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  1. You can check out any time you want but you can never leave
  2. It never ceases to amaze me what the costs are on some of the simplest parts can be. While doing my oil change I was inquiring about a Bravo that was being serviced. They showed me a metal gasket for the exhaust just a simple two inch ring. Was three hundred dollars. Fortunately the one needing replaced was not as expensive.
  3. Congrats on the E looks like was likely made the same month or so as our D. Make lots of posts on both your PPL and restoration progress. Best of luck on the journey
  4. Don't forget about plumbing and wiring for multiple electric outlets and plugins for compressed air. You might also designe some extra square footage on the exterior of the slab to house your compressor nice and quiet that way. Have fun with your project
  5. Yep no point in watching the F1 now. Wish I could watch the Moto gp but no coverage as usual. We have an Amazon Fire stick but can't seem to get it to get the live feed. Best race today will likely be the Indy cars at Long Beach. That track always seems to mix things up.
  6. Just in case we forgot what the original question was. Seems to have drifted a bit into a discussion about short vs mid bodies. In terms of space there is zero, zip nada between the F and J. As for the original post I think you have asked and answered your own question. pick the best F or J you can afford. Best of luck and enjoy the hunt.
  7. Weather has been getting consistently better and yesterday was great for flying. As usual no issues with Snoopy that little airplane just loves to fly. Always beautiful this time of year with the snow still on the foothills near home and the north west end of the Sacramento valley a rich color of green. Oil change next week then ready for some springtime flights before the hot of Summer sets in.
  8. Thank god some one brought a camera
  9. I can't think of any situation where impatience would be an advantage. A patient mind is going to be thoughtful and more logical
  10. Come on damn it lets get some responses
  11. Ten will get you twenty they end up in a Cirrus
  12. One of the best posts I've ever read
  13. As for the stuck valve totally agree you would know it. We had one stick on our c150 just after takeoff and it felt like the engine was going tear itself off the airframe
  14. Not to be argumentative but there have been countless numbers of threads where one of us is having an engine problem that is accompanied with screen shots of their engine monitor data. The advantage is in the diagnosis which can be much quicker. To the OP likely number 4 is bad. Pull it hone it re ring it surface the valves and put it back together. Easy Peasy the one advantage to our engine design is the ability to repair or replace an individual cylinder without having to pull the engine.