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  1. If I was seeing 150kias at 5000 ft in a 30 degree bank I know my AOA would be very low perhaps even into the negative because I would have to be descending to be that fast in a C
  2. Good luck with the sale and with your new bird. Looking forward to posts about it and the customizations you plan to do.
  3. Today's flight actually started yesterday as we flew north to Redmond OR to dig for aggets known as thunder eggs. It's been a long time since we have flown more than a short hop. 375 miles was done in 2h 15min with our gps showing 180mph ground speed. There was lots of clouds below us as we made our way north more than forecasted but as we neared RDM there was lots of breaks allowing us to descend into the area. The flights both yesterday and the return today were as smooth as you can imagine flying at 9500 and 10500 feet each way. Found lots of rocks in fact had just under 50 pounds of them in a five gal bucket in the baggage area. Now I need a rock saw to slice them open to see what's inside.
  4. What is a PDI were all familiar with PPI ?
  5. bonal


    Don't want to see a political subject line but I agree with the post about non aviation subject. One thing for certain is there are people on MS with amazing talent experience and knowledge on many fronts. I know the Google provides information on everything but I would rather learn from folks here than doing random searches. For example if I needed to train a parrot.
  6. Yesterday we made a short flight to the coast as I needed some areal photos for reference to use on my paintings. Winds and thermals were really screwy as soon as we were on the upwind we were getting 12 to 13 hundred fpm and had a pretty bouncy flight to the sea. The marine layer was deep but fore flight showed a gap open along about 20 to 30 miles close to home. When we hit the area it looked just like what the satellite was showing and would be good for pictures. But the ride was so bumpy at 2000 agl made it near impossible to get any good pics. Head for home. AWOS was stating variable 10 knots with a 90 degree swing. Was getting pushed and pulled in the pattern and just before TD got the stall horn and dropped onto the runway from maybe a foot or two. We were at 75mph at that moment so must have picked up one of the infamous Lampson rollers. Also had to move out of the hangar I was renting. forth move at our little airport. I think I may have lucked out as we were able to find this one and for the first time it's not shared with others. Owner says we can stay as long as we like.
  7. Here's a thought, while the engine is at idle have you tried tapping on the glass. Could be its sticking and can't get passed 21
  8. Other than adding air to the tires or a quart of oil as needed I bring Snoopy into my shop but typically do most of the work myself or along side with my mech. I have been turning wrenches longer than I can remember and find most tasks our planes require to be pretty basic and having done several annuals have learned many of the tricks specific to our brand. It has been mentioned that distractions take place in busy shop environments so one of my primary functions during owner assist annuals is to keep a respectful eye on things and if my mechanic is called away from something unfinished I will make certain he completes whatever was being done before moving on to the next task. There have been things that had to wait for whatever reason and when this happens I put a big strip of bright yellow tape on the unfinished part and use a highlighter on the inspection sheet for that item. Pulling these old airplanes apart and putting them back together again year after year creates its own form of wear and tear.
  9. And all this time I thought you were only half human
  10. Reading of the extent of his injuries was like a punch in the gut. Thank you Mike for your efforts in helping the families.
  11. This yields 154 knots (see photo) with two on board. On long trips we fly as close to three hours between fuel and with climb cruise and descent most I can put in is 27 gallons of fuel and I'm sure we burn more in the climb than we get back in the descent so 9gph seems pretty reasonable. At 8000 ft three heading gps gave 148 knots and four heading gave 149 again with two on board. Your thoughts were taken in the spirit you intended. But yes there are Mooney C's that can do the unlikely. I read your post but didn't even realize I was being quoted till Bobs reply such an old thread. all good
  12. Making the long walk from the Walmart. This is how to shop at Wally World
  13. And that's exactly the point I was trying to make. Making base and final turns can be banked safely as long as you don't increase wing loading by increased elevator in an attempt to INCREASE your RATE of turn. If you make your turn radius and rate of descent correctly to line up with the runway on the desired glide slope without the need to tighten your turn there is no problem.