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  1. bonal

    Today's flight for 2018

    A few days ago was wash and wax day, spent a few hours with my wife getting all the grime off of Snoopy. What a difference nice and shiny. Today was a trip for lunch and some shopping at Nut Tree. Had a bit of turbulence on the trip down nothing major but was very uncomfortable and had to keep an eye on the speed for the bumpy air. Quite a different trip home but started out rather interesting as we departed 20 with a downwind departure anounced on the CTAF as we were climbing on the upwind I saw what appeared to be two helicopters coming straight at us. I made another call to advise of our position and asked if they were on frequency and got no response. I know my radio was receiving as I had listened to the AWOS before we departed and I checked to make sure I was on the correct frequency which I was. Anyway they passed by our right wing at our altitude about one hundred to one fifty feet away. Two jet black rangers was all I could make out. I also heard no inbound calls and I was monitoring the CTAF as soon as we started engine at the fuel rig. As we were on the crosswind we lost sight of them in the ground clutter. Strange. The trip home was smooth and Snoopy was liking his fresh wash and wax giving us a ground speed of 170mph with about a 6 knot cross wind at 6500 ft 2450 and 23mp.
  2. bonal

    AOPA and Mooney

    Mooney talk ? Yes I noticed that too I've never heard of it and I bet they meant Mooney Space. Again just goes to my point of not having much love for our brand. I agree we are a low percentage of the GA brand but I can say that just about every where we fly there are other Mooney's parked around the Tarmac to be seen.
  3. Over the years as a member of AOPA I have begun to suspect that they don't like Mooneys. Of coarse they had to do an article on the Ultra as all the other publications were covering the release of the new model. But other than the paid add on page one you will be hard pressed to find any mention of our beloved M,s let alone a photo. So I'm looking through the newest edition of AOPA Pilot and to my surprise they have the M20J listed on their budget buy where they do a brief review of a used model each month. I must say the comments were not very complimentary. Not really bad but certainly not very complimentary. Whenever they cover big fly in events both in publications and on their weekly live show there is never a shot with a Mooney in view. Anyway it just seems a little odd. Do any of you get the same notion.
  4. bonal

    Today's flight for 2018

    Took a trip with my wife back to LVK to meet an old friend and attend an international quilt show in Santa Clara. He met us at the field and we drove from there. Winds were forecast to be gusting in the 60mph range but the trip down was mostly smooth with not much wind evident. On the return trip we were having to point about 25 degrees east of our destination to compensate for the crosswind. Winds were gusting to 16 at home which made for a tricky downwind, base to final but worked out with us ending up just upwind of the runway on short to a minor slip to landing. The whole time I was very mindful of air speeds and wing loading and keeping the bank to under 30 degrees. They had a red flag warning because of the high winds and low humidity which prompted the utility to pro actively shut off power around Northern California. They are doing if for safety (they say) but in truth it's more about liability since the states version of reverse condemnation is resulting in law suits that are going to reach the billions. I must say during our flight did not feel winds even close to forcast. But was definitely on my mind as I thought about the flight home and if winds were going to be gusting over 50 as we reached for home.
  5. bonal

    Spruced up my wingtips!

    That sure looks nice and it's obvious you know what your doing as someone who does it for a living. How difficult for someone not practiced at installing vinyl would that be. Looks real difficult. The only thing that has always bothered me is when I see manufacturers making products that have simulated carbon fiber as a decorative treatment. Kind of like cars with hood scoops that go nowhere. But definitely a nice installation.
  6. bonal

    Large Wind Sock

    As always well done Carusoam
  7. bonal

    Its been a good run

    Well George, first congrats on a fine looking four blade prop. The rest of it looks nice too. George are you still affiliated with AOPA, if so I have a question. As for the cirrus parachute I know it would vary with conditions but does anyone know the impact speed when it hits ground. And therefore how much energy has to be absorbed by the gear and seats.
  8. bonal

    Large Wind Sock

    Your right about that it looks like a tiny little blue square with a question mark in it.
  9. I remember some time ago seeing an add for replacement doghouse sheet metal. I think the company was based in Alaska but can't be sure. Anyway with all the discussion about cowling mods and CHT I'm thinking I might want to fix mine up. I know it's not in the worst shape but might be nice to pull the temps down a bit. Right now I go just a bit over 400 in climb and usually settle down to about 370 in cruise. Not terribly high but could be better. Any leads on who is selling these parts would be appreciated.
  10. Ah come on, yours are some of my favorite posts.
  11. bonal

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Don, really sorry to read about this and as many others that have been following this story even more sorry to read that the news isn't getting any better. You have been very professional in that you have not mentioned where (what shop) this happened but as there has been over 3 thousand views on your thread you might suggest to them you would share that information with all the Mooney owners if you don't start seeing things progressing more to your expectations. It might put a fire under their butts before having to go to the trouble and expense of an attorney. I know AOPA has a legal team that also may be of some help. But I'm sure with your vast experience in aviation you most likely already have contacts along those lines. good luck to you
  12. Did not know that about the 252 are all the more modern Mooney's like that.
  13. Geeez this is a tough room. My only point is we use the tools we have to the best of our ability I don't doubt that an oil level gauge would be a suitable replacement for a dip stick if you have one and I think we all can trust our oil sticks as long as we use them just as we can trust a fuel stick if properly calibrated and used consistently. I guess I don't know if I would ever be comfortable with not visually checking my fuel or the dip stick for my oil before taking the runway. And maybe I was a bit put off by someone's comment about still using a fuel stick. I guess my question is do you trust the technology that much that you no longer visually confirm your fuel before flight.
  14. It seems some of the simplest subjects can create quite the debate. My thought is if we have fancy technology to tell us how much fuel is in your tanks are you going to stop opening each fuel cap to confirm fuel and if so you might as well stop pulling your dip stick to check engine oil as well. I think oil level is every bit as important as fuel level yet there we are still using a stick to measure this vital level. I use an air hawk to measure fuel and my o360 doesn't have much variation in consumption given a set performance in power and leaning to rough then smooth etc. I think it's also safe to say that modern automobiles have very accurate fuel gauges yet people still run out of gas. I don't think the problem is in how we measure our fuel but in thinking we can push to known limits on duration. My aggregate consumption is 9gph flight after flight so don't have a problem making certain we have enough for planned legs plus reserves.
  15. bonal

    Refurbishing a basket case

    Very sorry to read about your conditions but things like this remind me of one of my favorite quotes "tomorrow is promised to no one" and the best anyone can do is die without regret. I hope you find yourself in the airplane of your dreams soon. You will find plenty to keep you busy tinkering as an owner and plenty to challenge your mind as a pilot.