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  1. moosebreath

    Garmin unlock fee for Jepp charts on GTNs

    For my GTN 750 the cost is $995 yearly for full US Jepps with a full set of paper enroute and area charts. Two computer installs are included, I use one on my PC and the other in ForeFlight. I think this is very close to the cost of Garmin data and the graphics are MUCH better. I agree the unlock is way too costly.
  2. moosebreath

    Nav Annunciator from 1996 M20J

    I do not.
  3. This was removed during my panel upgrade several years ago. I suspect it is an item that perhaps one person in the world might really want. I that is you, it is yours for $50 delivered payment via PayPal. I will simultaneously advertise for sale to non Mooneyspace folks on eBay at a higher price.
  4. moosebreath

    KFC 150 Disconnect Switch Replacement

    It almost certainly is the problem. The contacts in the switch are known to degrade with use causing either partial contact or a high resistance in the closed portion of the switch. The full power for all the servos is routed through that switch it does not operate a relay. Hence when it gets a bit worn the slightly lower voltage at startup causes a fault in the KFC computer. A lot of other folks have has similar faults corrected by switch replacement. It IS easy to change if one gets the cover off!
  5. My autopilot has a case of faulty disconnect switch disease. The symptoms are the classic horn sounding at power up and failure to complete the self test. This goes on until the plane warms up, you recycle the power a few times, cycle the disconnect switch a few times, or maybe until the planets align. Once the self test completes the unit works perfectly for the whole day. The hanger elves have a replacement disconnect switch. It is clear to access the switch that you remove the screw on the top of the switch cluster. Then it appears you must remove the two screws on the trim switch and remove that switch to get to the second screw holding the upper cover. The question is ... how exactly do you do that? I can pull out the trim switch a small way but not far enough to get to the lower screw. I would have to use a very small right angle screw driver to loosen it. I do not want to pull with force on the trim switch. Hopefully someone out there who has done the job can tell me the secret.
  6. The little button gauge on my '97 J model sticks. It is obvious that the scale has come loose inside the case and interferes with the needle. The question is: How in the world do you remove that gauge from the lower console? The console appears to be riveted together. Surely you do not need to drill out those rivets and disassemble the console to get to the gauge. If so, I may just tap it to read properly for a while longer ...
  7. moosebreath

    M20J tachometer

    I have a 2 1/4 inch Umi. The sensor mounts to an unused port on one of the mags. I replaced an EI electronic tach that the previous owner installed. I really hated that thing. The LCD display was hard to read and all the leds made it look like something better suited to a pinball machine than a Mooney.
  8. moosebreath

    Alarm sound on master on

    On my J you must pull the stall horn breaker AND the gear horn breaker to silence the stall warning. This makes absolutely no sense to me but is apparently common. I figured this out only after listening to a faulty stall warning at cruise for an hour on a long cross country.
  9. My booster pump switch cap fell on the floor when I turned it off on my last flight. The problem was that one of the plastic hooks on the rear of the switch cap had broken away. As forum members well know you can not buy just the switch cap. My solution was to purchase and install an entire new switch. These are $240 from Lasar. Having nothing to lose, I attempted to repair the broken part this morning. This is the stupidly simple part. I cut a tiny piece of 18 gauge galvanized wire and bent it into the shape of the missing plastic hook. I then held the inverted switch cap flat on the bench with a pair of pliers and heated the wire with a propane torch. I inserted the hot wire into the switch cap and allowed it to cool. Then I snapped the cap back on the switch and, voila, it works perfectly. I hope I am not the first person to think of this but perhaps this tip may help somebody save .24 AMU. Anyone need a boost pump switch at a reasonable price?
  10. moosebreath

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Please list me
  11. moosebreath

    Running a tank dry in flight

    I don't have to find a report because I have HAD this problem, in my Mooney. I can therefore tell you from experience that gliding to the airport with a dead engine and passengers onboard is not fun. In an effort not to repeat this unsatisfactory life experience I personally do not run tanks dry purposely and prefer to land with a generous fuel margin.
  12. moosebreath

    A/P Approach mode

    The manual does state that the altitude hold mode is automatically disengaged when the glideslope is captured in approach mode. This is indeed how my KFC 150 acts. It is a simple enough thing to test in a given airplane.
  13. moosebreath

    A/P Approach mode

    Well, this is just my take ... but I have never had any luck messing with the AP inside the FAF. It is time for the big red button and hand flying the approach or a miss and try again.
  14. moosebreath

    A/P Approach mode

    I have a KFC 150 and got tired of all the GS capture confusion. I called Autopilots Central and asked them. What nice folks. They had a KFC 150 on the test bench and said they would test it for me. The result was that it captured the glideslope from above or below just as the manual states. Before the flames start, I too have failed to capture in both directions. After more research I solved the mystery. The KFC captures by detecting the zero crossing as you pass THROUGH the glideslope. In a normal capture from below this is hardly ever a problem. The glideslope needle comes down, goes a tiny bit below center, capture occurs, and it flys the glideslope. A capture from above works similarly. The problem however is the pilot not the KFC. I, and a lot of others, do not want to fly through the glideslope from above. Hence we either level off above or right on the glideslope. In this case The KFC will never capture as there has not been a zero crossing. Fly through the glideslope from above though and it captures every single time. If you are having a really good day you can fly to and exactly on the glideslope from above or below and it will not capture. Once again the explanation is the same, you must fly THROUGH the glideslope, though only by a needlewidth or so, for capture to occur. Since discovering the above I have had failures to capture but none that I could not explain.
  15. moosebreath

    Bladders are orphaned

    It was not a misunderstanding. They usuallly do not answer their phone. When they finally did answer they were not helpful. All we wanted were some gaskets, clamps, and a clamp torque spec not shown on the drawing. My understanding was we were told they did not sell parts and did not wish to assist us with the provision of any information. So we made the gaskets, bought the clamps elsewhere, and tightened the clamps to a reasonable value. Basically the entire interaction was the exact opposite of calling O&M. We spoke with them many times during the installation, which had problems, and they were always helpful and pleasant.