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  1. Good news but don't you still need a transponder or does the Uavionix work as a replacement stand alone unit
  2. bonal

    CALFIRE and TFR's

    Good info especially if your airport is within the TFR there are lots of times when they are not flying and could be an opportunity to get in or out.
  3. Zero issues accept our Narco transposed died while getting VFR certificate. Unit was sent out to avionics for possible repair but might not be doable. As I am not ready to do ADSB upgrade and am likely going to go the Uavionix wing mounted when its certified am looking for a Narco At 50 150 or preferably a 165 as a slide in replacement. Any one out there with a working unit interested in sell let me know. I see some on EBay but would rather do business with someone on MS. I contacted Alan but he has none at this time. Thanks in advance.
  4. bonal

    Improved speed documented

    I think what matters most is how we fly them, I know I can run harder in winter than on hot summer days and I know my real flight performance is slower than if I'm doing some kind of speed run. We calculate based on known performance but when it comes to actual real world speed the only one that really matters is ground speed. Once you have it then you start making sure your fuel planning is going to work out. For our D/C I plan for 140 to 145 knots and usually get that. Also to consider is how fresh is your engine. Something close to TBO is not likely making book HP. There are so many variables with these old airplanes anything close to book speeds and you should be happy.
  5. bonal

    Promotional give away

    Just wanted to bump the thread lots of views but not too many entries. I know there are lots of outstanding Mooneys out there hopefully more will post some inspiring photos as I want this to be a very special painting. Thanks Bonal
  6. bonal

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    It just sucks when this happens. It hurts all of us God speed to the fallen and prayers to the ones who knew them.
  7. Sure came off as gloating to me. Even more so with the emoji that was added. To the OP glad you had a safe outcome and sorry for the challenges ahead. To our guy with the twin you seem to always have to make comments promoting the multi engine airplanes. I'm sure most if not all of us think your Barron is an awesome airplane I know I do and not in need of promoting. And as for a mere 50% more well to many that's a lot of money. Good job Dan.
  8. bonal


    Ours is in for day one on the annual today, will be some time before K1o2 is re opened and will also be some time before the TFR is lifted. All depends on how long it takes to get these fires under control. Hopefully soon. Very soon. The smoke was so thick today even the helicopters weren't flying.
  9. Hello Mooniacs, as I have now become officially retired and have resumed my love for painting I want to do an original painting for one of you. For any of you that might like to have a portrait of your pride and joy Mooney please send a reply to this thread or PM with photos of your Mooney attached. The image file should be a jpeg or PDF showing your plane in its best form it can be parked or in flight. My future plans are to do these on a consignment basis and will be expanding out to other forums but want to keep it to more of a hobby than a pure business.. i will allow a couple of weeks for folks to send me there photos and I will select one that I am most inspired by. attached are a couple examples of my work. I hope to get lots of responses. Thank you in advance for all that participate Bonal
  10. bonal

    Under attack

    It's ironic but when we aren't having massive fires Lake County has the cleanest / clearest air in the state. On moonless nights you see so much of space and stars it's amazing very little light pollution I have seen the Milky Way so clearly you would swear you could reach out and touch it.
  11. I have dropped that damn key a couple times when removing for fuel and I swear it ends up being in a spot that makes no sense. Good luck in finding it.
  12. bonal

    Under attack

    I did not want to go there but you are absolutely correct.
  13. bonal

    Under attack

    I know that's not what you meant and forgive my comment but nerves are shot right now. There are things that can be done to help protect from fire but when the flames grow to over 300 feet high it's likely not going to make much difference. As I have been involved with the restoration process for all the fires except the current ones "retired" and sitting this one out I have seen houses made of brick and stone reduced to a pile of rubble.
  14. bonal

    Under attack

    I'm sure no pun was intended for the flamed comment but was actually kind of funny. As for climate change, nope it's called summer and it's always hot as hell in Lake county. The problem is too much fuel because there is no controlled burns and deforestation. And yes no fun at all.
  15. bonal

    Lakeport / Lampson

    Right now there are several copters parked on the RWY as well as trailers and other support vehicles so might be a little tough to have all that moved. Then once they clear off I believe the RWY is going to be re paved.