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  1. Poor choice of words my bad not what I meant. I guess I really had no business responding to this thread. It was a rainy day and I was bored. Sorry everyone. im out
  2. And Paul as I said if I were an IFR pilot and flew the kind of missions you are able. I would be on the other side of that coin. I think horses are beautiful animals but I've no desire to ride one. Sorry if I pissed you off not my intention but it seems like people don't accept my version of the passion for flight as its not the same as theirs. I do have a garmin 296 and like the information it provides. Everyone wants to see the costs associated with flying and owning an airplane go down but all we talk about is this upgrade and that upgrade shoot most of your panels are worth twice my whole plane. And I celebrate all you are able to do with your awesome Mooney's.
  3. I guess I have to re read it again but I'm pretty sure he discusses many variations of air flow and its relationship to angle of attack not just chord and direction of flight. As for new technology my old c is based on a design not much newer than a cub. I think a C is a great stick and rudder fun to fly basic airplane the only thing I miss about my C150 is doing full stalls to fully developed spins. I'm not advocating that folks shouldn't enjoy equipping there airplane with the best tech money can buy. I just derive my enjoyment of flying from a different perspective. If I were an instrument rated pilot that needed to fly in challenging weather I would be on the other side of this coin but that's not me. I like these discussions because it reminds me of what's important when it comes to safe operation of an airplane. I remember a fellow called me stupid or something not nice years ago around here because I mentioned the importance of airspeed well his comment got me thinking about the importance of AOA and wing loading. All I'm saying is the more people rely on technology the more they risk losing the ability to feel what's going on around them. Please correct me if I'm wrong but aren't the airlines going back to a greater emphasis on stick and rudder skills in their training because too many incidents have been attributed to the pilots dependence on the airplane doing all the flying.
  4. I think your excitement about gettIng your PPL is great and helping your family this way also commendable. If you decide to do your flight training in the Mooney and if you are able to resolve the insurance issues i would strongly recommend a CFI that has Mooney experience as opposed to your friend. Doesn't matter if he is a good pilot and instructor what he can't be is well versed in instructing how to fly a Mooney. I know they aren't the most challenging to fly but they do have certain requirements like all types do and you would be doing yourself a disservice by not using a CFI that can teach you rather than learn at the same time. I'm sure your friend would understand and respect that. Mostly be patient as there are many steps on this path and they are all important and worth the effort
  5. I see the pre heater sitting there by the nose wheel, can't for the life of me figure out where it will fit under the cowling
  6. Not saying you won't get warnings but don't you think you should know what your attitude of flight should be without it. Do you think Langewiesche needed such a device. People become over dependent on all kinds of technology and then when it fails there is an inherent lack of skill to keep things from going sideways. Quite a number of instructional videos on the magenta pilot phenomenon as an example of basic navigational skills becoming less proficient as more and more technology takes over. Yes you can have lots of back up. But for heavens sake the best part of flying is flight, being in touch with the sensation of it. It's what I love about riding motorcycles it's so pure. I guess I'm just a romantic.
  7. Were having quite the winter storm out west wind blowing hard enough to shake the house. The western storm door has opened which is great news for California.
  8. So what your saying is you used the feel and performance of your airplane to calibrate your AOAi which is something that everybody piloting an airplane should be doing at all times weather they have the indicator or not. I'm sure the AOA is a great tool but in my opinion knowing or better yet feeling what your airplane is telling you should be better understood than an instrument that could become inaccurate or fail perhaps leading you to believe life is good when in fact it may not be. As usual I accept that this opinion will not be popular, story of my life. It's aaalllll good.
  9. This, except since I'm quite paranoid it gets at least 3 confirmation pulls accompanied by verbally siting gear down and locked green light on. Weather I'm putting gear up or down the motion of the bar is controlled and not allowed to swing free.
  10. The Mooney tail makes it easier to find your airplane in a crowded parking ramp. Al probably finished Christmas shopping one day and couldn't remember where he parked so wanted his airplane to stand out in a crowd. Merry Christmas every body.
  11. Are you trying to get the hull covered and for how much value. If so you might try just getting liability coverage until you get your PPL and have your instructor listed on the policy since you won't be PIC initially while you are training.
  12. Wide range of performance for our C depending on how I fly I have seen 154 knots TAS down low pushing WOT 2500rpm at 4500 feet. A three heading gps flight at 8000 feet with two on board gave 149 knots and at 10500 feet with two and heavy fuel produced 140 knots true. Our C is nothing special has a few mods but no dorsal fin or even re positioned calipers so I have no doubt that a really clean fresh motor modded C could be a high 150 to low 160 knot airplane. But again it has a lot to do with how hard you want to push it. Cool winter weather makes a big difference as well, ours hates hot weather. Knot bad for 180hp with 1015 pounds of useful load. Short bodies are great little airplanes.
  13. Definitely one of the coolest threads around here lately
  14. Welcome to Mooney Space hell of an entrance and first post. Tell us more about yourself
  15. Corporations spend millions on consulting firms to evaluate their business models and production methods. Mooney just found a way to save all that money