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  1. "A Lonely Kind Of War" by Marshall Harrison "Chickenhawk" bt Robert Mason "flight of the intruder" (terrible movie) great book Stephen Coonts (canable queen) All written by actual pilots that flew the airplanes and helo's they write about
  2. Icing event.

    I was wondering when someone was going to point out the percentages
  3. My 252

    I thought I was going to enjoy a quick flight in your 252 while eating my lunch alas only a push back into the hangar. But the same applies to our wonderful D/C very lucky indeed
  4. Bulb removal

    Took a plier but that did it that little sucker did not want to come out.
  5. Last flight I noticed the gear unsafe light was inop. Bench tested and would not light. So the question is how to extract the bulb from the housing. sorry about the poor image quality IPad camera not very good. Thanks for any advise on this little sucker.
  6. Today's flight for 2018

    Been a while since posting on today's flight and actually we have taken a few flights over the past weeks but in truth they were just our usual milk runs but regardless still great to be flying. Today we flew to LVK to meet my mom and sister for lunch at the golf course restaurant which is right off the end of the west ramp. The flight down we were getting 180 mph GS unlimited visibility 50 degrees at 5500 feet. But paid it back with 136 GS for our return. As usual Snoopy ran beautiful and as we were approaching home I started to think we were on a perfect oops put the hex on it and with 15 knot gusts at 45 degrees kind of forgot about the Lampson crosswind rollers that hit you as you cross the numbers causing a stiff but not hard landing ah me. Still all in all was a great day with family and plane. Looks like Calif is in another drought year but on the plus side makes for great winter flying.
  7. Have you asked LASAR I would think they might be able to provide some help. Before and after pics as well as speed improvements if any would be great. As for me I still think the 2 piece looks cool and I guess these guys agree.
  8. Congrats to Mike Goulian for his win at Abu Dhabi his first in nine years. Kirby Chamblis also made the final four.
  9. Clouds

  10. Clouds

  11. We are so Blessed OH to be able to have such a wonderful set of options that we can argue such things. I always thought Barrons were very cool
  12. Diagnosing high oil temps

    Not too often I am able to add comment on MS with direct experience but with ours we used to see real nice oil temps in the middle of the green arc. Then had Garwin cluster redone and calibrated and found that the oil temp needle was sticking at the mid point and not even close to accurate and after the work on the gauge was getting close to red line on hot days. I did the hot water with a sep thermometer and found oil temp was reading 19 degrees too high on the gauge. installed a JPI slimline oil temp gauge and it was consistant we were in the 230 degree range on the worst days. checking the vernatherm we found the plunger was worn allowing oil to bypass the cooler and go straight back to the motor. It would travel from open to closed but because the plug was worn was not making a good seal. When you have it out you need to check the condition on the case side because that could be worn as well. It works opposite of an auto thermostat in that it closes when hot not opens. When its closed it forces the oil to the cooler. After replacing the vernatherm we saw a big improvement as much as 15 to 30 degrees cooler depending on outside conditions.
  13. Bingo! thats what I will be doing. The thread has taken a strange turn from endings to beginnings. My first car was an Opel GT that I modified so much that when Calif created its smog check I had to sell it cause it would never pass inspection. I raced it in SCCA solo 2 very competively.
  14. State Registration

    Just got our valuation form from the county (in CA) went into the county office on a couple of ocasions to advise them of our ownership they were never sent. i guess it takes a few years for our county to figure it out. Oh well gotta pay them taxes. We can show our plane as an historic aircraft and it waves the taxes I think it requires 12 or 15 times a year by the time you fly it to show it you spend more in fuel than what the taxes are. But you get to fly!