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  1. I imagine the electric gear might be like my electric garage door I have to do a sort of Gumps when I drive away visually checking the door is down and closing my center arm rest where the clicker is. With a manual door you know you put it down. If I forget to close the console I'm not sure the door is down
  2. Search ends for a Socata that went missing a week ago from Truckee airport headed for Petaluma. Very mountainous snow covered terrain. Not sure what the weather was like the day of the flight but with the winter we have been having would not be surprised if was unfavorable.
  3. Very sad hope no one else aboard.
  4. Humor is good not really the direction I wanted this to go. Believe or not I am trying to be helpful to those that don't understand the manual gear.
  5. There have been a few not quite a number of posts from folks thinking about purchasing a Mooney but are concerned about the manual gear and how it would impact them because of physical disabilities. I thought in my goofy head might be useful to them if they could have some non aviation activities for comparison they might do that are equal to operating the bar. For instance using an auto floor jack or lifting cast iron pots from a cupboard under the counter or operating a recliner that has a lever that is almost exactly like the Johnson bar. please help these fearful potential Mooney owners. This is intended to be both helpful and humorous
  6. I wasn't referring to personal liability I was speaking of what manufacturers have to spend on their own product liability. Because a good lawyer can sue an airplane manufacturer for a parts failure even after decades and multiple owners.
  7. Fine I'm just recounting what he told me. Putting blame on legal vs profit or production costs dosn't change the bottom line so not sure what would motivate the guy to lie to my face. Especially since it is something me as a possible customer could verify and then find out I was lied to by the president of the company and not choose to buy his product. Is there anyone on this site that does not think product liability is a significant factor in the cost of an airplane?
  8. And let's not forget about how costly certification is and product liability is. I have commented before about a conversation with the President of Cirrus and he said product liability is over 60 percent the cost of the airplane. This I'm sure holds true for all makes.
  9. I feel the same way as Hank Ferrari does these incredible new designs and while very interesting of very little relevance to me. Another similar trait between Mooney and Porsche is with the 911 or 356. They took a great design and over the many years evolved it into the current model 911 but basically the same car. I think we all agree that Mooneys are kind of the same a great design that evolved but still keeping with the original design. I would equate the M20A to the Porsche 356. As for the new Mooney unless I won the Lottery could never afford one but if I could I would definitely give it a close look for consideration. Most of what my fellow Mooney spacers fly is way out of my financial league as well just happy the C's are out there. I wonder how the plastic planes will be when they are over 50 years old like mine. I was really excited about the new M10 and hope it was used as a concept that will lead the company into the future and not a failure that was abandoned. We'll see said the zen master we'll see.
  10. My hair is really long yet yours is short but continues to grow and you keep cutting it why's that?
  11. Mine is neither
  12. When I was his age I was very opinionated and made sure everyone knew it. As I've gotten older I still have my opinions but realize they may not always be right or the same as others have. But you cannot doubt his passion and I think his desire to have all of us be safe flyers.
  13. It's been a number of flights with my new D Clark Pro X headset that I received from my wife for Christmas. I have been using the same set that came with my Cessna which had ANR that worked very well until the internal batt stopped holding charge. The Pro X is an on ear design with digital NR the first thing I noted was they are very light at only 7 ounces and they fold into a very small shape that you could fit into the pocket of your typical cargo pants. I also find the construction quality to be outstanding. One of the things I like about the on ear design is there is no contact with my glasses so makes wearing glasses more comfortable. The important thing is to make sure they are fitted correctly on the ears. This headset is very comfortable and you hardly notice your wearing them. Passive NR is not the best but it does reduce noise some. When you switch on the ANR it's almost weird how quiet things get. All sound drops away with the exception of a very quiet purring sound. Communication is very clear. I have not used the blue tooth function but expect it to be very good since ATC sounds exceptional. They took a little getting used to in the landing phase because I lost some audibles that I was used to (engine sounds) and the like. They do make my gear warning horn very hard to hear but that has just made me more conscious about power reductions and making sure my gear goes down. I'm sure that with more modern airplanes the warnings could be piped into the set. When I first started using them I would switch off the ANR on approach. overall I am extremely happy with them and they are quite a bit less expensive than the Bose or Lightspeed sets.
  14. Very curious indeed. Why not just get the engine rebuilt and enjoy a fast freaking Mooney.
  15. Getting the Mooney C down to gear speed is a very conscious effort for me and as I am fast and getting close to my destination I find my 120mph gear speed to be a great way to put me into a gear down state. Setting up for approach and pattern I find my gear speed is the perfect tool for not forgetting my gear. 120mph means gear down. Then with each phase of pattern to landing I repeat my Gumps.