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  1. Not for nothing, based on your load numbers and very limited experience I would suggest the F or J would be a good starting point for a complex traveling machine. Also your budget would provide the very best choices in those models. Density altitude should never be an issue as it's something that can always be managed by simply doing your math and planning accordingly. I don't know you and how skilled a flight student you are but there is a long road ahead for you as many have said a PPL is simply a license to learn. Adding high performance i.e., turbo charging and complex to a new pilot is a lot to add to the many things you will have to become proficient at as a new pilot. Can it be done safely of course and it's all good until it isn't. Good luck with you check ride and enjoy the hunt for your new wings. Another nice thing about the J is if you do ultimately move up beyond that it's one of the most desirable models so won't be hard to sell when the time comes.
  2. California coast is about as good as it gets. Political systems are pretty shitty no matter where you live. Now looking for better tax rates does make sense don't know what property taxes are in Florida but for us it's hard to improve the bottom line since we were able to buy at such a low cost. Any move would at least triple the value and subsequent taxes for an equivalent of what our house is worth now. Lake County has so much VFR it's not funny if it weren't for the wild fires I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Lots of nice homes for 300 AMU's. Good luck with your retirement. It's been two years now and still getting used to having every day belong to me and my wife and no one else.
  3. Inconsistent terminology first it landed then it crashed. Typical
  4. That is so sad Jerry,. It just goes to show we never know when our time here is going to end don't put off your dreams make them happen as soon as you are able. God speed.
  5. Care to divulge what he did to fix the problem
  6. That's weird, try doing a high speed taxi and see if they deploy during the run but be ready she may want to take off with the increase in lift. Can't imagine what could change in flight vs on the ground with such a simple system. Edit, oh I guess three things could change kind of where I was going with my thoughts
  7. Spoke with Dan at LASAR and he said the extended BY massive are a good choice also Matt above seemed to have good luck with them so that's the way I'm headed. Existing tempest REM38E had only about 150 hours on them so yes they don't last as long but fits my fixed income better.
  8. Pulled them plugs was 3/4 on the leads so REM is correct fit. Number one was a little oily and a couple AP's at LASAR took a look and said they'd seen far worse and didn't think was bad enough to cause a bad misfire also pointed out the electrodes were a little out of round indicating it's time to replace them anyway. I'll have to review the logs to see when I installed them can't be more than a couple hundred hours on them. Went with the REM37BY so hopefully will improve this occasional issue. Thanks for all the replies
  9. Looks like your trying to fix something that isn't broken. Honestly if 200 is your norm I would not worry about it. I don't know at what temperature the water vapor cooks off but would think it needs to be relatively hot for that to happen. It's nice to have things nice and cool but 200 is well below red line. As for the lower cowl mod it does improve the look and remember it's not how you feel it's how you look that matters.
  10. That's very thoughtful Skates,. Did you notice any difference/improvement when you went to the fine wire?
  11. I intend to remove and inspect the plugs at which time will determine if a 3/4 or 7/8 wrench is required. Looking at tempest application info I don't see indications for short vs extended electrodes on the massive plugs. Will likely go with the FW but can't for the life of me understand why such a huge price difference.