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  1. Way to go drumstick yes please include some pics. Just wondering if your nick name is from a love of poultry or do you play the drums. Excellent tail of the purchase experience
  2. Whatever the cause or circumstances the outcome still the same very sad. Condolences and prayers to the left behind.
  3. First time I experienced wake turbulence was after a long day of sailing lasers on the SF bay and we were returning to SanLeandro marina which puts you right under short final on the Oakland international as the jets passed over me it spun my little boat around and capsized me in just a couple seconds. Got it writed just as another one passed over and whoosh down I went again.
  4. That's not like you gixxer perhaps your having a crap day like I was last week. Your point is taken though I'm sure the time money and commitment to be a proficient IFR pilot is not for everyone and I would rather be a safe well practiced VFR guy than a minimally capable IFR guy. Kind of like the so many idiots I would encounter that would get a 1000cc sport bike as their first ride then go kill themselves on my favorite back roads. I certainly don't think being VFR makes me a lazy pilot. I hope that's not what you were implying.
  5. I think you are the best judge for the question. from what I can tell there is not a single IFR guy that regrets the rating but as someone that is happy to limit my flying to VMC (not hard in Calif) I dont sweat not being IFR. would it make me a better pilot I'm sure it would. would it make me safer that may not be true. How many stories have we read about qualified instrument pilots that end up dead because of weather that over whelms them or their airplane. If you really need to travel then it makes perfect sence but if not and the weather is not perfect I say wait for a nicer day.
  6. I agree with the rolling start from behind the hold line. As you begin you can make a smooth application of full throttle and be moving much faster than a static start from the numbers. As for the J bar it's mostly a practiced thing putting gear down is about just controlling the swing as gravity will do the work. Putting the gear up is easy so long as you haven't allowed your airspeed to get above a hundred. The important thing is to isolate your movement so the left arm is not effected by the force of the right while pushing the bar down into the lock. Even with only 180 hp acceleration is nice and rotation can be made very soon then stow the gear while still in ground effect building speed then climb as needed. just the ramble of a low time pilot not a CFI or anything special.
  7. Well I've made my recommendation for Mac's. Our canopy cover was around 300 a few years ago and am very happy with it.
  8. Yes it definitely helps quite a lot even for a few hours.
  9. Well I always come up with a different answer when this question is raised. MAC's airplane covers is my choice I had 2 made for my outdoor 150 and when I got the Mooney that was going to be outside I went to them again. The service is great costs less and have been very happy with the product. The Mooney was outside for over a year with the cover on full time and it still looks brand new. We always use it during the hot months if we are going to stay even a few hours. I even had them make me a prop cover for the Cessna since it had a brand new one. For my location it's the summer that really does the damage. I recommend using the color fabric instead of the white because its heavier and holds up better based on personal experience.
  10. Oh did not realize it was past due. Good luck with all your doings
  11. At least it's an hourly inspection so if it's not spinning you don't run out of time. Golden state charged like 140 dollars last year, did you give them a call?
  12. I love this kind of discussion. Reciprocating engines are really quite amazing. Just wondering if the turbo charged and normalized engines have different internal materials than their N/A counter parts.
  13. I didn't know they made a Mooney for the U.K. with a right hand PIC location (kidding)
  14. you might try Golden State Prop location San Luis Obispo 805 544 8356 ask for Eric. Last year he indicated the airport was forcing him off site but may still be in operation.
  15. I'm sure I speak for many we are all looking forward to seeing the results in both of your babys Good luck to you both