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  1. Something definitely not right here from the brief description this sounds like it might be a nice airplane and deserves to be taken care of not put down. Heck you can list it here for free and you might sell with minimal hassle. Plus if you did we could all have fun discussing what we thought it's worth IMHO.
  2. bonal

    Today's flight for 2018

    Well for today it was my flight review so my instructor and I made our way to STS for lunch. Once we cleared the ridge it was time for some slow flight maneuvers boy that sure does a number on the CHT then cleared to straight in for landing after a very disappointing BLT we started out departing 20 at about 300agl he took the controls so I could put on the hood for some instrument work then we did a bunch of heading and altitude changes tracked a couple vor's crossed the ridge towards home with more heading and descents until we were entering the pattern and on the midfield DW let me have my eyes outside again. Nice to be set for the next two years and now on the list is my ECI on the prop hub. Definitely want to do more hood time but at least I feel confident that if I were to fly into IMC I would be able to get out of it of course if I were I would engage the auto pilot and make my 180 with the heading bug on the panel. Doing all the hood time was a great workout today i imagine since I did the whole journey unable to see out the window and was just following my instructors directions was kind of like being in IMC until we were at pattern altitude on the down wind and right on speed. Good times.
  3. This is what I love about this place, there are so many hear that are the real deal not just in the piloting but just about all aspects of aviation.
  4. Sadly I think the cost of ownership is the least of GA's problem. IMHO there just isn't the interest in flying as there was 30 plus years ago. GA has been on life support for a long time so for many of us it's been a long time since it was the way we know it. I'm just thankful that I had the interest as a kid growing up and that it never left me as an adult. I can tell you without a doubt after seeing that new Ultra at Paso Robles and then it's flight on Flight aware if I had the means there is no way I would even think of a Cirrus as a choice That Ultra is a beautiful machine I think they will be very strong in the market as things ramp up. And one never knows it could just be a matter of six numbers played. We can all dream.
  5. bonal

    Today's flight for 2018

    Well today for some reason we took Snoopy down to Paso Robles. Weather was as good as it gets cruise was at 7500 and we were getting 170 mph ground with almost no wind. As we were approaching Napa, ATC called out a fast mover at our 12 o'clock low and was about to turn us when I spotted what looked like a Citation he was heading in the opposite direction and passed below and to our right by only a couple hundred feet. Lots of traffic today but that was only close one. As we were getting close to Paso Robles Oakland center was talking to someone that was approaching the airport and commented that there were at least 4 Mooneys in the pattern there and that they must be having some kind of fly in there. I commented that they should expect about 50 arrivals and the controller commented it seemed like a hundred. A nice approach led to a very smooth landing and we were marshaled to a great parking spot next to a whole bunch of Mooneys. After a great gathering of Mooney Spacers it was time to head for home. We requested flight following but at the time there were a few of us and so center had us stand by. As we were cruising along at 6500 center advised of a Mooney on same heading and altitude passing us to our right with a 20 knot closure. He was easy to spot and I think he may have been going to Hayward. Not sure who he was. Then a funny thing happened to us as we were nearing Napa ATC called out a traffic alert when I spotted a small biz jet at our 9 o'clock passed under us left to right from 90 degrees just a couple hundred feet below. It seemed weird that both jets were I'd as unknown by the controllers. Things got a little bumpy as we neared home normal for the afternoons here but a satisfying landing put a finish to a fine day.
  6. A few more photos and checked out 242kt on flight aware that thing is bad ass fast
  7. bonal

    Finally home

    Outstanding news. Great that it was repairable
  8. Looks like you all had a great day as well we should have had some kind of live feed between the two events. Great to see both get together's a big success. Hope everyone has a safe return home
  9. First to post, well it did happen and will post some pics here and on today's flight thread soon. My wife counted 50 Mooneys on the ramp in front of the event hangar and there were a few others parked in a different area because they ran out of space. Could not have had better weather for the flying and the event. Met a few Mooney space folks but so many was impossible to meet them all. Thank you Phil and Mike and your better halves and every one who helped put this together. Was a fantastic turn out and we overwhelmed Oakland center as our airplanes began to depart.
  10. bonal

    New Member - Need Trusted Advice

    No I never suggested you would suggest or purchase an airplane with corrosion all I'm saying is if someone finds a solid airframe and engine a panel can be improved upon, In fact there are lots of folks here that have been doing just that even though they are well aware they will never recover the investment. Plus one can look at a simple panel as a blank canvas that can now be improved exactly the way they want not almost or good enough but exactly. As I said its a balance of mission and budget. And since I did not do all due diligence on ours I could take offense that you would call me a fool, I don't I just didn't know then what I know now. You know I have a ton of respect for you Paul we just have different missions, expectations and means that we apply to our passion for flight. One of the things I like most about Mooney Space is that most folks here have way more knowledge and experience than me so I get the benefit of learning. Sadly I don't really have much that I can bring to the table for others.
  11. bonal

    New Member - Need Trusted Advice

    I think you both have a point and the OP did mention the IFR but in support of Scott's opinion as a VFR pilot with no intention or need for the ins rate the items that GXR considered essential don't fit my mission needs and you can always improve a solid airframe but a great panel is of little use when you find a corroded spar. As is mentioned many times on similar threads it's all about a balance of mission and budget. Good luck in your search.
  12. Well triple d was just a thought but I think the important thing is about getting the viewer into the characters and how the stories relate to them
  13. bonal

    New Member - Need Trusted Advice

    I think how an airplane is maintained is more important than its age. Ours is a 64 which is outside your window but I can tell you it's dispatch rate has been almost 100% for the five years we have owned it.
  14. Most of the reality based shows that are successful are so because of character build up. I think a great idea that could promote GA would be to showcase a number of pilots that volunteer to do life flights as well as rescue flights for dogs and cats. The life flights would provide drama and the rescue flights would help keep it light and fun. Then as with so many reality shows once you get the viewers into the characters you could branch out to other types of flights such as vacation adventure or trips to fly in events. I even thought it would be cool if Diners Drive ins and dives did a season of airport resturaunts that Guy Could fly to.
  15. bonal

    Today's flight for 2018

    Fresh oil change and thankfully had another clean screen once again. So for today we flew down to LVK to celebrate two birthdays mom turned 97 and hanging tough. Had to dodge a few clouds along our path but otherwise very nice weather for flight. Landing was so smooth I could not tell when the wheels were on the Tarmac. Trip home and we were treated to some free gas courtesy of some uplift on the west side of Mt Diablo giving us 1500 fpm at 125 mph. Once leveled off my wife felt like she wanted to sleep the way home so climbed in the back to lay down. Once I got things trimmed out we picked up a solid 4 knots with her in the back too bad we had a healthy headwind for most of the trip home but always nice to see the airspeed in the yellow during level flight. Sure is nice to be able to avoid all that Bay Area traffic and turn a two and a half hour drive into a forty five minute flight.