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  1. Or, Hey Mav this is a great picture I should be a photographer
  2. District 4 Supervisor Tina Scott will offer a resolution in support of a proclamation honoring Paul and Shery Loewen on June 20 at the county courthouse. The matter is scheduled for 9 a.m. and it would be nice to have a great show of support from the LCAA membership. I’ve been asked to make some brief remarks to the board. The proclamation will be presented by Supervisor Scott to the Loewen’s at an LCAA event which will be scheduled upon their return from vacation. Paul and Shery want to schedule it in order to accommodate the schedules and travel needs of their children who want to attend. A copy of a letter sent to the LCAA LCAA is Lake County Airmans Association Anyway I just thought I would share this for those that might be interested. Nice to know the County is recognizing the Loewens for all the years they have been a part of our very small business comunity.
  3. Cool but I don't think that's a nitro car looks like top alcohol
  4. The question about speed and wrapped bodies would best be answered by top fuel dragsters and funny cars. With special sponsored events lots of changes to the cars color schemes and would not be surprised if they were wraps. 330 plus mph.
  5. Milk run to Waley World. Never thought when I was learning to fly that my primary mission would be shopping but hey it really makes sense considering where we live. No matter it's still flying and beats the crap out of driving.
  6. Man that's a big airplane
  7. Well in fact we've made four fuel stops love the little FBO there. Next time we fly to MT will have to let you know.
  8. I'm sorry but I don't think there is anything inanimate about our Mooneys
  9. Hey Scott, I know that if I do a quick edit of a photo even if I dont change anything and save it will post right side up if not then it goes in sideways. As for picture quality basic rule of thumb is to put the sun behind you and really important if your shooting through plastic (glass) of course this is sometimes hard to do if your on the wrong side of your subject matter relative to the sun.
  10. Was that at Lower Lake high school was John W your instructor out at Pierce field
  11. I'll have a look as well
  12. Don't know why but as a very young kid I thought nothing was cooler than airplanes. I remember like most my age building all sorts of model airplanes and I remember my first time flying my Corsair F4U on a string with a Cox 049 engine. That damn thing tried to kill me more than once. My folks best friends were flyers and I got to go for some rides in Bonanzas comanchi twin and even a Baron over the years. My friend in high school got his ppl in our senior year and we used to cut class before lunch and rent the 152 at his club at HAY fly over the school at lunchtime. Many many...many years later as I kept looking at airplanes for sale on the web my girlfriend (now wife) said you should just buy one and learn to fly. She knew how much I loved it. She is also the reason we now fly a Mooney when she said we need a faster airplane. Is it any surprise I married her. If not for her I doubt I would have ever allowed myself the realization of a life long dream.
  13. Talking to the mechanics sounds like the new owners are going to be good for the Mooney community. Everone speaks highly of Dan in parts but the other side of that fast service is Dave in shipping so I just thought I would give him a shout out as he is very much a part of all your quick service.
  14. And welcome to Moonsy Space
  15. Congrats Matt. Looks like a nice one and I think it's been discussed on another thread. Hope you have loads of fun and good luck as for a name how about Sea Biscuit Had to look up WTH a cutting horse was... never mind