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  1. I find 130mph is a great cruise climb speed. Engine stays cool. You are moving along faster than spam can traffic at max cruise.... Climb rate not decreased that much at all. Decreasing slowly as performance drops off in hot/high/heavy.... approaching 10,000' for example. Adjust depending on winds aloft/turbulence, etc.
  2. Ok I get you. Well put me in the camp of - if you F does what you want, keep it. Make it your forever airplane then as budget allows upgrade. I think one caveat - sorry if this has been mentioned and I missed it: The insurance market and the pilot's age. That might be one reason to go fixed gear. I would hope not but it sounds like a harsh reality affecting some of our senior pilots.
  3. What does the J get you over the F? not much. What does the K get you? Altitude performance. If you need that for your mission, well, you know what you need to do. What does the 182 get you? Some volume, short field performance, a bigger avgas bill. The confusing thing here is that a 182 and a M20K are very different airplanes. I would suggest zeroing in on your wants vs needs.... and defining your mission.... what do you want to do, exactly, that your F cannot do?
  4. Richard who??? Sorry, don't agree.
  5. Thanks for letting us know, but... May I suggest letting the NTSB know? Ref NTSB 830, required reports. I'm serious.... this is more than a support ticket for someone who does elect to drink the punch and remove their vaccum system, thinking two of these devcies provides sufficient redundancy for safe instrument flight https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/49/830.5 (9) A complete loss of information, excluding flickering, from more than 50 percent of an aircraft's cockpit displays known as: (i) Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) displays; (ii) Engine
  6. There are things done to prevent a flat or a blow out... like replacing when the tire is as pictured There are things done to make people feel good, such as replacing in pairs if the other is still good (assuming good tread depth, no flat spots, not old enough where the rubber is cracking on the sidewalls). When I see a tire like the above pic on an airliner, it gets changed right away. Does the one next to it get changed? Do the other 5 tires get changed? Nope! Do what you like, but there is absolutely no need to replace in pairs. We're not le mans racecars here needing equal t
  7. Change that tire. No need to do the other side.
  8. Thanks Coyote.... maybe I'll order two and give your bends a shot. On my 66E the hold-open is mounted in a similar configuration as yours.
  9. @PilotCoyote That looks awesome! How does this new hinge sit/fit between the baggage door and the frame? Any issues with the door being nudged slightly when closed with this hinge? Also looking at the photos, did you bend the hinge attached to the fuselage or did it come like that?
  10. Learn to get off of and back onto the ground safely, precisely, again and again, to solo and a bit beyond, in a trainer. Something built for abuse. After that you can transition to the M20K. It will take more time.... but that's okay. The insurance company will want time.
  11. I returned just last night from Kona. My wife and I are now vaccinated. My mother (on the big island) is, and our young daughter of course not. It was first airline flight since the pandemic, working or not. Similar experience as you in traveling. My observations of the islands are a bit different. With our daughter not vaccinated we are still not dining out. Takeout only and saw good traffic and great food at the places we went to for lunch. Cooked our own breakfast & dinner. Some nights with my mother, some nights in a condo in a tourist area. Walked past one of the big hotels at ni
  12. Tell yourself 140 and be pleasantly surprised. Tell yourself 150 and you may be disappointed. 5 knots doesn't make a difference.... except in ego. Time is made or lost with your efficiency of operation and ground time. Is the air silky smooth and cold you'll go fast. Bumpy and hot and you'll lose speed. Light, heavy... it makes a difference.
  13. Can I send your message to my colleague who had covid, confirmed, twice, 4 months apart last year?
  14. If you do decide to go... Smiley Creek is quite forgiving in terms of surrounding terrain, and long. I think the question there is very binary: If you decide you're comfortable taking your plane to grass, Smiley will probably work out quite nicely. Though I wouldn't take off uphill. The campground is wonderful. Hot showers! Wifi! The state of Idaho has a couple of pilot rental cars available, first come first served. Made a nice day trip to hike out to alpine lakes. Across the street, the restaurant is decent. Grab a beer, or a Huckleberry milkshake! There seems to be a trend at airp
  15. Smiley was quite nice last Sept. Nearing end of season... things were drying out. I think they had stopped watering for the year. Before that I went to Johnson Creek and Smiley many years ago. Went earlier in the summer. In all cases the field conditions were excellent. I fly an E, and hope to take another summer trip with my young daughter this year.
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