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  1. New pup

    Actually My girlfriend now wife named him so she gets the credit and when I met her and asked if it was from the J Quest character she said yes I knew she was someone I would want to get to know better. Aside from Looney tunes Jonny Quest was by far the coolest Saturday morning cartoons when I was a kid. not the best animation but nice art work and great story concepts. And of coarse lots of aviation.
  2. Cruise RPM

    2450 for us but wasn't one of the choices
  3. Mooney down in CT - N53CP

    Terrible news, my thoughts and prayers for the friends and family
  4. New pup

    That is such sad news so very sorry to read that. Hopeful you will find another that makes you as happy. I alway feel good knowing we saved Magneto from the shelter and are able to give him a home and all the love and attention he deserves. Our last flight his second he did great but my wife did mention he looked a little off while I was letting her friend fly the plane.
  5. Today's flight for 2017

    We took Snoopy for an overnight trip to the coast at LLR and even though to some it sounds like a long flight we were only 25 minutes away the wind was really in our face getting only 120mph ground speed and we were at full gross with myself my wife her friend and our 70 pound pup Magneto plus a full load in the baggage area. As always one needs to pay close attention to the marine layer but with AWOS reporting favorable and an employee at the resort giving us reports from the location we were good to go. During our stay the weather just kept getting better with the fog out to sea our late morning departure today was in the most perfect flying weather you could ever hope for. I let my wife's friend take control for a few turns and some straight and level flight and she really enjoyed being able to fly an airplane. Little River Inn is a great place to stay with great service and a nice looking golf course. They are both dog and pilot friendly and will pick you up and bring you back. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to spend some time on the California North Coast.
  6. Elliot Seguin Quickie crash

    All I know is when looking at it as a second only flight and as he passed by the wind sock I thought what the hell were they thinking flying it in those conditions. Glad he wasn't hurt badly. I think more than luck.
  7. What a fantastic story. God speed to all those been hit by this and way to go GA
  8. Today's flight for 2017

    Really too hot to fly. After getting to STS in the late morning we were headed home and by the time we were taxi out it was about 107 degrees on the OAT. This would not have been a problem except for the long hold short waiting while an incoming jet to land on the opposite runway. By the time we hit the gas cylinder temp was near 400 and oil was over 2. Took a good bit of finess to keep things in the green and still get enough performance to climb high enough for the mountains ahead. Was able to get cylinder temp back down to 400 but that was the hottest I have ever seen it get. Otherwise an ok flight but landing at home was with an unexpected bounce. Ah me.
  9. Late Mooniac shirt entry

    How much starch do you use on your pants
  10. Bonal was a nick name I got from my oldest dearest friend and actually more personal than my real name.
  11. Fly-in at LASAR! Who's Coming?

    Pretty nice turn out lots more people than planes but at least 20 Mooneys on the ramp. Seemed like everyone was having fun. Ran into a few MSers Pritch and Bennet and Bug Smasher said hello. Our pup Magneto had fun looking at all the airplanes
  12. Terrible Two's

    Nope wasn't mad then and forgot all about it. What I am mad about is that Mooney flaps don't give me as much drag and braking like I was getting with my Cessnas 40 degree Fowler flaps with those things full down and a heavy flare that damn thing would practically stop mid air and drop onto the runway. Nice to be thought of now and then.
  13. Today's flight for 2017

    Today was wash day since Snoopy was looking a little check that a lot dirty. My wife met me at the hangar with our puppy and we went to work. It's a big job and am so thankful to have a wife that is willing to help with such things. Turned out pretty nice for the time we spent as you all know you can spend forever cleaning these things. Besides with the upcoming LASAR flyin I can't show up with a dirty bird. Won't be much of a flight though just a taxi across the ramp.
  14. Fly-in at LASAR! Who's Coming?

    I think the 3500 is what they are setting as a limit for the free gift annual. We just finished ours and it was well under 3 K.