KX-155s with G/S and a Garmin 345 transponder that communicates nicely with the iPad running Foreflight. I think we'll install the 175 for now and see how it goes. After a few months, we'll wrestle with the autopilot decision. I understand and appreciate the comments on installation. Adding anything to a Mooney is a character-building experience!
  2. Wow! Many thanks, guys, for the helping ideas and suggestions. I am most grateful. The avionics adventure begins.
  3. What a fabulous reply! Thank you, very much. I will certainly contact Chase Larabee. Wonderful resource. Thank you. I am not a Garmin devotee, but understand market domination. We have two KX-155s, with G/S, plus DME and ADF in the M20C now. Currently using a Garmin 660 for situational guidance. Have Garmin 345 transponder with ADSB in/out. Six pack with will work for us. Forever airplane (we are old guys!) That said, will need RNAV approaches for destinations not served by ILS, VOR (and dare I say it, ADF approaches). We are thinking a Garmin GPS with approaches (Com not necessary) and S-tec 30 with altitude hold and GPSS. Many thanks for the referrals.
  4. I've just partnered with a friend on a 1963 M20C. It's in great mechanical shape, but needs a GPS navigator with approaches and a modern autopilot with altitude hold and roll steering. A simple solution is preferred, as we have both been flying for over 50 years. Suggestions greatly appreciated.
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