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  1. Need Mooney mechanic in Monterey area

    Terry McKenna - at United aviation, Watsonville (WVI)
  2. Fly Q

    +1 for FLY Q, Just upgraded to Lifetime subscription, Got tired of FF nickel and diming, Just wish it had the option for Jepp plates (I understand they are looking into it though)
  3. MooneySpace Member Map

    I'd like to be listed and have a link as well
  4. Hi All, If anyone knows, I need 'how it works' info... I have a 2006 M20R Ovation w/ G1000. It also has a Hobbs meter in baggage compartment that has stopped working. The engine time on G1000 works correctly and in testing I completed the circuit on the Hobb's itself which caused it to run fine and keep very accurate time. The Oil pressure is accurate and I have checked that switch. Gear squat switch and stall warnings all appear to be working correctly. My Question is, Does anyone know where the Hobbs get it's input to start running on my bird. Does it come out of G1000 - or some other source. Admittedly - not a big deal - but I like to have everything working how it's supposed to be Thanks in advance for any info provided Thanks Roger
  5. Ovation 3 Battery switch?

    How old the battery? Same thing happened to mine, Battery would hold full charge and could run avionics but not enough amperage to crank the engine. I think this is not an uncommon way batteries fail. Mine was @ 7-8 years old at the time - They have a useful life of I think 5 yrs (don't hold me to that) I found a Battery minder helps a lot to extend life.
  6. New Shimmy

    Thanks to all the replies, I think I will forego the Hi speed taxi afterall and just put it up on jacks. It was greased at annual and there is still abundant grease in the fittings The movement was checked at the last annual (3 mo. ago) - But I think this more likely the issue. It just seemed strange to occur at relatively hi speed albeit modest braking and then stopped when I let off the brakes. Thanks again for all replies. Roger
  7. New Shimmy

    I have an 2006 Ovation2. On Landing today upon rollout - braking (I was slowed down to probably @ 30-40kts when I started to brake) I got a moderately severe Nosewheel shimmy. I let off brakes and Shimmy stopped. It braked smoothly and evenly - did not pull to either side. The landing was smooth. When stopped and taxiing there was no shimmy. Take Off was w/o issue. The shimmy was bad enough that I don't feel comfortable flying it until I know why. There is nothing obvious with any of the gear. The Hockey pucks were replaced on the mains at last annual @ 3 mo ago. The tires were replaced 2 annuals ago and Hi speed balanced. Tire pressure is normal. The brakes have also been recently done. I never brake hard (I usually use full runway to slow since I pay for the brakes) I Plan on doing a Hi speed Taxi up to Rotation speed then stopping when I can get back to airport in a couple days. Talked briefly to my A&P, He thought a Hi speed Taxi was a good Idea, but he didn't have good possibilities'. Any Thoughts on causes, or what I should look or test for would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Roger
  8. Bucket List

    I've many but the one that always comes to mind first is to land at both Death Valley and Leadville ( highest and lowest continental US public airports) in the same day, on a cross country trip
  9. Thanks Robert, That was my original point, Switching to GFC700 is not a part of this. Also I suspect most of the circuitry in the GIA63 vs GIA63W is the same and really shouldn't be that big of a problem for Garmiin to do a swap upgrade to our existing GIA63's, bringing the cost down, Thanks for clarifying the STEC angle - good to know. The GTX 345 handles the rest. (See Below) But the problem now is Mooney promised it all including STEC WAAS. If they hadn't, there would be no more issues (There was also another quote that included Mooney saying at a reasonable price - but didn't have time to find), I understand things change but this makes it a credibility issue. I can do fine without WAAS approaches at this time - The concern is how soon the future will eliminate ILS's (I suspect not too quickly), and the decreased value of the aircraft w/o WAAS - So now is the time to pursue it. Thanks Russ (and everyone else) for staying on top of it Roger
  10. Well, I can’t say I agree with your Math or the basis of your argument, but that's not relevant, I believe your point is whether it's worth it or not for the New Mooney to do it. To continue on with the ‘hypothetical devils advocate CEO’. The question is ‘what’s a company’s reputation worth’. How much is taking care of your former and hopefully future customers worth; Is showing prospective customers that you’ll stand by your product, a good business decision. Especially since Bad PR travels 10x faster and farther than good PR. And considering before Jerry Chen bought the company, some pilots wouldn’t consider buying a Mooney because they couldn’t be assured there would be parts or factory support there for them. This on a small scale is what’s happening. Now from what I understand, they had already committed to doing it last year, (and presumably would have budgeted for it) and from what I remember they said it would be ready @ 6 mo ago, So to drop it now affects the new companies reputation. I think when Jerry Chen bought the company, part of what he paid for was its reputation and Goodwill. I hope his intent wasn’t to leverage the reputation in order to sell entry level Planes to the Chinese market; but rather doing that as a means of getting cash so they can still produce high-quality, efficient, best in class airplanes with a loyal following. But I think the real problem is Garmin prices – They want to charge exorbitantly to correct a product that became somewhat of a liability after only a couple years and didn’t step up and provide a realistic upgrade path. I also think STEC should dig into their pockets to assist in the solution as well. I apologize for the subjective Soap Box, What I would like to know objectively is what is the real issue with certification?, what is actually involved? It’s known that the GIA63W works with G1000; It’s known they work in that airframe; It’s known that STEC55x works with G1000/GIA 63 on GPS approaches. The only issue I see with the setup is the STEC 55x working with the GIA63W on WAAS approaches. Is the GIA63 really that much different than the GIA 63W, that Garmin couldn't swap out / upgrade at a reasonable cost. So why not induce Garmin to do a swap/ upgrade of the GIA 63 to GIA63W, and disable or placard the Autopilot for WAAS approaches. This would assist in the ADS-B compliance and enable WAAS approaches (just not coupled to the autopilot)
  11. As one of those affected, I feel it is a Garmin problem but Mooney needs to use whatever influence/Muscle it has to get Garmin motivated. The GTX 345 satisfies the 2020 ABS-B issue. But for us to have GPS - WAAS approaches we need to upgrade the GIA's to GIA-W's. Probably 95% of the electronics is the same inside the box, What I'd like to see is Garmin do a swap out upgrade on the GIA's. (I know you would still need WAAS antennas - you would need that anyway with the GTX345 path) . Experimental builders don't put G1000's in their planes. G1000 is mainly in the certified manufacturers planes - of which there are fewer and fewer, Avidyne has good products also - Maybe Mooney should threaten to switch unless..... To avoid Garmin greed, I think Mooney should use it's muscle to get them to do this at a reasonable expense for their mutual customers. That would just leave the issue of the compatibility with STEC 55. This already works with the current setup on non-WAAS GPS and ILS approaches. And if working out the WAAS part it's that big of an issue, I would be OK with having it placarded as 'Autopilot coupled GPS-WAAS approached not authorized' (I hand-Fly approaches anyway) It shouldn't cost $20k ++ to upgrade the GIA's, Am I missing something?
  12. MooneySpace T-Shirt Poll

    I would be interested in coffee mugs to be included, and would definitely be interested in caps being reconsidered.
  13. My plane just came out of annual - Needed to replace the hockey pucks on the mains. Now there is a noticeable brief wobble/vibration when just lifting off RWY. It was not there before. The tires were replaced @ 2 yrs ago and I had them HI spin balanced before mounting (for what it's worth). Any thoughts on how concerned to be. Is this just because with the new and tight pucks, the vibration on lift off as the weight shifts off the tires, is transmitted directly instead of being absorbed by the slop that was present before. It's enough to be noticeable and annoying and takes away from a nice smooth lift off - I know I tend to be a perfectionist, but Is there something that needs to be checked or adjusted? Any thoughts would be appreciated Thanks Roger
  14. West Coast Mooney 2016 Get Together

    It was a pleasure to see everyone and finally put faces to names. Thanks Dave for all the work you put in. Let's do this again. (Perhaps Something regular) Thanks again
  15. Has a location, date and time been decided yet ?