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  1. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Nice report as for the rigging just make sure it's done by some one that knows what they are doing.
  2. Today's flight for 2017

    Perfect flying weather for a hop to WLW been having some problems with our com 1 Narco 12d on the transmission being very garbled seems intermittent will have to look into it. Otherwise a very nice flight with not a single bump. Return with 100 pounds of groceries full fuel and 3 on board giving us 700fpm at 120mph.
  3. Obviously he is looking to start a career in politics
  4. Looking at this is there any wonder why we love our retractable landing gear. Beautiful !
  5. When needed a few turns of the handle and down it comes
  6. Perhaps if I had the HP of a 252 I would not care. Besides this here is a vintage question not for the new fangled flyin machine types
  7. Whats funny is how many drivers consider themselves to be very good or excellent drivers. Since we dont fly in such close proximity as we drive and as I have such a limited amount of exposure to other pilots i wonder if the percentage of delusianal pilots that think they are gods gift to aviation is as high as there are drivers to driving.
  8. My wife nor I have any trouble boarding or de planing without the step, occasionally I will lower the "old man step" for passengers. When I was first looking at Mooney's I thought the crank was to role the window up and down, if you had the crank mechanism and switched your step to vacuum you might as well install a window that goes up and down using that crank.
  9. I remember when I was owning and flying our C150 they came out with an AD that required you to install rubber stops on the existing metal rudder stops to prevent the rudder from becomming jammed to the side. This was the result of two accidents where the crashed airplane had the rudder stuck in this position 2 out of over 17000 150's and one was out of annual the other could not be determined if the rudder caused the crash or if the crash caused the jammed rudder. The alternative to the stops was to place a placard on the panel stating intentional spins prohibited. I opted for the placard since the rubber stops reduced rudder athority and whos to say if my spin was intentional. I have yet to encounter crosswinds that our short rudder can't cope with. 15 to 20kts at 75 to 90 degrees is pretty common at home.
  10. Cost of ownership "budget"

    Certainly agree on the pay in full cant see financing such a non essential item, that said our Converted D is about the bargain basement of this group the avionics are simple VFR but since I have no desire to fly in IMC its not something I am compelled to upgrade. The most costly thing I have had to factor into ownership was not having done a pre purchase inspection. Lots of discussion here about them and they are no guarantee you will not get a big expensive repair but you can save a ton by avoiding something major that might be in your first annual because no one bother to do a proper inspection. I really try not thinking about how much this activity costs me but how much I would hate it if I had to give it up. IMHO you really cant budget this you just have to dive in and then you will know how much it costs. Insurance and storage are predictalble but thats about it unless you finance then of course your monthly paments can be pre determined as well. Hope you are able to join in the fun. And like the Master Card commercials say "being able to take to the sky when and wherever you choose...priceless"
  11. Like others have said after turning off the pump my fuel pressure holds and I get about a pound drop with each pump of the throttle also it gives me about 4.5psi and yours looks to be maxed at 2.5 I'm not certain but the accelerator pump in the carb if working properly should supply fuel as long as there is fuel in the float bowl based on you videos I would be looking for a fuel system issue. However you did mention that your mags were recently overhauled always the possibility something was done incorrectly there.
  12. Looks like you made a good call did not notice if you posted but what were the compressions especially on number 4. Surprised there wasn't any abnormal amounts of material in your oil sample which makes me wonder the real value there. Excellent pictures and follow up report. I would not be spooked by having flown behind that engine it obviously got you there without failure and your spider senses said it was time to pull it. Do you know what approach your going to make for the replacement an OH or a re manufactured are the big pieces within tolerance
  13. Uber’s Pipedream

    We have all seen amazing advances in tech but IMHO it seems the smarter tech gets the dumber people get. Don't know what it will require to get the airspace needed for a über air taxi service to be possible I think the first hurdle is already being addressed for the use of drones to deliver goods to people. And I've no doubt that if successful the GA community will be the first to go. As for self driving cars and the possibility that we will not be allowed to hand drive our cars well quite frankly that is a time I don't care to live in. And what would be the point of a high performance car. Companies like Porsche Ferrari will become irrelevant what would be the point of a Corvette or any other high performance car. And will I have to park my 1000cc sport bike. Emotion is falling prey to logic passion for things that stir emotion and the soul are becoming more distant. All one has to do is look to the arts to see this. Music and art and the like are suffering. We live in a world where safety is the most important thing and are willing to give up all manor of freedoms to save ourselves and our planet. Trust your government to take care of you. I'm glad I grew up in a time that the word virtual was not tied to reality. Self driving cars are just around the corner and as far as this old school dude is concerned ride in one if you choose too, drive an all electric car if that's what you want just don't tell me how to live my life for the communist good. To coin a phrase you you can have my steering wheel when you pry it from my cold dead hands. Take care
  14. Hello

    I didn't start till I was 50 the one nice thing about the late start is now at 59 and this flying thing is like a new life experience that I am just beginning to grow into it with so much to learn and enjoy. It's never too late. Welcome to Mooney space.