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  1. I get mine done at a Fire Equipment Distribution company - If there is something similar in your area - worth a call - Dramatically less expensive than thru an A&P.
  2. I have a gear door that I needed to replace that now needs painting, and I thought at the same time I might have a few small scratches and a medium chip touched up. Any recommendations for Paint shops in Central or Northern California? Thanks Roger
  3. VetRepp


    Ditto, I switched a while back and glad I did. (They don't seem to nickle and dime like Foreflight) I just wish (FLYQ are you listening) They'd incorporate Jepp charts, so I can get rid of the terrible and very buggy Jeppveiw
  4. I'll start by expressing my complete ignorance as will be shown in my question, I ask to be educated. This thread started as a notice of unavailability of WAAS upgrade to non- WAAS G1000's. It seems to me that WAAS is desirable mainly for WAAS approaches and resale value. Many of the non-WAAS G1000 Mooneys also had a stand alone STEC 55X Autopilot. Why couldn't they get a minimalistic WAAS GPS - (like a GTN 625) and put an input selector switch to select autopilot control source - (if desired on the approach), under that condition, the G1000 will just be monitoring but the approach is controlled by the GTN 625. Since the M20R airframes also included steam gauges - it seems it would be STC'd for it?? The second part of the thread seems to imply that all G1000 airplanes will now become markedly devalued with Garmin pulling support for G1000 ( did I misunderstand that) There are a lot of G1000 airplanes out there (w/ and w/o WAAS)
  5. VetRepp

    M20R Parts manual

    Advice on where to get a 2006 Mooney M20R parts manual? Thanks Roger
  6. VetRepp

    Gear Door Crack

    Needs to be replaced (Not repairable) per my A&P (who I trust -he always looks for most economical alternatives) Thanks
  7. VetRepp

    Gear Door Crack

    Aluminum, Part #550089-9508 Thanks
  8. VetRepp

    Gear Door Crack

    Any Thoughts? I have an Ovation 2006, (M20R), Just noticed a crack on the RH - Middle gear door (the inner one of the 2 attached to the landing gear) No signs of trauma - no scratches, - other parts OK. It seems like a weird piece to crack. 1) Any thoughts on why? 2) Any thing else I should be sure to look for? 3) Best place to find a replacement, Salvage?, MSC? Thanks in advance Roger
  9. VetRepp

    Need Mooney mechanic in Monterey area

    Terry McKenna - at United aviation, Watsonville (WVI)
  10. VetRepp

    Fly Q

    +1 for FLY Q, Just upgraded to Lifetime subscription, Got tired of FF nickel and diming, Just wish it had the option for Jepp plates (I understand they are looking into it though)
  11. VetRepp

    MooneySpace Member Map

    I'd like to be listed and have a link as well
  12. Hi All, If anyone knows, I need 'how it works' info... I have a 2006 M20R Ovation w/ G1000. It also has a Hobbs meter in baggage compartment that has stopped working. The engine time on G1000 works correctly and in testing I completed the circuit on the Hobb's itself which caused it to run fine and keep very accurate time. The Oil pressure is accurate and I have checked that switch. Gear squat switch and stall warnings all appear to be working correctly. My Question is, Does anyone know where the Hobbs get it's input to start running on my bird. Does it come out of G1000 - or some other source. Admittedly - not a big deal - but I like to have everything working how it's supposed to be Thanks in advance for any info provided Thanks Roger
  13. VetRepp

    Ovation 3 Battery switch?

    How old the battery? Same thing happened to mine, Battery would hold full charge and could run avionics but not enough amperage to crank the engine. I think this is not an uncommon way batteries fail. Mine was @ 7-8 years old at the time - They have a useful life of I think 5 yrs (don't hold me to that) I found a Battery minder helps a lot to extend life.
  14. VetRepp

    New Shimmy

    Thanks to all the replies, I think I will forego the Hi speed taxi afterall and just put it up on jacks. It was greased at annual and there is still abundant grease in the fittings The movement was checked at the last annual (3 mo. ago) - But I think this more likely the issue. It just seemed strange to occur at relatively hi speed albeit modest braking and then stopped when I let off the brakes. Thanks again for all replies. Roger
  15. VetRepp

    New Shimmy

    I have an 2006 Ovation2. On Landing today upon rollout - braking (I was slowed down to probably @ 30-40kts when I started to brake) I got a moderately severe Nosewheel shimmy. I let off brakes and Shimmy stopped. It braked smoothly and evenly - did not pull to either side. The landing was smooth. When stopped and taxiing there was no shimmy. Take Off was w/o issue. The shimmy was bad enough that I don't feel comfortable flying it until I know why. There is nothing obvious with any of the gear. The Hockey pucks were replaced on the mains at last annual @ 3 mo ago. The tires were replaced 2 annuals ago and Hi speed balanced. Tire pressure is normal. The brakes have also been recently done. I never brake hard (I usually use full runway to slow since I pay for the brakes) I Plan on doing a Hi speed Taxi up to Rotation speed then stopping when I can get back to airport in a couple days. Talked briefly to my A&P, He thought a Hi speed Taxi was a good Idea, but he didn't have good possibilities'. Any Thoughts on causes, or what I should look or test for would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Roger