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  1. Well I was up on my CFI’s property clearing a tree that burned in the valley fire some years ago. Has been a great source of firewood. intended to start the new today’s flight thread when I got home and Doc beat me to it. Was really my only thing that I felt I could contribute to the forum. Just as well. Hoping all have a safe year in 2021. Audios amigos. Remember to get the gear down above all else.
  2. Thank you to those that took the time to share flights and other stories for the year 2020. A year that many would like to get a Muligan and perhaps a free drop with no penalty. Even with all the restrictions many were able to get some great flying done. Hopefully next year will be better for all. We shall see said the zen master. See you on the flip side. Bonal
  3. A great birthday gift from my brother. Anthony perhaps you could get it out of its 90 degree bank
  4. That much oil in that short time has to be an indication on where it went. Start looking in the obvious places exhaust, plugs, belly, pilot side means breather tube. All zero cost to do. Also try compression check but instead of looking for a number listen through the oil fill tube when each cylinder is pressurized for sound of passing air. I don't think it possible to leak that much and not find it reach the floor. Good luck, and a good reminder to all how important to check oil every time before starting the engine even after a short flight
  5. Sadly I'm not very optimistic about 2021. Dark winter in the forecasts and I'm hoping I'm wrong. 2020 has been a cast iron b%÷/ch
  6. I try to avoid full rich for any idle speeds because of plug fouling would rather find sweet spot from the lean side of the spectrum but that's just me. Snoopy is very sensitive that way.
  7. But how do you know just how far to push it in. If it's cranking as you enrich then it fires as soon as ideal mixture is reached. Guess it's about what works best for the individual. It's all good
  8. Or like so many perhaps a bad year. God knows many have. Ten to twelve for me but sometimes sooner if radio traffic is really busy
  9. As others have said easy Peasy but kind of depends on what you consider warm. Set rpm around 1100 pull mixture to cut off. When ready turn key push mixture in till it fires usually only a couple blades. If it's been more than a few hours give it one pump on the throttle and do the same procedure as before. Always works for our C
  10. Other than model year upgrades like electric gear vs manual or short body vs long etc. The age is far less important than how it's been maintained over the years. I don't even know if our mooney's even have any limit on airframe hours. Newer does not mean better. Don't get hung up on an arbitrary age. You may pass up the best candidates
  11. For our old C with a dog house it always comes down to control of temperature. In warmer weather and in cruise lower rpm always brings temps down vs higher rpm. As much as I like the higher speed running 2500 I will always run 2400 which brings my oil and cylinder temperature back down to acceptable levels on hot days. Not sure if this directly relates to wear on the engine but it seems logical.
  12. Very sad news and prayers to those left behind. When we lose a fellow aviator it means there are even fewer members of a real small group of very dynamic and vibrant people. God speed
  13. I like it when there is a mix of polished aluminium and paint accents. Would definitely paint the belly and some accents under the wings just to make it easier to maintain. Not too many airplanes are completely bare. I guess if it's a look you like then you have to be committed to a lot more upkeep.
  14. Luggage 30 to 50lbs each are you bringing scuba gear? except that your better half might approach those numbers but how much does a few pair of shorts shirts and flip flops seems like the F would be perfect fit based on all factors and your budget. Good luck and have fun
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