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  1. Had ours blow open just after rotation and positive rate. Was quite starting. Made the call on CTAF for immediate return. Torn hinge on door but no airframe damage. Door was latched but not locked. Now it's all the way open or its locked.
  2. Even the smallest things can really be a major setback. Owning a vintage airplane has to be a twisted labor of love. Hope it all works out.
  3. Not good,. What's going on here. I wonder if all that's going on and perhaps a lack of flying is causing distraction from underlying stress
  4. So sorry for you but fantastic job getting down safely. Your priority was in the right place. Really amazing how much impact force was generated in such a short distance between the two points. Really brings home how deadly a tail strike is when bailing out of a disabled airplane. Take pride in your performance and let the insurance company worry about what next. Sadly after seeing your damage assessment it looks like it's their plane now. Either way good luck moving forward you and yours did good.
  5. Great response Alex, now sit back and wait for the Bravo crews to reply expect some Ovation guys to chime in as well as the 252 crowd.
  6. Hi Alex, welcome,, best way to get that ball rolling around here is to let us know about your mission how many PAX useful load as well as bags etc. I think I may have beaten Anthony to the welcome wagon once again. PP short body only, not a Bravo oner
  7. Successful landing of the first stage onto the ships deck,. Absolutely amazing
  8. Not much you can do about a collapse other than staying on top of your maintenance and really giving your gear a good look on your pre flight inspection. For me it's about priorities landing is secondary my main primary objective when approaching the airport and descending is to get the speed down to gear speed. In that I mean putting the gear down is my goal it's my objective every thing else is secondary. AWOS is already done monitoring traffic is on going primary goal is get the gear down, then shift gears to make the landing happen with additional checks to confirm gear is down.
  9. Anthony must have finally gone to sleep he normally welcomes new posters. So Welcome to Mooney Space. Do you fly a Mooney Bob what part of Gods green earth do you reside
  10. So much can be reduced to a simple touch screen compared to all the analog instruments and the mechanics it takes for them to operate. Kind of like how much weight you lose when you upgrade your panel. That said I doubt the crew has much to do with regards to the launch since it's all likely controlled by the flight computers. Makes what NASA accomplished back in the 60's that much more impressive. Even the Space X heavy lift booster is no match for the Saturn five. I hope I am able to watch it again come Saturday and they have favorable weather very cool to see the live feed.
  11. On the news last night, Boing letting 10% of work force go and 5000 took buyouts. Sad times
  12. Hoping and praying for a safe and successful launch and mission. This is so important for way more than the obvious reasons. I am reminded of how torn apart our country was during the time of Apollo and the successful first steps on the moon and how the entire world was united rooting for its successful outcome. Cool space suits very stylish. US launch of astronauts from US soil, long overdue forgot about Virgingalactic