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  1. bonal

    Bay Area Crash

    Very common especially in the summer but was a very different kind of day last Friday. Low ceilings very cold was even snowing on Diablo. I also recall the winds were quite gusty and to be doing it at night VFR in what might have been a new to him airplane. Very very sad.
  2. bonal

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    Joe very happy to see your post as it was said to be based at Lincoln and discovering it wasn't you. Saw the photo and could tell it was a red and white Mooney. Very sad news regardless. Knowing what the weather was like that night I can't imagine making that flight even if IFR. When we fly out of LVK we pass the west side of the summit and even though much closer to mt Diablo are still able to be above the summit by the time we pass by. Flying from Hayward plane should have been well above that altitude unless he was trying to stay under the SFO bravo shelf that is right there on the west side and not much higher than the peak. Can't imagine that this was a VFR trip and if I had to guess was possible icing but as is all too often all we can do is speculate and say a prayer for the family and friends. Very sad news.
  3. bonal

    Today's flight in 2019

    Rain and snow like we're getting now used to mean mandatory stand by and being sent away for undetermined amounts of time and working until all power is restored to our customers . Now in retirement I can enjoy the wood stove keeping us nice and warm at home while working on my latest painting.
  4. bonal


  5. bonal

    Recommissioning - Airplane and Myself

    195 knots @ FL 180 I knew a turbo E would have to be quite the hot rod. Good luck getting back into the sky.
  6. Check with Lake Aero, a couple of annuals ago my oil lines needed replaced and they just pulled them off the shelf. Don't recall what they cost didn't matter it needed it so just got it done. One nice thing about doing my annual there is that there is almost never a delay for needed parts.
  7. bonal

    Recommissioning - Airplane and Myself

    A turbocharged E, you do know that pictures are required. Good luck with the airplane and the reconditioning of it and its pilot.
  8. bonal

    Check Gear!

    Didn't know about the broken leg I don't recall it being mentioned in the local news story. Hopefully he recovered 100%
  9. bonal

    Check Gear!

    Not far off topic at all OP was about checking gear this applies to sea planes as well. Images of what can happen can serve to remind us of what's at stake.
  10. bonal

    Today's flight in 2019

    Weather here in NorCal has been very rainy with low ceilings but makes for perfect weather to be doing a different kind of Mooney time. Here are a couple paintings from images my wife and I liked. Sky's are clearing so hopefully we will be getting some flying in soon.
  11. bonal

    Check Gear!

    That's what happened to this fellow a couple years ago, departed Lampson and is under one minute from the approach to landing on the lake and forgot to put the gear UP, fortunately no one seriously injured. Flying an amphibious could be confusing.
  12. Still do it this way, I'm 5 10 and just over 200 it really makes it so easy. 32 inch inseam so pretty normal. This is much more subjective than Lop vs Rop or what is best flap setting to use for landing.
  13. bonal

    Check Gear!

    He was quite the innovator
  14. bonal


    I really like the colors the dark green with the gold, very classy. When I was a kid and was first exposed to GA my folks best friends had a Barron then he sold it and had a brand new Bonanza made a 36 I think had the rear seats that faced each other. That was his last airplane before he passed away. I sure wish I could remember it's tail number. First airplane I ever flew in was a V tail Bo.
  15. While I completely agree best to leave all the non aviation subjects to the rest of the Internet. However, I have to say some of the most entertaining threads on MS were the ones that got locked by admin.