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  1. My buying and selling experience was pretty simple I went looking at my first a C150 it looked good and got a test flight and everything seemed fine selling price was reasonable so I purchased it and it turned out to be a fine aircraft. When I was ready to sell after getting my Mooney it took a while but a nice young man that was an AP looked over the books we flew and agreed on a price (a little less than) I would have liked and the deal was done. Purchase of my Mooney was not much different I went to inspect got a test flight we agreed on a price and I flew my CFI down to fly it home. The lack of a pre buy inspection proved costly on the Mooney but things have worked out and we are very happy with our plane. There are some tails of folks that have run into major problems even after all manor of pre buys were done. Some times you just have to dive in the pool and then get used to the water. In many cases these old airplanes are a risk no matter how much you try to Learn of their condition before purchasing
  2. you didn't say you were actually landing a helicopter only that you were landing on a helicopter dolly
  3. Come in steep 70mph parking brake set hit the dolly dead center and see how far it rolls
  4. Last night the local KRON news replayed the event and the story and all they could say was there are those that think Mr. Ford should have his license taken away and there were over 100 people on that jet. Typical!! Comming in nose high on a tail dragger and I dont know how tall he is but i bet you cant see a whole lot out in front by the time you are on final. Not making an excuse but just thinking what his sight picture is like.
  5. Lets seeeee... I'm wondering if the courtesy car will be available and how long it will take to get the shopping done and I wonder if this might be easier if I had an angle of attack indicator. If my wife is asleep I'm wondering if I can land it without waking her. Of course there is always the decision about what to have for lunch. This is on my mind. Enter the pattern and do my GUMPASS
  6. Looks better with red IMHO
  7. And I'm building an ark
  8. "At one point they landed in this field over here. They touched down, it looked like the landing was going to go decent, then they came across a pretty big ditch and that kinda mangled up the plane," said Missouri State Highway Patrol, Corporal Seth Isringhausen. The plane is registered to a man who lives in Ozark. It's not known if he was the pilot but troopers say whoever was flying really knew what he was doing. "I think the pilot probably did a pretty good job to land the way they did. It could've been a lot worse. The fact that they were transported with minor injuries is pretty amazing," Corporal Seth Isringhausen stated Personally I think this sums it up pretty well now lets just hope it wasnt a fuel starvation issue from bad planning
  9. That's because they're chemtrails not contrails Oh My!
  10. Certainly a subjective thing I voted Skye but there are graphics and there are colors. I prefer the graphics on the Skye but think they could have spent more time on the color options for all three
  11. You might forward the information to AOPA and EAA I know they have folks that help fight this sort of thing unfortunately it's a tough fight.
  12. I think its pretty much fine as is but if you look at the very low number of posts in some of the group specific subjects makes you wonder if they could be modified into other subjects
  13. I remember when I first started training and telling my then girlfriend now wife that I can hardly taxi the damn plane how the hell am I going to ever fly it. She said just be patient trust your instructor and it will come. She was right. you will have times of set back and times of great satisfaction as you gain skill. Remember we learn more from our mistakes than we do from our victories
  14. I really like the fact that MS is so active and informative there are lots of folks that are the common posters and many more that are not. but its not like Carusoam or B26 keep others from posting you can step in any time you like.