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  1. Unfortunately the only way to answer that question is to start flying and see if it fits your needs. As we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch. Even if you don't solve all your business travel requirements you may solve some of them and guess what worst case you find out you love to fly and have just discovered a new passion in your life.
  2. No matter how hard I try I just can't get my FZ1 to fit
  3. Headwinds were how I ended up with a Mooney. Flying home from Camarillo in the 150 my wife fell asleep with Napa just ahead she woke up a good bit later and Napa was just barely behind and said we need a faster plane. Music to any pilots ears. There were times the traffic below was faster but still total time was less because you still fly a straight coarse. With the Mooney I don't think I've ever seen ground speed below 130mph
  4. True but it's a timeless subject
  5. Should not be nessesary if a proper title search is done before purchase
  6. Where ever it happens
  7. Since my flying depends on my pay check I try to do that too
  8. Try telling that to the families of the murdered
  9. The 100mph flap speed has never been a problem since I dont drop them until in the pattern. There have been some occasions where I'm a bit impatient waiting to hit the 120mph gear speed though. If the OP is looking short body I would not rule out a C as has been discussed many times here that the performance difference can be minimal in real world conditions having both increases your shopping options
  10. Thats funny because I kinda thought Mooney's were sort of a cult status
  11. Bloody terrorists (spoken with heavy English accent) glad you and yours are OK
  12. During your compression test listen through the oil adder tube if you have blow by into the case you will hear it. My factory gauge was off (high) by 20 degrees but my oil temp does run a bit high.
  13. I used to have recurring lower back pain. Stopped sitting on my wallet and pain never came back.