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  1. And is a big addition to the cost of certified airplanes
  2. I'd like to see more pics. Love the blue as for the accent stripes they kind of give it a nice abstract tension and a little different than the same as everyone else's curved graphics.
  3. Welcome to Mooney Space D, what kind of Lancair are you building. We have a fellow hear Yooper that has built one of the finest examples flying.
  4. Nobody hurt, great news. New owners pride and joy heavily damaged. Totally sucks. Making jokes is a little harsh don't you think.
  5. And that's all that matters
  6. Definitely looking to do the tail version. Please let us know if there are any installation issues. Thanks
  7. Been holding out for the tail version think it will look better than having two dissimilar nav lights on each wing. Now the question is will it be as easy to install on our Mooneys as the wing version.It's just two screws holding the tail lamp with a metal cover.
  8. Three of the four hangars I have been in required differential braking in order to get the nose pointed in the right direction. It definitely reduced the turning radius. I don't know if it's dragging the nose tire if so it doesn't feel like it and I have never seen evidence of it on the tread.
  9. I respectfully disagree with this sentiment. I fly a C and have no intention of getting my IFR. In fact I would make the point that flying VFR in a faster airplane is safer than in a slow airplane in that the weather forecasts have less time to vary than they would if you are traveling much more slowly. And even though the majority of our trips are less than 200 miles it's nice to be able to do them in just over an hour as opposed to more than two. I suppose if we lived east of the Rocky Mountains where weather is more un stable it would make more sense to hold the rating. To the OP I say happy hunting
  10. Super glad no one seriously hurt. Now at least there is someone to tell the tail of what happened and we can learn the why.
  11. Better to have one Mooney down and three threads than three Mooneys down and one thread. Kind of like communications with atc or Ctaf. Listening before you transmit
  12. Just a minute over 15, I think your position in the hangar would be way worse if you were in front of the others would be moving constantly. We have been in shared hangars three to be exact and there was always something going on that I wasn't happy about. Now we are in a nice T with no one else and I really like knowing it's not going to be touched by anyone. 30 to 40 minutes isn't too bad and would be worth for the piece of mind that it's not being handled by anyone but you.
  13. I would pick 24X based on better panel layout and lower time on engine. Also I don't like the open guppy and X-ray has the LASAR closure. Also love the prop spinner. One of the few if not the only advantage of being a VFR only pilot is fancy certified avionics don't matter as much and X-ray would need nothing. Some times I think Mooney Space should be re named Panel Space. As for paint both have similar design but I have to say the green is more pleasing. Good luck whoever ends up with your E should be very happy
  14. GXR looks like you had a fantastic day congrats on another successful annual