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  1. I strongly agree with others that think it's useful to discuss all possible causes because it broadens the scope of things we add to our own level of experience. Let's suppose it was a prop failure but thinking about fuel starvation creates another reminder to be 100% sure about fuel requirements and supply. Another possibility not discussed as to why no evidence of fuel in photos and no fire is the possibility this plane was equipped with bladders that survived the impact. I would like to know if it was because looking at the damage to the area of the wing that contains fuel and if bladders were present and held the fuel it would be clear evidence that they do add a level of protection against fire. I'm sure this will become know from the investigation. We can speculate and still be respectful to all involved in this sad situation
  2. Looking at all the attached pics and there isn't much showing the nose in fact not much of the whole front remaining at least that can be seen from those photos. Such a short flight hard to imagine they ran out of fuel but I suppose anything is possible. Patience I'm sure we will find out what happened and then we can all learn from this horrible accident
  3. Terrible terrible news. Expect it will be quite some time before we know the whole story. Just sucks when these things happen to our fellow flyers. Prayers out to all that were in their lives.
  4. Mooney space win win. I noticed in the first post that the Sky beacon was being replaced so I reached out and we struck a good deal for the purchase of the unit which I installed today. So how about that now I'm compliant and can fly into the Charlie and Bravo. Truth is we only needed it for KLVK as its one we need to access for family and it is just a mile or two into the SFO veil. Thanks again Spleecho and good luck with all your upgrades
  5. Way way back in the day my old friends would always drink single malt scotch definitely as far from a bunch of yuppies as any group can get. Typical was Glenlivit 22 bucks for a 12 year old back in the 80's. Macallan has always been my favorite along with Bunnahabhain. Back then a couple of them went to visit Scotland and came back with a bottle of Macallan royal marriage it was a blend from Charles and Diana's birth dates. One of the best I have ever had. Don't see those guys any more since moving away but I am sure the tradition of single malt is still the case when they get together. I don't drink much at all anymore but if my wife and I go out and I see a bottle of Macallan behind the bar I will always treat myself to a shot, neat of course. Interesting subject for a bunch of aviators remember it's not just 8 from bottle to throttle but any level of impairment be safe but more importantly be smart. just googled the 1981 bottling of the Macallan royal marriage, average current price 6000 pounds. Looks like you can still get a 12 year old Livit single malt for under 25 dollars.
  6. Good to here when we last had it done he was not planning to keep going so must have found a place off field to keep going. But I remember him telling me that he is not permitted to service anywhere on airport property so yes only works if you remove prop and get it to him.
  7. If your referring to golden state propeller he is no longer there. Airport remodeling forced him off the property and I think he just closed shop. Too bad he was great to work with and only charged a hundred twenty five
  8. We took Snoopy out a few days ago, weather has been not so hot for most of a month. Was just a milk run but a perfect flight except for one little mistake.
  9. Straw hoop design, made it elementary school for a paper airplane contest. It flew the farthest and won
  10. Not aware of a 1 AMU adsb option cheapest I know of is Garmin GDL at 1.7 AMU but requires around 8 hours to install or Uavionics at 1.9 AMU but with simple install. Please advise if you have knowledge of a thousand dollar solution
  11. Agree with the second part but when I think of an automotive counter to a Cirrus I don't think BMW I think Dodge Grand Caravan
  12. Yet they are the most loyal loving creatures on earth and have far fewer foul habits than their human masters
  13. I was at a disadvantage parking my 150 not 50 yards from a major Mooney shop. Seeing all the different Mooneys coming and going made it tough to move up any other way. Since your goal is to get your IR really think about the avionics you want as well as the normal pre buy inspection when doing your search. As many here on panel space, I mean Mooney space it's a lot to invest to upgrade your avionics as compared to letting the previous owner pay for it. Have fun and good luck
  14. Hence my point about significant cylinder head design changes. It's amazing how much performance we get from modern engines running on the crap they sell at the pump. I wonder what would be possible if we could get 103 or 105 octane at the pumps like the good old days