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  1. +1 form switching after shutdown. I've found on my G1000, that switching while engine running can play havoc with the MFD/PFD displays briefly (which doesn't seem good for them or at least bothers me more so I don't)
  2. I just recently installed a GTX 345R in my G1000 equipped Ovation. I'm not sure I'm getting traffic voice alerts. What parameters Distance trajectory , altitude ?) set off a traffic aural warning? And are they different from visual traffic alerts (I've had a visual traffic alert but not a clear voice alert yet) Trying to discern if I have a settings issue or an expectations issue. What have others experienced? Thanks for your input Roger
  3. Just updated my G1000 to ADSB - replaced GTX33 - in perfect shape. Make offer
  4. For the IFR experts, When do you use Alternate Air and / or Alternate Static on IFR flights? In any visible moisture at +/-10 C Freezing? In heavy rain conditions? (in all rain conditions?) What determines your decision of when to use or not? Thanks Roger
  5. Thanks, I just now found that also - I'll probably order them since I'll need to replace in next 6 mo and worried about continued availability (and these are TSO'd specifically for the AK-451). It says neither are stocked in either Spruce location , so hopefully they are available.
  6. I have an Ameri-King AK-451 ELT, I have never had a problem with it - but the FAA has, and it is subject to AD inspection yearly (which is done normally with annual anyway and has always passed) and then replaced when it doesn't pass. The batteries are 5-yr which will be expired this year. 1) Does anyone know of replacement batteries? 2) With no batteries available, the unit will no longer pass and needs replacement. Kannad makes a replacement Ameri-King Retrofit ELT. Does anyone have any experience with this unit? or what have others used. Thanks in advance for all your collective wisdom Roger
  7. Just Curious, What's actually required to become a Mooney Service Center?
  8. I Have a small part that needs to be painted (Replaced Cracked Gear Door) It is removable and is not a flight surface. No paint shops at my field and I've Called, talked to, but not received follow up from the nearest and widely recommended shops (I'm guessing too small a job to be bothered with) In any case - I was thinking of taking to local auto painter , Any thoughts on whether this would be an appropriate solution? Thanks Roger
  9. I'm due for an annual in a few months. I've always used my Local A&P who does a good job and is quite knowledgeable about Mooneys, But I'm considering every few annuals going to a MSC. First, any thought s on that approach ? Second, Any experiences (Good and BAD) with the MSC's on the west coast? (California/Oregon maybe?) or other recommendations. (Thanks in advance for all your collective wisdoms) Roger
  10. I get mine done at a Fire Equipment Distribution company - If there is something similar in your area - worth a call - Dramatically less expensive than thru an A&P.
  11. I have a gear door that I needed to replace that now needs painting, and I thought at the same time I might have a few small scratches and a medium chip touched up. Any recommendations for Paint shops in Central or Northern California? Thanks Roger
  12. Ditto, I switched a while back and glad I did. (They don't seem to nickle and dime like Foreflight) I just wish (FLYQ are you listening) They'd incorporate Jepp charts, so I can get rid of the terrible and very buggy Jeppveiw
  13. I'll start by expressing my complete ignorance as will be shown in my question, I ask to be educated. This thread started as a notice of unavailability of WAAS upgrade to non- WAAS G1000's. It seems to me that WAAS is desirable mainly for WAAS approaches and resale value. Many of the non-WAAS G1000 Mooneys also had a stand alone STEC 55X Autopilot. Why couldn't they get a minimalistic WAAS GPS - (like a GTN 625) and put an input selector switch to select autopilot control source - (if desired on the approach), under that condition, the G1000 will just be monitoring but the approach is controlled by the GTN 625. Since the M20R airframes also included steam gauges - it seems it would be STC'd for it?? The second part of the thread seems to imply that all G1000 airplanes will now become markedly devalued with Garmin pulling support for G1000 ( did I misunderstand that) There are a lot of G1000 airplanes out there (w/ and w/o WAAS)
  14. Advice on where to get a 2006 Mooney M20R parts manual? Thanks Roger
  15. Needs to be replaced (Not repairable) per my A&P (who I trust -he always looks for most economical alternatives) Thanks