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  1. I unapologetically do T&Gs in my Mooney. Its a perfectly fine and safe maneuver. ATP, CFI, 13 yrs Mooney owner.
  2. What kind of quotes did you guys get? Stepping back and thinking about this I too wonder if the 175 is the right choice vs the one with a comm builtin and getting rid of the #1 nav/comm (KX165) and simplifying the installation.
  3. That's pretty bad all right, but if you wan to do it right... Jack the plane to get the nosewheel off the ground and repeat the procedure. You can also then turn the nosewheel by hand and block movement of various parts to see what has play and what does not. Take your time, looking for play at each bearing/rod end, and the pivot truss. I wound up replacing the pivot truss, steering horn, and at least one rod/bushing. Of course these were all done one at a time, over several years. Would have been nice just to take it apart once and put it back together once and be done.
  4. Very, very nice. I didn't read the whole thread but hope that when its back together you have brand new throttle & mixture control cables.
  5. Climb: Wide open throttle, prop full forward, continuously lean to maintain target EGT starting at 2000-3000' density altitude Cruise: Depends on what you want to do. High/low/fast/slow. C152 fuel burn an putz around? Go fast? LOP? ROP? Red box?
  6. Mine had nutplates where the grimes was fitted... no nuts inside.
  7. Airline traffic is coming back slowly, with a bit of a plateau now due to the latest covid news, total domestic passenger counts are now at 25-28% of pre-covid for this time of year. Many airliners have been brought out of storage and are flying again, but many are still parked. Many still flying with empty space but its not as dismal as April.
  8. That's a nice, clean panel! Thanks for the heads up. Yes I would like to be able to switch the HSI to be driven by either the #1 nav or the new GPS. Basically the same setup as the LORAN had. This is something I am curious about in terms of expense and complexity. I would not want to lose the ability to do an ILS or LOC approach using the HSI. Can you elaborate on the "notch filter"? Is the concern that the mere presense of the 155/165 cause enough interference to mess with the GPS? That would be sad indeed.
  9. I've got a big old hole in my panel from a KLN-88 LORAN, now removed except for its tray and antenna. Dual King nav/comm, each with glideslope, and a king HSI. The LORAN was setup with a switch between loran and VOR/LOC. I am thinking now is finally the time to get GPS approach capability without breaking the bank. It appears that the Garmin 175 is compatible with my King HSI, and so I'd be looking to remove the LORAN tray, antenna, and HSI switch and replacing with a similar setup with the Garmin. I also have an STEC-50 autopilot that can be driven in nav or approach mode from the HSI. I
  10. The only time I've had water in the tanks was from incorrect fuel cap installation. In my E, it is possible to get the cap on and fastened, and it looks properly installed from a glance, when in face the cap's top is not parallel to the adjacent wing skin. My practice after finding this is to install the cap, and then run my finger around the circumference once. You will quickly feel whether the cap is askew or not. And yes that was a great video. Mr. Bertorelli has done a lot for GA and I appreciate his style and humor. Particularly the video about pattern sizes, and CFI's who wear
  11. Sorry I thought you were asking about an ILS approach. For visual approaches in a single engine piston airplane - far away from the runway you could do distance * 3 = 1000's of feet AGL to get you in the neighborhood. This is descent planning. Closer in to the runway, i.e. after you leave traffic pattern altitude, throw all that stuff out: your primary reference outside is the sight picture of runway to horizon, and primary inside reference the airspeed indicator. Keep the ball in your scan to ensure coordinated turns. There really isn't anything else that's needed. Keep it simple. Don't
  12. 1) the FAF altitude check as mentioned is an excellent idea in that it also validates the glideslope is working correctly and that you're on it. There have been several cases where airliners have nearly crashed due to a false glideslope indication that could have been caught this way. A recent incident involved a field being changed around (landing one direction to another). A taxiing large aircraft was parked near the glideslope transmitter which screwed it up. There was no cockpit indication of failure, only the glideslope beam in the wrong place in the sky.... 2) Vertical speed = groun
  13. The airplane does well at high elevation airports. You will be fine at your average paved mountain airport. The cruise numbers in the POH are lies. 140-150 knots, if the air is smooth.
  14. Changing an oil filter without spilling oil in a Mooney is like using a poor form of birth control. No matter which one you choose, sometimes the method works, most of the time. Sometimes it does not.
  15. If your plane is like mine was, the hoses to the rear seat heat vents were quite degraded not only near the heater box but behind the interior paneling as well. I replaced them all, and the ventilation and defrost all operate much better. I had no air out of the foot-vents because of all the holes. Second note: SCAT tube is OK. Just OK. The orange hose in your pic is SCAT. SCEET is a much better product and easier to work with. More money but not excessive. I believe the original black hose is called CEET.
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