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  1. No kids. Just me and the Lady. My flight schedule is flexible.
  2. Thank you all for the information. My mission is a combination of long XC (5-6 times a year) and regional flying. I want to get my instrument and commercial license in the plane as well. I’m looking to build my time over the next few years to be over 500 hr and be electable to some local job opportunities. This is to steer my career in a different direction for long term jobs.
  3. Hello, I am a low time pilot (250 hours), but I have multiple cross country flights from coast to coast. I have owned and flown a Cessna 150 since 0 hour of flight training. Im looking to get into a M20 C,E,orF I have been doing the research and know the differences of carb and injected, the leg room and fuel capacity between the three. What I’m looking for is opinions and suggestions on what to step into next. Budget is around 50k.
  4. Hello all, I’m looking to purchase a Mooney M20E. The owner states the plane has all logs and no damage. The owner provided me with all logs. On page one it says “logs lost”. The plane is a 1965 and the logs start in 1973. It also says a tail number change. Searching that number it shows significant damage on the 337 in 1973. The plane has flown and passed annuals from different shops every year since 1974. The owner has the plane priced reasonably all things considered minus the logs are not complete and significant damage reported on the 337. It appears the plane has been repaired to as new condition. My question is what would be a % depreciation of a plane with he logs missing and significant damage.